Black Ops: DLC Map Pack #4 - Rezurrection All Zombies Maps!

Nickelodeon all-star brawl steam chartsdownload cracked steam games CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS - REZURRECTION CONTENT PACK game hey whats up guys its Zach from respawn gamers HD and today im bringing you guys a little video talking about the new map pack thats coming out on august twenty-third 2011 its going to be called resurrection and this one is really for the person who loves zombies so theres an all new zombies map called moon which takes place on the moon obviously and the other four maps that usually are multiplayer maps its still gonna be multiplayer but its going to be zombies is going to this map pack is going to have five zombies maps in it and theyre the redesigns pretty much notch dare you toten is now called night and theyre all remade so theyre all going to look different in different stuff but apparently theyre remakes of the maps is what Ive heard so far of rucked is going to be Asylum shi no numa is going to be swamped and Duriez is going to be the zombies factory that started all theres a few interesting things that they posted in the blog and it says and enhanced zombies soundtrack including three tracks never before available for purchase a new zombies moon theme for a faint and this is the last most important thing for fans who purchased the black ops hardened or prestige edition and already owned for remastered maps the other content in resurrection in the resurrection pack will be included at no cost including moon the soundtrack and the theme says Activision so guys I hope you enjoy this video and the main thing is you guys are going to have five zombies maps to play with until modern warfare 3 comes out which is going to be crazy if you really love zombies so I hope you guys enjoyed the video and dont forget to Like subscribe and game on steam files failed to validate and will be reacquired Welcome to a little update video about the fourth map pack thats coming out on August 23rd for Black Ops and is called Rezurrection which is going to be all zombies maps!Twitter - can't download game on steam sunbeam steammaster steam iron steam summer sale ends no steam button on instant pot duo plus best single player free games on steam