Perks in Spaaaaace! Moon Achievement Guide (Call of Duty: Black Ops --- Rezurrection)

Link steam with epic gamesthe walking dead steam CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS - REZURRECTION CONTENT PACK game whats up everyone this is bam black ops for we are doing the perks in space achievement in call of duty black ops in the new map moon on the map resurrection uh this one is a uh interesting challenge that asks us to buy every single perk off of the wall what were going to do right off the bat here is were going to use the hacking tool and then were going to the first one im going to get here is deadshot daiquiri and what were going to do is once we buy deadshot daiquiri instantly we take the hacking tool and put it back in basically you go back up to it press hack you put the perk back in the machine and you will get your money back this is important because you can only have four perks at once uh so its impossible to buy all eight perks unless you um use the hacking tool and put back some of the perks that you just bought so we already have deadshot docker you come right back down the steps here this is in the laboratory area by the way um this is an easier achievement to do with friends you can stockpile points and have them help you out and back you out and stuff like that so then i just bought double tap and now im going to hack it again put double tap back in and there now i already bought two so you dont need all eight at once there are eight perks you need to get uh you just need to have um bought all eight of them throughout one whole game and a little crawlers in the way here the next one were going to get is in um its the flopper which is in the biodome so as we walk around this crawler we go all the way down here and now were going to do the same thing one more time so we already have two of the perks now heres our third perk and you guys can get these in any order you want but im putting back some of the more useless ones in comparison to the other one so im put back deadshot daiquiri right here after i get it just like this and some of the ones that i am going to keep is something like juggernaut and sleight of hand or not sleight of hand excuse me speed cola speed kill or juggernaut that kind of thing because those ones are a little more useful um and then once you remember once you do put the put it back you get the money back as well so its pretty helpful uh then what we did we played a couple more rounds and saved up some more points and now were going to jump down into this area which goes back to no mans land and when we jump down the no mans land it will be either juggernaut or speed cola and it bounces back and forth every time so you can see this right here its back and forth its going to try to show us which one it is and it is juggernog so you buy juggernaut for 2500 and of course i am not going to put back juggernaut because it is probably uh the best perk in the game well not probably it definitely is uh second best probably would be speed cola thats a little bit more arguable but juggernaut definitely is best and if you have some good guns here if you have a good teammates and if you have um some good equipment like the uh like the gersh device and stuff like that and pack a punch guns you can actually hang out in there for a while and stockport stockpile a lot of points its a very helpful in there and this is also right here and were just stock following more points now im going to toss out my girths here and as we are just stockpiling the points up and killing these zombies to get to uh more rounds so we can buy more of the perks um what were going to do here is go down back into no mans land again once this ones over so after we uh did another round were going to jump right back down into the warping area to shoot us back over to no mans land and this time it will be speed cola because it is every other time and um another thing that happened if you get downed i believe that still counts even if you lose your perks i still counted as you buying it so instead of hacking it and putting it back you can also if you want to you can also just let yourself get down but then you wouldnt get the points uh because when you get down you lose all your perks and of course whatever money you spend on those perks youll lose as well so um thats why hacking is very helpful for putting the money back into putting your perk back in the machine and getting your money back as well its like a refund kind of and then this is another area this is another example of us having a lot of good guns like the rpk and weve got some pack a punch hk 21 one of my teammates has i think illusion had that and this is a good area just to hold them down for a while and even though its really really hectic and you feel like youre just gonna die if you do have people with good guns and just mowing down this area and then tossing something like a gersh whenever you need it you can actually hold them down here for a while we were actually just standing here unloading guns until we ran out of ammo for a long time we actually probably did it once for like two minutes were just standing here and letting them come endlessly and after a little while they actually slow down theyll kind of slow down for a second and theyll come back in full force another wave uh this is an example of it right here my gers kind of sucked a lot of them in but anyway once we finally finished stockpiling the points here i said stockpiling like 13 times already once we finally finished uh with all these zombies here were gonna go back and weve got a lot of points here so now im going to buy the next perk on my list which is going to be after i rebuild this and get a little bit more points the next perk im going to get is quick revive and quick revive is one of those options you guys might want to put quick reply back if you uh you want to get the points for that one um but uh for now i just bought it and actually im going to put it back later um when im working on some of the other perks so basically right there i get quick revive and then im going to run all the way down uh fast forward this part as well all the way down through six all the way to get the next achievement on my list which is going to be mule kick and mule kick is uh right near no mans land all the way down when you go through here through the power room up the stairs and then you go through the laboratory all the way up through the laboratory and you can see the hacker was on the desk right there as well and ill be using that again walk around the stinker and then you go back outside to this moon crater area where its right next to no mans land and here is mule kick and right now i have four so im going to have to put one back and of all those perks uh quick revive is probably the most useless its nice its helpful but mule picks really nice and im not going to put back juggernog or speedcola so now what im going to do is pick up the hack device which is going to be down on the steps i think it was on the memory the hacking device is on in the laboratory on one of these desks its right there its on one of them there are six desks two on each level so its at one of those places and then when you have it and you go outside to an area here where its low gravity and uh no oxygen you have to run as fast as you possibly can to uh go up and catch your breath in whatever place that you need to go to just like this and im going to fast forward it again in this area uh we there is oxygen so you dont have to worry about not dying here and then you go all the way back up here and uh we actually broke some stuff in the biodome earlier we broke glass so usually you can kind of just do this without feeling like youre about to die but because we broke glass and we got some uh some of the space air inside this area i had to kind of run over here real quickly put quick revive back in the machine and then now were on to just finally getting the last one which is standing up and as we go to get standing up im kind of looking out the window here trying to figure out which way i want to go to get it and i kind of went the long way theres two ways but actually there was a door that we hadnt opened yet and i wanted to uh save my money and not open the door because if i open that door then i was not going to have enough to buy stamin up so i had to go the long way all the way around here and you come down here again this is an area where youre going to have to run as fast you can because you dont have your spacesuit on because when you get the hacker you replace it for the spacesuit or vice versa or whatever you want to say and then you come through here and here is the last one stamping up so im going to switch off of hacker and buy stamin up and here it is drinking right now that was eight perks that i bought all together and there is the achievement pop perks in space its a quite challenging one as far as time consuming and you have to have friends that you dont have to have friends but definitely has friends teammates helps to have friends and teammates that are helpful to you as well and then actually after this we helped the rest of my buddies in this little group get it as well i hacked my uh i hacked it and put it back in and then you can hack the tool to give them money so they can buy perks and stuff like that so actually on this one play through we all got this achievement as well as another achievement we all got the pack of punching all three in one uh game pack punching all three guns in one game and ill give you that video up as well pretty soon check in the description for that one and i hope you guys enjoyed this i hope it helped you get the achievement and i will see you later and of course dont forget to go to gameguy for all the guides for the upcoming games coming this fall as well as many games that have already been released and many games yet to come weve got a bunch of stuff on the way so stay tuned thank you guys so much ill see you later how to remove a game completely from steam Perks in Spaaaaace! In Moon, purchase every perk in one game. This achievement isnt TO difficult. - You must buy all 8 perks in one game. - The two ways this can be done, is to either buy perks, and then get downed and revived by a teammate, therefore losing the perks. - Or you can use the hacker tool to put the perks BACK in the machine and then get your money back. This way is much easier. - You need to buy 8 perks, and you can only hold 4 at a time. Thanks So much for watching, I hope it helped! ~ Bam short horror games on steam steam 新 game recipe for steamed okra kostenlose games steam 1 2 cup steamed broccoli calories