Black Ops : Rezurrection Map Pack Preview : Der Riese

Carnival games steamsteamed middletown menu CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS - REZURRECTION CONTENT PACK game whats up guys welcome to the final episode of the Resurrection preview maps this time it is der riese or device or whatever people like to call I want to say like a German like a true german they always get you know when they say  __  its like you get scared just the way they say it you just get scared like rice and youre just like youre  __  your pants are ready its like ridiculous but basically I do have a strategy for this map on the livestream yous guys saw me do the strategy if those of you guys who were on the live stream and I got to round 21 which is pretty  __  awesome basically the strategy is stick to the teleporters trust me it works teleporters are 1500 a pop every time you teleport but you will get that money back really easily it is so easy to switch from teleporter a teleporter a teleporter and stay alive thats usually where one person you could try it with four people but most likely one of you guys are going to be going down or something like that because somebody always  __  up thats just the way it is its its bound to happen somebodys just gonna go Oh whats this and then they just die so you just wait if youre playing solo stick to the teleporters if youre playing with four people or more I got the spot for you i will show you the spot when I link up teleporters see there is theres always like with this map there was the spot that you could just like hold out and I remember back in the world at war days and me and my school buddies we always used to hold out there we got to like round  __  40 and  __  you know you know like oh  __  booty rounds no like that but nowadays I high school is done so i dont really speak to them that much anymore kind of kind of got cut off everybody just went their own separate ways you know but its its good to see that theyre doing well Ive spoken to a few of my high school buddies and theyre getting ready to go to college and whatnot now one of them already enlisted and is in the Marines hes hes going through boot camp so thats good for him I wish him the best of luck I dont know why Im just speaking about my high school buddies right now thats really thats interesting oh  __  you all right thats right Im going to need 1,000 points you know I really need a weapon thats what I really need more than anything else you need a weapon hutch is cool fine these deadly you need a weapon and I need a weapon Soviet water machine good damn damn homes Oh max ammo oh nice Oh mom I just got max ammo there you go pop one pop too  __  i forgot what weapon i got before what did i do I did something like I had to get us some sort of weapon oh yeah I just cleared the debris and I went to the box thats right wow Im so Im such an idiot I got lost for a second theyre gonna try to get as many points as possible the first thing dont pick up any weapons all right thats thats the trick so let me just get there we go dont pick up any weapons none nada nothing trust me just open these get to the box and then you can work your way to 950 from there you got grenades use them be happy dont worry you got light its not a dark map really if you think about it here its any other maps so Im pretty sure my strategy is going to work out for now basically Im going to stick around here you want to stick around here for the time being until you figure out what to do and there we go insta-kill how beautiful Oh somebodys not happy try to make sure none of them jumped down on me that doesnt sound dirty at all and kaboom thats Rob talking about and thats enough money to get to the box and Ill take whatever they give me and they give me this piece of  __  all right nice a nice little  __  cap gun thats what I need thats gonna do the job oh man I was really hoping that they would just pop the Raygun like hey buddy we got a surprise for you the ray gun basically you have to link all three teleporters teleporter a witch I think this teleporter be Im not sure which one is a B and C but I know theres one over here one over all the way over there and one right behind me in this area back there and some reason I thought they were behind me for a second I got scared I hate absolutely hate when the zombies get behind me it just makes me scared just gonna waste all my pistol ammo now that way I wont be tempted to later oh  __  we close for comfort nobody behind me just gonna pop them all die but your foul girly girl got that sumbitch and enough money to get to the box and pick these  __  off how beautiful monkey bombs thank you thats something thats very nice of them they gave me monkey boom what an idiot all right where is the last guy come on dumbass gotta be somewhere oh okay thank you thank you i love you box I want to eat it some of you guys may get that reference be in the box what this is dirty all right so now I got the g11 the RPK I would much rather have the HK but you cant get picky all right you cant get picky the RPK is just fine im going to hold on to this if i get the HK i will trade the RPK for it and then Ill hold the spot for the ray gun or maybe Ill just trade the g yeah Ill trade the g 11 for the HK if I get it and have the HK and rpk which sometimes I dont like having because if it makes it feel like youre really heavy I mean look when you run with the RPK and Oh zoom in time and the reload time of both weapons you want to have that second weapon that has the good reload time and the ray gun has an excellent reload time and with speed Cola its ridiculously fast so you have nothing to worry about thats why i love the  __  ray gun man ray gun is porn 00 somebody wanted me maybe I should be a shake shaking a little too close for comfort basically you want to keep aiming for the heads but a g11 its really easy to do so there should be no excuse as to why you cannot do it there we go oh thats not the last one the AAG now Ill stick with my g11 for now I feel more comfortable with three birds I like the three verse because it gives it like it controls how much ammo you use if you have a fully automatic youre just going to start spraying when you see a lot of them but the three virtually its like telling you dude dont spray just relax thats why I like three bursts weapons what the the guy was running at me without a head I think you got pissed off that shot his head off oh Ill take it Ill take it Ill take it oh yes ah no they give me a  __  crossbow crossbow is basically  __  Oh baby I dont like the wonder waffle just letting you guys know a lot of you guys youre gonna complain youre gonna complain once you see me switch trade it for the ray gun but Im just I feel more comfortable with the ray gun then the wonder waffle so yeah I remember I did in my livestream it everybody was like no it was like I killed I dont know Justin Bieber was of course when if I was to kill a Justin Bieber everybody was screaming no who wants to see that guy died sarcasms for the win so I like having an automatic weapon like this a heavy weapon and oh look guys I love you theres somewhere up there be right there looking at me it looks like Satans ass Oh or something i always say that satans  __  im going to keep on trying for the ray gun though there we go thats good thats good thats tight let me get the  __  out of here so now im going to figure out where the box is now Im gonna start linking up these teleporters before it becomes too late probably won this round stops Im gonna hold the crawler thinking about it yeah most likely yeah I gotta hold the crawler oh  __  check it out you always want to line them up line them up guys line them up never shoot at them when theyre separated thats going to take a lot more ammo than it does if you line them up you get a lot of collateral damage there dont spray it youre wasting ammo just single burst it thats what i like to do with the RPK or any weapon like this but when i see a  __  oh wow double points check this  __  out Jesus Anna max ammo Im in heaven alright I definitely i want to hold the crawler this round i want to be able to link up the teleporters without having the pressure of something following me around you know like zombies alright let me just get a feel for where the boxes boxes somewhere over there oh I know where its at I know where its at all right here we go here we go as many of these godless heathens as possible finish that  __  off just do that maybe I could get further than round 21 this time you never know oh  __  yeah then pushing me back to a corner here it might be time for me to move out Oh yep its time for me to move out you got to know when ones your limit I think thats it Wow all right I was going to do it anyways let me start killing these crawlers till I get one no no do not im not going to do that ill keep too just in case you never know gonna try to move around it you never know i dont i dont want to mess up at all  __  the HK is gonna make me run really slow got 30 seconds to get back over there come on come on come on run run fed us run  __  there we go got it got it were good alright now were going to get the second one second one is okay oh lets just be okay so is over there sees over there and Bs right here perfect come on come on come on come on run run run like this and dont know waiting at the end of the happy trail I dont know what happy trail what the  __  dude what the hell man I just I havent gonna shut up Im just gonna shut up here we go last one last one then Im gonna head to the box with these last three thousand oh you know I should got juggernaut yes yes I should definitely get juggan are and quick revive so yeah thats what thats what Im going to do next  __  the box the box can wait Ill take this one back over here all right points I can remember where they were I think yeah its something else is gonna pop up maybe max ammo Oh another nuke all right  __  wheres wheres all right I know juggernauts over here this way and then you go up and over to not waste any points on opening up any barriers by forgot where I know where quick revive is all right come over here then quick revised right over there all right kind of lost track theyre basically these are the two perks you want juggan are and quick revive even when youre playing solo you can get quick revive so does you guys who do not know quick revive will pick you up when youre playing solo which is pretty  __  awesome but I believe that theres some sort of cap on the amount of times if you get quick revive dont quote me just I think not to sure but I really want to help with anyone else all right time to get to these teleporters here Im gonna start with B and right now my comfort level with the teleporters all right zero because it like when I first start playing I feel like really uneasy like if Im gonna get killed I get little nervous that Im going to get killed until I start getting used to my new routine because my old routine was standing back there and I got used to it now I got to get used to this switching from teleporter teleporter out in the open and I need to get 1,500 points this uh hopefully will go well so this is the strategy you want to go with teleport into teleporter just keep on going from once if only I had seven more points by the way check that out 1337 the lid army there we go thats thats how we do it thats how we do it you will get the points back then from here run to a do not run to see wait what about what do I get ooh whats that is to kill yes perfect Ill wait for them  __  where are these bastards oh  __  with the Red Menace there we go the hell all right I got stuck on something for a second not cool all right I think this is the last one Im not gonna kill them out  __  just pop me in my face its not the last one this guys the last one come on little  __  hey like a grenade how about you oh  __  hes just like yeah eat it he doesnt give a  __  about the grenade damn dude I give him respect a zombie has earned my respect no I dont want to trade it oh we got to my naming right there was just a terribad by the way there we go thats what Im comfortable with right there  __  sniper are you serious those of you guys who dont know how to turn on the music basically what i just did right there you got to find three of them that look alike I believe the second and third one are all back here so let me check let me try to confirm that yeah i think they are no thats not them this could be one of them turn that radio on hmm wheres the other two it could be somewhere around here I forgot where I did it my livestream and I got it ah I think I know where I think I know where yup I know where I know where they are let me show you all right youre in here there goes one and the third there we go oh yeah I love this song a song gets you in the  __  zone just like it lets you know what time it is its killing zombies time ah do you agree to be doing diffusion continued hey you guys gonna have to put up with my singing for a little bit here we go now Im pumped they did then it did it did it and did the denon to detain him to do the denim digitech yeah come on zombies lets go  __  pop baby lets kill these  __   __  I dont have enough to teleport but youre scaring the  __  out of me right now and I have enough and im reloading and teleporting running from teleporter a teleporter I dont need double points is its actually I could use it but i rather stick with my lives I like the set of the girl who sings these new songs shes  __  badass today and tomtom check your left and your right just to make sure youre pretty much clear Im over here pretty much run around now not all day long I should never gotten that insta-kill hes gonna  __  me over if I have to kill this little  __  love this song got this on my ipod dead serious okay all right yeah is use this all right speak for these  __  to roll out oh  __  dogs thats good though I get max ammo can be with stench of dog  __  Im just gonna unload on them vodka bottle oh yeah they try not to run out of ammo here there we go july open to anything thats what Im talking about I really need that very gun Im just gonna go to the box once and they gave me a freaking pistol damn it its not gonna really help me at all have enough to teleport so Im all right watch your left watch your right thats where theyre going to be coming from as well this teleport  __  perfect Oh damn right thats what Im talking about I should have killed these guys what the hell the song just stop oh come on eat kidding a song is too awesome to just stop like that you get it you gotta let it finish Treyarch I are disappointed I used to be a car alert ring oh come on come on come on now come on Lou zombies zombies definitely going to pack a punch the HK once i get enough time to get a pack a punch weapon we go see how easy this is my strategy awesome strategy I just want to rack up points right now I dont really care about anything else but just getting those points in I want enough points to pack a punch and enough points to get to the box and speed Cola as well you got to RP of lightweight machine guns you need to pcola but Ill speak Cola you are  __  so you want to want to definitely get to be cold up in this  __  those of you guys who are still watching the video and yeah Im not live streaming right now I kind of felt like I was live saying thats what I said no but good props to you if you if youve gone non-stop good props to you you completely just killed a couple of them right there and let me get out of here yeah I dont really need the windows boarded up right now I dont give a  __  about that I need to get to this teleporter just going to throw a nade down there see if I can get a couple of crawlers yep got some crawlers just going to kill anybody else that comes up behind them this like that reload reload reload the ready to fight I think I could go this way now yeah I have more than enough crawlers here hurt me I kill you yeah disgust me bastards are still popping out of the Buckinghams go go all right Im gonna go to the box for one and then upgrade the HK I can pretty much kill not to worry about Im oh Im gonna be upgrading who I could go to the box one more time to maybe thats my ray gun hopefully ray gun ray gun ones no come on give me a ray gun be nice for once you got to clap my hands stomp my feet to get a  __  ray gun shy upgrade the RPK because Im out of ammo here yeah yeah thats yeah all right thats going to be the smart thing to do upgrade the RPK since Im out of ammo on it ah something I had to do i dont i dont think the ray gun is in my sights anytime soon so you know you got you got to just accept what you have sad face sad face fascist love the way this guy talks gives me a hard-on totally kidding alright we are now on round 14 and I think this is the longest commentary live commentary for zombies Ive ever done maybe I dont even know if Ive done live commentary zombies that look that often I really havent just today come on come on run it on come on oh  __  oh  __  oh  __  thats not good yeah this isnt good the problem is I didnt have enough money I should never wasted my money like that oh thats  __  up thats  __  up oh my god that is  __  up I love the way they put them right up in front of me wow that is something that is truly some  __  oh my god but I hope you guys enjoyed this live commentary thank you for sticking around and watching this is the final episode in the resurrection preview little series that are uploaded today and I really hope you guys enjoyed it and definitely moon gameplay coming out tomorrow so keep your eye on the sub box for that and keep your eye on my on my channel remember to subscribe to my channel if you have not and click the like and favorite button if you have enjoyed these series and go back and watch the other ones if you have it so next time where can i buy steam gift cards Please LIKE this video if you enjoyed it! 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