Black Ops! MOON GAMEPLAY! - Rezurrection Zombies Call of Duty Map Pack - Part 1

Steam fallout 3steam games laptop requirements CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS - REZURRECTION CONTENT PACK game whats up guys this is the brand new moon map whoop and were playing through our juggernauts there this is the brand new map you start here on earth in this room here with a pack of punches its freaking hard and ill explain why this is hard youre probably thinking what this isnt hard if you havent played yet then you wont know why lets just say that okay um see if i can get as many of these guys as possible and now im going to leg it because these zombies are about to come and butt rate me and we have 1900 points now and there we go grab the suit there we go now you can actually get juggernaut at round one but uh here we go lets get quick revive so wait so this is round one and i already have uh 1 500 points which is awesome so im going to show you guys basically everything is that way on the map this is the space station this is the back of the space station hello that appears with a random name as im sure you see on my channel um lets knife knife knife so just basically knifing on his earlier damn thats not what you want on that first level gets you no points whatsoever to even kill the big zombie no it didnt even kill basically just leave him alone or she alone whoever it is um because hes just a shes just a pain and um you can shoot him when youve actually got a better gun so im going to stay in this room again for as long as possible uh another round also using my pistol at this point uh here we go whoa and then were gonna head off the left way and then its gonna be zombies coming from there as well the voice acting in this is hilarious because as you can hear the sound once youve got your suit on its really low so theyve got some hilarious voice acting all right sweet alright so we have almost four thousand points so open up left door here left to right door doesnt really matter im only opening up the left one because thats the way im going to be heading um run run run run so this is the right one thats the left one i just want to get the m14 uh here we go now im going to stay here for about two more and maybe even three more rounds ill explain why you just want to build up your points as much as possible uh on these early rounds so then i can fly through uh the building and open up all of the doors straight away for you guys and i can promise you that um youll enjoy it a lot more if um i can do it quickly and i have to panic uh indoors uh here we go now uh syndicate has already worked out how to get the pack a punch uh on round one and i can tell you that once you get to the uh back of this map and ill show you uh of course at the end once we get there it is theres a lot of open space and i freaking love that and i can tell you why um because with all that open space im not actually going to kill him to be honest because another one spawns quite quickly anyway so um but yeah with uh with an open map like it is im going to let them all come down im gonna shoot them all in a row but with an open map like that like cool of a dead was very open it allowed you to do super high rounds these guys are so slow all right all right now im gonna knife him knife knife whoa knife who else wants some of this knife knife no no oh nice i got him all right ill wait for myself to be revived and then im just gonna buy quick revive quickly uh again im not gonna do a really like good run through it doesnt really matter that ive died so early um just want to make sure i can show you guys as much as the map as possible uh lets stay here for a little bit longer there we go yeah if you stay on that round one part you get screwed um if you havent seen me do it yet then i can tell you that its not pretty okay sweet i can build up even more points im going to try and build up maybe even 10 000 points a lot 12 inch bamboo steamer Call of Duty: Black Ops MOON GAMEPLAY! As promised: Part 1 of my run-though of the NEW Moon map. The new Rezurrection map pack out on Xbox and coming to PS3 and PC shortly. Its freaking awesome! :DHit that Like and Favorite button and show your mates! Follow me on Twitter! Thanks for watching! play cracked games on steam deck steam activities for kids cop games on steam add yuzu games to steam best tower defence games on steam