Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection Map Pack 4 DLC Announced - COD 5 Maps - Commentary

Pan fried or steamed dumplingsbest steam games for 4 year olds CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS - REZURRECTION CONTENT PACK game whats up guys it has been confirmed the new map pack for call of duty black ops it is uh called resurrection it is the fourth map pack in the series it is an all zombies map pack which i am totally looking forward to it has the cod 5 zombie maps in it which i am so happy to see come and it has the new map moon which you can see on screen right now looks pretty dang wicked im really looking forward to playing this and getting some gameplay for you guys theres new weapons new perks and new devices as you can see right now thats the new weapon the wave gun it looks enormous and it looks amazing i cant wait to use it i dont know what its going to do but its going to be something awesome and i really hope this is the new perk i dont know what its going to do and what it is called but it looks pretty dang awesome i really hope we find out what these things are to come i will have videos up and soon when i know more information comment below what you think the new perk is going to be and what the gun is going to do thanks guys my name is exquisite talk to you guys later subscribe peace pifco 12 in 1 steam mop ▼ OPEN FOR IMPORTANT INFO ▼Yes, I know a lot more information on this DLC since it is out now, I know about the new perk and New Equipment and Weapons. So Please, stop commenting about how I am wrong since this was made when Info had just been Released! This all-Zombies content pack hurls players into orbit with Moon, the climax to the Zombies saga, as well as the most challenging and thrilling adventure yet. The undead shift in and out of sight, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. Undead astronauts easily shamble toward their next meal, unaffected by the bases fluctuating gravity. Arm yourself with a space-age arsenal of epic proportions, including the Wave Gun, capable of cooking zombies from the inside out, as well as the Quantum Entanglement Device, which taps into the theories of quantum mechanics to bless (or curse!) your battle against the undead. Along with new equipment and an all-new Perk for thrice the zombie-slaying fun, youll have the tools you need to turn back the undead tide once and for all. This was my first commentary so it was a little sketchy. I will be a lot better when I start commentating more! - Thanks everyone - xquizitworks! Tags: Call of Duty Black Ops Rezurrection Map Pack Preview cod nacht der untoten reise shi new wave gun no numa classic maps zombie map pack 2011 just released callofduty resurrection moon map gameplay photos images leak treyarch verruckt blackops call of duty diplomacy is not an option steam how to install steam games from external hard drive how to get a steam game code steamed dumplings vs fried ubisoft coming back to steam