Call of Duty: Black Ops -- Rezurrection Overview & Gameplay (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

If i buy a game on steam in another countrysteam erotic games CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS - REZURRECTION CONTENT PACK game with the next entry in the call of duty series looming on the horizon its hard for fans to zombies fortunately folks looking for a new whetstone to sharpen their skills um beasts right so the resurrection pack for call of duty black ops has arrived on Xbox Live bringing with it a whole mess of you guessed it zombies this downloadable add-on contains five maps for the co-operative zombie mode though only one of those maps is new the moon map takes players in the outer space for a low-gravity zombie massacre while the other four maps take them back to the nazi zombie locations featured in call of duty world at war there are no competitive multiplayer maps here so if you dont like killing zombies just move along and spend your fifteen dollars elsewhere if youre a big zombie fan lets face it you probably already bought resurrection and have killed about a dozen astronaut zombies but if youre on the fence about diving into large-scale slaughter of the undead heres more about what resurrection has to offer the moon map starts off in area 51 just before the arrival of a zombie horde if youre brave or foolish enough you can stick around to try to nab some points but you better make it to the teleporter before things get out of hand and then look youre on the moon holy crap theres no atmosphere quick grab a suit before you get rhythm Oh huh oh okay now lets kill some zombies the moon map is a large and sprawling complex with both indoor and outdoor areas you can get turned around pretty easily so as always its wise to stick with your team there are some new elements to sniff out like new wonder weapons parks and achievements and some new elements that will sniff you out like phasing zombies and the aforementioned astronaut zombie moon is purportedly the end of the crazy zombie saga so naturally there are plenty of easter eggs that are bound to delight the dedicated zombies fan but if youve been playing zombies mode since the at war days the rest of the resurrection maps will be very familiar to you perhaps disappointingly so the four nazi zombie maps titled nacht der untoten Verruckt shi no numa and de risa look pretty much the same as the original versions but they each earn their remastered title in a few other ways you now play as the quip happy characters on all the maps not just a few and cold war-era weapons are available in certain spots as well as in mystery box these are good maps from Mass zombicide but charging 15 bucks for DLC that is largely made up of maps players may already own is a bit excessive if youve got an urge to stick it to the undead then resurrection will certainly satisfy but folks who arent as thirsty for zombie annihilation are advised to save their money for some of this falls hotly anticipated games you when will a game go on sale steam Chris gives us a quick peek at the new Rezurrection map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops.For more on this game, visit: buy steam game for someone else can you gift steam games from your library hogwarts legacy steam deck how to transfer steam games to another disk locate steam games