Black Ops: Rezurrection Zombies DLC Map Pack 4 Info!!

Game free on steamhow to move games in steam CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS - REZURRECTION CONTENT PACK game whats going on guys sagan here and the new map pack for black ops resurrection is coming out the 23rd of august on xbox because xbox is the best i didnt say that a while ago because i thought ps3 was because you didnt have to pay but xbox is way better because you get more stuff but yes this is a five map zombie map pack no no multiplayer because im kind of excited about that because pretty much all of the um multiplayer maps are terrible anyways so for black ops so treyarch cant make a map worth anything so im kind of glad theyre just coming out with one zombie map well you might be saying look theres five there well if you could see that but you probably cant because way too small it says knight asylum swamp factory and moon moon is the new one it looks really awesome i dont know what its about but it looks pretty sick but night is a remake of not dirt untotin asylum is a remake of verruckt swamp is a remake of shinonuma and the factory is a remake of darice and if you have the the hardened or prestigious and im pretty sure you get this for free which pretty sure im i mean i am sure which is pretty cool but i have the hardened edition for ps3 not xbox so gonna have to pay for xbox but not ps3 which my brother plays on ps3 the most time so hes gonna be like oh my god yeah i get for free suck that tyler oh yeah if you didnt know my name is tyler and i live in your moms house but yeah im kind of excited that theres no multiplayer maps because they kind of suck you gotta admit but yeah guys i might post a commentary today but youre just gonna have to wait and see so like this video if you liked it tell me in the comments if youre excited about this map pack and that theyre not multiplayer maps and uh subscribe for more ill see you guys later peace instant pot steam cauliflower You excited? I AM! if you are make sure to like this video and sub for more! steam 回顾 highest played games on steam how to work the shark steam mop most played steam games 2022 steam broccoli