New Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection Map Pack 4 Officially Announced DLC

Steam oystersteam games that cost 1 cent CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS - REZURRECTION CONTENT PACK game hey guys and if you havent heard activation have officially announced that my pack 4 resurrection is going to be released on the 28th of the third 11. okay so the first map is called moon which it basically says it all is zombies are going to be on the moon and there are four like if you didnt buy the hardened edition its okay because from what i heard now its going to be in the dlc so as the picture says here at night its knocked a toten asylum is rocked swamp machine on ilma a factory is joyce so look im kind of looking forward to it as well and its my first commentary so if i do and bad could you just please like leave it in the comments or something just to kind of help me as a tip or anything like that and could you like um subscribe and stuff and like the video and um so like im really looking forward to it its on uh ill leave the website in the description just so you can go on and have a look what its like so like i said like really looking forward to if youre looking forward to it too like the video and leave it in the description so thanks and thanks for watching can i connect steam deck to pc The next Black Ops map pack Resurrection has been confirmed by IGN! Link: This Was My First Commentary So Please Dont Hate! Subscribe For More Zombies And Be Sure To See Map Pack 4 Gameplay! assassin's creed steam cake steamer steam wars steamer trunk types of antique trunks supported steam deck games