COD - Rezurrection Map Pack Aug 23rd - Modern Warfare vs World At War vs MW2 vs Black Ops vs MW3

6 dollar steam gamessell rpg maker games on steam CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS - REZURRECTION CONTENT PACK game modern warfare one modern warfare two black ops modern warfare 3 and what is it world of war all right modern warfare one  __  that game got me addicted that game I played and played and played and played non  __  stop I didnt play to like probably a year after it was out I dont even know it I started playing it like I think about eight months before modern warfare two come out thats when I got into the call of duty series and I was hooked I was hooked like a dog after modern warfare one so then you know I went bought the game world at war play the game played online  __  the online I hated it didnt play it I didnt like world of war I could not get past modern warfare so and then modern warfare two come out baddest ass game oh my god and the hype I  __  played it and played it and played it and played it even all the  __  in the game and I played it and I played modern warfare 2 all the way to my top kills I was like in the hundred and fifty thousand four top kills and the game would piss you off so bad and now you know I went and played it the other day and I thought you know Ill put up a little video of modern warfare 2 itll be kind of badass I couldnt even  __  play the game I couldnt even play the  __  game I dont know why modern warfare 2 is like the  __  killer of a game and yeah it was pissed off but you know the  __  claymores and the killstreaks and abuse the claim wars the killstreaks and holy  __  I tell you I couldnt even play a game of modern warfare two without I mean the  __  chopper gunners ac-130 s it was back to back to back it didnt matter how many lobbies I got into I dont it didnt matter how many lovers I got into I  __  could not even get a kill streak going and I dont remember it being that bad I dont know whether its got worse or what I love that game so modern warfare 3 you know is it going to be epic you know modern warfare 2 could have been epic even when I played it there was nothing else to play and thats all you played like everybody in their dog played it epic modern warfare 2 I you know I played the game I loved it i thought there would be no other that would even remotely touch modern warefare two Im not saying black ops is the best game its got its issues but im telling you you can even play my work for two if i put up a  __  commentary of modern warfare 2 and just be showing you get my getting me ass kicked by a  __  chopper gunner a  __  a c-130 and soon as somebody shot it down or whatever theres another one up in the air so to make a commentary be like eight the Reapers dead hey theres a Reapers dead again hey the reproduced got shot again after a c-130 just killed the Reaper alright ac-130 just kill the Reaper now the chopper gunner just killed a Reaper I lasted two seconds to have a spawn I played three or four games I was like how did say you  __  kidding me this is how bad modern warefare two is I love playing that game you know its funny because when you play it its like its like the year 2050 or whatever its like futuristic because the gun sounds like  __  lasers they do play black ops play whatever then go play modern warfare 2 everything sounds like its futuristic like  __  lasers going off its  __  crazy anyway theres my rant towards  __  modern warfare 2 and  __  modern warfare 3 so no more four three could it be epic anyway Im playing launch here yes I probably say that I dont dominate in the game of course of course why wouldnt I I see your claim were in there so so how epic could modern warfare 3 be it could be  __  unbelievable it could be the best  __  game out there you know if they could input in modern warfare 2 and they could somehow swing in with  __  black ops theyd have the best  __  game Im telling you that dont  __  do the Claymore things where you can abuse them dont dont have the killstreaks that  __  house a nice kill right there I was  __  awesome Reaper leaping down like God taking a  __  camper out but anyway modern warfare 3 you know they dont music killstreaks which I cant imagine they would because that game was  __  you know the game was shipped period because the way Infinity Ward  __  went downhill shortly after it was released which probably did a lot to the  __  game but I dont know theres so many hackers involved and I dont know if the attackers are walk but im telling you you came  __  play I know that guys coming i know that guys coming so Im sitting there for a minute and I didnt even kill that guy have a  __  ah  __  thats  __  black ops for you right there all right maybe it might have been bad shooting I dont know Im gonna blame it on black ops on that one you know why cuz I can theres my  __  commentary so if I dont blame it on black ops uncle blaming on black ops Im gonna blame it on my  __  stupidity of not knowing how to shoot with no  __  shitty yet goddamn accuracy thats  __  horseshit Im gonna blame it on black ops Im gonna blame it on  __  black ops oh theyre all ready to see Im gonna run over there modern warfare  __  3 god I hope it  __  rocks I hope it is the baddest ass  __  game I you know I dont the whole series i really do think black ops is probably the best game you know modern warfare one call of duty 4 i think thats what it is that is a good game i love it you know i want to go back and play the mass but last time I played that I remember getting my ass kicked on her times because somebody was cheating it was like  __  random  __  noob tubers it was it didnt matter what you did it was  __  holy  __  of new tubers you know what would be fine freaking awesome you know itd be epic to in to the nth degree where could actually play call of duty like if they actually made a new game call a duty and somehow implied all the call of dutys together and had all the maps together where it wasnt it was just a big multiplayer game where you could go in and play every map every map and call of duty now that would be  __  awesome too who would not pay money for that I would that would be bitching as  __  every I dont know how they would do it you just incorporate all of them now yeah because modern warfare one has its own playing to you know world at war different guns different this different now what if they somehow incorporated everything together where you could choose your gun between all the call of duties and all you could choose your whole setup on how youre gonna play what your gun is what your perks are you know without the modern warfare 2 holy  __  fest of kill streaks where you cant even do a damn thing and that guy  __   __  shooting me right there anyway but if they incorporated them all together to where you choose your own gameplay is just a big multiplayer and its all the games all the maps i should say all the maps where you can go play all the maps you can get in with friends and well play the maps or online and everybody has their own different guns their own different everything you know just incorporate everything together so instead of 10 guns to choose from in your machine guns or your assault rifles you have 50 of them between all the games how  __  awesome would that be how awesome would it be to go back and play all the maps again in multiplayer with all the new stuff that would be pitching is  __  you know modern warfare 2 kind of did that they brought back some of them old maps which is bitching as  __  but then once again lets go back to the modern warfare 2 you of joke fist now am I the only one that just cant play the game anymore you know you know why I first plated black ops I was like this is a slow game its really kind of slow Im used to running around you know leaping 30 feet to get a  __  knife hell thats how modern warfare 2 was and you know actually black ops talk to you actually to be better game players Im serious you know you cant really I mean yeah theres camping but you cant camp as much in black ops as you can in modern warfare 2 you just cant you know theres no abuse of claymores a lot of things so itd just be epic modern warfare 3 is gonna be epic and if they could somehow do that with all the maps together one like biggie league call of duty  __  multiplayer oh oh my god that would just be  __  awesome running my gun come on run right into the commando the commandos this  __  and how I didnt die right there by the grenadin dont matter Reapers coming Reavers coming what the  __  what the bug did the Reaper die oh I still die stay put his  __  modern warfare 3 I hope you  __  rock the house you dont call of duty modern warfare 2 I wish somehow infinity were to come back in and just fix the  __  I know they  __  up and whatever they did you know they could at least come back and fix it you know come back and fix the game you know a lot of people play it its lot of good maps come on run into my command dole again did I dominate it launched on this game dominated it why wouldnt I all right Reaper has shitty accuracy look at that  __   __  oh god it is shitty accuracy oh hell a Reaper has bad accuracy how does a Reaper a bad accuracy and still dominate the game I dont know I dont know but bring on modern warfare 3 bring it bring it and bring it and bring a damn good gameplay hey Oh was that 40 what is it 40 43 and 17 yep 43 and 17 the Reaper steam games on tesla My evaluation of the Call of Duty Series - Rezurrection August 23rd, 2011 XBOX LIVE!BIG NEWS!!!! 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