Call of Duty: Black Ops - Rezurrection: Zombies

Game steam multiplayerbest games on steam to buy CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS - REZURRECTION CONTENT PACK game resurrection has four original world at war maps with a new twist Sheena Numa not drum tootin fruit and the Reese blows it in that movie if you bought the collectors edition youre gonna get moon for free if you didnt get the collectors edition youre gonna get these remastered maps and youre gonna get moon this pack is really for the zombie fan sort of our season finale really back when we started we want to make sure that we were always escalating from there that everything got a fresh look and a fresh way to play in every map that we came out with I realized if were gonna shoot people up into the air water were gonna need something bigger than that and whats bigger than that but floating so we kind of started working on the idea of going to the moon the team really wanted to create with moon the ultimate zombies playground its the culmination of new features that weve introduced since launch in all of our DLC plus a whole plethora of new gameplay features this map has almost something from every map in the dlcs of caves outdoor space buildings or structures I think my favorite part of the Moon map in terms of sound design is the airless environment it significantly changes how the game sounds and thats gonna force people to play a different way we thought originally that it would make it easy that things would slow down and you have time to shoot zombies and actually quite the opposite Street because everybodys floating you have no control some kind of sail pasture intended really challenging we are trying to tell a story in an action game which has got a lot of challenges like really is all about creating an entirely new fiction something that is going to let players have a totally different experience inside of Call of Duty we feel really is something unique that our audience loves this is the most epic for sure its got everything in there on behalf of Traer Id like to say thank you to all the fans zombies only exist because youve been so vocal about how much youre enjoying it how much you want more of it so keep the feedback coming for us and well keep delivering resurrection will be available on August 23rd on xbox 360 first get five all-new Maps first on Xbox Live steam legit Heres the Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection behind-the-scenes preview trailer.For more on this game, visit: yuri steam games steam rom manager multi disc games new world player count steam steamed cabbage and carrots steam acco