Call of Duty: Black ops Rezurrection Discussion

Game files steamleo kottke last steam engine train CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS - REZURRECTION CONTENT PACK gameplay hey guys whats up today I am going to be talking about a new call of duty zombies resurrection map pack the dlc for Matt back now this is only a this is no multiplayer maps only five four core maps from call of duty 5 and then youve got one extra which is moon so Im pretty excited about them yeah so there is a lot of information now on the actual quality see website but I angers to the trailer of the Resurrection map pack so yeah you can actually go watch itself on the adobe up callofduty com / black ops yes so here Im going to let you watch and you can see for yourself you working tirelessly were seeking answers to questions included free with purchase the resurrection like ops rezurrection available first so yeah guys that is basically it um do you have any questions please Collin yeah so now Im just going to watch some things that stood out and that you obviously saw the new wave gun which the right shot at the zombie and then zombie kind of blew up very far and then exploded that pretty close there I do believe there is some sort of the wave gun can either be split into two kind of jewel will air things or can be one whole natural gun Im not quite sure on his users of that but yeah but yeah so and it was also going to be a new park which allows you to have three weapons so that should be pretty cool because and youll have more armor and everything so that would be much better another thing was the QED the quantum entanglement device which was shown in the trailer which was a thing it looked a bit like a tactical insertion he kind of pressed the little lever thing in through it and then its loaded and literally just lose or made the zombies fly like in a mass explosion pretty much yeah oh and theres also a there was a weird space mom that when you shot him he exploded yeah that looked a bit like the quantum entanglement uh whats this Thanks yes it and the quantum entanglement slipped a bit like yeah that looks a bit like that so yeah thats going to interesting so thats probably going to be a boss so Im not quite sure there might be some other bosses as well yes sir today the treatments have come out as well for the to show you the treatments you can get theres 150 g available to get to get out of this noon so yeah its going to be pretty interesting if you do have any questions please comment send a message such a and hope you will comment like subscribe favorite cetera so yeah thanks peace out attack on titan game steam *I do not own the music in this video*Black ops Rezurrection DiscussionThis DLC4 Content pack also comes with a free moon theme and a zombies sound track. People who have already bought the hardened or prestige edition will be able to redownload the map pack and get it for free! how to install steam games on mac play steam games on virtual machine steam won t open on mac best beat em up games on steam how to unhide a game from your steam library