Black Ops: Rezurrection Map Pack - Moon Possible Leaked Achievements! Area 51!

How to steam refundhistory of steam sales CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS - REZURRECTION CONTENT PACK gameplay hi everybody its me ryan and welcome to another video concerning the call of duty black ops map pack number four in tower resurrection that comes out this saturday for xbox 360 users todays video is going to be about the possible achievements for the new map moon now this information was leaked out last night and i just got around today just to figure out everything about it and i wrote them all down so i have them all for you guys maybe you guys can start contemplating about some of these different achievements there are a few that are kind of shadows still but most of these are straight forward okay the first one is the its called all-seeing eye you have to kill a phasing zombie before it attacks the second one is called feeling perky you have to have all eight parks at once so this means that every single park thats been in zombies is going to return this map so you have your basics from like Juggernog and DoubleTap like all the basic ones up to the newer ones like PhD flopper stamina up dead char daiquiri and forced a new one next one is from the inside out you have to kill 10 or more zombies with a single shot from the wave gun which really is my phone ringing Im just gonna keep going I dont know its gonna be pretty easy to do hopefully because if you have to wave gun and you just get a giant train of zombies you can just light them all up and just get that human pretty easy that ones probably by late like 10 gamer score if youre on xbox the fourth one molecular destruction kill 10 or more zombies with a single QED the quantum entanglement device so that ones still live in the shadows youve maybe youve seen the inside Xbox trailer that has some gameplay it had the QED in action and basically it just let off a giant bunch of bombs whenever the player through it so that one shouldnt be too too hard and number five is called trespassing teleport to area 51 now you will be going to area 51 this map it is confirmed that you have to flip ten switches in this entire map to be able to go to area 51 to pack a punch your weapons now your can be completely safe from zombies there will be a few windows and to protect and a lot of zombies are probably poor through there from what Ive seen and the last one is called Redemption and it all so this one is either it either means that theres going to be the end of the zombie saga or else theyre ending just this chapter maybe starting a new one because words already out that theres going to be another one next month called retaliation but not too much it confirmed about that one at the moment Ive been able to find out too much so thats pretty much all I know right now these are part is gonna be all the achievements like like I said these are just possible theyre not confirmed so if Im wrong you know dont dont be hating as the people say but anyway this song is called when the levee breaks by Led Zeppelin the favor I wanted to know about to mention it anyway guys thanks for watching thumbs up some more people can see this and I will see you guys hopefully later on today for another episode of get that nuke and then probably on saturday ill bring you guys live coverage live gameplay of the new maps alright see you guys can you play steam games on an oculus quest 2 Stay tuned for further information and first day coverage on Tuesday!new call of duty black ops rezurrection official trailer map pack 4 moon zombies gameplay footage dlc new call of duty black ops rezurrection official trailer map pack 4 moon zombies gameplay footage dlc new call of duty black ops rezurrection official trailer map pack 4 moon zombies gameplay footage dlc steam login with email how to find game files steam how to full screen a game on steam steam deck compatible ssd best racing games on steam