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Stanley steamer carpet cleaner couponssteam punk machines CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS - REZURRECTION CONTENT PACK gameplay whats up guys welcome to the resurrection map pack preview this time on Berk which is basically the asylum and thats been let me see what I can do here yeah they saw me on this side ah almost Im not going to buy the car 98 this time around I did that for a notch dirt on Taunton or whatever  __  you pronounce that you got the groomer I got the the car 98 or the groomer we got grenades here the jug and art machine here and nothing in this room hmm oh we got the quick revive over there so I got to try to get myself to the quick revive because the quick revive is something you definitely want to get 500 and it does work with single player as well because it when you go down it basically revives you for you for you and you shoot like these  __  grenades out of your pistol so whenever you go down and you had quick revive on just shoot like hell youll kill all of them because if not you dont shoot theyre just going to run away from you then youre going to have nobody to kill you keep boarding up these windows trying to protect my my ass over here dont want to get bit there we go and were good Im gonna buy the groomer I think Ill do well with the groomer if I was on the other side ill buy the m1 grand but with the groover i can actually do some work and then save up enough to buy this then keep on working my way up from there we got guys already popping up over there i dont know why im shooting for their dick I have no idea why I just did that should be shooting for the head one shot kill as you can see just like that hes still walking but hes gonna go down it cant go along without a head there we go see them coming out of smoke anymore think theyre coming from yup right here just like that boom and now I have enough to unlock this  __  I want to try my best if you spawn up on this side you want to try your best to get two quick revive you spawn up on the other side you already have quick revive so youre pretty good youre pretty much set quick revive is definitely something you want to strive for when playing solo because quick revive is not only 500 points but picks you up 500 points is basically nothing how much is this 750 its not bad i dont have to wait too long here i dont know why but when playing solo i do not like this area if you have four or more people you can hold out here one guy watches this window the other guys just watched the staircase and that wall this is where you would hold out if you had four people but as you can see pretty obvious i dont  __  have four people i only have one person one penis two balls technically thats four things but you know its not like my balls are going to kill people its a stupid all right let me just by oh  __  Merry Christmas oh how the hell do i miss gay guy come on line up fellas line up there we go thats what Im talking about good job good work are you doing jump  __  think that thats what Im talking about now let me buy this mp40 handout open this up and I want to purchase this im going to replace the groover with the STG at 1,200 thats what I want thats what Im going to work for right now I have no time to knife these guys the mp40 is a great weapon the black ops version is an awesome weapon I always get this weapon one playing keno its a great weapon does the job very reliable I dont want to go through that hallway cuz thats pretty tight no homo close up on me a no homo its all I ever say come on come on there we go I to receive this bountiful you yeah boy here we go yeah we got the new so that should give us 750 nope wow it gives us 9 30 which is actually really good Im going to stay in the box area here turn on that power and once I once this round is over Im going to go for the quick revive want to try stay in this area here fight them back I mean when playing solo you know youre not going to survive for a very long time but then again you want to try to survive for as long as possible there we go double points lovely oh whoa whoa wheres he coming from ah  __  I thought they wouldnt come from over here guess my calculations were a bit off all right improvise adapt and overcome oh yeah oh look at that oh  __  check this  __  got his ass rain on his ass and lets go get that a quick vibe now oh look how lovely how you doing lets play ring-around-the-rosy freaking kraut lets go yeah boy Im gonna get the quick revive then the jug an art juggernaut is also something you want to strive for it to very important that you get juggan art geez fry Rob brings my fanny guard is hop around lead him around youre gonna go to hit up the box real quick lets get this done gonna try to keep him out here for a little bit oh how nice monkey bombs oh look at this isnt this lovely isnt this lovely I never do well when doing so low I can never get to like round  __  400 but when i get for people its on were going down to Chinatown you know Im saying all right here we go come on wait for it to start blinking a little bit faster I felt that they were coming in too close I could feel them all around me no homo all right gonna trade the mp40 semi for the RPK here and stick to my s2 jeep and now  __  how much is this door 750 let me try to run over here run out start running the other direction no I go down get over your  __  thats what Im talking about I went down which is not good Im going to open up this door here stop fighting my way back  __  something I did not want to happen were going to try to run for quick revive again hopefully this is going to be a stupid move right now I think its pretty good quick revive is something you want to go for first I mean its 500 you cannot deny it I think you only get two tries with quick revive and after the second time you cant really buy it anymore else thats just going to be cheating youll never go down right robberies so I killed those two bastards got my rpk still now Im gonna run for my damn life goals I dont know how long this is gonna last but ah you never know one the one map I am very good on is the reefs that was those teleporters I stick to the teleporters and basically I just dominate solo tu thats pretty  __  awesome watch this window here want to watch this door in this window come on come on come on oh Im so lucky right there the luckiest son of a  __  on the planet earth right now that is the kill basically saved me if I didnt have that instago right now ill be down on the ground sucking some zombie penis there we go all right I guess Im just gonna run around in a circular thing now Im going to open all these up that way i could start my circuit i er my circular pattern forgot to buy juggan art but thats all right I can accumulate the amount of money that I need Im gonna go try to get some more st GMO here keep running through gotta keep it on those traps two traps is something thats going to become very useful to you especially when theyre biting your  __  apart let me keep running here just keep them running keep them following me keep that circular pattern going hopefully I dont get caught up on the stairs never stop on those staircases right there staircase is not somewhere where you want to stop and be all friendly with the  __  zombies watch my back pass that guy Im like talking myself through this oh dont stop here neither oh  __  you zombies  __  you god damn it  __  hate these little  __  all right you guys got me you guys got me for you youre proud you mad  __  all right gonna go back try see if I cant get that quick revive Im basically just gonna get the jug and I believe its only two trying two times that you could get it oh I can actually get well all right thats weird Chris were dating I allow you to get it more than place onto my face or maybe its three times dont know three strikes youre out that type of stuff Im gonna go back and fight these guys in your grave now I have enough for juggan art and go purchase that jug in art and basically you dont want to even care how many times you go down you want to care how long you survive here but of course you want to watch how many times you go down just to make sure you know youre not losing your weapons alive but dont worry if you go down a lot as long as youre still surviving and you still arent you know just running for your life and are able to engage the zombies with the fact youre all right youre fine i got the RPK is back up I havent even used it which is great i forgot that i have monkey bombs which is also a good sign here so im good gonna purchase some more ammo for that run through here i hate this part right here and get to this cage area i got quick revive I got juggernaut tuck in like a tick just try to engage anybody you can thats coming in through those windows I never wanted wasted more any more than one clip really on a spray like it when you stop and turn around and engage the zombies do not waste one more than one clip because by time you reload and youre ready to fire again theres going to be zombies coming from the other direction and then theyre probably going to kill you and eat your guts and your dick you dont want your dick to be eaten thats just thats just really you dont want your dick to be in its not a pretty sight dick eating zombies is not fun gonna run right by these guys so yeah like a  __  emoji  __  yeah thats right get off me just run up here try see if I can hold them off for a little bit at least my fault all right there we go reloaded all right here we go here we go lets keep moving keep moving keep moving watch this step and lets go lets go lets go watch my left keep lining these guys up not gonna be able to get that double points right now  __  and there we go whoa somebody got mad we cool reach hopefully I get the ray gun yeah Ill stick with the STG I really I dont feel comfortable grabbing their Khalil its better to just stick with what you feel comfortable with if youre uncomfortable with something youre not gonna perform well here we go here we go just run down here I dont see anybody just tossin a down there never know didnt get any points so that means that grenade just got absolutely no body which is what i was thinking about is that theyre going to be coming through here now come on come on do not do not pop up around there we go beautiful sight no oh man Im going to distract them with this here go chase that will have a blast excuse me there and see you tomm be there and thats the beauty of monkey bombs all right I can waste one more what is that hahaha that was a sweet little move I did there oh man that was a sweet little move I did there however if it wasnt for the instakill would have died if you saw that guy coming up on the stairs most likely I probably with a panic but Ive tried shooting him instead of just like trying to bypass in and there we go remember you dont have to worry about wasting ammo on this weapon you can basically keep getting what I munition for it were gonna be afraid to hit fire with this  __  so far were going on 17 minutes with this damn around holy  __  its  __  sweet Im actually doing pretty damn well all right hopefully the ray gun nope it gave me a piece of  __  Thank You box Ill just take speed Cola  __  take what you can get I wouldnt suggest double tap thats going to make you waste ammo much faster do not get double tap double tap is going to  __  your  __  up speed Cola you reloading faster is is definitely worth it definitely want to be able to reload as fast as possible Im going to try to bypass these guys just trying to make sure stop lets get ready to engage thats it im gonna run through this  __  shes not what i wanted not what i wanted going the opposite direction now which im probably going to  __  myself up doing here we go here we go remember the the power is there for you to use it  __  use that  __  powers see this is why four people here would be great because you got the power here too you can last and then there we go damn I was insane hes coming from over here Oh almost  __  myself up again why do I keep doing it I swear grenade throwing is just not my thing sometimes SVD again didnt they give me that a lot and notch stick a tire that damn  __  give me something better I love it I love it I want more of it hey are you doing lets name him lets name him lets see whats your name how you doing Pete I you know if any Pete hows the wife hows the wife hows Hitler Thank You teddy bear so Pete how you doing today p hi you dont too well hows those legs coming along Im gonna go to KFC Im gonna buy something I know what you like how about a leg how about two so stupid all right lets find this box before Pete chops out dick off God Pete is just so angry all the time ha how you doing all right clap your hands stomp your feet praise the Lord cuz we got ray gun nah  __  you  __  you trying to get something like the ray gun something thats going to hold this out something you know I wish they brought back the world war two weapons mg42 the Browning oh yes please do that Treyarch if youre listening please do that yes do not give me the  __  ray gun which I saw come up in this batch give me this Oh Petes back p listen buddy seriously were gonna have to youre gonna have to stay away Pete Im gonna call the cops theyre very racist towards Nazis where are you Pete stop stop it Pete Pete just stop it winners just wow I dont think I have any windows to board up up right here while Pete is like trying to get us Pete Pete Pete Pete your  __  clothes man all right here we go Petes gonna be popping around right there all look I lookout cute alert oh all right there we go 950 on the dot they always say look for when the turn is gold all right it turned gold then I press the square  __  Ill take good whippin will destroy the Safari its probably actually a bad decision but its gonna were going to have to see were gonna have to just figure it out if its a bad decision Ill just buy the STG all over again im pretty sure i could get more than 1,200 points this round you know you just got to try different things sometimes it ends up  __  me up oh I got further enough I got far enough all right let me start running around through my circular motion here lets get that rod on near fill as many of these  __  is you mainly possible come on I think theyre going to be coming from downstairs to dont disrespect yep Petes friends just heard about his death oh  __  I felt like those yeah there was a bug on my neck what the hell ah its like all over the place god damn it are you serious there has to be a bug here now thats disgusting i hate bugs Im not scared of them I just I despise him yeah Im buying this I really I just Im not comfortable with that commando right now it made everything just be like thrown off there we go hitting something there already know hes coming up  __  theres those breaking through the windows I thought I was all done with all right come on people back and we got this we are moving on people Im pretty sure thats around 13 yep round 13 I knew it it was way too late in the round for them for the nuke to not get everybody this is turning out to be one long ass nazi zombies session just letting you guys now its pretty  __  long thats what she said I dont know why I just bought ammo for that I hear something oh look at that ha I knew it I know it man thats  __  that nuke always leaves something something that you just never think would be there lets go confront these  __  are you doing oh  __  oh  __  this thing this isnt good hopefully theres nobody gonna come up on the stairs nope were good how you doing stop trying to eat my dick oh yeah hopefully nobody pops up through here if so Im tossing is on a monkey toss the monkey sounds like some sexual positions tossing the monkey oh oh I dont like that he hit me mommy hes me Timmy get the  __  up do you mean no balls all right here we go here we go Im gonna need to purchase animal next time around haha well that was easy just saying all right lets go around lets do a little walk around here and lets buy some more ammo Oh double tap been thinking didnt attend identity 15 double tap to tick tick the Delta I should make the song for that right vinton thinking double tap just definitely better than the one thats right there now right killing these mofos hey how you doing Petes friends are all pissed off again look at this  __  that guy was right there was doing the spider-man see that he wasnt crying dude I swear and every spider-man movie spider-man  __  prize he needs to grow a  __  pair he needs to stop crying I dont know what the hell that is over there maybe this was a bad idea I think this was a bad idea yeah this was definitely a bad idea im doing a monkey Oh God yup bad idea bad idea bad idea bad idea and we survived 14  __  rounds oh man what a session what a session thats all give a round of applause 312 kills 160 a headshot 40 4290  __  points I was extremely enthusiastic about that I hope you guys enjoy this live commentary and if you did not you can go  __  yourself now Im just kidding if you did dont forget to click the like button favorite it subscribe to my channel for more videos especially moon gameplay coming out tomorrow until next time peace does steam download games in sleep mode Please LIKE this video if you enjoyed it! 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