Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection DLC Gameplay w/ Kootra Nova and Sp00n Part 3: Man Down

Steam free steam gamessteam mill road CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS - REZURRECTION CONTENT PACK gameplay oh are you that lets get to that teleporter to earth quick down the bottom because buddys trying to tell the trust me Im drinking them quick revive all right Im back cool and you guys are done low ammo yeah I could use a lot more mass animals that was afraid use a weapon in general whoa the ship Im dead grenade Im throwing need buddy enough yeah what the  __  are we going what are we gonna do I dont know suicide bomber but find a door everybodys down we can scissor together I have some good progress there take it no its terrible its you kidding me excitable just many ones ever gonna get right there I think my PVR froze well spoons having technical difficulties yeah I think we only had like one match that was actually worthwhile not even other ones are just there for comedy the first three year just started getting stomped oh you got beat down there bum bum bum bum bum bum put it up you didnt even finish it you serious didnt finish what the song yeah youre just like bump out of them and it was it whats the rest of it what is the rest of it you can continue it its not just bump by the dumb thats just wait wait wait wait singing again singing again you said bump butter dumb I was just like butter done better done better number some  __  like that like I kept one for a good bit they call my good friend Aretha Franklin so she can finish this song up youre finished at Im the scatman well pay you millions to do that good another gibberish got it beep bop bop bop boo or I can do like that beard rooster thing from that video okay thats deep that  __  video that Gordon linked me oh yeah Oh babys freaky ooh did you watch that whole thing nothing yeah what the only thing that like I dont know that come play was the rooster with the fire no it was a Jamaican wrist oh my god I dont do what woop person was roster the rooster he just comes out like oh were do just like doodoo why I was just freaking really funny yeah you should see the video I made twatted it out we did it Kaka Kaka doodly-doo doodly-doo what man hows your PVR spoon shitty well Im just very ready to go again you guys can play Im going to go to bed oh man I have to get up in two hours anyway thats even more reason to just stay no Im hurt so its a lot waking up then yeah all right have fun yes food come on tools they didnt release it so what the hell can you do with the mom tools uh you can like mod guns you can pretend them hot stuff you can you can like mod the properties of guns stuff so you can change rate of fire and yeah pretty much make new game types thats pretty much all you can do well thats not a thats not what so if you were just so pleased you could balance the game however you wanted and its not what was promised which you make the FAMAS fire one bullet every 10 seconds you might be able to balance the game then yeah Id probably balance it out a little bit thats dumb were ready to go here Im ready Im ready okay lets try this again go back to the home youre gonna lose so bad maybe maybe spoon will be the the scary guy the hip thruster yeah honey you may have left but hes still here in spirit still here in spirit with us hmm I guess itll probably be cut out but spoons PVR froze there he got mad and went to sleep Wow hi I immediately stopped by I reported make sure its safe yep I didnt so that means what exactly my broke Im  __  out of luck fine save a speed cola that I said and oh my god there they come oh they dont even have theyre all one diapers they dont even have like holy crap that thing was doing parkour yeah what wow that PES its kind of funny how we spawn in here and we ran it everywhere its right in front no idea what the hell to do okay its quick revive yeah I know and then he died next to me so it was pretty funny fantastic I want to understand how these excavator control things work you have to power on earth Im assuming now station not actually yeah it still it still said that even when the power was on last night its a missed night sniping away its a lot of Apple again maybe it was something when we were actually out on the moon when we found the Chad back together is something I want to find some strength I think were smart enough to find a couple oh dont even okay lets start shooting the  __   __  as having these like seriously like how the hell you fix it at home yeah they can say that okay I bet you anything if we sit here and we start shooting at this little arm here its gonna go and grab a weapon and bring it to us oh my god this stuff like that i thing is you have to be airborne whoa whoa Kuja this is horton oh heres house that way dad every everything to do you does anyone else have like zero ammo like now I gotta like 20 something left go down thank you yeah its oh so its that big thing out there you see that big like space hatband is out here oh I dont dive past them oh you taught you did he oh holy creak ah he sent me all the way back to the beginning of the map what whoa were trapped Matt Im gonna jump over him lets hope he doesnt catch me oh did he do that you probably said you had a bow that I sent you know the man tried to dolphin got past oh man he got caught it I caught me with his crotch and just  __  like wait for me I got an eyeful nope nope oh god yeah look at that I had to pick up this stupid shitty Olympia to save yeah I had to grab it too because I was in big trouble over here big trouble on little moon come over here to them 14 just dolphin dive right by him I tried cat already yeah and he caught him and I didnt die though thats weird I shoot him in later I need more of his junk what did he not even die I didnt know a  __  spacesuit was bulletproof listen special zombies facing apparently whoa I got blown right into you that was a lead a stall none know what it means kill this guy I dont think he can help me count from last time he blew up are you dead oh yeah one time I dont know steam 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