Rezurrection Map Pack Gameplay Der Riese Live Commentary Part 2

Steam maze gameprop hunt steam CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS - REZURRECTION CONTENT PACK gameplay theyre like oh yeah yeah yeah and then all of a sudden next thing you know oh theyre all dead oh and i like but nah i dont really want to knog again lets hang out with the go wheel here um yeah so hopefully you guys buy this map pack i think i think its worth it especially if you didnt buy it on world of war and i know theres a lot of people out there that are like oh man yes i bought the prestige edition which meant i spent 150 dollars for a pretty bad game just so i could get this map and im like well you know everybody was doing that especially when i all came out that you could get moon for free because if you bought this edition a special edition and then im like hey look at the facts here okay you spent 40 or 90 dollars extra right for uh for this game just so you can get the map pack and everything and all the maps and whatever avatar awards especially the people got just the uh oh that was perfect timing get that ride back all right so theres round 11 you can see this pretty good strategy here the box will move pretty soon yep there it goes bye box i miss you thats not a big deal you know i dont ill probably eventually link up the teleporters here i dont know hopefully this isnt too boring a game for you guys because i know im just kind of sitting in one area just camping out here but um i want to make videos that are entertaining so hopefully the commentary makes up for it and trust me itll get interesting soon this is the time where the time for this spot is about to run out where youre at the point where youre like oh no like the point where theyre about to overwhelm you and normal guns arent gonna get it done pretty soon i just got extraordinary what extraordinarily lucky with these guns man i mean like a wheel and an hk yeah you can see theyre starting to take a lot more bullets oh shoot trapped in the corner uh whats this oh good timing thank you all right so im just going a little a little bit of a rampage here the wheels a good gun to upgrade i mean definitely want to upgrade it i think thats probably what ill do whenever i um should i make a crawl here better keep another guy i dont have any grenades crap whoops that might be an issue how do i make a crawl without grenades wheres the box at well its not behind me so thats good all right um there i dont know if theres any grenade spots on this map i dont know where they go for that i guess ill just kill them all anyway um yeah i think it should be dogs actually around 13. but im telling you guys this is the spot you want to stay in yeah i mean if you want to guarantee get a long amount of time i know this might be a little boring i wonder what happens if i just turn this power on here does it really work against dogs i guess were about to find out arent we and no it doesnt i i kind of figured that actually it just got one huh maybe it does work i dont know id rather not test it and find out you can see im almost out of my wheel so ill just go ahead and pull out my hk just to make sure you know i dont have any ammo issues and of course i got sleight of hand working for me which is a must especially when dealing with heavy machine guns actually i guess its a light machine technically um yep there we go pick up the max ammo and were in business guys yeah okay so i dont know what to do i can probably stay here risk dying or i can back up i think ill stay here for now just kind of make it like a preliminary just kind of sit here make sure lets see how many i can hold off plus i can always turn this power on which i actually i think ill do real quick here at the beginning ill show you guys how effective the spot is when you turn the power on just wait like another five seconds till i see the first zombie and then ill turn it on all right lets go lets just turn on anyway which was actually kind of dumb since theres nobody over here yet youll see what it does i mean this is a really effective spot i mean now this buys you enough time to back up or regroup reload gives you enough time to do whatever you need to do you know just so you and um make sure youre safe and youre all set up and everything oh the crowd has died yeah but then you also do not get too comfortable when you do this um hopefully i think ill make this more of a tip video oh shoot nows the time to get out of here yep see thats what you want to do right there you want to back up now this you want to make sure you do not do what i almost just did and miss a door because then you look like an idiot and this is also a good spot but the zombies are about to come down from the window up here so i better get out of here ah this is i know a lot of you probably know the spot this is an excellent spot especially for high level rounds um yeah lets get this up yeah um let me jump down here whoa bring kamikaze brother here lets see i found this tip out earlier stand by the grenade and you let him walk into wow that didnt work damn man youre freaking chuck norris on me wheres some grenades and oh i know where some grenades are hold on real quick look at me now what look okay nothing be singing man im a pretty crappy singer and a pretty crappy rapper you just dont know what im gonna what am i doing i dont sing i dont i dont know im kind of a crazy  __  you know what i mean you know what im saying thank you buddy now its time ill show you guys lets link up some teleporters around 14. basically 15 yeah i think ill go in and pack a punch this gun you know why not you know pack a bunch of gleal do some damage with it have a party party rockers in the house tonight so i i think ill probably break this video in the parts because i dont think you guys want to watch like a 30 40 minute video whatever this will end up being um yeah so at least yeah i think ill have to actually i dont think youtube i dont think i have enough subscribers yet to um let me actually have a video thats like 30 minutes long but thats im youre not going to sit there for 30 minutes and be like oh dude this guys so good because his names boneage machine hes a legend i know im a legend guys but you know i just dont want to bore you guys like that because the gameplay there is kind of lame you know just sitting in corner not really sitting in a corner but sitting in the same spot but hey its better than just running a circle the whole time i mean thats thats boring too actually youre playing it packer punch is almost open lets see what i get x ammo ah carpenter give me 200 points i miss it nope i got it okay beautiful i wonder if the thing like there used to be a thing where you went down from the park machines that gave you like 25 points i wonder if thats still there oh yeah it is hi very cool i think ill go buy some quicker vibe now since uh got it open thats one thing the world that more maps i guess they dont have um buy a revive yet they dont have the uh the perk machines in the first room the quicker volume so it actually means you cant just sit and you know have the first room and then be just sitting in a corner and stuff like that i dont know but yeah so ill show you guys this is how you pack a punch in this map just so you know and im showing you guys some of the fastest routes to do it because you want you have a 30 second timer i mean it brings up the stopwatch i can keynote so and lets open it up there it is golden beauty right there and its just thats also another thing like you have friends stand on the teleporters and somebody can sit here and link it see what i get ah nope i dont need it heres pack a punch lets pack that punch pack that punch yeah i know the crawlers right down here oh did he hit me i dont know but one thing you really want to get when youre playing this is you really want um monkey bombs monkey bombs are so helpful so many ways uh i would i should have waited the pack to punch my gun whoops so now i think ill just make sure i buy all this stuff and make sure im set they got plenty of points i mean ive got an unupgraded hk which is good ive got an upgraded go wheel which is even better oh look at that site its a weird sign ive never seen that site before yeah all right thats one thing make sure you weigh down your bouncing betties before the round starts especially like when you buy them late like i did you want to make sure that um it gives you a chance to um what was i going to say i cant remember what i was going to say oh it gives you you know so make sure you get them down and out before you run out of before the round changes because it gives you its basically two free bouncing betties i shoot this guy through the window here oh bouncing betty go boom so one thing about double tap not necessarily the greatest perk as you see there i just once you have to reload kind of get screwed thats okay you know sometimes that happens but i think its good like especially if youre playing solo like this you know you got to make sure that you um that you what was i going to say oh you got to make sure that you get a lot of bullets on target fast because when it comes down to this you cant just be uh trying to conserve ammo by sitting in a corner none of that junk so you want to kill when you get the insta kill like that kill as many zombies as possible as fast as you can max ammo perfect max ammo if you have just one of the clarify there it does give you extra bouncing betties so make sure you use those very helpful equipment look at that is that guy the guy behind him is like a super super slow right now thats funny bye buddy oh wow i missed no that hit him there we go there we go so this is all always a good strategy and always helpful make sure you have a bouncing bet hes sitting in the back corner by you here because always you can youre gonna if you need to back up it gives you you know gives you a shot itll take out the guys by you itll buy you a little bit of time you know maybe switch guns reload gg strive steam charts Hope you enjoy! 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