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Twitch steamundertale steam CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS - REZURRECTION CONTENT PACK gameplay whats up guys my name is Ali and this is the final video youll find on my channel about resurrection filling you guys in with latest moon zombies news and information before its officially released hiding everything up here its going to be awesome its out in a very short period of time you guys probably expected to come out at midnight thats not the case itll come out of the round 10 a.m. UK time around five a.m. eastern time and around six a.m. EDT time so let me fill you in with everything we know before its officially released when it is released youll find gameplay on my channel throughout the day filling you guys in with everything you you can possibly want to watch or no I do a pistol knife only series on zombies map my channel if you havent watched that before head over to the link on screen now if you enjoy what you see there then feel free to like it and if it gets enough likes and I see that you guys enjoy it then Ill continue on this brand new moon map so what do we know lets jump into the first video clip here as you can see it has the infected moon player in the background there and as we start the clip we can see that the user actually shoots at him now many people have been saying that the moon zombie is the boss it was a new sort of napalm like zombie however I believe that your teammate is infected he then becomes an enemy as such you have to shoot him and then he explodes and then appears elsewhere on the map so he isnt as such as a zombie enemy boss but more than hes one of your teammates it turns into an enemy boss so you got to be watching your back if this happens every 10 rounds and some of your the one thats an enemy boss you cant control yourself youre infected the computer will do that for you then its going to be mixing things up youre trying to do the Easter Egg of four players were trying to play and get to a high round it can really confuse everything and its going to be really tough I wanted to make sure you guys had an idea of that an understood it is thats what I know it is as far as I know and as far as I can understand so the next image here is them on a teleporter which links between what appears to be earth and moon unless this is another base on moon however judging by the sky you dont get you dont get their sky in the moon you only get that on earth we have a zombie running a screen here thats irrelevant but the teleporter will link between this place and the moon the moon is I believe where you start off this is another room where you can actually get to the pack a punch machine and theres some sort of timer which shows how long weve managed to spend in this room because there are dogs here there are zombies here so perhaps staying there for a long enough period of time as part of Easter Egg as well its very tough you dont want to be there for long so perhaps you have to get to this part of a map do something with our easter egg and thats why its so hard and we jump into a clip here can show you exactly what I mean with all those dogs and zombies appearing on the on the sites here theres the main teleporter which obviously has to be turned on after the power otherwise this doesnt make any sense and once thats been activated you guys can head on down to the pack a punch machine as we jump onto the next image here we can see proof of what it says you know you survive this given amount of time who knows how that happens again we all know by tomorrow in a very short period of time i cant wait im sure you guys cant wait as well if we look at the next clip you may have heard of it already this is the awesome ray gun turret as such so there is in full speed lets watch it again slow motion so you can get an idea of what happens it puts appears out of the air and it would would appears to be in a very random area and then it does a 360 and choose everything in the vicinity hows its going to work how were going to acquire this again no one knows and itll all be answered tomorrow which is fantastic so we have another image here as well filling you guys in with absolutely everything we have the hacking device now I talked about this one of my previous videos its one of your achievements youve got to hack something you pick this up it actually replaces your helmet you cant have the helmet and hacking device so perhaps this limits the route which you can take to hack all of the guns and the wall when a poor thinking what hacking the guns lets jump into the clip so you get an idea of what I mean Ive slowed it down here and so I can talk for longer and it discuss it and so you go up to the guns and what you have the hack it makes no sense that what appears to make no sense at the moment unless is directly linked into the Easter egg and has no other reason I dont understand how it works and it doesnt seem to do anything in terms of buying it off all once its being hacked it simply turns upside down be interesting to see if it happens tomorrow we can see that in the guys inventory in bottom right hand corner so jumping onto the next image we can see that there is on screen right now the new or not the new so they are really annoying kula like zombies they know the gas zombies that want to kill them you go close to them let out the gas which is really really frustrating and slows everything down massively and theyre back and theyre more frustrating than ever and of course you can see the perk at the back there and the hacking device in the bottom right hand corner and so the final clip p im going to show you definitely part of an easter egg come on look at it its basically like some big moon shrine if you will so if ever a slow motion walk around the shrine here obviously going to be probably part of the final part of easter egg you can see the dial at the front there and were probably have to turn that a certain amount of times bring certain items to the place here you can see the three switches and all I appear to be switches in the back of the clip there this is a final image and were going to end the video here this is just the pack a punch machine which is or actually maybe looking in the sky there he doesnt like you can see earth and sky Im not sure if its another part of a moon or if it is on earth itself and your teleporting directly between them likelihood is its probably were going to be on the moon together this is fantastic this is the last bit of information to have before the map packs are now to view your honor subscribe already feel free to hit that button and well have lots of gameplay up Im going to try and get some sort of live screaming streaming option going this weekend hopefully i can live stream me playing moon or maybe even on thursday getting getting it done as soon as possible and intubating you guys into this because i cant play with you of course and I do apologize for that but thank you very much for watching guys guys feel free to smash that like and favorite button it wont break and if you hit it more than once its more the merrier to be honest so thank you very much for watching and cant wait to see you guys when the map packs released tomorrow green man gaming steam keys NEW Ali-A video – Hit “LIKE” and enjoy! :D● Follow me on Twitter: NEW Ali-A tshirts! – Enjoy a NEW Ali-A video – Thanks for watching!  ► Follow me! • Facebook - • Twitter - • #AliAapp (iOS) - • #AliAapp (Android) - ► The equipment I use! • Cheapest games - • The headset I use - • How I record my gameplay - • Improve your aim (10% off) - • My controller - Use ALIA for discount: Subscribe for more videos! - Ali-A --- Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. steam bathing benefits xfinity steam steam games run as administrator how to locate a steam game steam slow