pepsidude2015 | Call Of Duty: Black Ops DLC Rezurrection Announced -- Zombies On The Moon

Tiny tina wonderlands steamsteam card stores CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS - REZURRECTION CONTENT PACK review hello everybody my name is pepsi dude 2015 and sorry for the lack of videos in the last few days my headset has not been working too well but i got it to work for this one video um as you may have heard there is a new black call of duty black ops dlc coming out at the end of august named resurrection and this is going to be a zombies only map pack its said to come out august 23rd for the xbox 360. and then on the ps3 and pc most likely on uh september 23rd 24th or 25th um so what this is is as i already said zombies only dlc no multiplayer maps so theyve got total faith this is what weve been asking for um so this is going to be like the main zombie map will be moon where have you heard me saying moon before oh yeah ill link that video in the description below um and uh then so itll put players onto the moon which will offer gamers uh low gravity zone lunar battleground um and the final chapter in the call of duty zombies series the final chapter its all its over zom the zombie storyline we know and love is over um it will come with the uh four remastered zombies levels knocked down on totem shinonuma the zombie factory if you bought the black ops hardened or prestige editions youll get resurrection for free for everyone else resurrection will cost 1200 microsoft points or 15 dollars this will probably be the last dlc for call of duty black ops since modern warfare 3 is slated for november 8th the call of duty black ops resurrection will be released on the xbox 360 ps3 and pc like ive already said um so yep thats about all i have guys i dont know if we will be getting any more information on the uh the map pack before it comes out but i cannot wait the final chapter of the storyline we love just coming to an end um its oh my god its been its been with me for a couple years now so its going to be a pretty hard im going to be honest with you um i love the nazi zombie storyline and i hope they continue with um some more nazi zombie maps even if it doesnt have anything to do with a storyline in the next call of duty that treyarch makes so guys thats all i have for you i will have the links to my theories and ill be making a wonder weapon theory as well soon ill be starting to work on that and for the article that i got this from and guys thank you for watching peace out free survival multiplayer games on steam I knew it would be moon: Directors Channel: steam go back to previous game version microwave steam green beans whistle steam how to remove a game from my steam account install steam os