Black Ops First Strike: Ascension Zombie Map Review

Man of the house steam gamehow to download games on steam from phone CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS - REZURRECTION CONTENT PACK review Music whats up guys its ghost robo back with some more first strike dlc content this time with the zombie map ascension the fifth piece of the dlc puzzle that will cost you 1200 points or 15 on xbox live now be pre-warned im not the biggest zombie fan i didnt really enjoy the mode in world at war and i dont really enjoy it in black ops everyones entitled their own opinion and zombie mode just really isnt for me that being said i think ascension is the best zombie map that is unique and original to black ops of course theres a whole lot of insanity new crazy power-ups new crazy enemies and new crazy progression through the level one of the goals is to have these three lunar landers come down you ride them up ride them back down and then youre able to blast off this huge rocket as you notice here we start off in black and white which is kind of a nice touch and then once the power gets turned on shabam were in color again everything you come to expect from the original mode in world at war and black ops is still here the mystery box heres one of the new weapons its kind of a black hole of sorts and well get to see that being used in a little bit i seem to always get stuck with the worst weapons its as if the zombie king knows i dont like zombie mode and therefore blesses or rather punishes me with the most obnoxious weapons crossbow ballistic knife sniper rifle all the stuff but isnt that great to use and isnt all that effective but i want to really examine why i dont like zombie mode here i am using the black hole device and actually if you can manage to suck five of those brain dead zombies into that black hole youll get a nice 35 g achievement to pop which i think is definitely worth it um but why dont i like zombie moon i find it to be a a dumbed down version of horde mode you know in horde mode youre trying to eliminate all the enemies from a specific area a specific level but theyre usually smart enemies like i dont really enjoy left 4 deads take on horde mode and i dont really enjoy call of dutys take on hormone i find it to be very sporadic as this lunar lander comes flying down to save us from the misery of zombie mode there are some cool guns and some interesting gameplay tweaks i guess where youre running around trying to activate all these different things and when you first play the map you never really know where to go or whats going on theres a little bit of discovery involved there i just dont find it fun to be sprinting around and constantly have to check these doors it feels like a chore like an exercise in meticulous actions and not a lot of reward in terms of crazy gameplay or smart ai or really a sense of success or accomplishment when i finish a round so as we fly away in our lunar lander i will leave you with that review ascension a great zombie map if you enjoy zombie mode though i dont think its gonna change any opinions because it surely didnt change mine thanks a lot for watching guys until next time we will see you later where is steam replay The first DLC pack is here! What do I think of the new Zombie map? Find out in this quick review!PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!! Thanks for watching :) ark epic games y steam steam install location how to play unsupported steam games on geforce now 2020 best lunar sale steam games new games on steam 2021