A Detailed Look at How Call of Duty DLC Has Gotten WORSE

Steam inhalationsplaying wow on steam deck CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS - REZURRECTION CONTENT PACK review Music ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the channel and welcome back to call of duty vanguard its been a while since we did a vanguard focused video but season four is set to launch it comes out tomorrow and with season four were not really getting a whole lot of content people are actually quite upset about this because when it comes to multiplayer throughout the entirety of the season which is like two or three months long were getting a remake of uss texas but theyre calling it like a reimagining theyre gonna change up the sight lines and do a couple of different things with it and then we have a new map called desolation coming mid-season and then blueprint gun game like thats it for season four when it comes to multiplayer and vanguard and vanguards post launch content has been significantly bad i think its safe to say its been seven and a half months and if you count these two maps here uss texas and destilation were talking about nine dlc maps in close to eight months and that inspired an idea for me which i want to do here for this video which is has dlc gotten worse in the call of duty franchise because back in the day for those of you who played cod way back when you know how dlc worked we got the base game at launch typically the base game had a whole lot of content and then post launch we got up to four different map packs that roughly cost fifteen dollars a piece and would come with three or four multiplayer maps and then depending on the game you would also get zombies spec ops missions all sorts of other stuff right and even back then i myself included none of us were really happy about having to pay for dlc i mean were talking about a full price triple a 60 game and then spending what 50 to 60 on dlc maps post launch like it wasnt a very good system so with modern warfare 2019 they did away with that they copied the fortnite idea which of course the idea has been around forever but they copied the idea of the battle pass and the idea is with a battle pass and people choosing whether or not they want to buy it for ten dollars each season they can choose to do that and as a result were going to get free dlc free dlc multiplayer weapons free dlc multiplayer maps basically the battle passes are funding post launch content thats the idea behind the new model the activision has been running for modern warfare 2019 black ops cold war and now of course call of duty vanguard well that interested me right im interested to see if that new dlc model is actually giving us more content and a better experience than what we had back in the day and so i did is i took the content from modern warfare 2019 cold war and vanguard it should be mentioned that vanguard is not done with its life cycle yet but were talking about nine maps all the way up to season four so chances are were not getting nearly as many dlc maps with vanguard as compared to cold war and modern warfare and im going to compare those three games to when call of duty dlc first really started to hit of course back in cod 4 we had the variety map pack it was one map pack right we had like two maybe three map packs back in modern warfare 2 but that games post launch was just a mess because of the falling out that infinity board had with activision world of war i think had four proper map packs but were gonna be starting this with black ops one and just going in order right so black ops one modern warfare three and black ops two comparing their launch day content and dlc content to that of modern warfare 2019 black ops cold war and what we have so far with called the vanguard and the numbers i came up with here are actually really interesting i mean just looking at it i think theres actually some very clear correlations with like how dlc has evolved over time and what activation is trying to do with the franchise so real quickly lets just show all the stats on your screen keep in mind i just looked this stuff up myself i was literally counting while looking at websites and stuff like that so its possible i missed a map here or a dlc weapon there or something like that but these are the numbers for black ops 1 modern warfare 3 and black ops 2. we got 14 launch maps 16 launch maps 15 launch maps and then of course all different weapons 42 50 and 38 black ops 2 surprisingly did not have a whole lot of weapons compared to the previous games despite being well regarded as one of the best cods of all time and then we look at modern warfare 2019 cold war and vanguard 10 launch maps 9 launch maps and 16 launch maps which everyone was talking about how great it is that vanguard is releasing with the same amount of maps we had back in the day but yeah and then 37 launch weapons 29 launch weapons and 38 launch weapons so if we take the averages of old cod once again black ops 1 modern warfare 3 and black ops 2 we get 15 launch maps 13 dlc maps with 12 of them being original one of them being a remake and 43 launch weapons that is on average between black ops 1 black ops 2 and modern warfare 3 and then looking at the newer cards the past three ones were looking at 12 launch maps 15 dlc maps with eight of them being original seven of them being remakes and 35 launch weapons now once again this is not exactly like perfect data because in modern warfare and cold war we had maps for things like fire team and we had things like face-off and gunfight and ground war and things like that but when it comes to normal 66 multiplayer this is what we have and vanguards life cycle is not yet over but with nine dlc maps over the course of the first four seasons with two seasons to go i think were looking at a total of maybe 11 dlc maps total for the game you know it could be something really low but these are just the averages based on what we have right now i think its safe to say that we get more post-launch dlc with the newer games but we definitely have a lot more bass content with the older games right so some of the notes ive written down here is two of the past three years theyve required us to wait anywhere from two to three months after launch to have over 10 base maps vanguards only one that we didnt have to do that in whereas old games launched with an average of 15 multiplayer maps which would increase up to 18 or 19 after three or four months when the first dlc was going to drop it seems that the older games maps and content are front loaded right which means thats during the honeymoon phase thats right there at launch right there during the most hyped part of the games life cycle that is when the lions share of content is released and thats where the most content is enjoyed whereas the newer games again modern warfare cold war and vanguard these games are back loaded they usually have a very underwhelming launch in terms of overall content overall weapons to use overall maps to play on and typically and this is anecdotal but typically these launches are very buggy they have lots of problems and issues and in my opinion they push players away from the game so later on when dlc does come out that adds more to the game it makes the game feel more complete by that point people just dont care theyre burned out they played the game during its buggy mess of a launch and now they just dont care theyre checked out of the game on average the older cods launched with three more maps and eight more weapons as compared to the newer games and that actually is a lot you may think like oh only three more maps on average thats not too bad but think of three whole multiplayer maps right were talking like and these could be great maps these could be maps like raid or hijacked or whatever these are like maps that could potentially be very good and then eight more weapons were talking like two more assault rifles two more submachine guns an extra sniper an extra lmg an extra shotgun so on and so forth right that extra bit of content that we used to have on average in the old days was actually huge for the game because the game itself felt more complete at lunch at launch you had a ton of content ive used the expression so many times but like back in the day the core launch content was the cake and all the dlc was the icing on top of the cake whereas nowadays we get like i dont know half a crumbled up cupcake at launch and then they slowly just dump  __  on top of it over the course of the next couple of months like thats what it seems like they do with these newer games i think it is worth mentioning as well that back when we had paid dlc were talking about paying on average 110 dollars to get all the content in the game for sixty dollars your base sixty dollar entry fee you got a ton of content at launch and if you want more you would pay 50 extra dollars for these season pass or 60 extra dollars if you want to buy each map pack individually without the season pass whereas nowadays the newer cards only require you to spend 60 or in the case of modern warfare 270 dollars to get all the launch content but that again does not include things like battle passes uh bundles and things like that right so what we have in here is a situation where old games costed more in the long run but they had much more content for your 60 dollars and lots more content at launch whereas the newer cods technically theyre cheaper because the dlc is free but you get way less content at launch and then most of that content that you get post launch is drip fed to you over the course of the next 12 months that is where we stand right now and i think there is definitely arguments for both sides as to which one is better because having free dlc is nice i mean even though the launches themselves are underwhelming it is nice to have pretty consistent updates over the course of an entire year the game doesnt feel nearly as stale but as back in the day it was a little bit different though because one dlc map like were getting here in season four and its just a remake being the only real bit of multiplayer content that we get for the next month and a half feels pretty damn bad as compared to back in the day when a map pack launched you had three original maps on average and then like one remake map and then a new zombies map and all sorts of all that extra stuff right like back in the day when a dlc dropped it was huge you had so much content there whereas now when a new season comes out its like yeah we remade a map that people dont really like that much have fun and like thats all you get for like a month and a half so i think there is definitely a lot you can say for and against the current system and i put a pull up on twitter right now at the time this video being recorded it has 1422 votes with roughly 74 saying that they think that the new dlc system is actually worse and i dont know if necessarily people are saying that they would like to go back to paying for a dlc because i dont think that should happen i dont think paying for dlc is the way to go in the call of duty franchise i think what needs to happen is they need to go back to the old system of front loading the game making sure that you get the most bang for your buck with your launch day content i mean the fact that vanguard had 16 maps and everyones praising it like its amazing like sure im happy the game had 16 launch maps but dude that was average back in the day its only in recent years with like 10 launch maps for modern warfare 9 launch maps for cold war nine maps for call of duty world war two like weve been conditioned to expect nothing at launch essentially so when they go back to what used to be like commonplace for the cod franchise with like 15 or 16 launch day maps suddenly were like whoa no way holy  __  you know it just its literally like stockholm syndrome if you really think about it but i feel so this is like really what they should be doing they should front load the game with more launch maps and more launch weapons and if that means taking away some of the post launch stuff then sure because i feel so what they do now is they probably cut a good amount of content from the base game and then drip feed that content with season one and season one reloaded and things like that like i think they just really try to give us the bare minimum these days whereas the perfect system in my opinion is lots of content at launch you know 16 base multiplayer maps tons of weapons i mean on average man we used to average 43 launch weapons now were getting like 35 weve lost eight weapons over the years you know so having a bunch of weapons at launch and a bunch of multiplayer maps and then keeping with the battle pass im actually a fan of the battle pass system i think its good i think that people buying the battle pass so they can play through it and then earn cosmetic content while people that dont want to buy that stuff can still get the dlc weapons and still play dlc maps for free that is the way to go in my opinion they should definitely keep that going but theyre not doing a good job of it in my own personal opinion i think that the games are coming out way too underdeveloped way too incomplete and then by the time we actually start getting a decent amount of post launch content to make the game feel more complete people are checked out thats why i honestly think and the reason why i say that is because thats what happened to me you know what happened to me back with cold war its happening to me again with vanguard where i played the game a bunch at launch i really enjoy the game at lunch despite all the bugs and problems i play through season one enjoying that and then by the time season two comes out it just i my playtime falls off a cliff because i have played through and done virtually everything there is to do in the game i have burned through our nine base launch maps i have burned through are on average 35 total weapons and keep in mind 35 total weapons counts things like secondaries launchers riot shields and stupid stuff like that so it comes to like actual stuff people like to use like assault rifles smgs you know shotguns things like that like that stuff i burned through that stuff in the first week because theres just so little of it i think cold war launched with what like five assault rifles something stupid like that whereas back in the day we used to get like 12 like cod content at launch has been really bad over the course the past couple of years and it was not great before modern warfare 2019 i think there was definitely a steady decline ever since the glory days of like black ops 1 modern warfare 3 black ops 2 so on and so forth but things have gotten pretty damn bad at launch and i think activision is doing themselves a disservice and theyre shooting themselves in the foot by putting out a bad product at launch and then hoping that post launch drip feeding is going to somehow keep the player base invested and keep the player base interested because i dont think thats really what happens whatsoever i think people play the game at lunch they realize how buggy it is and how devoid of content it is compared to back in the day and then they just get bored they go play something else and then cod becomes an afterthought whereas cod used to be the game that people want to play all day every day for the entire year you know and you could definitely make some arguments maybe im just burnt out on the franchise maybe we as people like played cod back when it was quote unquote good maybe were all just burned out on the franchise but if you look at it from a very pragmatic statistical perspective we used to get a lot more back in the day it just thats just a fact we got a lot more content for our 60 dollars back in the day and nowadays thats not happening and i think its definitely theres a point to be made that people are getting conditioned to just expect that now because the amount of us that played back in black ops 1 modern warfare 3 and black ops 2 i mean guys each of those games is 10 years old or older like that was a long ass time ago you know some of the cod players that are playing nowadays werent even alive when those games were out for crying out loud so i think the majority of people that remember the good old days and are still like kind of fighting to try to make the game like it was back when i think those of us are still doing that like were a dying breed that number is dropping and more and more people are getting into the franchise and theyre playing the franchise and like maybe their first game was modern warfare 2019 as a result they know nothing better you know i think thats a possibility as well i mean war zones definitely like you say call of duty these days people think warzone instead of normal cod multiplayer which just oh it hurts it just hurts to realize that thats actually pretty much a fact but i dont know guys thats it for this video i suppose i just im going im starting to get off on a tangent ranting a little bit but i just wanted to kind of cover this i went through and i did all the math i did the numbers and ran everything up and im like wow older cods had a lot more content at launch and while newer cods yes technically get more dlc its not that much more its really not that much more post-launch dlc maps even though theyre free you know so i think when they went to uh the idea of a free model they decided they didnt really need to care as much about the game post launch but it doesnt make sense its a real catch-22 because they dont care about the game post launch because the dlc is free therefore theyre not making a bunch of money off of it but at the same time theyre not giving us a bunch of content at launch either and so like whats even whats even the point of all of this so id love to hear what you guys think about this down there in the comment section below definitely very interesting video and i have a number of other video topics like similar to this kind of adjacent to this topic that i want to cover in future videos but stay tuned because thats going to require a lot more research and a lot more discussions and writing stuff down and figuring things out but guys thats all for this video here today i hope you enjoyed it let me know your thoughts and feedback down in the comments will you be playing season four i think i may actually give it a try because i have not played vanguard since day one of season two goes back to the whole idea that the game just i the game lost me after how bad the launch was and putting all that time and effort and energy into the game and just realizing that sledgehammer does not give a  __  and they will not update the game and fix things like not to be that cod guy but dude if theres a bugged thing in a game like fortnite epic takes that thing out that day like like literally that day like lets say hypothetically theres a piece of equipment thats like busted for some reason like let you go underneath the map or maybe its overpowered or whatever they just disable that weapon until they can fix it and then they re-enable it whereas we had to deal with fire on shipment for like what two months like that map was like giving people seizures for crying out loud cod post launch content has been ah no im not gonna keep ranting guys thats it for this video i hope you guys enjoyed it thank you so much for listening i hope you guys are happy wonderful day Music you steam The current free DLC system is the right move for Call of Duty, but removing so much content from launch and drip-feeding it over several seasons needs to end • MW2 Reveal With MP News: Review of Vanguard: • Stay Connected Twitch: My Other Channel: Twitter: Intro: April Showers by ProleteR Outro: I Get Ideas by Louis Armstrong (ProleteR Tribute) #CallofDuty #Activision #ModernWarfare2 ssd for steam deck sea of thieves steam price bottles steam deck five new steam games you 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