Is Call Of Duty: Black Ops worth it in 2022? (Game Review)

How to steam beetssteam game coop CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS - REZURRECTION CONTENT PACK review Music so Music Music so Music ascension my friends tell me what is left to believe when you are betrayed by your lord that you are all that you are call of duty black ops an outstanding addition to the call of duty franchise nowadays you dont really hear the name call of duty and outstanding in the same sentence and this might just be because im a huge black ops fan girl and im in no way afraid to admit that however as much of a fan of this game as i am theres no denying that it was made around 12 years ago so is it actually still worth buying all these years later in order to determine if call of duty black ops is actually still worth buying two aspects need to be compared the cost versus the enjoyment factor i feel like always getting the cost out of the way is the best way to do it bite the bullet in that sense well well maybe not like that at the time of me recording this video call of duty black ops is currently selling on steam for 14.99 however this is the sale price and it normally sells for 29.99 alternatively you can literally just buy it off ebay i dont buy toilet paper four pounds 50. however this does depend whether or not you have a console accessible to be able to use it on a little disclaimer i accept no responsibility if you get scammed by a tech scammer over on ebay moving away from the games price tag lets have a look at what black ops actually offers and if its actually worth buying in 2022 in order to give the best representation possible of this game i feel it needs to be split into three different sections three game modes in a sense the game modes which call of duty offers include campaign zombies and multiplayer lets just start off with a campaign in my opinion the call of duty black ops campaign is the best campaign that call of duty have ever done i definitely think it rivals the iconic call of duty 4 modern warfare campaign and also gives modern warfare 2 and world of war a run for its money i think theres many reasons as to why i feel this way including the story that black ops decides to take i feel like what separates call of duty black ops from many other of the call of duty campaigns is the unique style of story that they decided to go with from the character starting off in a chair in this random interrogation room with dark figures talking to you talking about a ton of stuff which you have absolutely no idea about and then as the story develops you slowly figure out why you were there and what your purpose is within this campaign i feel that call of duty taking this very creative step in a way in which to present this campaign to you almost allows you to put yourself better in the shoes of the main character who is mason because he is equally as confused as you are whilst playing well that is in fact initially playing him as the story goes on you get a better understanding as to why hes there and the story sort of tells itself through a variety of different flashbacks that mason suffers whilst being in this torture room and these flashbacks are presented as missions which you as a player can play through where you can meet many of the other characters which mason has met on his journey whilst playing through this campaign you may recognize some iconic call of duty characters the main one being reznov who came from call of duty world of war youre then introduced to some new call of duty characters which you might recognize such as woods hudson and weaver these characters are that well known within the call of duty franchise that years later they were actually brought into war zone as purchasable skins which i just think emphasizes how good this campaign actually was despite my love for the campaign and the story in which it tells there definitely are some negatives with it being such an older call of duty i would say easily one of the main negatives is the graphical quality in which the game presents many cinematic scenes which are once epic in 2010 and now not quite as good 12 years later there is one specific scene as the walking through the pentagon that emphasizes this point more than anything Music vip easier i felt like everyone was watching this and watching me it is almost sad to admit this because of how much i love the game but that scene there was incredibly cringe overall id say the campaign of call of duty black ops is a large positive factor to whether or not you should buy this game i think its very enjoyable for call of duty standards its an incredibly good campaign and overall id definitely say its worth having a try i think its about time in the video that we move over to zombies once completing the final mission of the call of duty black ops campaign you are thrown into a zombies map it is called five and is based within the pentagon along with five there are two other zombies maps that you get with the standard edition of call of duty black ops the first are gonna be my favorite kino de toten is zombies maps based within a nazi theater and then theres dead ops arcade which is a very unique take on the zombies game mode it is a top-down arcade zombie survival mode which i thought was pretty cool which was a more relaxed version of the zombies game mode which i thought was incredibly unique for call of duty unique is definitely a way to summarize this game within the call of duty franchise the older call of duties i feel are just significantly better games overall i feel a lot more thoughts been put into them and its actually based around making a good game rather than making things free to play and having like custom dlc which you can buy and by dlc maybe thats in fact the wrong word because dlc i see absolutely no issue with people paying for additional content within the game however when a game is made free to play and so terrible that its just done with absolutely no effort because loot boxes are the best way to make money rather than making a quality game i feel like the older call of duties are better for quality as unfortunate as this fact is though the older a call of duty game gets in general the less players that play it just simply because things get outdated which means that finding a multiplayer game adds a significantly more challenge from 10 years ago when youd be able to easily snap yourself within a lobby being brutally honest i personally wouldnt purchase black ops if your aim is to play online with people because i simply think the newer call of duties are better to finding lobbies and being able to actually play with people however in saying this there are a range of servers which you can actually choose from and decide which maps you want to play on which servers theres not too many and the player base isnt too high however there are online maps to be able to play with other people which i still think is a slight positive factor to be able to actually be able to play online with other people despite them being unofficial servers just to make it incredibly clear when im talking about servers i am talking about the pc edition of this game honestly i dont have the console version to be able to make a judgement on how easy it is to be able to get into a game on there id imagine as like many other older caller duties it takes a little bit of time and youll often find yourself playing with the same people so then is call of duty black ops actually worth buying in 2022 in my personal opinion it depends what you want to buy it for if you want to buy it for a nostalgic experience being able to experience the older school zombies and be able to experience a very good campaign with a lot of famous characters in it most definitely worth the money that you could spend on it especially if you buy the console version which is selling for around 5 pounds however to the other extreme would i spend 30 pounds to be able to play the online version of this game most definitely not because its definitely not worth that for what you would get out of it small player bases of around 200 online players isnt really worth 30 pounds to me for a game thats 12 years old however i think its up to you as the player and the purchaser of this game to make the choice what are you gonna play the game for and is it worth your money to spend on in my opinion one of the greatest call of duties ever made you salt and sanctuary steam 👍 Leave a Like and Subscribe if you enjoy!Is call of duty black ops 1 worth buying in 2022? Well thats a question I attempt to answer in this video, discussing the black ops 1 campaign, black ops multiplayer and the black ops zombies. I take a look at iconic call of duty characters such as Woods, Hudson and Reznof. I also look at the call of duty player base for the older call of duty games, including how many people are playing (ish) and how hard it is to get into multiplayer games on black ops. 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