Call of Duty: Black Ops Annihilation Multiplayer Map Pack DLC #3

Download saves from steam cloudepic games sign up with steam CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS - REZURRECTION CONTENT PACK review today were talking about annihilation the new map pack for call of duty black ops we have four new multiplayer maps hangar 18 silo drive-in and hazard and a new zombies map called shangri-la hangar 18 is based in the highly controversial area 51 and it has a lot of easter eggs that play up the conspiracy theory aspect angry team is a medium-sized map it has a pretty classic multiplayer gameplay structure all the paths lead through and around the hangar it kind of caters for all game types youve got your close quarters going through the the hangar youve also got some sniper points as well strategically you want to hold down the hanger if you can work with your teammates to really control the four main flow points then youre gonna dominate the map silo is based on a russian underground nuclear missile silo construction site its probably one of the largest maps in the entire game silo favors players who take their time because theres a lot of flank routes and a lot of interconnecting paths so players who are smart and use decoys and pay attention to the mini map are going to be more successful you cant really stick around in one place for too long because youre going to get shot from multiple angles you really need to learn how to play the map how the paths flow and you stay on the move nuketown was a really hugely successful and popular map of black ops and we wanted to do another map in the dlc that kind of emulates that style of gameplay drivings a fairly small map but it does have a variation of battles youve got the wide open area in the middle the actual driving itself but then you do have close quarter battles down the side so hazard was inspired by one of our world at war maps called cliffside but its a complete reimagining of it weve actually turned into a golf course its a great level hazard is probably one of the only maps in the game that focuses almost exclusively on long distance engagements and the long range snipers and lmg gunners and assault rifle guys are going to have an advantage youre definitely going to want to avoid the fairway if youre not a sniper and stick to the edges of the map where theres some more intense choke points and medium range engagements the story in shangri-la is shrouded in mystery i love to leave it up to the fans to derive their own ideas from it and also discover the facts that we put in there i hope they really get the sense that weve taken this to just a whole another level with the new weapons the new environment the new ways of getting around the map and things like that theres a lot of holding areas escape hatches and things that let you get out at the last minute which is a contrast to call of the dead where it was a very wide open map this is a much tighter mat dont hold out too long if things look like theyre getting rough get out of there its time to go with annihilation we had a goal that we really wanted to push the visuals on all the maps each map feels very unique from one another they feel like the kind of maps that you just want to spend a lot of time in annihilation hits xbox live marketplace on june 28th how long does steamed rice last in the fridge This is the official preview trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops Annihilation Multiplayer Map Pack DLC #3. The premium content releases on Xbox LIVE on June 28, 2011 and includes four new competitive maps (Hangar 18, Drive-In, Silo and Hazard) and 1 new co-op Zombies map (Shangri-la). how to add games to retroarch steam game of thrones board game steam civ 6 steam deck is a steam room good for your skin steam tables for sale