Black Ops: Rezurrection Overview and Details!!

Steam friends list black windowashes of creation steam CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS - REZURRECTION CONTENT PACK review hello everyone out there this is help me help you tonight assistant today Im going to be bringing you guys some of the new resurrection call of duty black ops zombie dlc release that will be released on the eighth month on the 23rd day of it the year of 2011 as im sure you guys might know this by now if not then this video might be a little bit informative and they will ink this new dlc will include the new map moon which will include two new guns on it and this dlc is just i believe from what they tell us it is only zombies that will be released and the other zombie maps which will be for our the old call of duty world at war maps but with the new guns that black ops have so if those who bought the hardened edition they will not have such a great advantage of buying this but as youll see in these later pictures they will include of the map packs of shi no numa as you see and they will also include all the guns that black ops house as i just said and this map pack will be released on every single system including ps3 xbox 360 and pc all at the same time and heres darice it will also be included this I will be bringing you guys as soon as this map pack comes out because I wont have to buy the hardened edition I will bring you guys a darice gameplay and also a quick cool fact all the map packs that came out on black ops spell out fear and lots of people just thought that that was a cool thing that treyarch added it was first strike escalation a for ascension and are froze erection so all the all the factors that Treyarch put into this were really cool i think that they made it all a really really fun experience and this will probably be the last map pack release but im so glad they brought back the old mm-hmm zombie maps that we all know and love and you will get to see one last moon picture here this is a ver rocket picture that theyve released that was taken from the hardened edition and that was really some long time ago but heres another moon picture I think moons gonna be a really fun map all the lighting everything new guns to new guns and its just gonna be fun time the easter egg on moon is going to be harder to crack because um they cant go through the coding and everything so i hope that you guys will enjoy this new map pack ill be bringing you as soon as it comes out hope you guys enjoyed this video please comment rate and subscribe everyone peace out help me help you send it off who invented steam engine Hey Everyone quick update on the NEW Zombie Map Pack Release!! Comment, Rate, and Subscribe!! best games.for steam deck best games for 5 dollars on steam multiplayer video game best steam games good co op horror games steam naruto ultimate ninja storm 3 steam