Call of Duty : Black Ops review : First Strike DLC Map Pack 1

Eureka steam cleanerrainbow 6 siege steam CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS - REZURRECTION CONTENT PACK review hi there YouTube this is X my TX are so just form tonight upload a new video just gonna put a review all about the first strike Matt fact I think its those songs that 16 microsoft points on the xbox live marketplace it contains four online multiplayer maps and one that zombie map will go into detail in a second I this first of all well start up a balloon wall its quite a free best math bits rather large and as you can see in the middle air that God my one-liners massive tour its if you can seem right they were way throughout if you go on there its very strategic its a very statistic now it will take a lot and a lot of getting used to I still out used to it but then again I dont play that game not much and so yeah then you can see theres a lot of tall buildings that you can easily get sniped out of but yeah heres where back you should be fine its one of the people with the height one of the highest rated maps but personally Id wear it one of the poorest out of before but it hosts me one okay personally I think yeah this one is dis discovery its rather big base map its kind of a little bit smaller version than derail off modern warfare 2 and I dont particularly enjoy it those love Easter eggs considering zombies on here which we should deal with you on later on but yeah its basically we think of a way to put its a bit like a karachi off modern warfare 2 but obviously snowier theres a little glitch thing which its a good thing thats been put into the year if you look on the left hand side theres that massive tanker like the big round dome tank an extra real wish raphie something look a bit further off it looks like it appears to be a bridge if you shoot with a flower but breaks a lot so capable flag on there that youve run the measure and scramble to get it all you have to do it is fra grenade Ill shoot that fall I hell and then the next minute theyre gone straighten them up pretty good to be honest Sonya Id suggest it hi there again and this is now moving on to colon which is if you remember on missions Ive got no face actually pal column with some solving room and it is basically whats on the missions and you fly like the other one way fly youve got zip wires on this level which you can see in the bottom left you can just let me see visit wire in the window excuse me its very good for freerunning videos for the field its a good dolphin value from you so I suggest that if you wanna make some videos which I among them and but yeah theres not much to say about this mast its a bit of a hectic map a bit like scrapyard obviously well I its a bit like scrap yarn or an offer to get referring to model on thursdays because thats the only told you if were really but yeah its pretty good you just need to like get your ass in mid what mask and pick them off so yeah how Id suggest this much to be honor the best ones again this is one of my favorite maps it is the probably my favorite math all of the pack apart from the syndrome which I dont mind but the Lich has been packed which older puts tauriel for its been patched now and it was pretty awesome but yeah was this youve got your typical steady and building in the middle there go ahead youve got your little global its pretty much like a football ground in a right on the surroundings and its very in da best its like all cons its what like if youre referring to rubbing off with you like a normal do its when Im TAC knife in maps like envision where you can weave in and out and just pick them out now and again like that on the phones iPads get you well yeah its a very good map us suggest using a long ranged assault rifle the suppressor so you can hide your position our dogs many a times on here pretty good so yeah I suggest this map and this is a not concluded ascension the zombie ma its best round launch if you ask me the pack a punch rooms where the hair shuttle launches so you gotta do all the lunar landers which is the thing laughs I in the thingy in the picture but if once youve connected all em and you flown in a mall the rocket takes off while you can press the button on for the power room you know Im fingers its in black and white until youre certain power on but yeah once you turn the power on its pretty good the mystery box always open up that top floor with the power yeah its pretty good you get weapons pretty much less everyones kino der to kino der toten like from the bone rhythm no freeze gun around like that I wonder what fall weather but yeah its pretty good designer quite used to room on call it the barriers at the sides would go up and youd run off before the barriers were not and mr. barriers are going up hed run back onto the side and you catch on a Ledge and then you can jump off of the roof is it forever pretty good to be honest got you surround right in so that concludes this video thanks for watching has it helped comment what you thought about it rare why do you think like it dont like it sup to you whatever you think no inappropriate comments thanks cuz come on it is our first video sorry about the poor quality of the microphone its a speaker microphone on my laptop and subscribe because if we can get as many subscribers as you can well keep doing it until we can fly the website then that will help a lot more than just youtube channel so thanks for watching comment and subscribe and peace all us clothes steam closet review about map pack no. 1 first strike please leave your comments rate it like it and subscribe! 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