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Jesus steam gamesteam force close game CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS - REZURRECTION CONTENT PACK steam hello in this steam deck video i am going to show you gameplay and best settings for call of duty black ops thats the original black ops from i believe 2010 that was my first year of university okay so for the settings first of all lets just run through these settings in the game and for the best graphics setting this is where i find 1280 by 800 so max res full screen set anti-aliasing to 2x thats enough to get the job done but not full and pretty much everything else just have it on max okay so now that once youve got that done next thing you want to do is im using a ps4 controller but if youre not using a playstation controller or xbox if youre using the steam deck controls which you most likely will youll need to do a bit of extra configuration to get the best experience so what you want to do im going to click the steam button im going to go to game details and in here go to the gamepad youll have steam deck you know arranged first ive only ive just rearranged it because im using a controller for the purpose of this video but in there you want to go to there go to community layout and scroll down till you get the first steam or should be the first steam deck icon one by got like 175 hours played and thats the best one that i recommend and youll be all good to go and you can use the right trackpad as luck mouse and to click in as well thats great for the menus and the rest of the controls are just marked and youre all good to go so and you can use the left track pack if you click on the top it never gets up on a menu option like on the main menu a and down a click will you know navigate down thats the best settings okay so just one last thing lets get back into the game if you want s cpu smt off to do this you do need the power tools im as of now i have not created that video but by the time this goes live and you probably watch it that video will most likely exist on my channel so feel free to check that out and to do that yes again assuming you have it enabled you click the three dots you go to the power tools and power tools youll select this and i mean thats the add-ons and the power tools and you make sure you disable cpu smd on some older games and certain other games disabling this will get you a boost in frame rate okay so in terms of getting 30 or 60 frames youll get 30 frames no doubt there you get 60 in some scenes and youll probably get 40 50 and a lot of other scenes i recommend leaving the either open frame cap so you can get close 60 as possible or in you know the settings here and this is just the normal steam deck settings just you know reduce the refresh rate even for your 50 and youll still still get a good gameplay experience but im going to show you as is so you can see the ups and lows ups and downs okay so lets get going Music enabled Music Music mason Music okay Music yes Music Music um Music m Music oh Music uh Music oh Music to get the minigun Music Music oh Music okay its just gonna end it here im doing really bad right now on black ops but yeah i love this game cant wait to play for this whole game again one thing im loving my steam deck is going through some old games and especially games that look good for the day and now still look great on a small screen in portable mode but you can run it like mac settings so thats it according to black ops compatibility gamepl that im compiling in the description so feel free to check that out and that is it like i said ill have set up video on how to enable the power tools menu so you can disable smt that really does help so feel free to stay tuned for that thanks for watching ill see you soon bye when was the steam boat invented ⭐ Kite is a free AI-powered coding assistant that will help you code faster and smarter. 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