Call of Duty: Blackops: First Strike DLC Review - Overview

Finding friends on steamsteam deck db CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS - REZURRECTION CONTENT PACK steam whats going on folks welcome to Game sheep calm and i am the DI Z thats viz la OBO I not 16 you can find me everywhere and on we should check out our gamma XI podcast I said I got you a review or review for a call of duty black ops on the first strike dlc with four maps and one zombie mode map first up we got stadium I really like stadium because im more of a close quarters running gun type of player and its map just fits everything that you can want when you just stay moving and constantly shooting and dodging its like a its really modern i can say kind of takes place i think it takes place in like upstate New York you notice all the northern the northeastern side of the United States theres administratively that you can run in and out of theres a actual hockey rink that you can go around but you can actually go to the hockey rink itself which is kind of disappointing but you know whatever as you can see right here the hockey rink but you know you get stopped right there at where the stairs are and yeah and its like I said its a running gunning um map in and out of buildings its really you can go up high there stairs to go up places and I just like the over the overall tone of its not really dark its not like you know shattered by war its just a bunch of dudes shooting at each other in the middle of the day I mean thank God thing kids and women around here I mean you know its really industrial I mean everything looks live so I mean it just makes you play live you know and um its you know really a great addition to the call of duty of black ops map so and next we have the Berlin Wall um this is without a doubt one of the biggest maps I think Ive ever seen in call of duty period just like the title says the Berlin Wall East and West Germany where the east side of town is basically industrial really rundown its like pubs everywhere um it just really has that World War two like feeling you know and West the West Berlin I should say yeah Berlin I should say not German boy is brilliant is in German I dont whatever West Berlin side is really commercial shops people go you know to eat and stuff like that so its really more lively more industrial and the overall atmosphere itself is really snowy so its really gloomy arm and just the map the whole map the entire map period is just a huge map so theres a lot of places that you can just kind of get into a look and just hide you guys can see at the top left its theres a danger zone that you really can go into and Ill explain that a little bit but just the overall tone of the map is really dark and grim um its just its really you got to be in the mood to camp pretty much you know and you really got it I mean they paid off for me to actually do like running gun I mean I was just running in and out of place because I cannot stand when somebody is in the building and the the far left corner somewhere you know which is really ridiculous um like I said before there was a no mans land just like you know in the real world at the time when the Berlin Wall was still up there was a no mans land of where nobody could basically go through um you know um theres a theres machine gun charge to stop people from going through so when you hear a siren and you pretty much cant go through the middle part or else youre basically going to get shot by automatic turrets so that kind of sucks but then again like I said its a huge map you can snipe you can run ink on you can hide um its a great addition I say like just like stadium to the call of duty map series next up we have Kowloon now Calhoun is Bay based off of its actually inspired by the Kalam city in China that was in the game of the campaign of call of duty black ops youre on the rooftops theres a lot of you know you run around a lot theres a lot of uphill parts you know theres X the cool part is theres a few zip lines theres two zip lines i should say as you can see right here theres a zip line and in acts as kind of a reward versus a what do you call like a reward versus cost kind of thing like its you can when itll help you go from one side of the map to the other but at the same time that youre exposed you cant shoot you cant move so I mean Ive shot a few people off the zip line and its the funniest thing in the world um so the cool part about this map is that its just its really you know I cant even really explain it you cant really go around too much and expect not to just get shot because theres a lot of nooks and crannies around everywhere you can just hide a lot of guys are just going to sit in the corner behind a chicken coop somewhere um so you know I mean youre jumping around a lot of platforms you up high and you can fall down pretty much the certain parts where you just youre shooting a guy and you just take one step too forward and you just basically fall you know to your dev so its what kind of one of the things you got to really be on your your tippy toes and just kind of either be careful or you could just fall to your death um but you know its a great addition to the call of duty series I think its worth every penny uh what else about this matter  __  yeah its just pick some sometimes Ill find myself just running and doing the diving then I just fall right off the roof which is pretty funny but you know I have fun with it next up we have discovery now discovery is definitely a great map but I really hate it because its i mean thats two overall its an abandoned research facility left over by the Nazi Germans from World War two so I think in general I just dont like snowy maps um it says its just it slows everything down you know especially when youre a running gunner you dont want things to slow down now what I I got what I do like about this theres four active on paths that you go across from one side of the town to the other or not side of town but side of the maps or the other trying to get from you know from the other spawn point so what I like about that is that you can shoot them or put a claymore or a just do throw like a sticky innate or something and itll blow up just like you know it all just kind of what do you call itll just collapse and you know you can get you to have to basically run at full speed and jump across or completely go around so its a great way to set up your opponents you know somebodys behind you were coming at you you can just shoot these blocks of ice tuttle it basically acts as a path minute just decimates the path now they can still get across did but is it worth it to them to actually try to risk it try to jump so and I just overall I just dont like snowy maps its just it brings down the why I like Call of Duty you know I mean everybody just turns it to a sniper and it just brings down the the run-and-gun aspect of everything I just the size I think of two is way too large I mean I just I want to be I just want to shoot at people not shoot at blocks of ice so also included with the the first strike dlc is one map that called it extension and its pretty much everything I thought it would be I mean Im not a real big fan of the zombie map packs um but at the same time I appreciate what theyre there for so its pretty much the same thing youre in this kind of weird facility you know its your base building with our zombies coming at you at the windows you have to rebuild you get money theres a theres a magic box where you get your weapons from a panda in this scene you can see I have the exploding bow and arrows whatever you call that so I mean its fun for what it is I really didnt play to much of the zombie map packs I thought it was cool but at the same time kls so unfortunately I thought maybe there might be more zombie map packs maps I should say because treyarch you know basically the zombies is their thing you know starting with world war starting with world at worst say but at the same time having for multiplayer maps and one zombie map pack or map i should say is more than enough i believe that the fifteen dollar price for the twelve microsoft its all a bunch of microsoft points would say its well worth it if you love call of duty if you love the of just multiplayer and then again if you love zombies so this is the DI z coming at you from the game machine calm and be sure to give me a rating review it commonly but you know how you feel and I be sure to subscribe to me on Twitter thats slash di zla Oh b li now and six thank you playing gog games on steam deck dizlaoboi916 - - This is a review/overview of the First strike DLC map pack from Treyarch only availabkle on the xbox 360 for now. i go through each map and explain my likes and dislikes. 4 maps, 1 zombie map. please subscribe and comment give me suggestions, or see me on the psn xbox live skype twitter gmail steam, @ dizlaoboi916 please visit and listen to our podcast. free games to play with friends steam best anime fighting games on steam steam 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