Call Of Duty: Black Ops Map Pack 4 Rezurrection August 23rd! Moon!

Games like zelda on steamsteam today free games CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS - REZURRECTION CONTENT PACK steam alright this is first bomb and theres a new map pack coming out to map pack for which is going to be the last map pack probably because which I kind of figured for some reason I had I had a feeling theyre going to come out with a fourth map pack and it was going to be zombies only for some reason I knew that people were like it was cold retaliation its gonna have this bullcrap I knew you wasnt gonna have those maps its called resurrection it comes out august twenty-third and it has five new maps all four old maps in one new map the new map is called moon takes place on the moon i bet i guess um it has the rocket from ascension Im pretty sure Im pretty sure they take that rocket from ascension to the moon probably or something like that because theres a rocket on there theres people in spacesuits you can see theres knock through Newton or however you say it which is called night and then Verruckt asylum and shi no numa swamp and der riese factory its pretty cool that everybody can get all the old maps now so two ton of you maps everybody can play and yeah its kind of gay but look for the people that bought hard in like fifty dollars i bought it on ebay fifty eighty a hundred dollars like it kind of sucks because now you got to pay fifteen dollars for one new map and you got kind of gypped on those maps that you bought but yeah so new map coming on xbox first the theme of it is green you can see the zombies so yeah thanks for watching expect these and subscribe for the yeah the videos Im going to do videos when this comes out thanks describing and viewing game like the video thanks good cheap multiplayer steam games So here is the 4th and last call of duty black ops map packAll Zombie Map Pack! Release Date: August 23rd (Xbox 360 First) Maps: - Monn (Space Map) - Nacht Der Untoten (Night) - Verruckt (Asylum) - Shi No Numa (Swamp) - Der Riese (Factory) GOIN OUT WIT A BANG SON! Twitter: Facebook: Facebook Fan Page: resident evil resistance steam charts diablo immortal steam herbs for steam wagner steamer steam game collector badge