Call of Duty - Black Ops - First Strike Multiplayer

D&d gold box games steamlongvinter steam CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS - REZURRECTION CONTENT PACK steam so our first dlc offering is called first strike it releases february 1st it has five new levels in it four brand new multiplayer maps as well as a zombie level called ascension kowloon is inspired by the single player campaign level that was also set in kowloon city china but the actual design and the layout and the geometry in the map is killed from the ground up for mp kowloon is the only map that has zip lines which will allow players to quickly get from point a to point b the trade-off to that is that youre completely exposed while youre on the zipline you cant use your weapon its going to get you to your location much faster but theres also the risk that youre going to get shot discovery is an antarctic research station that was a german outpost left over from world war ii the two sides of the maps are divided by a deep chasm youre always kind of fighting for control over that crossover from one side of the map to the other my tips for discovery is really just learning the layout of the map understanding how that chasm can impact the flow of the gameplay and always being conscious of the exposure that you have to long-range weapons you might be on a snow bridge and somebody throws a grenade which collapses the floor around you our large map is berlin wall this focuses on the checkpoint charlie area of berlin that puts you fighting on the two different sides of the wall so youve got east berlin versus west berlin kind of thing going berlin wall has certain attributes about it that if you use it right youre going to have the competitive edge over your opponents it has a lot of very long view distances its a really great map for snipers theres some good high points some good elevation there and one of the unique aspects about berlin wall is that there is the no mans land in the middle you can take the risk of going through no mans land to get a faster route but theres a good chance youre going to get mowed down by the auto turrets so stadiums one of my favorite maps i am a running gunner so i tend to like that map its going to provide those close quarter players tight adrenaline action-packed experience so never underestimate the value of tactical insertion and always be checking your corners and realize that these engagement distances are going to be really small so use that to your advantage i think its going to cater to a lot of the players who just like the frenetic style of gameplay that called that he has to offer one of the big agendas with this map pack is we wanted to listen to the feedback that people have been giving about all the maps theyve been playing with the release of the game they want more verticality more sniper opportunities they really love the interactivity that we did these are components were going to bring back in a pretty big way in the first dlc offering first strike is going to be available february 1st for 1200 microsoft points and itll be available on xbox 360 first you duck game steam remote play Treyarch took the wraps off of its first map pack for Call of Duty: BlackOps today, releasing a trailer that takes gamers on a detailed virtual tour of the new battlegrounds that are set to launch next month.The four new multiplayer maps are: Discovery - Set in the Germans abandoned Antarctic research station from the single-player campaign Kowloon - The rainy rooftops of Kowloon City, inspired by the level from the single-player campaign. Berlin Wall - The best-known Berlin Wall crossing during the Cold War was known as Checkpoint Charlie. Thats where youll do battle. Stadium - A hockey arena set in the Northeast U.S. The Zombie mode map is called Ascension, but Treyarch still isnt ready to reveal details about it. First Strike will launch as an Xbox 360 exclusive on February 1 for 1,200 Microsoft Points or $15, no date has been set for a PC release yet. steam thresher steam top games played right now steam move library bella two tier food steamer steam frozen dumplings