Black Ops: Rezurrection Zombies Map Pack - New Leaked Information! New QED Device & More!

Swiffer steamboost steam padfull size steam engine for sale CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS - REZURRECTION CONTENT PACK steam hello everyone my names miss a Dalek JD and in this video Im gonna be telling you everything you need to know about this new Call of Duty Black Ops resurrection map packet comes out August 23rd and if you dont already this is strictly a zombies only map pack theres gonna be no multiplayer map but whats gonna be featured in this map pack is 5 zombie maps for our remastered and upgraded versions of the world at war zombie maps that started it all matched in totin for Rick Sheena Numa and derice if youre introduced a zombie gameplay of black ops these are the historical maps that will fill in some of the backstory for you in addition to update weapons and polish they still have their own surprises to offer a limited number of fans have already gotten to play these maps including myself and the in order for you to do that youd have to have bought the hardened or prestige edition of black holes but keep watching because its a nice surprise in store at the end of the video so additionally theres a fifth map which is called moon that takes place just where youd think it would yep the zombies are headed to outer space and the rules of engagement will appear apparently be changing details are understandably still under wraps at the moment because well surprises are fun and theres a bit of bonus content as well as Resurrection will include a special moon Xbox 360 dashboard theme and the official zombie soundtrack featuring three new tracks that have never been heard before so um this is from an article on a website called one of swords calm and Im gonna have a link in the description so you can read this for yourself but Im just gonna read it out for you and heres them talking the Treyarch is jimmy szalinski creative lead for zombies and theyve got to ask him a few questions about resurrection in the email interview and well hes a cryptic guy and his book first question that was answered so will we learn any new tidbits on backstory from moon we already know Teresas where they came from but is there more to tell me put if your question is to ask me if I was on bees are from Darice this would be a good opportunity re-explore the world at war mounts to search for further clues as to the truth behind the origins of the zombies as to moon specifically of course there will be clues to the past and other story elements but dont be surprised to discover a few hints as to what may be coming in the future ooh whats a phasing zombie I dont know where have you seen a phasing zombie who have you been talking to whats this word phasing youre using halt this guy likes the Crypt his words how does the quantum entanglement device work is a new thing thats going to be in this in this map the answers to what the QED can do can be found in the research of Einstein Kaluza Planck Eck and clean that would suggest the possibilities are limitless get in the game throw it out there and see what it will do for you are there any other new weapons this time around any new gameplay mechanics this game-mode is all about discovery whoever the characters discover new weapons in the various places they visit is dependent on where they go same could be said for gameplay mechanics the location dictates how you play ever been to the moon this sounds amazing why is resurrection misspelled is there significance to that you never know where hints and easter eggs may appear in zombies what looks like a typo may be a typo but itll also be the hidden truth behind everything now I might want to add something onto here if you see the spelling of resurrection is Serbia s instead of as ed well theres egg could mean zombies and something about something else resurrecting I dont know and as you can see weve got some really nice pictures from the zombie map so I hope you enjoyed those whats your weapon of choice for the inevitable zombie apocalypse a high-capacity accurate high-caliber and high rate of fire weapon thats what I choose space the final frontier is this the end to the zombie storyline no answer to this one but a friend over at Rock said they saw him storm off to get a breath of fresh air ah damn it so to recap the black ops map Packers erection resurrection will be out August 23rd resurrection offers 5 zombie maps an extended version of the zombie soundtrack and a special moon theme it will cost 1,200 points unless you wind up getting it all for free like myself if youre a owner of the hard and procede edition of black ops you already have the four upgraded classic Maps thanks of the redemption code that came in the package so as a thank you to the hardcore fans for their support from the start harden and prestige edition owners can download resurrection for free well get into the logistics of exactly how it all all work in time but the short version is youll be able to go into your download history and redownload the classic pack you already own and the fresh download will include the new moon map and you also get a soundtrack and themed - its not that tricky but like I said full logistic info will come closers at a release date so guys what do you make of this this is amazing news right here Ive never been more excited for a zombie map than now this is the conclusion the final epic frontier this is gonna open up so many more questions and hopefully answer a load of them regarding the zombie storyline and its just gonna be so amazing so August 23rd theres gonna be gameplay up as soon as possible and even happier that Ill be able to get this map pack for free as well so I really appreciate if you could hit the thumbs up because Ive been talking about so long and hopefully youve enjoyed the information and its its informed you because man and when I first found this out I was amazed so if you could really leave a rating Id really appreciate that and leave your comments on the feedback about this map pack because this is kind of controversial how some people dont play zombies and they might be put off by this map pack but maybe it will lead them in I dont know are you one of them hopefully youre not because I do zombies on this channel but whatever if you havent subscribed already I highly suggest you do so by clicking above and it takes a second and once again Ive been mister Dalek JD Ill inform you of news as soon as I get it so until next time Ill see you soon how to play games early on steam ● SMASH the LIKE if you enjoyed!●Subscribe - me on Twitter: Stay Updated: • Subscribe - •Twitter for Updates: •Facebook: •Elgato Game Capture HD: •Buy Games here: how to buy games from russian steam store compatible games steam deck steam deck ps3 emulator best vr games on steam 2021 modern warfare 2 open beta steam