Tefal steamhow do you steam artichokes CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS - REZURRECTION CONTENT PACK steam Hello guys we are in a new video and nothing I bring you a little caputi Black Ops 2 we are in raid steam client very important because we are not in plutonion ok And well we are going to see how we are doing I am going to tell you a couple of differences that I have noticed in terms of the plutonium client okay Since they are interesting they are interesting and I do not want to say that one client is better than another they are different okay they are obviously different the original well the hell it is made by such a studio I mean you have to understand things no but but well what I want to talk about basically the optimization which is what I have noticed the most is brutal in plutonium that is in plutonium while I am recording and others well hell I am at 90 fps stable at most they drop me 5 fps but always Im doing well, okay, but with the Steam client, well, Im going to 60, but I have to have everything on low while what I just told you was all on high, so well, its a Quite quite important change What else What else because obviously there is not there is not as much security as plutonium has okay Since plutonium well has an anti such and such but but Also some other hacker yes that I have found that yes that is true or it is some that another hacker, much more than a plutonium, we go a long way and that is what I am telling you, that is, it is a lot, it is a lot of the difference that there is in terms of performance and in terms of hackers, here I have found them much easier and nothing has been done against them because as we know it is steam there are no administrators like plutonium or Well, what happens is that you have to leave the game because if you dont end up screwing yourself in terms of the class I havent told you anything I ll take the Fall that Theyre going to bust me at the end, uncle to get in. Here were going to turn around, I better wear a fal with a reflex sight with a stock and I think that with nothing else. We havent played it in plutonium or anything, my goodness, the times Ive played it in plutonium Im already fed up with this map But hey, that one that has touched we cant do anything, my goodness, the one that has taken it, my goodness, is that one that took it lets go here we have little left for the vesa we have three or four drops left So we can get it easier lets go here we ll recharge we have left like this Ojo three four drops lets see if we can take it off and we crown ourselves well careful careful he goes to go up there, dont be careful, eh, careful, I dont like this area at all, man, I dont like it at all, but they always end up messing me up. here now comes the one with the Sniper, he makes me and he busts me, careful Oh God, what tension, what __ tension, but it is that later he will come from behind me and they will tell me Goku, I think he is scaring me and meanwhile people are getting casualties, the game progresses and I do nothing, lets see, its okay, its okay, its okay, perfect, what Im telling you is getting streaks and they give me the ass, come on, we have three left, we have three left Be careful because then the mini stripe that always touches our balls to see to see a rat out there anyway even if we remove the vst now it doesnt matter a bit because as they have to have a V for response well because we care Okay We have eaten three spawn someone will come here who wants to hit some casualty no it doesnt look like here There must be people to see please I can meet people is that we are the complete game V so that they catch me mother they are going to give me the mother mine, if you will see, you will see that because of not trusting it, its okay, we have one left, its going, its going, because of not trusting it, Im going to end up eating __ . Answer, come on, Ally on the way, no, I cant believe it. That in there are few left for the Oscar I would like to take it off but how am I going to get it off if I dont see anything and I have some kisses that I cant use man now come on drone hunter Enemy on the way eliminated perfect bullets that we can take advantage of okay we have the Star Perfect kids perfect Perfect Perfect, were going to take the package off of this one because hes ready, take a bug and were going to throw this over here Too bad its already the end, man, if its because I didnt play it, I didnt give it to him, okay This one over here What else What else Whos coming Whos coming A rich man and theres Gigi, well, 20-0 kids, not such a bad game, the colafal king and well, youve seen that its a little bit different, its true, what I said is totally true in the video of the plutonium problem, although if you havent seen it Well, I recommend that you see it, its true, a mid-level person who is very low like me can get a streak here you see 20-0 Im not making it up so good guys I hope you like it I love the video and well, nothing leaving in the comments what difference you see the most with the plutonium client Bye steam share library Buenas chicos! 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