Surviving the Zombies on the go: Black Ops 3 on STEAM DECK

Commercial steam teamsteamed muscles CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS - REZURRECTION CONTENT PACK steam oh my God get away from me oh my gosh okay I want to show you guys a game that I think is pretty cool with a little bit of a Twist its not just the game itself well Ill go ahead and tell you what game it is its Black Ops 3 right yeah but were gonna be doing the zombies thats why I got this game on Steam especially because zombies has the Steam Workshop and you can download all kinds of crazy like different Maps different mods so Im gonna show you not only zombies but Im gonna be playing a custom map on Zombies to show you that this thing can not only handle you know playing zombies on the go it can also handle mods and and you know all that crazy fun stuff so Im gonna show you some of that because this its gonna be really cool youre gonna like it its cool I love it so yeah lets do lets do this this map is really cool basically its a remake of terminal as if it was like an apocalyptic setting and it also uses the guns from Modern Warfare 2019. so its a really interesting combination and it plays really well here weve landed at terminal airport I dont think thats the name of the actual airport but here we are this map looks really well done I dont know if you recognize where Im at but Im at right here where thats the plane on Terminal except obviously its destroyed um yeah its this map was remade so cool this is that long hallway area where youd probably die a lot killing people from over there but yeah I actually know I think I know a little Easter egg to get some a desert eagle yeah okay Im gonna do a little do a little Easter egg here on the map this this will allow us to get some Desert Eagles which are pretty much one shot pistols for quite a while all right lets go ahead and get some extra cash why not right why not what good we got there the car 98 by the way like I said all the guns are from Modern Warfare 2019. ow calm down does he strike by the way opened up this Little Garage here its gonna allow us to take this bad boy oh although its round one so I really I should be saving should be saving my ammo lets get in here and then were gonna get an MP7 on the wall right here oh crap I dont got enough money dang thats unfortunate yeah finally get some extra cash right here come at me whoa oh I forgot I had instant kill I was like holy crap I dont remember this being this this much damage I dont remember that at all at all where are you at there you are Ill just shred into you nope not picking that up okay lets get that MP7 oh well too many shots look at this come on I really love this map its I just love this map and I love the mod with the the Modern Warfare 2019 guns the animations are done well theyve got the models are done well Im not sure how they do it how do these people do it but its cool its cool if you can ever get Black Ops 3 on sale you really should its its its good just for the zombies alone and Im saying specifically on PC because I mean with the the community who makes these things I mean man its like theres infinite content oh my God get away from me oh my gosh I missed it there we go easy round I will take that is that gonna give him cash lets go I can get the M4 I really like the M4 by the way its over here I am whats going on thats it come on come on Ive got these robot things coming in what is going on why do you do a Dodge roll I dont want to get caught in their lasers crap oh crap oh crap oh crap hello goodbye is that it is that everything thats everybody I think this is a x-ray machine part yeah I can hit the mystery box and see what other fun Modern Warfare 2019 generally get lets check it out lets see what do we get the kilo Ill take it I Im I dont mind at all man its dark in here thats my bad we gotta get the power up and running thats what we gotta do oh my God its 1500. I thought it was I thought it was oh my god well so so quick I didnt see them oh man that was a terrible round that was horrible Im a little bit hurt about that one Im not gonna lie I just got the kilo I thought it was a fun gun to play I wanted to turn on the power and survive a little bit longer but I guess it was meant to happen I guess but yeah there you go you can see that zombies ran it ran pretty good and I mean it it basically held 60 FPS the entire time and it handles obviously you can do modded content because its just on Steam you can access the Steam Workshop where all the mods and custom maps are there already it runs great on the steam deck but yeah if you liked it Im glad you did um if you want to see like multiplayer gameplay of this game Im down to show it I just dont know if anybody would be interested I just I feel like zombies is more popular but I dont know I dont know yeah so steam canner Join me as we take a look at Black Ops 3 Zombies on the Steam Deck. Watch as we navigate through the hordes of zombies, utilizing the Steam Decks portable capabilities for some on-the-go zombies slaying. This gameplay showcase will give you a taste of the intense action and excitement that Black Ops 3 Zombies has to offer on the Steam Deck. Whether youre a long-time fan of the series or new to the zombies mode, this video is a must-watch for all Steam Deck players. See the games graphics and performance running on the Steam Deck. 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