I WENT BACK to BLACK OPS 1 just to feel more nostalgia

Every free game on steammost popular games in steam CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS steam oh man i dont give a  __  how bad chest this sounds i am getting chills hearing this music all right whats going on guys its jeff and welcome to black ops one were over here on plutonium playing the newly released black ops one plutonium server same thing with yesterdays video where we ended up playing advanced warfare on the modded servers we also have modded servers over here on black ops one finally mw3 was here modern warfare 2 was there  __  they even had ghosts before they had this game black ops 1 is finally here and i just want to show you guys exactly how different black ops 1 actually was from the normal call of duty and we have yet to ever have a call of duty that was ever working like this ever again as you can see here in the top right my name is powerduck12 or on the servers at least you know at the moment you can see here that i have two and a half million whatever this symbol is this at the time was the cod points now if we want to go over here to this class here well just put on a flak jacket youll see here that theres no required level to go and use any of the uh perks here we could go and look at this and perk three all of that stuff the only thing that you need to do is have enough money you get those cod points right there through getting kills getting wins and most of all the fastest way to do it was to play some wager matches there used to be wager matches back on black ops one where they i dont know if they have it on here or anything like that theres no point in wagering now obviously but you used to wager back then and you could do the high roller matches which rewarded like a few thousand or something like that some people were telling me like yeah man just play black ops one go for a mastery camera over on black ops one do you know what a mastery camo in black ops one entails luscious here hold on well go over to the dragon up now we do have everything unlocked basically but youd still have to buy the things that are there for cod points so if we go over to camos here there is no challenge for these camos at least not from what i remember anyway and you could just go and buy it for cod points heres the thing theres no mastery camo other than getting gold for weapons now the thing is oh jeb why dont you just go and get gold okay gold is right here for 50 000 cod points boom we have gold now its that simple now even though a lot of the things are unlocked on the servers and stuff like that you know obviously you can just get a bunch of cod points or whatever the one thing that i dont have with this unlock all thing on here though even though you know i was able to get max level get to the weapons fast and everything like that but you can see here that theres actually sleight of hand pro but i dont have steady aim pro i dont have any of these other ones pro in order to get the pro version of the perks you have to go and do a set of challenges here for example to get steady aim pro la2 enemies consecutively within five seconds so you just run around and knife people get kills after sprinting thats just easy same thing obviously exactly hip fires here this all encourages you to move forward not just sit around either by the way ghost pro ghost is obviously the most overpowered perk that we had in public matches but all you got to do is destroy a sentry gun 30 aircraft with any non killstreak launcher and at this point in time i mean shooting killstreaks down was pretty easy they didnt have a ton of like defenses and stuff to them then just get kills with a spy plane or blackbird enough about all that  __  people just mostly just want to watch gameplay to be honest this is a gold camo by the way uh its pretty clean its more like gold tinfoil though to be honest with you and also here watch this im not going to touch the controller watch what happens when you scope in with sniper rifles on this game you see that that immediate little swing as soon as you get into the scope youll never be able to ads on the exact same spot ever was always a bit randomized and also earlier into this games life cycle it was way worse than this like like launch sniping was horrible you have to look up like pre-patched launch sniping on black ops 1 or some  __  like that i actually think i reaps actually had a montage that was pre-patched and the majority of the clips are literally just straight up hard scoping their ass off because what would happen is this whole thing where it was like moving around this  __  as soon as you ads it also moved around a lot more and even if you did manage to catch the sway on top of somebody like where you got really good at just being able to predict where the thing is going to sway at or something the bullet will never actually go straight it was as if you were still basically trying to no scope even though you were in the scope for i think it was like two full seconds two full seconds and then it was straight and then you had to wait another half second and then the bullets gonna go where youre aiming it was so bad also the hit detection on this game was dog  __  this game is one of the games that i had the most memories on its the first game that i ever actually made a full-blown montage also i want to show you guys the recoil we had on this  __  the recoil on this game was crazy overdone and there wasnt  __  you could really do about it either watch this  __  im not gonna control it look at this famas okay look at this this  __  looks like the pre-patch nz look at the 74u that left and right little jolt right there crazy especially back in this time i was very surprised by the amount of recoil i knew that the recoil was up there but i was very surprised by the amount of recoil i actually had i do have tac mass pro as you can see there and uh well earlier into this game thing is since you cant just go and get pro perks right away theres like no uh instant unlock for it you have to actually do those challenges now i have tack mask pro thats because i just literally got flashed to death i lit i was stunned then flashed and stunned and flashed again holy  __  the thing is hackmask pros challenges have to get kills while people are stunned get kills while people are flashed and get kills while people are nova gap this means while nobody had tak mask pro everybody was trying to get tacmask pro which means nobody is actually immune to any of the flashes or anything like that because tacmask pro is what makes you immune to it regular attack mask only makes you immune to the gas so imagine also how fun it is to try to unlock a pro perk that is completely immune to nova gas in order to even unlock its full potential in the first place it was horrible im so glad that i got tacmask pro because the game completely transformed for me now the thing is im gonna keep throwing my sons and flashes cause  __  you i know you guys dont have it either my sniping is nerfed to  __  on this game sniping is this is some of the hardest sniping that weve ever had if not the hardest sniping we ever had in call of duty history im gonna do whatever the  __  i want blackjack and pro i think i have to get like some defuses or some  __  but i am never playing uh search and destroy maybe ill run some demolition or something its also probably incredibly easy to boost you could probably just like join a server and like do it with a friend or some  __  but it doesnt take that long that was the beauty of black ops 1 i think i remember it worked in this certain way where when you prestiged as well and it reset things you still have your cod points your cash and you can still go and buy and unlock things even though youre a lower level it was just so good you have just access instantly it was  __  awesome also this famas is disgusting now the hit registration on this game is scuffed i was thinking that potentially it was probably like the server or something now the more that i play it more that it seems very familiar i think the hit detection just sucked in general i dont know what it is about treyarch game but their hit detection has always been a little little off i mean look how fast theyre dying also look at this dolphin dive see that  __  dolphin dive its its not good i promise its not good i remember that there was a little bit of cheese that people used to be able to do where you would be able to like instantly be able to get up after the dive and kind of like repeatedly dive over and over again also the tac insertion wasnt considered like uh tactical or lethal equipment it was like its own equipment slot right here i love this little thing too because i know everybody loves the whole like flare thing where everybody does it every single time i think of a tactical insertion i still always think of this one its just kind of how it goes my brain crazy too so this weapon here the famas it was still the weapon that they were using after they had nerfed it like two three four times or some  __  they hit it with a damage hit then they ended up increasing its recoil and then they increased the recoil again if im remembering it correctly i know it got nerfed multiple times and people still use this  __  its just that good now there are other good weapons in the game the galil is amazing the commando is signally everything is usable but this famas was just stupid it just doesnt lose at any range at a distance yeah its got hard recoil to deal with but when you kill people that quickly i mean does it matter got smg fire rates so youre still good close range youre not going to get beat out by other smgs also the aim assist straight up just disappear sometimes i swear i just want to thank you guys real quick for over 20 30 000 likes on like the the quick bolt videos and  __  so if you want more black ops one let me know i can absolutely play this  __  all day 40 and 17. oh  __  oh man i remember this shotgun this the stakeout who has other crazy ass weapons like the g11 i think i remember in order to get the g11 there was like a classified weapon at the end of every single class i believe and you had to get all of the other weapons like buy all of the other weapons first before that final weapon unlocked thats the case with the psg-1 here  __  you theres no way you came back just to use the spaz you know how many other better iterations there are yeah maybe i should go steady game also the other thing the consistency of the l96 the l96 regardless of you know its uh you know overall feeling in the overall game and obviously its been nerfed in comparison still my all-time favorite sniper rifle and any iteration that theyve ever come up with later ive always been pretty fond of the thing that i like most about the l96 though is its consistency you very rarely get hit markers with this thing its just so solid its so consistent i feel like i hit that guy i feel like i hit that guy too uh the screen is just shaking so  __  badly and i mean weve all been playing nuketown this entire time across i dont know how many games so obviously we all know how to play it and just play like this piece of  __  also the emblem editor was complete it was they never should have given us that  __  its nice and fun and everything until literally everyone is running around with dicks all over their guns and  __  and i know everybodys like haha thats funny and  __  really stopped being funny pretty  __  quickly with how many people just ruined it man people made so much heinous  __  on here that just literally wasnt even in the least bit funny okay you know what i said about hit markers i mean tell me how jt has the number two amount of kills on this server thats funny dude what the amount of people that scope walk on this  __  because theyre just not any good at  __  sniping its just its everywhere man it never changed it was always the case people hardscope their ass off on this  __  im just not gonna peek it man i dont know what to say our team is completely  __  pinned i miss the feeling of feeling like i can control this thing i dont feel like i can control it at least not in this amount of time that ive been playing and its just so frustrating just getting your ass beat on the game that you love i mean in this game if you ran the typical like chopper gunner dogs combo where like anybody that hides inside is getting swarmed on by dogs and then anyone thats running outside away from the dogs runs into your chopper gutter it was really good but im just getting my  __  rocked half the time i havent hit a single clip on this game and some streaks and  __  but no like five on or anything like that quad feed but like yeah i just recommend if you do go and play the modded black ops one  __  uh work on that tak mass pro immediately because its an honor to get  __  on by jeff i am getting worked i dont know what youre talking about im getting killed by a guy thats running around with dual scorpions im a  __  joke i couldnt turn because of the wall you get stuck in prone position when you do hit detection is strange bullets that arent hitting or hitting bullets that absolutely should be hitting or not hitting another sr-71 great and then they got a counter spy plane so were even more  __  two and 17. is this guy literally like a  __  advanced warfare bot or some  __  what are we doing im getting too upset about this  __  i just i love this game so much and getting my ass whooped just it actually hurts my my ego and my soul so yeah im  __  mad yeah i love this game steam deck shortcuts Enjoy!JOIN THE CHANNEL AS A MEMBER Twitch - Twitter - Instagram - GFUEL FLAVOR USE CODE JEV FOR A DISCOUNT. 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