How to Optimize Black Ops 3 on PC 2022 #blackops3 #boostfps #easy255

Can i use steam dlc on epic gamesmiscreated steam charts CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS steam what is going on everybody its your boy trip over this 420 were going to be showing a quick optimization tutorial for black ops 3. its probably the best thing you can do to absolutely maximize fps and get your game uh running right again sometimes your game can just kind of bug out and tend to not run normally like pcbo3 is just not optimized very well so were going to show a few tricks here on how to fix it so what you want to do is load up steam and go to black ops 3 right click it go to manage go to browse local files what you want to do here is go to players and then go to your config and you can open this up to check what it is before and after so what were going to do though if youre scared of deleting the file you can drag and drop it but once you delete this file and reopen your game through steam it uh recreates a config folder or file and so were just gonna go like this and delete this make sure your game is not running when you do this delete close out of this were gonna open b03 now and its gonna run really weird because um i have a double monitor setup if you do have a double monitor setup you want to load the game up and exit the game and then open your config file so were gonna do that we are going to do that super simple uh it made so my game used to run at below 60 fps on like not a modern day pc but maybe like a five-year-old pc and so it was just bogging my pc and everything like that it was pretty bad sometimes itll just load up really weird like this and might just take a second its gonna load up super big for me though most likely because i have um a double monitor set up Music well see in a second so all right um it actually didnt load my game up bad but if it does then you just want to open and close your game so were going to do this and close it now and then go into our config Music so we come back into here we open it up and it shows our max fps is 240 again um it was down to 60 when my pc was running really bad um fov is automatically reset to 80 so you can go back to 120 um and everything else like mouse sense mine was 2.47 i just remember that and then other than that if your controller is also running terrible on b03 on pc you can also do the same thing and it makes your controller run a lot better save you want to make sure that you save that file when you edit anything before you reopen black ops 3 but since im recording it my recording might not capture black ops 3 um in as pristine as its playing sometimes pcs tend to do that you can make a game play play really well or you can make you know or you can make your stream run really well sometimes you cant get both at the same time sometimes this game just loads up really weird too depending on your monitor setup but if if your aspect ratio did change you can always go further down the list and it says display settings and just change it to 1920 by 1080 or whatever your displace is recommended but were gonna jump into a game and see how our game does um you will have to go to menu options graphics it changes a lot of this so like i dont know why i did that but this is this um it brings your render resolution all the way down to 60. you can really determine if you want to bring it up or down after that and then most of this is going to be set to extra and high if you have a really good build but if thats the case and you still want more fps you just drop everything to low like this turn everything off you can even turn anti-aliasing off motion blur disabled and disabled for that as well and were just going to hit apply escape escape and were going to start up a match lets play lets just start matching this up real quick oh and you will have to turn uh your fps uh counter back on in your game settings as well it does delete that as well but other than that you know its a super simple easy fix that you know you dont really have to do a lot for a lot of the other videos out on youtube currently just tell you to turn all of your settings on low and off and a lot of the time you actually have to delete the config file to like reset it to what it should be or how it wants it to be i think thats just how the optimization works in black ops 3 for whatever reason now the stream might not capture how well the game is playing but the game might play really really well and im gonna do this i dont i i cant play at this uh render resolution i can play it like 70 to 80 most of the time and then draw fps apply i usually dont sync every frame but it just depends on what youd like but yeah like it feels super smooth now like now that im streaming obviously im only getting like 60 to 70 but im streaming this and playing at um 1920 by 1080 so i mean its actually really good its not too bad uh and it just depends on your build you know you can go up or down with your settings if you dont stream then you could probably play on a lot better settings if i wasnt recording i could show that my game runs it almost like on average like about 150 to like 220 fps depending on the map so i hope everybody enjoyed the quick tutorial this has been your boy tripp thank you guys so much peace out steam link reddit HardwareGPU: EVGA 1080 SCCPU: Intel i7-6700k Ram: 32 GB running at 3200mhz Storage: 500GB SSD & 1 TB hard drive Streaming & Recording: 1280x720p 6000k bitrate dynamic bitrate enabled Nvidia 30s series GPUs do not work well out of the box for Black Ops 3 so you will need to revert to an old driver to be able to play at maximum performance, here is a link to ZombieDawgs video explaining how to fix this - Link to Nvidias overall guide to boosting fps and maximizing performance - top survival games on steam xbox game pass steam controller steam profile artwork showcase how long steam broccoli steam deck 2 release date reddit