I went back to BLACK OPS 4 in 2023 and It felt like home..

Steam christmas sale 2022 datewhat is my steam account name CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS steam eat this bro let me throw it back a final kill oh all right whats up guys and welcome back to Black Ops 4. how do I make you stop please you guys been enjoying the throwback cloud videos you guys showed a lot of support on the cop World War II one so I figured why not revisit my second child Black Ops 4. I love this game not really too sure what I want to do on this game because I mean I Ive done everything you can I unlock dark matter got to level 1000 reset my stats back to level one re-grinded a Prestige Master and re-unlocked dark matter camo now the DLC weapons of bo4 were actually pretty freaking good they got the mini gun got the Damon the switchblade the nail gun that shot rocket this game was truly underrated in my opinion my opinion bo4 was the last true traditional Call of Duty experience and I really do miss it oh this is really cool it just needs nine more kills and then the challenge you know what it wouldnt be a dismal video if we werent unlocking camos now would it I forgot that the special secondaries actually had attachments as well like this is so many features in this game that seems to be forgotten about also I want to let you guys know my gpill codes 20 off so if you guys want to cop some G fuel this is linked down in the description help support me help support the channel I appreciate you guys for all the love yeah yeah use code dismo hello oh my God that wasnt a head shot okay hey hold this thank you hey hold this bro the ballistic knife was just so good look at this oh okay he just annihilated me I honestly forgot how op the Black Ops 4 Ballistic Knife was probably the like the most broken version of this really was the Black Ops 4 Ballistic Knife that made him go maybe we shouldnt give the special weapons attachments maybe theyre just a little too busted oh theres a lot over there I need to go get them theres one theres a red tiger got him too oh got the three piece lets keep it going they spawning back over here surprise mother oh my God they are oh grab me again theres another one in here I got you back man come on nope nope nope Im playing mod Warfare with that type of jumping throw that there give me a free headshot please man oh what is my body doing bro what was that oh thats awkward time out time out time out time out time out time out time out time in got him that was spooky random but we get jungle flooded absolutely not 10 long shots with a ballistic knife five Survivor medals with the B knife five Revenge medals two more double kills and then four more blood thirsties you guys see how simple these camo challenges were crazy to go from a game like Black Ops 4 and then just one year later the insane grind that became Damascus and then a obsidian that was added with modern warfare 2019 it is crazy how easy we had it back then forgot all about wild cards like right here under kill replace the primary with a any secondary not in use the fact that we cant do this on like Modern Warfare 2 maybe someone wants to run around with a pistol and an RPG maybe someone wants to rock two pistols or a knife at a pistol small things like this that I feel like should be in Modern Warfare 2. yes Summit hello hello hello whats your name Gizmo oh okay Jasmine whats your name Marcos whats up Marcos how you doing okay my one year of Spanish in high school came in clutch right there I hope everyone strives to be as happy as Marcos is today oh my God try it again try it again Im scared oh my God got him again oh oh Im out of ballistic knives thats awkward timeout uh nope Im sorry perfect oh nope nope nope help help help Music help help help help help me dude theres just pieces of my teammates everywhere bro he jumped over my knife they got a snipers nest they have that I can only do so much with a knife man Im the only one that went positive on my team I need two more long shots oh this is gonna be rough this doesnt scream Nostalgia I dont know what does two long shots and then the rest of the time Im just gonna have fun oh I got the no scope thank you come on hello or this how is that not a long shot right here got him I just need one more and then were done yes show me it diamond camo for all accessories unlocked gold camo put up the legal wall hacks that guy is that him and him Black Ops 4 sniping just perfect they spawn him behind us now yep oh oh my God got you spawn spawn come on Peak me feels so good to be home man by him and him no no I dont even know what kill streak I was on I was definitely on a good one firing range this is perfect please be a fresh game hey kind of fresh yum bacon invited to play Black Ops tour I dont know who you are man I Im sorry I would argue that Black Ops 4 Diamond is the best diamond camo in Call of Duty history you know you could say that BO2 is also up there and it probably is but like something about like just the glistening the shininess of this camo and the fact that it becomes a rainbow nothing compares to it okay as you guys can see I have a personal Chopper gunner in my hands lets try it again you guys dont remember the Spitfire it was an insanely Fast Fire rate gun probably one of the most like overused sweat weapons before the VMP came out but it also had an operator mod which did this thats just insane to me aside from just wanting to come back and like revisit thats Batman Okay aside from just wanting to come back and revisit this game and make a video on it the one of the main reasons why I actually wanted to hop on and play this today or what are you doing goodbye I was in the gym I was talking to my trainer you know he plays Call of Duty you know we were chatting it up got on the topic of just playing games and talking about like what games are fun and he said like right now the only game that he has a ton of fun playing is Black Ops 4 he hops on it almost daily shout out my man Kevin oh this thing is so hard to control were in a 15 kill streak oh Im about to Nuke it up the more that I sat back and thought about it the more I was just like you know what hes absolutely right like Im not saying like any of the recent Call of Duties are bad but like Black Ops 4 was just an incredibly fun and unique multiplayer and I really did enjoy this game I gave out a ton of crap when the game was like the current Cod but who doesnt complain about a game or a series that they play every single day oh nope dont like that I personally oh no no no no 720. for me personally I would rank Black Ops 3 in my top 5 Call of Duties of all time my opinion is always and forever will be biased I just love Treyarch games every single game that they put out Ive thoroughly enjoyed Black Ops 2 is the only trailer game I didnt play not because I didnt like it I was just addicted to other games at the time I told the story before I think if I was addicted to Cod during that time and I wasnt playing another game Black Ops 2 probably would be my favorite Call of Duty of all time if not probably close second behind you know Black Ops we gotta get this rainbow diamond ASAP theres that guy come back here dont run for me dont run from me nope oh green I think light green is at 25 kills the crazy thing about rainbow diamond though when it first came out it wasnt just 30 kills in one game and then you got it unlocked for the rest of the match it was a 30 kill streak you had to get a legit nuke just to get this originally then they swapped it because Im pretty sure a lot of people complained rightfully so I liked the idea of having to get a nuke to get the camo unlocked but not everybodys gonna be getting a nuke its just not realistic why are you just sitting there perfect I think I need one more kill I got it yes whos over here hello hold that look at that it just looks so clean man dark matter is my favorite camo of all time but like I would argue and say that rainbow diamond I would argue and say that rainbow diamond is equally as good as dark matter if not maybe slightly better is that weird because I think so thats BS why is he holding his knife out like that is that baton what I love about dark matter in this game is although it evolves the bass version also just looks insanely like clean and good all right there ow ow chill chill out thats you thats you someone peek it got you too got you gotcha oh right here oh that will never get old lets do this three oh we got it dark matter ah Black Ops 4 dark matter so clean man keep this bro let me throw it back hello hey no no no no no no no no reload I had to reload the final kill oh my God what would I even hit time when theyre shocked yeah guys thats Black Ops 4 in 2023 it seems like theres actual matches short period you werent able to actually find games so if you want to come back and revisit Black Ops 3 I didnt run into any jetpack hackers like I did that one time surprisingly I havent seen people using the jetpack mod in a hot minute but I dont want to try out some blackout if you guys want to see blackout in 2023 lets break 12 000 likes and Ill go play some blackout until then hope you guys enjoyed this video and Ill see you guys in the next one peace steamed chicken with broccoli Use code DYSMO for 20% off! 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