El Triste Estado de Black Ops 2 en 2023... (PS3, XBOX y PC)

Steam charts mortal online 2how to transfer steam games to another drive CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS steam there are several ways to play black ops in 2023 we can play on playstation 3 on any computer up to series s and series x on steam on plutonion we can even play on wii but which one is the best option which one has more players which one has less hackers Which one is more enjoyable now we will see but first a message from the sponsor of this video This video is sponsored by opera GX which is the browser I have been using for years and they have contacted me to do a test it is a browser oriented for gamers as soon as we enter we have the GX Corner where we can see the next video game releases on any platform and a tab also with games that are currently free but what I like most about this browser and for this reason I use it in the sidebar here I can have all my social networks discord Spotify without having to have the applications open on the computer, you can also limit both the use of RAM memory and the cpu even Due to the fact that the browser consumes very few resources, other functions that I use every day are the free VPN service that is included, which is activated with just one click, and the option to force dark pages because that thing about opening Amazon and that flashes me in the night is a bit ugly with this function because all the pages are put in dark mode If you are interested in downloading it you have a link in the description that also if you download it from there then you support me it has been 10 years since Black Ops 2 but you can play on a New Generation console like the Xbox series x Although when sharing servers with all the older Xboxes there are many, many hacks and you will think that on Xbox there are many players having all their consoles connected but the average number of players is about 400 there are more players on PlayStation 3 if the Black Ops 2 on PS3 enters any weekend it is very likely that they will find more than a thousand players online but they will on PS3 in they have hacks hacks and more hacks In addition to an old console and it is not enjoyed as much in Wii Black Ops 2 directly there are no players so we only have Black Ops 2 left for PC we have two options steam and plutonium in steam we have something very similar To the consoles, about 100,200 players on average connected and many hacks, I would say that even more than the consoles, in addition to the fact that there is no help with command shots, therefore if we want to play Black Ops 2 without finding hackers, we only have the plutonium option left. the only platform that has antichitl and practically never finds hackers, its also free, you can add your friend any console the bad thing is that there are not as many players as before Although some weekend we can see more than 1000 people playing playing so Pluto and me is fine to go in and play a few games but when you have been playing a few games it all becomes repetitive because you are playing the same maps all the time There is very little variation with the same people and the lobby of 18 people with which all the time you are killing and dying and it becomes quite heavy all this would improve If people will create the server of 12 people but nobody does it the only thing that really amuses me are the custom weapons games where with each kit you get a ability that can benefit you or not, they can take away your vision, remove the Jump, give you speed, its worth explosives, even give you, but the sad reality is that today you cant enjoy Black Ops like a few years ago, but its not all bad news because we have Call of Duty sm2 de carduti our dreams are just around the corner and if you dont know what this is, pay attention to my next video Because if in the end they fulfill everything they are promising, it will go away to become the best Call of Duty in history right now in plutonium there are 291 people online nothing more And if we leave the servers Well, there are only four playable servers four servers with people everything else is empty they are all 18 people there are even some who dont even have the help of command shots, that is, its very difficult for us to play plutonium, for example, were going to get into a lobby against everyone because its a lobby against everyone I dont know why but there is always And the truth is that With what I said before, the game of arms against everyone is also quite enjoyable, especially the contracts that make Sniper alone, but there is nothing more playable in Plutonium because if you get in once out of 18 people, as it always is the type map is not that a gillaque is in one from time to time but as you notice maps and there are not 12 people But in the end the only playable thing you have left are the weapons games and the counters all the Sniper contracts The truth is that they are fun but of course when you have been 10 in a row you get bored, not this video In addition to the fact that it has emerged because of course we have been since if I can kill this we have been with the new Modern Warfare for a few months now 2 we killed this one and the truth is that it continues to be a game that has a lot of errors that has things that I dont like at all like that nerf in movement so that people cant rush and everything The new mechanics that are there are done so that new people dont die as much, you know, and of course the people who are more veteran well, they dont kill as much either then, I dont know, I say No, well, Im going to come to Black Ops 2 to play a good game, but of course I find that it really he cant play blackodosa well on any platform nowadays You know So thank goodness Lets hope that Call of Duty sm2 comes out this year because what on top This year there wo nt be an official Call of Duty coming out Activision official in theory So if the sm2 were to happen, were going, Im super happy. This one would be coming out here, another one has come out here, okay, lets throw him. the one with the four of us Well I hope you liked the video I wanted to make a video of Black Ops 2 because I really wanted to play and I found myself Although I dont have so much fun man because its in a state that doesnt have fun on top of the controller The Play 5 controller doesnt work well in plutonium, which is what I play with. The truth is that it would rent me a lot if they released a remastered Black Ops 2 as they did with code 4, it would rent me Music check steam game stats Descarga Opera GX gratis: Este es el ESTADO ACUTUAL de COD BLACK OPS 2 en 2023 en PS3, XBOX, PC y WII, además visitamos BLACK OPS 2 PLUTONIUM, el BLACK OPS 2 GRATIS ➤ Mi servidor de Discord: ➤ Twitter: ➤ Instagram: ➤ Business: El Triste Estado de Black Ops 2 en 2023... El Triste Estado de Black Ops 2 en 2023... 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