Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Steam Deck Gameplay

Fix steamhorizon zero dawn steam deck settings CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS steam whats up guys and welcome back to the new game plus today i got you another video and this video is going to be playing black ops 3 on the steam deck and right now they have it on sale on steam for like around 20 they have two versions the plane version of black ops 3 is uh 20 and uh the one with the chrom zombie chronicles which is on the dlc for the classic zombie games is also around the same price the only difference is 20 cents so i picked it up and now i want to try this game on the steam deck im going to play a couple of matches but im gonna show you guys how this perform were gonna see a little bit of campaign so you guys can see the graphics the city that im using a little bit multiplayer hopefully we can find a match so i can show you and a little bit of zombie as well too once again i had to start uploading with my gameplay im watching this through the camera so theres a delay on the action that im doing so hopefully i dont do it back Music all right connecting were connected lets check the settings that im using right now graphic settings so i use full screen the full resolution index is defraying render by 90 uh during campaign and zombie mode the game rose steady like around 57 to 60 frames per second but when you multiply i notice i have to lower this down to this ive been playing with this setting so you can see right here texture test your uh filtering mesh to high everything has a medium msin time one medium dynamic only going to check some of the game see the campaign resume lets see if i can skip this okay its all again the bowling is like kind of low in this game so you had to wear some headphones dont mess around with the audio settings because its actually really really really low the nrc are going to be here we got about one minute to create the mother of all distractions and i should just skip everything so im going to get in it just as you guys can see this is pretty good let me see if i can do something about the audio still sound the same to me thats even lower Music all right youre up okay Music im gonna die a lot down here possible malfunction youre in fight now Music get out Music taylor version is in play bird is down confirmed proceed Music level three theyre busy dealing with crash these uniforms Music so keep your mouth shut a lot of splashes going on so that were losing some frame rates what to say around 60 50. but im still playing was still more than 30. you want the full resolution were going to set render to original settings which is 100 and apply it yes lets see it looks even better ah i was gonna go for that Music uh taylor were at the security station moving to secure hendricks lets do this ill kill the alarms on this floor get plugged in locate the minister all right lets see the package waiting for him on facial recognition press my friend just dropped like crazy there going on in here Music did you know there were other prisoners the minister is the only priority no because of this thats him Music its been moved have to find out where theyre taking it match confirmed moving to secure vta two minutes two minutes ill be timing it some pictures are never funny you sound like the voice of experience trust me i am what oh my god oh thats right i had this difficulty and realistic rather be careful Music Music yup i had a sheena unrealistic well anyways you guys saw how the campaign looks so lets jump into another section of the game because this thing will take forever its going to be like an hour long video and were trying to make at least 20 to 25 minutes all right were back and we are going to do zombies the same settings i have right now here uh 800p which is a regular resolution on the steam deck everything drains to a hundred percent since then before high high for the texture the mesh everything else is a medium this is off and a s m a thats one and then were gonna try some multiplayer when i play this zolo those are the dlc ones that i got so let me just go and play some more let me see they have one the classic one here this is a classic one here when i play this uh for a few minutes and then were gonna jump into the multiplayer in my im gonna have to change the settings so ill let you know when i say change the setting actually gonna have it here so you guys can see when i change the rendering resolution for the game all right its a classic one are you freaking kidding me its time to die i think as you can see were getting 60 here some remote everything on the three major settings on high with a resolution to hundred percent of the standard resolution Music and low on ammo i mean we just look so nice over here it looks really good zombie moles and steam deck looking gorgeous so tastes like squad i fight back nothing teddy good friend pace you know ill come drop to 50 and so now so far this is a gore experience on the steam deck so like i said the game right now as of now is on sale its on sale right now was it now so ah Music Laughter getting all the cool crops right now Music all right you guys already saw the performance of playing zombie mode so now were gonna move on to multiplayer ill be right back okay um were back im actually a multiplayer mode right now i found a match right away uh i didnt wanna leave you guys waiting here so now we are back with multiplayer 50 gamepl and 60 frames so its not as stable so i want to play around with the settings i want to play with the settings again so ill go get something steady so right here were going to play around with the settings for a little bit were going to lower everything instead of always that quality were going to run the rendering to around 90 to see how it goes and then 80 so well keep that nice and crispy fidelity Music oh my god so lets see so we can get more steady frames that go to 80 percent all right lets see now we have eighty percent but its still on the 50 45 frames we most likely will have to go and lower the cities actually and yes my thing and i will get a murder right now im gonna have to double this to 90 textures were gonna go to medium mesh im gonna leave it on high experiment with that and lets see okay lets see how that looks now a little bit better were on the 50s at least we might have to lock down the frame to 50 frames oh my god this is a horrible horrible horrible match holy okay lets see in the settings again lets pull everything on medium actually medium i want to have the resolution back to how it was but you gotta play around with the multiplayer there we go lets lock down the frame rate to 50 at least because i i know i hit it consistently 15 so we will lower up to 50 frames um you gotta keep playing around with the settings to be honest lets see so 80 to this one of course get back to boot camp Music want somebody sitting here or something i mean that kind of aim that he got me i dont know if he actually cheated or not but thats a way too fast within Music for the multiplayer which is gonna mess around with some of the settings but for campaign and uh zombie modes youre gonna get like some nice 50 to 60 frames to be honest for the graphics man i dont like to lower it down more than this for the rendering resolution maybe we could make ss uh fsr to quick thing let me see if you could then no i havent kicked in yet there we go now lets get in its still kicked in okay lets combine that and lets see how it does i had to do an fsr for the multiplayer so deathmatch Music uh oh my god oh got that though oh oh on the wall lets crank fsr all the way to five now lets go and see god dang lets hit in the 40s to 50. ah lets see we go were trying to get some good friends here lets see what was we could do lets go to 90 of this resolution everything the same apply and lets see how that look because were fsr enabled were still not hitting that 50 or 60 so oh im falling apart so when im not hitting those consistent frames that i wanted to so lets see mess around with the settings again give me a hundred percent lets go as slow as this let me see oh no no nope nope not like that no no im getting assembled a lot of fsi oh holy full resolution again lets do this uh this resolution render 90 now lets do lets try you know what lets run 70s see how this looks let me disable this because i already have a limit on the frames thats everything thats on medium still again okay were reaching 40 to 50. its still looking the same look really blurry but i think we actually could just leave it i made everything on medium because as far as i can see here everything just looked um looked the same we have even fsr on and off it still looks the same for the multiplayer wise for campaign zombie ones because youll be hitting 50 to 60. its just for the multiplayer its a lot of stuff going on we cant just stay with how it is because were gonna be hitting 40 to 60 which is uh making the game really playable still playable this is playable though Music let me change some settings lets see what else we could change to see what we will find the perfect spot about half an hour in this video but lets keep trying so were going to put this on the tension so high because i want to lower everything else slow on this Music if that was your none take this off put a low lets try with this lets see if we get some friends okay we are 48 now by doing that well lets continue seeing what else we can do lets move the default high to medium apply lets see last last option for multiplayer will be to lower this too low Music now lets play with low on multiplayer actually lets do that match with a little medium still now lets see this lets see 49 frames i dont see quite yet what im looking for yet lets put more low settings in here assets Music with these upgrades and the best option is just save everything at medium to be honest because i didnt see no difference but leaving a medium for multiplayer is still very playable in campaign also in zombie mode it will be hitting as 50 to 60 frames without no issue but for the multiplayer we actually have to it doesnt matter what combination i did to be honest uh so im just gonna leave everything at million yeah everything i made it should be more than enough well well guys that was a black ops 3 running a steam deck i hope you guys enjoy yeah i know the video is pretty long but i wanted to try different settings everything in one video so thank you guys for watching see you guys in the next video do steam rooms burn fat Welcome back to the channel, today we have another test. 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