Call of Duty Black Ops PC Multiplayer In 2021 | 4K

Tony hawk steamsoma steam game CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS steam welcome to call of duty black ops and in this video well take a look at how many players are online and then have a couple of quick rounds on it as well see how we get on and see how its feeling in 2021 so first things first lets take a look at how many players there is just for context this is later on in the evening uk time around eight or nine pm uh weekday so obviously player counts do vary from where you are in the world this is obviously european north america player base lets have a quick look so yep it doesnt tell you the stats anymore there was a glitch that was the same amount of players every time but thankfully thats gone i think it said something like 31 000 players on any one time which is crazy anyway uh lots lots lots of servers a lot lots of dead servers there but um yeah loads of u.s servers european services provident uk france germany a lot of those as well obviously a lot of united states as well a few australia servers are japanese but shame is not more than that but as you can see a lot of busy busy busy servers a few full ones and then a few medium ones i play an anarchy quite a bit power spraying noobs stuff like that so lets just quickly jump refresh first and then jump in to server trying to flanker yet oh nearly got him not quite nice nice couple of kills get that five plane assist ill take it is this spawning a flip might do nice a bit here oh wait lovely little bit claymore just in case the uh try that flank there which they might do any second yep here we go oh here they are nice camping here but who curse i stopped this streak nice theyre behind the behind spores flips whos still behind us necessary for us foreign ready not a massive fan of this map if im honest not much success personally even though im sure its good for others so yeah well try ow how how did i survive that i dont know assist ill take it here we go i got much ammo definitely need a bit more just you could play more in here trying to a flank here we go thank you look at this nice nice nice thank you all for watching this video and i will see you in the next one tarkov on steam deck Playing a few rounds Call of Duty Black Ops PC Multiplayer In 2021. Hope you enjoy!#CallofDuty #BlackOps #Cod best steam games mac grandia hd steam deck goat sim 3 steam broadway limited ho scale steam locomotives b1t steam