MODDED Call of Duty Ghosts on PC is WEIRD... (IW6X)

Steam game transfer between hard drivessteam alpha CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS steam do you want to call through the game i like  the most dont roast the host unless youre   really gross because my favorite call of duty  game is called dude he goes yeah ive made a   lot of terrible intros over the year this one is  definitely the worst whats up guys this is burp   music and welcome to modded call of duty ghost on  pc ive played iw4x which is modded modern warfare   2 and ive played s1x way too much for my own good  which is modded advanced warfare on pc but today   were going to do iw6x which is modded cod ghosts  if you want to figure out how to get the client   going or even get the game itself you can go to  this website ill have the link in the description   as well you can follow their guide on how to get  the game going and under miscellaneous guides   they have some pretty helpful console commands as  well whats so awesome about playing these modded   call of duty games is that on modern warfare  2 and advanced warfare you can use the command   unlock stats to unlock everything in the game for  advanced warfare this includes unlocking all the   stat changing variants and the customization  as well but for cod ghost we have to use a   different command its gonna be slash unlock  all as you can see im level one i dont have   anything on here its all default names i just  got the game so yeah lets go ahead and get   everything unlocked there we go you can see the  prestige master oh my god i actually wasnt even   this far on xbox this is really cool now weve  got all the soldiers im pretty sure well have   every single gun everything yeah oh this is so  cool even get the gold knife i never had the   gold knife well still have to use our squad  points to get all the guns unicorn dude ive   got every single camo now if you guys are excited  to see some modded call of duty ghosts on pc make   sure to drop a like lets see if you can break 20  thousand likes on this video my name is unknown   soldier i gotta change that youd have been a  hell of a ghost can it be that long youd have what is even good in ghosts i remember the  everyone loved the vector oh but they have   the nine bung i got a sniping class in smg class  im just gonna have to be forced to use it all   right server list thats the one thing i dont  think theres too many maps available for this   these are all the servers for call of duty ghosts  so im kind of limited there is a trick shotting   server though i mean why not lets go for it trick  shotting on favela there we go there you go eric im ready im a beast wait why is my  my field of view is so gross hold up   cg underscore feel the view can make it 120. oh  you can oh my god oh look how stupid it looks   this actually looks really good wheres my  sniping class oh i have to go to private match   to make the classes i forgot oh my god wait what  is that aiming hold up why does it look like this   what the __ is that dude this is so weird this  is hilarious what the actual f alright time to hit   a trick on my shot yo the graphics actually look  really nice on coast i dont know what it is oh   you cant see my full name is only youd have been  a he hitting trick shots on ghost is so difficult   because theres no actual like crosshair for the  snipers these shots just go to random locations   you never know where its gonna end up no more  mr nice surprise captain friends look so stupid   no one actually hits come on hes like  got second place youd have been a he   i think the bot got final kill oh shot  his ass nice ive changed my name to   rorke boostick oh we have a fellow  tdm server oh my classes are still   broken though im so stupid all right  were just gonna use the vector i guess okay well this is definitely a bot lobby oh cool  yes go i remember when ghost first came out and   the msbs basically stood for most stupid __  because this thing was so broken it was one   of the most powerful three-round burst assault  rifles in any call due to game period but they   nerfed that thing horde and of course you have the  flappy anus destroyer which it just exists this is   the best game ever you have the chainsaw lmg they  put that thing in cod mobile all right i made some   classes hopefully theyll work in online games i  dont know how this ones going to go its just   like a free-for-all get that nine being charged  up there it goes that person hates their life   and theyre both wait what i nine banged a bot  and it still killed me how oh wait thats not   a bot thats probably just someone whos starting  out because their names unknown soldier oh my god oh god the __ dog whos using  the dog kill streak thats just evil   earn one kill while jumping did i get it i killed him all jumping there we go i got my field orders  lets get it oh god get away from it my ims theyre fighting over my __ youre  not taking it from me that is mine you __    the bot took it from me oh god the maps shaking  is that all it did thats why its called trimmer   because the maps revolution is that it  tremors oh star for eric thats really cool   triple kill oh work music oh come on oh  my god this stupid aiming with the sniper what work booster only got second i  cant believe i lost an unknown soldier what double kill with the knife why is it so  laggy what is this oh poor captain price i feel   like the reason theres so few people on this  client is because no one really played call of   duty ghost on pc it looks really good on the  modded client when you can tweak the settings   and stuff but the base game itself i think is  pretty potato and even on xbox and playstation   i mean call of duty ghosts all around just had a  mixed reception so yeah theres gonna be way less   people on pc playing this game we got the field  orders what are they two kills while crouched it had like a delayed throw what is my connection  you cant even see the ping thats right they got   rid of that in ghost which was so stupid you  couldnt see your connection its a trinity   rocket what does that mean how do you use oh here  we go trinity rocket coming in i cant what holy   __ this thing is terrible what is the kill  streak has such a low sensitivity but then like   mines way too fast i went to my settings i  mean i i lowered this all the way look at that all that music though look at me so hyped lets  go call it goes to the best can we lean how do you   lean you have to get next to the wall then lean  gross why what oh yo what is going on with this   guy oh my god hes still twitching a stonehaven  server oh im im still playing it lets go   you just got stonehaven send this to a friend  so they can get stonehaven welcome to tick   tock lets see the lag is not as bad on pc  because the pc is stronger than the console   that was my best way of trying to explain  you know this map actually still lags even   on pc look at that tearing what is this and  since the site is all goofy like how how am   i supposed to find someone with this how do i  fix that theres gotta be something for that fov   scale its that okay lets change it  to 1.2 oh good lord why its even worse okay i i never even did this with the other  call of duty games what the __ dude i   cant see anyone this is this is gonna be the  funniest way to __ play this game i swear   what have i done to this game can i make it  even worse like i want to make it worse now   now that i know that this is a thing 1.5 oh good  lord hey guys welcome back to call of duty ghosts you cant even see anyone in the scope what the   __ this is the best way to play this __ game   i swear holy __ so basically what ive done  is i made my field of view 120 but ive made the   scale two times so this is like 240 field of view  if im not mistaken i mean i can see everything i   hear someone oh god cut i cant kill you i can  basically see under the map like what is this   im sorry for melting your guyss ear balls but  hey im suffering too were gonna go through this   together and try to get a kill i mean look at at  least when i aim its normal but then when im out   oh boy we will find someone and kill them like  this i just want one kill anyone in the castle   god this is so gross wait i knew i  saw him there we go we got a kill   sort of i wasnt completely zoomed out  like this but well try i definitely   cant get a kill with the sniper  like this like this is just gross   i got a hit marker what no oh god oh god where  is he i cant see him okay we got to fix this holy __ back to one there  we go that should fix it there   we go thats better thrown on  the vest you know you want to we lost and the drawbridge closed who knew now i almost had a quad what is  why are all the bots are stuck   right there i could be hitting a quad right now oh yeah now easy feeds i actually wanted to check  out the customization a bit more because if you   want to get called into ghost on pc im pretty  sure itll give you everything when you use the   slash unlock all command but im not 100 sure  i mean maybe you get through dog yeah i think   you get all the backgrounds and stuff i dont  know if it has every voice pack though so you   could get the ghillie suit astro oh my god look  at all these different ones theres rorke ima   play rourke the bespoke cephalopod patch there  you are cass a little evolution on this map is   just the bus falling down i dont know how this  game competed with battlefield 4 man its not to   say culver to ghost is a completely terrible game  but i mean this game is dynamic maps compared to   levolution i mean oh boy we got strike zone hell  yeah oh thats right its just a trick shot server   though the trickshotting servers on modern warfare  2 are actually pretty good advanced warfare its   kind of like a mixed bag because you can hit  some insane trick shots on advanced warfare but   ghosts hey i dont know about this game for  trick shot did someone hit ive never seen a wait oh come on yeah i dont think anyones hitting  trick shots on this but thats gonna do it for   this video thank you guys very much for watching  i hope you guys enjoyed watching me play modded   call of duty ghost on pc i dont think iw6x is  necessarily as good as iw4x or s1x at least in   terms of whats available on the server  list because theres just not that many   people actually playing but in terms of being  able to get everything in the game for free   and also the upgrades by having access to the  console commands it really does transform cod   ghost and makes it a lot more fun to play  and if you want to check it out there will   be a link in the description but with that  being said i really do hope you guys enjoyed   this video if you guys did and you want to see  some more modded call of duty games on pc make   sure to drop a like ill see you guys later  i dont need it i dont i dont need to die uh do steam gifts expire MODDED Call of Duty Ghosts on PC is WEIRD…(IW6X)LIKE this video if ya 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