I played EVERY Call of Duty EVER..

How to run non steam games with protonsteam artwork anime CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS steam we need more cod Music guys i made a video where i played every single call of duty is that not enough what more do you want from me you missed one actually you missed it ps2 the original xbox the wii the gamecube the ps1 the xbox 360 the playstation 4 the nintendo ds the yeti air frame which xbox series x and ps5 bro what is wrong with you hello do you guys have any call of duty Music im going to do it im going to play every call of duty ever Music hey mom im gay hey whats up guys is sudy here the call of duty youtuber i called in sick from school this month to play the entire call of duty franchise i dont know why i decided to commit to making this video it definitely didnt help my upload schedule whatsoever okay we need a fitzcollab ima take this video over yes i mean do you want to play 40 call of dutys absolutely not in todays video i play with the dew supex zds fitz blarg soft willy powefu trinium hyper chaos trippy and cobb you guys werent satisfied with the last time i made this video i played 40 games in total starting with the very first call of duty all the way to their recent title vanguard so sit back crack open some mountain dew and doritos and lets experience the entire call of duty franchise Music ah okay were on can we connect to a game please for the love of god yeah were joining the only cod one lobby thats happening right now lets see what they got apparently theres 10 people in here so the very first call of duty ever made whoa that enemy i can tell its an enemy or not if it is im the worst player of all time im not sure if its an enemy still then i just died all right this is the call of duty one experience i was looking for what is this what are you doing bro this is a real person theres no way this is a real this is definitely a robot what i just had to kill is it enemy i got somebody logic whoa this isnt good this game looks high quality as hell oh my god that noise you tell me theyve been using that noise for 17 18 years wait Music  __  camper huh little  __  camper yankee papa youtube youre camping buddy what the hell it took way too long be honest im sick and tired of this game already moving on Music call of duty for the engage they made call of duty exclusively for this in 2004 so well go ahead and try it out the screen is very narrow so were not working with a lot are we were in france i cannot see anything oh my god this is this is brutal what martin Music i love how it doesnt load until i aim in as far as the gameplay like this isnt that bad i thought it would be worse the graphics could be better this has to be lower than 144p its probably like 40p its a barrier is there somebody inside oh its gone and theres somebody right there look at that dude i walked the foot forward and he popped up i love how the radius of things loading on my screen is like 10 feet this dude was just standing there thats it im going to warm myself im putting a gopro on my chest and im getting out there and seeing if its really like this thatll be the most realistic call of duty oh my god oh youre a cod pro youre not satisfied with the game just enrolled buddy martin give me that was the first voiceover line ive heard you uncovering fire i got you wait is my boy injured oh my god look at this hes carrying him back hes so brave hes just marching with this corpse and now hes hitting me dont worry ill fend off these 2d images how we doing over here you is he feeling better hes just locked on to me hes just keep on going theres no noise wheres the noise okay the audio is fully cut out now i dont hear anything ive even programmed to shoot back mission complete lets go baby im done with this game Music im in oh my god im in a real game right now oh my god whats this i can use it the first ever call of duty has a tank i did not know that im gonna type in the chat again hey guys theyre all saying hi oh my god actually so far i havent seen a single living person but ive been hearing gunfire my  __  tank to die oh damn it it did what the hell is happening i just spawned in theres 53 minutes left in this game and im being nuked theres really vehicles in cod 1. theres a horn not much has changed in 18 years we have 40 minutes left in the game we got to hurry up what are you doing jane wake up do you guys play other cards no is there a new one yes theres 24 new ones what if somebody actually never heard of the other call of dutys and they believe this is still the most recent boy wait till you see this video you  __  dumb ass yeah thats right buddy thats a dick taste my goal is to just run somebody over and then ill be done let me run somebody over what about a teammate oh  __  that throws them out of the way oh i got somebody lets go baby thats all i wanted im done with this game Music of course were skipping right to multiplayer so i just spent six hours trying to get to this menu it took forever to connect online but were here on the ps2 please tell me somebodys online theres a game oh my god im nervous look at this loading screen theres no text how do you run is that them there he is whoa what the  __  i thought were on the same team  __   __  die i shot him twice oh there he is oh damn i headshotted him were online on the ps2 right now this is not a joke this is this is legit cockshot there we go hes still shooting hes still shooting what the  __  was that the gun was firing on its own i didnt play this game in my every call of duty video which is one of the reasons why to remake this video theres a few games i missed i guess i just overlooked them because they werent on steam you dont see me dont see me hide you buddy i need you buddy oh my god i i  __  him up yeah i got another kill im gonna roll baby its all over buddy another kill were trick shot now baby changing my sensitivity you know what it is here we go baby oh wrong button uh oh ive been sick here we go oh i cant do a 720. there goes nothing this is way harder than it seems oh  __  theyre right here this is my chance its now or never what i just stole my kill i hit it this  __  hit marker what thank god hes setting up for me here we go baby this is it yes i did it that took way too long oh thank god im done with this game were gonna be playing call of duty 2 with brawley he was in my last video if you guys dont remember apparently this guy is a streaming on twitch i asked him if we hit 1000 likes if i could join his clan if you had to see a number maybe yeah a thousand and we definitely hit 1000 likes last time we talked i was asking to join the ra clan yeah i know man good news we broke 1 000 likes my uh father-in-law him and his uh clan have a server whats their clan called do they have a name am i whats like the average age of the members in there uh id probably say 60s oh my god and my father-in-laws 77. oh wow hey bin gaming how many likes this video have to get for me to join ami uh go with 2 000. i think my son wants to say hi you know the kid that uh yeah tell me how to do the work do you do you know what the woe is quentin hes back the son makes the return hes aged you gotta hit the low again Music i saw it he did it he did the thing he did the thing he tells his friends at school about it yeah hit the world in front of 10 million people yeah this map i think oh the vanguard totally yeah i just recognized it when you said that except theres no swastikas everywhere everything is a remake now theres no original maps they just reach into the archive every year just pull something out im going off killing spree appreciate you gaming with me here again yeah man i appreciate you inviting me well i got the notification zone so oh hell yeah i appreciate it Music oh my god theres somebody in my game is it a bot who the  __  is this and where are they from how do they get in my lobby how long have they been searching to play online because theres nobody else on this game its just me i want to see life is there actually somebody in this game why are we playing the biggest map of all time oh my god hes over there do this baby die leon you son of a  __  im pushing him ill die leon yeah died  __  all right buddy come to my server on ps2 you think its a game its not this is my ps2 lobby you might be asking how im online on ps2 right now i had a lot of help from um these people on the screen for their names they helped me set up my p my ps2 to get online and here we are look at the grass oh my god i caught him with the nade jesus christ the corpse lunch this leon dude is definitely gonna hit me online or something oh there they are come on baby damn why is he so thin so hard to aim at oh my god oh my god i suck i missed no he killed himself oh i almost had him stupid guy im tea begging you leon hows it feel ill just dick taste huh oh they left all right Music i got in oh i was waiting for so long oh jesus christ so they go with the quintiple text in your girls dms like hey im playing call of duty 3 on the xbox series x right now im a medic this game im going to try and be a good teammate im going to follow jay bones around im gonna keep jay bones alive im keeping this man alive no matter what happened Music say last j bones Music welcome back say less i got you again enough what is happening j-bones get out there buddy you know i have your back get out there yeah  __  them up nice oh im so sorry i got you buddy i got you buddy there we go go go ah get in there j bones oh you died i got you you back up buddy oh were done im his personal medic there you go buddy get back up ill get my first kill breaking their spawn im going in solo they wont see this coming i dont know im here im coming up big money big money big money but you get the flag youve got the american flag ill revive you hey buddy hows it going oh my god give it get back here stop trying to steal the flag i dont support the flag but were gonna keep it right there Music i  __  hate this game so this is an exclusive call of duty just for the psp it was only released here and yes were gonna be doing multiplayer connecting the host theres a game were playing online on the psp i just want to win the first psp match in five years theres no way anyones played this game recently cant believe this is happening right now i cant believe im on the psp hey marker come on double noscope lets go youre telling me there was online servers when i was what 11 ive been all over this  __  whoa the fact that these are real people its just astonishing hes gonna melee me half a million you first  __  ill just dick taste buddy i wish there was game chat so i could should talk to him do this camper look at this  __  camper die you son of a  __  okay oh my god i found a glitch look at the aimbot right here look at this aimbot insta lock look at this bam down he goes look at this i dont even know where he is silicone did i just kill him through the  __  mountain look at that i hit that too im hitting everything be honest i dont want to finish this game out theres still five minutes left Music wow look at these graphics this looks good what game could i possibly be playing here look at that natasha kablooey im skipping the cutscenes were playing call of duty 3 baby on the wii not a good year he wants me to jerk off hey captain dixon want to hear a joke dicks in your mouth think of a smoke grenade sick smoke grenade im gonna light up this  __  park here baby im not sure why they gave me six of these i still have six more i have unlimited smokes i cant see anything im not gonna stop did you just say the n-word let me go for a walk now i cant see anything goodbye everybody i just the games broken the game just crashed oh my god it actually crashed im back all i can hear is smoke i cant im im high as hell theyre running away come back here i need help its frozen again i dont know why they trusted me with unlimited smokes did i break the game i like how i broke call of duty 3 in my first two minutes playing i speak smile in english thats fine wait so what does sikuplet mean pardon me i probably shouldnt be talking  __  to the russians i think well be putting it offline so complete google guy guy oh gee i just killed him im definitely getting offline after this Music viva las its definitely not right i love you yeah good night oh no hes gonna kick me offline left no im done with that game Music were gonna be playing call of duty four on the nintendo ds okay so with nintendo ds theres two screens at the top and bottom oh my god what is this in front of me wait bomb in this tank or what damn thats a sick ass explosion oh my god what the  __  is happening wait newman who you shooting at newman whoa newman what the  __  happened theres nobody even here oh there is there is how do they kill you newman oh youre dead why am i talking to you weve got to stop the terrorists assuming its them alexander help me god forbid you shoot back alexander are you gonna do anything hes shooting me point blank do something alexander you are absolutely pathetic i have to kill all these people myself im dead its whatever im done with this Music all right im joining the nintendo wii server oh my god and the graphics look better than i thought they would be over there oh damn i have a kill streak Music dont shoot me oh my god this gunfight is awful i have my knife oh oh my god im going off going off right now hold it off im not done yet done yet im not done yet im still not done im done i got third place lets go baby out of four though Music you dont play with war yes i do want to play world of war honestly i want to find a really strict lobby last time it was you have to stay crouched the entire game otherwise you get banned i found it to crouch lobby we gotta join this one you see it oh yeah i see it please crouch i got this chest oh  __  cobb is being kicked for using weapon you got kicked i dont even have the right gun unlocked theyre so strict ive never heard of that like who wants to play and just crouched i have no idea oh youre back i stab people i dont know i think were gonna ask this is not the world at war i remember you cant use a pistol outside okay inside can i use a pistol you cant i dont know maybe lets meet up and break the rules and just start a timer see how long it takes us to get banned whoever gets banned first loses okay this dudes watching us hes waiting for us to slip up all right three two one run stop stay said stop running ill be how are we still alive this is actually longer than i thought i dont know i got like three things on my screen that said stop doing that oh i got a warning i see that im shooting and running with the wrong kind oh youve been kicked already i dont know goodbye i saw you disappear and the funny thing is i can just come right back up i just went back yeah im a kick too yeah im going putting back im not running Laughter again im not running and using a pistol outside what do you want me to  __  hold the whole game im gonna spectate you until you get banned you have carved a kick not running its not probably not honestly i thought youd be kicked a lot faster than this oh there you go Music world at war final fronts the only options we have are campaign and options so were gonna go with campaign so were gonna try veteran north carolina in 42 not a good year and one grand look at this auto aim i could be looking over here no way jesus easy i dont want to go i dont feel so good can i can i stay home today going i dont feel so good uh mr aruba get in there i think he just stopped the animation stopped and now hes just like a still image they completely gave up after four seconds of the animation im already inside mr aruba im gonna go up there im just going to the front lines actually im playing veteran i forgot thank god for auto when im gonna do  __  whats happening right here are you okay mr anderson anderson i got your back are you guys need my help open the door oh so sorry buddy are you okay this flamethrower is pretty op i wont lie it would suck if you guys all died and had the exact same death animation you guys okay this looks like the new war zone map where are we landing boys were gonna get out there oh my god almost dead already you okay buddy can you guys just do something like take out that dude what are you for the love of god somebody kill this dude you guys have it shirley there you go look at me im back in school and im the only one working on the project just me i think im done with the campaign its trash Music heres a show soon as a snowman theres an easter egg on the nintendo wow and then id go in a slow yeah you can go in here they did unintentionally or what oh thats intentional theyre leaving all that with this easter egg right here die  __  i could pick up a panther strike i got a phantom strike die your body died Music oh my god this looks awful gotcha  __  theres no way theres dogs in this game there is theres no way im killing this dark okay dogs are impossible to put down i got it i hope someone looks in my window and just sees me playing wilder war on the wii Music im soon as one friend online i wonder who that could be yes oh wait this is a good time for me to show my one montage clip Music i forgot i used to be in a clan not that kind of clan though different kind of clan oh i wasnt assuming anything loser has to delete their channel good luck right there wed have to shake on it we dont shake on things that uh postcode oh my god i did it i felt good die you son of a  __  actually if i win you have to rename your channel to im chaos instead of whos chaos im not changing my nine-year-old channels if you lose this 1v1 ah he doesnt know the rules no bro if you leave you quit oh i just no scoped you one task no scope again damn i win baby im watching this and im gonna trickshot your ass dude oh my god oh second try change your channel name i give that a 7.6 out of 10. you have to lead your channel now sorry Music so why is it called modern warfare mobilized i guess they wanted to like try to separate from the console version by giving it a subtitle oh i could choose my skin it was like two he just with the hat or without a hat oh no this is different if im better at this one already all right i killed somebody before i died no way i dont get alistar here yes the hell aleister nice im on a streak oh yes black ops one you know what time it is okay we found a game this took a long time were playing grid this is the first call of duty i ever played online nothing will ever beat the black ops one era of call of duty actually that might just hit right there oh oh my god that scared the  __  out of me i thought i hit the throwing knife im not getting off this game until i hit a cross map thats just how it is for black ops one you guys know im here he just killed himself oh my god what the  __  i made it to the top of the tower baby whats next for me this oh hes coming up  __  no die what if i ever was hit across map it would it would be right now on this map oh my god here we go i cant  __  this up oh yes oh yeah baby i hit it i found the body i found the victim rest in peace that was my main objective on this game so i guess were done Music wait whats happening are they even mike oh you said my there name a youtuber aint no way im being recognized in a wee lobby are you aiming watch and learn boys oh god oh god seriously theyre in there okay it was last live good job whoa hes here theyve got to be here then hes here my  __  turn oh yes yes i did something damn sure youre leaking your ally code dude  __  nobody had me oh my god youre joking theres no way im getting a crush on how do you throw this again that shits hitting for sure you guys see anybody i do not see anything right now oh weve got to get to the bomb hes cutting it down why are you throwing a tomahawk watch this oh i got him wow its harder than it looks if you used ready oh my god one day that will hit i hope that is today because im not playing this tomorrow but i throw this tomahawk right here this is it i should always be off oh my god holy  __  i actually hit it oh my god on the wii baby the only server rough right now is the only live game i never reacted can you just move my reaction audio over there yeah just yell right now oh no hes back baby im back baby Music hello hows it going man what the  __  are you ready to get  __  on buddy whats happening i gotta click this button up here to aim in i had to stop moving around to amen oh my god i click this up here and now i can throw this thing oh then i could get endless amount of coffees hey crosstalk i want to but itd be so i should wait oh i got somebody oh look at theyre sliding around or not i got him t-bag could you set up for a cross map for me so i can like hit a cross map and tweet it out okay so im gonna throw one and let me know where it goes right as far as i can this might not even reach i can see you guys are you ready yep yeah all right here we go aiming up im running im running i threw it come on baby oh bounce through here we go that ones hitting for sure that ones hitting for sure ah here we go yeah thats good thats good for sure this 100 come on did i get it Music theres a game oh resistance yes the map that ive actually been to in real life this is where i was right here ive been here its just how i remember it besides this body this game was not a memorable game for me i know this is most peoples favorite cod this video is already gonna be an unholy length if you look at the the timer so im sorry that im not doing mw3 justice im just im just playing this game and thats it i definitely have a lot of time played in this game its times like these i realize i have a call of duty problem i play too much of this this godforsaken game and for what reason what do they do for me nothing this is definitely on the better end of call of dutys but personally it wasnt my favorite i was more fan of the treyarch games at the time but i was a wee little lad when i played this so i would play it i would scream in my microphone every time i died im just as trash as i was back then judging by this death streak they got a moab what the  __  i havent seen a moab ever actually that was me on my all your 1000 moabs or something like that i had a  __  count on my xbox have you been updating it in this game i dont know plus one on the ticker they probably just updated their bio oh well we lost and he had a moab probably my fault Music oh my god im in headquarters holy  __  just totally accurate for the game oh god damn it oh im gaming mechanics feel a lot better on this game im throwing my nade oh that might do something oh my god i actually got you i just threw it across the map waiting for each other were moving so well aint no way you just tried to drop shot i have the noob tube i got it i got it you can get away from you buddy no you cant just make a noob tube montage to be honest im ready to move on Music oh my god hello the nintendo ds microphone is not good oh gun game okay nice  __  i died already i spawned for one second i gotta kill no lets go baby this looks just like caldera wait this is the new warzone map it looks like someones right in front of me oh yes that animation was so sad Music black ops 2 my favorite game awesome as a mic that kid is like sick that kid was not born when this game came out why is mr lobster on my team aiden im honestly surprised to see a black ops 2 game where theres no hackers so its kind of nice i mean unless this guys hacking i cant tell how are you invisible oh he isnt oh okay this guys not answering his brother wait what he is invisible i can walk right through him kill the invisible dude oh he got him come on give me that what oh nuketown i mean say less i dont mind oh what just happened carrier i dont mind cara were just there wait is it changing again yeah yeah carrier yeah yeah one of these guys is a hacker i dont know which one it is i dont its probably mr hacker nice i got a kill i did something and theyre arguing everything just feels right right now i feel like it went in a portal back in time oh i got one lets go baby got one oh my gosh 1v1 yes yes no oh my god im retiring im never playing call of duty again this is the worst play ive ever had im sorry to anyone whos on my team and im sorry to anyone whos watching this video ive let you down Music black ops declassified for the ps vita before you ask yes these are definitely my hands this is definitely my gameplay get  __  buddy evacuate safe house i gotta get out of here oh slo-mo no way i definitely didnt ask a viewer for the footage of this on instagram this is essentially black ops 2 for the ps vita they had their own version of it for some reason this actually looks really fun i couldnt afford a ps vita back in the day so i definitely would have played this game if i if i could have whoa buddy yeah look at this  __  jackass you are hurt get to cover ive got to get in and thats it and thats black ops declassified for the ps vita Music oh my god this is awful headshot baby jesus these controls are some of the worst ive ever seen so this is survival were on wave one im just gonna roam around for a minute and get off this game is not worth my time ive never been much of a mobile gamer so um probably the reason ive never heard of this game i can see you buddy i know youre right there thats a  __  knockout punch these punches must hurt unless theres a knife in my hand i couldnt i didnt see the knife wave four hostiles incoming oh theres a lot here this might be where i die just kill me please i want to move on let me move on to the next game there we go Music oh there we go lets go kill somebody originally i was thinking like one kill each oh wait i got one were good to get off were going to get off thanks for playing trophy see you guys later hes a dog look at this dog right here im blocking the dog oh you have the dog i blocked him youre not going anywhere buddy wait let me look at his  __  hes looking healthy looking healthy oh no get back here buddy you didnt pay for that prostrate exam oh wait here we go yes if you dont move you cant come this way either stuck lets just stay here till the game ends we keep you safe buddy dont worry you can take it easy whats on the back there is that what is all this stuff is that a bomb oh its over we did it we completed the mission no dogs were harmed in the making of this video oh we come over to me someones right here they dont know im here so funny lets message him oh my god yeah behind you oh  __  someone just killed him were gonna do the whole behind you thing no way that works in the year 2022. oh theyre there oh really its crisis again i got this im doing it im speed running this message at text oh god so much time come on come on come on yes it went through he went through he went through please open it please hes pretending like he doesnt he he saw for sure he did he stopped for a second he had to silly yeah he read it he stopped he opened it success all right Music weve made it to advanced warfare you might be asking yourself i never asked for this this is out of the blue and thats where youre correct either way were gonna try and jump into a game here retreat team deathmatch oh this map who just shot me what just killed me what is this oh my god its a hacker okay my sole goal now is to kill the hacker jesus christ hes going off hows he doing this im changing it to a grenade launcher this is the only way im killing him i got 50 seconds oh wait come on no i got him okay here we go we get the hacker were good i mean its over what is a sad sad game oh ill get another game okay forget about that one were on to the next year now were playing fair and square oh i killed him oh my god what oh no here we go whoa i dont even see them how am i how am i doing this oh my eyes why is it so bright im actually having fun here im not sure because im actually killing them im invisible wait i forgot this is a thing how do they see me how do they see me thats not very visible oh my god you can double jump and slam i need to try this watch this the grand slam wow hit marker Music were recording playing black ops 3. oh my god yes stronghold holy  __  whats up guys ive returned to black ops 3. i cant believe were here like we never left oh my god pathways gonna get a ninja defuse look at his stance hes invisible yes please hes planning go for it oh my god this might work hes a professional no wait oh my god youre just that easy your moms easy i forgot i spent 1600 on weapons in this game like supply drops could you pay for my back surgery by chance i could probably do that yeah with all of my black upstream money i could probably do that for you all the money off the back of three vids oh you need a back surgery i got you this game seven years old and this is a game wait this game is seven years old  __  it im buying supply drops look at powerful look at this stance youll never be seen please dont see him how does he get the how does he get away with this whoa god damn it i know its an amazing spot my opinion this was the last good call of duty well modern warfare was good but for me this is the very last one this things just lobby little moves i feel like an  __  leaving whatever i dont even know the funny guy  __   __  now if we connect again then it would look like  __  though youre hitting the blame for this i dont think so thor stop backing over what the hell no thor no oh my god a new lobby Laughter for your head youre that guy oh  __  thats him oh my god youre getting red i didnt hear a single word Music oh my god there he is im here excited for your first game not really still level one after you bought the game and you never played are you think ill find a game or no i dont know if anyones gonna be playing this in  __  2021. surely somebody is ah that would too hey brisley is this your second time playing stuff is here in this video is going to be us because nobodys playing it i can buy some supply drops badger still that feature in the game oh my god i got a vpr glide i dont believe you i got it i swear to god between this out earned one headshot its not that hard isnt it the hard part about it is finding people to play i cant even get a one-hand shot if i wanted to let me boot you from the lobby and im gonna just go in smd oh i found you wait what were in the same game oh did you queue up when you joined session so we really are the only two people they really put you in my lobby and youre not even from north america im in theres a full lobby you ready no lets get one head shot and get out of here okay just one headshot headshot soon as i get a headshot im off this game offers nothing zero im having no fun nothing unfun oh this is the game where you can do the crazy slides boom now die nice another one another one headshot double headshot so much head wait i got it i got it were done im backing out okay moving on okay i can install it now you can understand Music oh my god hello come in lets play surely we find a lobby in this one how you doing Music why are you playing this game im gonna spawn here come get a with me oh theyre right here headshot two kills i need more three i have an o another kill oh another one no i died yeah marker thats awful what the hell is this dude doing i just stabbed him with the beer bottle how are they so bad though theyre awful theyre even shooting hey guys good game a game there thats nice theres good sportsmanship from you yeah again im so bad i just saw myself twice it killed me the second time im still one kill with this beer bottle and ill be good Music im good to go yeah yeah definitely were done yeah im backing out whats the next uh world war two you have that uh yeah Music hey jeez look at this look at this come down you dont see him oh yeah i got a bug juice wow the dab just in time when would i ever use that theres a 1v1 game mode right thats where the gulag started right yeah this is the original is it me versus you oh my god it is good luck out there oh oh its not over where are you nowhere nice my game like crashed really yeah oh yeah what are you doing on world war ii today i dont know the other games suck i played this from a while ago and it just brings me memories how do you have memories of this game if youre like six years old when it came out have you seen that video on youtube where the guy played every single cod oh no hey guys hey guys hey are someone talking smash has returned in like seven call of dutys whats the game plan they planted the bomb oh my god i got a wall bang and guardian bro i didnt want to turn my hacks on but you were camping in the corner so thats the game over wait really that was fast you got one kill lets enjoy the diffuse b okay this would be good its right here behind me they wont see us here actually i heard a grunt maybe theyre here oh diffuse oh my god these distract them they dont know wait will they wait where are they did i actually just get this infused oh my god theres no way of a first attempt get ninja defused  __  yeah no ones there Music anyone play black ops 4. justin look for you man i have it installed oh i hate this map oh god that guys grappling how do you do that can i grapple into anything oh my god i can youre like spiderman all right you know why this game sucks why is that they didnt texture the dogs  __  thats why this game sucks thats probably their biggest flaw they forgot that what do you think about um yeah it feels like black ops 3 just worse im not sure what even makes a cop good so im not sure why im even the one making this video look im shaking my hips you see that about  __  time damn he just he just swore its kind of fricked lets get a friend request hell no i dont want any black ops 4 friends kidding me im never playing this again im venting a big sus when the imposter is us i got him yo dude just cause were famous doesnt mean we have to join your party dude xbox celebrities were all so  __  famous dude yeah i got recognized in a black of sweet lobby six months ago basically famous yeah im on cameo now thats how you know you made it im on cameo you can pay to have me say things oh its a dog weve got to see its  __  there it is there it goes  __  its not detailed its not detailed its the sole reason this game flopped Music im playing call of duty mobile all right so when you go into multiplayer theres newton on cod mobile if only theres game volume of some sort while theyre looking at me they aim in again they might even shoot theyre dying on their own oh my gosh im insane they have it so it auto shoots like im not actually clicking the trigger these graphics are so good i didnt click anything there i just aimed in dont even need to shoot ai got me like im playing on 4k on my 3-inch phone mvp i was there for one minute that was a multiplayer game so those are real people theres a gunsmith on the phone are you kidding me this is why the recent cards have been asked theyre just focusing on cod mobile i have zero cod points but i need it were back on newtown is this the only map amen buddy easy never been easier theyre spawning in front of me i did no idea you didnt even need to shoot like in auto shoots like whats the skill in this game if you dont even shoot your gun oh no im definitely not here oh no way no flamethrower them in the spine die you son of a  __  no way these are real players holy  __  why am i alive why am i alive what oh playing crash nice i played this map on like eight call of dutys they gave me a shotgun im gonna go camp then shoot nice im sure if you guys can hear the leaking audio i dont know what this is gonna sound like oh my gosh no way im gonna piss myself its crazy how far mobile games have came since since when i first got an ipod touch i used to play the zippo lighter game ill show you the zippo lighter app and i just flick it open turn a lighter on and make the sound effect now you have 4k fps games against real players i did so much better than everybody else that dudes in the fortnite dance Music yo yo hows it going okay i cant hear you i have i have a problem i think you have a voice changer i dont know if you can hear me yeah i can hear you at a super high pitch because i i cannot hear you yeah your voice all right hang on all right hello oh yeah yeah baby modern warfare 2019 grandma keeps killing me man you wanna have a conversation with mine no yeah the guys name is your grandma yours or someone elses but im not sure probably not mine is your grandma dead or something shes good shes good im gonna take this video over yes i mean do you want to play 40 call of dutys absolutely not yeah i know this map like in the back of my hand we actually do know this yeah this is classic its a certified hood classic ill defend b ill be at a then were an impenetrable force i saw a person okay im coming theres only one person so its the person dude hes here holy  __  im gonna pistol ill push ill push wait what oh there he is oh get him oh what the  __  ill close this yeah youll clutch this ladies and gentlemen hes dead yeah final round all right this is it this is overtime did not know i wasnt ending for such an intense gaming experience peak entertainment clear Music thats like a whole second later youve actually given me ptsd thats all ive gotten from this experience i played this old ass map im a call of duty historian today so i heard call of duty historians get tons of  __  uh do you need us to record anything for this no that should be fine because we cant have too good of a good time because i only need one minute and theres theres three of us here so okay i cant i cant have too much fun well have a mediocre time lets have this okay time here we just go  __  ask the butts and we just get like 20 kills each of that more than a minute in this video why are we wearing head jobs sorry i cant she just asked that question yeah come on dude this is a goons recording fellas this is big oh this is huge ill get in the turn oh hell yeah oh yeah i got you i got you there we go easy just roll him over okay there we go they just werent moving have you won a game before like duo solo so many smitty and grizzy and puffer carry me all the time they win and i just stand there thats how it would be sometimes thats exactly how itd be this is the b squad here theyre kind of more like a make-a-wish squad the great value marines one ran down oh no i shouldnt have left i shouldnt have left we are sitting inside of a tank that does not have any bullet resistance oh my god this is a flyable plane so we just get in the plane no its literally right against a pole oh oh yeah oh we have to run yeah we gotta go theyre gonna be over here whoa oh hes on top of that thing right on top come on run vlog  __  it oh no he doesnt know what to do okay oh man well thats pretty valiant thats thats pretty good that wont lie for a combined iq of 29 Music yo how you doing so whats your favorite part about call of duty cold war im watching you do something oh what the  __  hes getting it off yo blake looking chad is that you bro thats like just a randomized number you see that youre blake is that you bro im laying here until somebody compliments me you have a nice blue shirt and um your pants are kind of cool compliment my personality you have a nice personality that works that works can i still play basketball on this game oh i forgot about this i said that yeah boom wow that went in for sure holy crap bang dirty what chat look at me guys chad where are you everyone pay attention come over here guys listen listen to me sounds so funny i hit this you on your head all right give me that  __  head oh you missed you missed what youre such a liar off the rim i so  __  hit ill suck your dick anyways do you see this last ball here yeah oh watch this no way the two piece wow no yes oh my god now you owe me head oh my god what is happening i just dunked on you guys oh my god oh my god what is happening  __  is wrong with these people it hurts my brain worst oh i just heard it again in the lobby Music come on vanguard do you guys um play vanguard  __  ease the  __  up  __  Music what the  __  is that noise yeah theyre laughing right oh is it the elf a little green outfit why is this  __  tied up i think youre supposed to shoot that oh there it is is that frank woods what do we need what do we need to do for the video just i dont even know to be honest just get like a kill and im only doing each game for like 40 seconds hed been there for many things lets Music 6s you dont even got an iphone case you little  __  iphone 6s no case oh my god you think ill be good at this game right now oh get  __  on buddies get  __  cream  __  what if you die and you resurrect as a furry like in your next life immediate suicide Laughter microphone  __  your mic sucks ass god there it sucks hey erics kids what are you doing right now do the dishes eric your microphone sucks definitely talking to his whole family on the tv right there whats a good way to summarize vanguard to end this segment off watered down dog  __  Music weve done it weve played every single call of duty that was actually made by activision a besides cartoon pocket pc edition cut online which is offline now and one more for two remastered campaign because that was just a money grab im not gonna buy it or play it so without looking at my previous years uh rankings im gonna go ahead and put whatever i feel is right and then ill look back to see what i did in the last video and compare it were gonna start with cod one i mean its not its not good but i cant say its f pod three thats a bit better it gets better with cod three pod four this is still some peoples favorite game i might move that up later but right now its a b one for two hey its not an s tier for me and the mechanics were ahead of their time i would say for for just nine okay this is some peoples favorite game but for me to see i cant stand this  __  black ops one hey i went really quick you guys just watched this long ass video i feel bad that this video was this long i really wanted to make it under 25 minutes and i believe that i was gonna do that until i started recording nw3 this is my opinion by the way this is not you know how theyre actually ranked it should be an a its its a good game but its not mine its not for me black ops 2 a i have a trailer bias goes for me its a c i know you guys are mad are you guys are mad i know i know vance warfights a d for me actually not just c im gonna go around and change these after uh and adjust them any way i feel fit i would put black ops three at s tier but its not as good as the first two so i might keep it at a if it were for f absolute worst game ever created dont know why that was even made one more remastered ill put it at c theres a theres such thing as a nostalgia lock and thats what it is we we think highly of these games we played them early on in the fps scene now theres nothing that were gonna be set were not gonna be satisfied with anything unless its a title that actually you know lasts for longer than a year world war two its a c black ops four thats an absolute f not sure what they were thinking i made the last ranking right when this game came out and i dont think i like the game too much but since its been out i gotta start doing this to like make you guys think im gonna put it somewhere but since its been out honestly i would say to my top five call of dutys war zone this isnt even a full game its free its just a battle royale but its fine im like most of the stuff that came out in the past eight years cold war for me this is the d i cant stand that game and i never want to play again vanguard ill put at c theres the rankings i forgot code cod mobile the cloud mobile graphics are honestly really good i cant say its a b though i mean just better than all these games i thought id see it im going to upgrade some to b here um one needs to be a b i cant put vanguard at b but i cant put these games at b either i might keep it like this you know what ill take a war zone down from a to b but warzone is the most promising out of all these i would say because its still active its the best thing they have going for them in my opinion let me go look at my other ones now okay im skipping through my video wait this is about the same oh i have an eat here wait what happened to my list uh b b yes yes oh i did that as well its like im the same person im personally a treyarch guy oh my god i put it in b2 no way i put that at a i might have to throw it at the d they had snoop dogg and thats kind of they didnt have they did have snoop dogg personally thats the games you see the uh treyarch influence here okay i just said that this is insane oh my god whats he gonna do please and thats it im done  __  call of duty im never playing this goddamn franchise again i was looking to trade them in if thats possible yeah uh you have one yeah i have some in the car yeah yeah just bring me we get scared to see which ones okay oh my god okay hello oh no i should have stacked them like separately i still using like you know ebay or something but i kind of want to get them off my hands how much think i can get for these so far the highest youre getting just one of these gonna be six dollars for them oh yeah so far with just these 49 49 oh no shot no shot no shot no shot no shot if you want to do it itll be a 89 credit uh 71 cash 71 cash okay now ill get you right here thats good Music steam hair treatment I did it.. now you can stop asking me to play call of dutyBehind the scenes: Likes so I can join his clan? 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