Black Ops 3 is Permanently Unplayable.

Steaming broccoli microwaveadd steam game via app CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS steam black ops 3 is broken forever and there will never be a permanent fix a lot of people ask me why dont i play with noah or milo or chopper anymore just like how you see in these custom zombies gameplays like we used to do and this is solely because within the last one to two years there has been a client that has been uploaded onto black ops 3 which not only harms you if you go online you can actually steal someones ip and ddos them you can crash their game and send them errors you can join their game and basically screw up in the entirety of the of black ops 3s online service and this mod menu was initially used to just get crypto keys for multiplayer and also liquid nividium for black ops 3 which i mean i get like if the games life cycle is over and a lot of you might be asking well okay theres a fix people have been making patches for these yes these patches have been released but unfortunately there are the virginity is rampant so hard within these hackers that they decide to make a whole new mod menus and specifically test them on youtubers and streamers and speedrunners such as myself and make sure that we will never ever be able to play this game online ever again there is never going to be a solution for this and black ops 3 will be permanently broken on ps4 and xbox you can get away with it even though there are hackers that can still join your lobby and do malicious things however on pc you cant even play the game theres no way that you can literally load up and play a game online anymore it is simply impossible the only way that you this gameplay that youre seeing on your screen right now could ever come to life anymore is through an offline lan party which is simply impossible considering a lot of youtubers are stationed miles or hundreds or even thousands of miles away from each other and it is absolutely disgusting to see that treyarch and activision are doing absolutely nothing about this granted people were actually messaging messaging them such as myself to make the mod menu more aware to them such as me and milo and saying guys like this is a serious issue not only like yes theres hackers in the older games like world at war black ops black ops 2 and such as that but its never this bad and i made a tweet about it a couple days ago that i dont work music made a video about but look at this you can see all of the people that are online in this game so anybody can be taken down anybody can be sent an error or crash or their server reloaded or your dlc can be corrupted it is disgusting how much that they can do with this and milo actually brought up a great point saying what hurts even more is i mentioned this directly to treyarch multiple times with the last contact being exactly one year ago and they completely stopped investigating the issue now i was also reading my tweets as well and they were saying a lot of this was solely due to the fact that its something to do with steam but the problem is is that i truly dont believe that because this has also happened to me on black ops 4 when i went for my first attempt at my class 5 round 150 run they actually took me down on round 94 on the battle net client and even though thank goodness there are some people in the community such as anthony here whos releasing patches for certain mod developers and certain mod menus its just not enough because i feel like even with these patches ive tried running the games with these patches i tried downloading them even though its super malicious and super scary because its just some random patch that somebody has made because treyarch will not make it themselves every time ive ran a patch on stream to try and play online it doesnt work and i dont know if the solution here is for me to make an account because just like i showed you guys with the mod menu before you can literally see anybody whos online and you can literally boot off the entire server of the game now on console like i said i dont think its as bad because yes black ops 2 and black ops 1 and world of wars had hackers in the past and yeah its not as bad they dont have as much access but now with the way that bl3 is ported there will never be a version of this game on plutonium just because of the fact that its such an online game and i dont believe that they will ever recreate this game just because of the fact theres legal issues now with crypto keys and also um liquid video but the problem is is that if there is no plutonium version of black ops 3 theres no incentive for people to even play this game now because the only way you can physically play this game is literally by going offline you can never play a game with your friends ever again on this game and thats why i literally saw hidden experience tweet on the tweet saying hey i wanted to go into black ops 3 modules then i discouraged them i said dont because literally i dont even understand why custom mappers are making maps for this game anymore because you cant play public matches online anymore if you have somewhat of a personality if youre on youtube if youre speed running at all like if they you will just be targeted and taken down and i believe its only a matter of time before nobody will be able to even play this game anymore and so its literally becoming unplayable and i dont understand how treyarch and activision are doing nothing about it apparently i was reading like i said and its something to do with steam however again like i said i dont believe with that because of the battle net issues and i believe that eventually all of these bad hacks and stuff are going to be going into the games that are coming out later so like black ops cold war and then soon to be called woody vanguard they purposely make sure that these mod menus are not in the game until the life cycle of the game is just out of sight and then they ruin the game with the mods and ive never seen it so bad in a video game like this where literally this footage of me playing with my friends will never ever happen again it will never ever happen again no matter what unless we all go to one spot and play on a lan server or something and this is really sad to me because not only is black ops 3 one of the only games still being developed for a lot of custom mappers to enjoy theres just so much less incentive now to play because honestly its not hard for you now to load up black ops 3 they can literally find your ip they can literally find anything and take you down in an instant and that is why im making this video as an emergency announcement basically as a public service announcer for people to be extremely cautious when playing online black ops 3. i never load up this game online anymore because im genuinely horrified to see what happened ive played a lot of other plutonium servers where people have found my ip and basically ddos my entire router and stuff and this is absolutely disgusting and its sad to me that i dont think treyarch and activision will ever fix this and the reason why is because i literally just saw a tweet today where somebody went to download the modern warfare 2 beta which is just happening today and look at how sad this is it says 2019 activision on the modern warfare 2 beta they literally copy and pasted the same game and probably made a couple changes the rich do nothing to get richer and this is what kills me inside because i know theres legal implications between making the plutonium version or a modded version of black ops 30 accessible to everyone like they did for black ops 2 and recently for black ops 1 they cant do it for this game because of the legality of the cryptokeys and liquid divinium which makes no sense because if they cant do it for that game why dont they just fix the game in general you know so now were at a point where black ops 3 is literally become unplayable for an online service yes you can still play custom apps online yes theres a way to get ultra rare megas and mega gobble gums offline and stuff and that is what ive been doing to recently play black ops 3 but its sad because the best part about custom zombies in my opinion is playing with your friends and enjoying a whole new experience together and it just ruins that entire aspect completely and i dont know what to do i know merc music made a video about this theres been no response i know milos been messaging people at frederick theres been no response theres never going to be a response and im making this video essentially to tell you that i believe black ops 3s life cycle is officially over it really has solidified that the last year or two has been completely destroyed by literal children having access to mod menus and being able to date down so many peoples amazing and hard work on custom maps and so if youre a custom mapper and youre leaving and you dont want to make games or anything or maps for this game i dont blame you i think this is an absolute disgusting way to treat people and their customers of people that have been such a long time fans of zombies such as myself and honestly if this is just the way that things continue to persist i have such a lack of urgency to even post call of duty now and im at this point now with my channel where i dont really know necessarily what to do anymore just because so many things have literally just instantly changed for the worst you know call of duty black ops 3 with all this modding and hacking has instantly changed for the worst now you also have a bunch of stuff where youtubes algorithm is also exceedingly just changed for the worse and nothing is really what it was when i started you know when i started youtube i loved it i loved how wild it was i love how you could express yourself and be a completely different person and now if you dont follow the exact mr beast algorithm to the t you will instantly get put down on a lesser run than somebody else and i cant stand this man its ridiculous and honestly its making me wonder if i should even be a youtuber at all if i should literally just give up and do something else because i just dont know what to do at this point and a lot of other zombie youtubers are also in the same boat where we have no idea what to do and it seems like call of duty is just shutting down and nobody cares not even the developers of call of duty not even treyarch and not even infinity ward literally nobody cares and its sad it makes me feel like im hopeless it makes me feel like theres no answer it makes me feel like theres nothing i can do and i think this is essentially going to mark the end of call of duty zombies as we know it at least for black ops 3 and i know there are still custom mappers like virko and stuff making transit and buried and die rise and stuff and its awesome to see that but its just sad to know that all of this means nothing at the end of the day because of a bunch of hackers with the mod menu that could be easily fixed if activision and trailer actually understood what the problem was it would go back to their older games but because black ops 3 is now a seven year old game theyre not ever going to fix it and that is why this video i guess marks the death of black ops 3 for a lot of people and so i dont know what to say i hope you guys enjoyed the video let me know if you guys have anything you want to say in the comments about this because i feel lost and i feel like theres no answer and uh its discouraging me to play call of duty zombies anymore and to be honest i i might just be quitting so it is what it is best car game on steam STREAMING LIVE SOON: ------------------------------------------- 👕 MERCH 👕 ------------------------------------------- SOCIAL MEDIA ø My 2nd Channel: ø Twitter: ø Instagram: ------------------------------------------- #bo3 #broken ------------------------------------------- SECRET LINK: steam cloud play games list mod games on steam deck how to get a refund 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