ROAD TO BLACK OPS COLD WAR! - Call of Duty Black Ops - Part 1

How to make steam games open on second monitorhow long to steam cabbage CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS steam hey guys and welcome back to call of duty but not just any call of duty welcome back to call of duty black ops you know ive actually never played the story of black ops in this channel and the reason being is because the last time that i played the story of black ops was in 2010 and if i told you that i remember 10 minutes of the story i probably would be lying to you because i think i was like 19 or 20 years old when i played it and its its been a really really long time and i havent touched it since so i am here to relive this experience but for a reason of course call of duty black ops cold war has been leaked and well supposedly it is directly linked to call of duty black ops 1. it is actually a sequel to call of duty black ops one so what better time than now to revisit this legendary campaign not only for you guys but for myself and um i at least want to do one episode i would love to do the series if you guys would like to see a full series your daily drop it a like and without further ado sit back relax and lets do this wake up wake up where am i this is gonna be great wheres rays enough you will answer our questions do you understand who the hell are you thats not important whats important is who you are whats your name  __  you where were you born kiss my ass your name is alex mason being born in fairbanks alaska in 1961 you served in a cia assassination team known as operation dont know what youre talking about the numbers this is one of the best campaigns ever dude lets start at the beginning cuba 1961 the bay of pigs we know you were there now i personally loved this game because it was based on cuba and i was born there and i think this game actually was banned in cuba i know when youre lying just crazy what happened we all got killed theres no use lying mason we know you went in with whats in bowman what bowman we went in to kill castro oh my god now im playing on the computer so this might be a little weird by the way im playing this on the computer because i dont know i wanted it to be a little bit higher quality its been a while so just so you dont know so you get what we need plantation this actually looks pretty good our attack on the airfield should distract them enough to get you i tried uh plugging in the gamepad which is the controller and it sucks like the support on this game for the controller is terrible on the pc so it doesnt even have like the console aim assist or anything like that especially for the campaign which is kind of necessary or it helps a lot right mouse to aim down the sight so i thought hey might as well just uh practice a little bit on the mouse and keyboard which im really bad all right baby all right so im actually for the very first time playing a campaign on the computer wait a minute hold on you telling me i got this grenade launcher already hit him with that new two not a problem i i remember this multiplayer map too one of my favorite maps ever well just keep uh honestly spamming this uh contest here in the meantime i will be trying out the gamepad the controller regardless just to see if i can do something with it but i didnt want to give it a go on the mouse and keyboard im supposed to follow woods but hes not going anywhere oh sorry carlos oh run out of noob tubes no bueno hold on hold on whoa whoa whoa whoa what the frick is that hold on hold on okay lets get out of here oh no run run run run run run i will see you with me what are my friends asuka we got celia cruz in the back Applause please tell me i could not copyright strike this video Music they got it on the radio hopefully that doesnt trigger anything so this campaign was legendary holy crap Music what the  __  theres a compound carlos and his men should be in the airfield any minute theres a signal now hook up all right this is it all right here we go so do i want a zip line sure of course i want a zip line what else are we gonna do not zip line we got a zip line you know what im talking about oh oh hello there boys so the objective is to find and kill castro which is the president of cuba thats thats why this game was banned in cuba because you killed his president thats him right there youre all focused on the airfield all right ive actually swapped over to the controller just in case you know what i just dont feel too comfortable you dont have the aim assist here unfortunately which is really really helpful for the campaign but uh whatever i will be following you my dear friend i think the same guy that uh did woods in this game is not in in cold war which really sucks left flank all right we got this castro you will die today i think we catch him in his bedroom or something like red-handed like i think with a woman or something i forgot but i remember it being pretty hilarious now there is no aim assist here holy hell if you guys play on console you know that no aim assist on a controller is literally a freaking beer for good reason weve been trying to get him for three years todays the day we succeed todays the day actually i dont even remember if black ops one had aim assist on the campaign to be honest thats how long ago i played it im gonna have to rely on my accurate right hand right right right thumbstick precision hold on hold hold on we got an rpg wheres that rpg at oh hold up hold up hold up hold up come on i almost killed myself with that one got him and well take him out they came up what okay see normally if the aim is this would have been um enabled that would have definitely uh locked onto the target easily automatically you just spam lt when you have aim assist and just auto auto locks onto the enemies but nope not here not today oh look at these guys right here thinking theyre gonna do something about  __  lets go freaking sorry im speaking spanish but you know i gotta play the role here you know what im saying even though mason doesnt really speak spanish but uh were in cuba weve got to accommodate to the situation weve just learned spanish in a matter of minutes or at least lets pretend like we did right oh what am i doing dont do that i dont think they saw me dude get in position ill take this thats it you ready to make history damn i forgot it was that quick damn he was so young there he looks so young obviously this is like in the uh Music industrial support is a fanatical in the devotion moment the target is down the word from carlos isnt good youre fairly old now they got half the cuban army down there aint hitting anything okay run away i remember this being pretty crazy because um when this game came out i had a cousin that had just come from cuba and he was living with me for like multiple years and i introduced him to moderator for two and then black ops one so he came from cuba like recently and then he started playing this game where you literally killed his president its not like he liked the president or anything but he was just like holy  __  you were actually clean castro thats something that in cuba its its just not allowed so he was kind of like freaking out about it you know then he became like a really big fan of this game we got this we got the snort im really trying my best to aim as best as i possibly can with the right stick i know for those of you that play on pc youre like what do you mean you use aimlesses but trust me if you play console you know that its pretty rough without it on a controller what does that do sound like ice cube hold on hold on hold on hold on let me swap over to this okay so im actually gonna head this way oh oh oh wait a minute oh  __  the sugar canes you guys ever been to one of these theyre pretty crazy they secured that event he aint let us down yet all right get to the airfield here we go rebels are getting their asses kicked better get down there hook up well next to rappel okay i remember this very vaguely but i remember it man its cool all right let me swap weapons i feel like a freaking slope over this on oh my god the evil of not having a limited sprint bro look at this every two seconds i got a freaking run again its okay were still alive we got this weve got this protect the plane oh baby come on you know i must found this you know this man unlimited bullets and a fat ass lmg oh god oh god ill just keep spamming the gun you know i think thats gonna be the tactic here just keep spamming the trigger look at that we are totally creating fireworks right here boys oh god hold on i think theres a freaking hold on hold on hold on hold on oh shoot just go get out of here yo how cool would have been if you could deploy one of those things oh in multiplayer if you could deploy one of those zbus i think they call them and then like control it that would be sick we killed you no you killed the double you think we didnt know your plan we always know do within what you wish general is my gift to you in honor of our new relationship just make sure that he suffers he will know suffering beyond his darkest fears i forgot the council lived i have plans for you american oh he did greg of it sure did it was a setup they knew we were coming oh oh what didnt they do he said oh  __  be careful now why didnt castro just kill you why did he give you the dragon  __  his castro and dragovich were working he had to together just to survive what happened i was on my own almost a year frank mason what did they do ive given up hope of ever getting out but victor reznor found a way right america my friend gotta be honest this game story is insane yes and this is how we become friends i saved your life rest now amazing every journey begins with a single step this is step one security now we take i think thats how they became friends or there was a plan all along oh dude this is sick bro oh freaking get away from me dude this campaign is so sick and im already tired allow me to introduce come on man what are you doing im supposed to be following you here youre trailing behind oh were about to go into hell right now ladies and could trust gentlemen with my life he and us are not so different we are all soldiers without an arm betrayed for god abandoned we are all brothers dude i cant believe its been so long since i last played this man Music thats right baby ill pick up this aggro handgun just in case rest of your men must know this suicide victory cannot be achieved without sacrifice mason with russians now this better than anyone i just just run into the freaking hell hole that is so messed up man oh theyre here we just used them as freaking big okay so ill have them pushed while i clear the area sure why not weve gotta be extra careful here i gotta stay close to my friends oh man i dont know why but like you know how like sometimes you remember like some random things about a story for some reason this is one of those things that i remember very vividly yes sir we cant gotta stay behind him at all times we must not die okay rest off what is step three your call come on here we go all right here we go i saw you this way right here man you dont have to scream literally right next to you relax okay hes gonna take a while so you know what ill go over here and uh what about you reznor but i plan to work we need every man to play his spa step four unleash the horde i will rally the man how do i take a look at the intel i dont remember this our score streak better yet why is this not a scorestream how cool would this be that would be too cool look at that bro that would be insane like some sort of method of the slingshot there we go how do we achieve step five masons weapon will soon be ready should the lock mess up oh believe me i will spam this shotgun my guy did not shoot me i dont know why but im kind of glad he did it god i freaking love this campaign it just feels so refreshing because i havent played it in so long so its not like the model warfare ones where where you know i freaking played them over and over this ones one that i have not played in a long time and honestly the last time that i played it uh it was my first and last so we gotta be careful with that if i can sneak in there oh sorry i was a prisoner gotta go in here i might want to get out of here no okay were good and this right here oh i thought this is a multiplayer map or a part of it i dont think it is here we go this is what i was looking for you all know what to do man call of duty has changed so much over the years its incredible and honestly i dont know if its for the good or for the past oh look at these dudes look at these dudes well theyre coming in hot with what looks to be some sort of riot shield is that what youre trying to do here i will use that right shield to my advantage Music oh we got an ak with a grenade launcher sure why not oh all right here we go okay oh oh no Music wow the freaking entrance was right here oh my goodness like i dont even miss that oh will the fist of iron hold on give me a sec here better than nothing right hold on hold on man i need to relax okay youre an npc you gotta understand that im a freaking Music this guy keeps screaming the entire freaking time its like bro im gonna go imagine if they remade this this uh this game sure why not got you brother one second oh freaking heck got this bro i got we have a decent amount of bullets left oh look at that collateral come on come on come on come on come on come on come on oh i missed yes dont worry about that they aint got to tell me twice lets freaking go oh wow howd that not hit me wait a minute i thought i had seven uh i dont know why i thought i had 70 bullets left i actually had 700. god this campaign is awesome Music man alex mason really did some crazy  __  huh you really didnt do that thing thats right baby lets freaking go wow i just killed my own brothers im sorry i am sorry brother sorry bro that im about to swap over now drop this lmg look at the boot hey im using geogas oh no thats not good yeah thats not good oh what a lad huh i used tear you never gas me the door will not hold them forever we do not have much time within the shine to the hypocritical decadence of our kutas leaders plays the key to step 8 freedom this actually looks pretty decent on the computer i mean im playing it on 2k graphics so it does look pretty decent oh  __  lets freaking go theyre not letting us go without a fight dude thats crazy how do you even survive this thankfully this is a video game but in real life no no prisoner would survive nothing like that like this is crazy and thankfully we have shotguns that blow up vehicles in one shot right apparently catch you later losers oh dude this should be a thing in war zone a motorcycle that you can drive like this and shoot people like this this would be insane although very overpowered got him oh my god too much heat right now baby god damn i miss this classic  __  back the cold war is gonna be a sequel to this i can already feel it its gonna be a classic ladies and gentlemen its gonna be a classic i dont know where the train is at man your turn come on step 8 fresno freedom for you mesa not for me and that was the last you saw victor isnt at least for a while wow i forgot dude i dont remember any of that after your escape you were assigned to jason hudson of the cia how could he trust you when he knew that victor resnoff helped you break he was my friend but he didnt make it out victor resnoff was a communist how did the cia know you werent compromised they tested me they knew i wouldnt break and i wont break now the government wanted they wanted you to kill them yeah there were others others i was supposed to kill you were cleared for duty and summoned to the pentagon hudson couldnt tell me he didnt have clearance your cowboys ready sir welcome to the pentagon Music were late secretary mcnamara your reputation precedes you step on it nothing less than our national security is at stake he has no fear no conscience no weakness this is nikita dragovich i believe you two have already met when do i kill him were lucky to have you back mason oh  __  damn this is gold this is this is a classic dude this is literally a timeless classic right here the music vip easier i felt like everyone was watching this and watching me the music bro i think you couldnt trust anyone sometimes even yourself thats why were here right here 24 7. it never ends we were watching you the whole time clearance prospero dude the music is insane distinguished hearings kept hearing numbers distinguished couldnt get them out of my head ariel yeah piece yeah thats right  __  put some respect on my name we heard something ignoring what listen the nerve center i believe im correct in saying that civilization has been saved more than once in this room if i was in a dream it was working it never gets old overwhelming isnt it not yet sycorax the center sanctum was built in 1943. we rarely used thank you mr secretary good luck mason mr president agent mason great honor mr president sit bro we are in grave danger from the communists our freedom our very way of life is at risk dragovich im told that you are the very best that we have anywhere you will need to be mr mason take care of it sir yes sir executive order operation rip out the heart of their space program eradicate their long-range missile project take out the ascension group nazis scientists co-opted by the russians after the war yes she needed their knowledge what theyd learned his mission was to sabotage the rocket if something went wrong i cant get these  __  numbers out of my head game pass with steam Call of Duty Black Ops 1 Campaign Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - This series will include the full game and full story of Call of Duty Black Ops 1 (COD BO1) from beginning to ending. 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