BLACK OPS 1 KINO DER TOTEN ROUND 115 CHALLENGE! (Part 1 - Round 1-50 Strategy)

Difference between stem and steamretro steam games CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS steam foreign Music what is going on everybody welcome back to another live stream here on my channel tonight as you guys can see by the title we are doing the one of the hardest things you possibly can do on Black Ops 1 zombies and that is going to a high round as you guys know Black Ops 1 zombies is not an easy zombies but it is most likely a zombies you guys have grown up playing over the years of your lives and I figured we should give this challenge another go because the highest weve ever been to on Kino Black Ops 1 is 104. so we were six rounds off of 115 Challenge and I know we can get this 115 challenge but this is just gonna take a couple streams attempts theres a couple Stream parts so this is gonna be part one of the stream so this is just gonna be us going to round 1 to 50 and then at 50 were gonna go ahead and pause it so you guys might be familiar with this because I did this like a couple years ago back um and like I said I got to around 104 106. I cant remember it was a one around it was around one of those two rounds but we are super super close obviously it was devastating to die at that Hive around because we spent like four days on that stream and for us to die so close but yet so far it was really really brutal but Im gonna do everything in my power to make sure we get this round 115 Im going to sweat like no other so I hope you guys ready for this guys if you guys do just take a second hit the like button do whatever you guys do get as many likes as you guys possibly want on this um but it is good to see you guys out here um but yeah everything should be ready to go um but yeah hope you guys had a great weekend Im ready for this so the next day Im gonna stream I I normally stream three days out of the week which is Sunday all right it goes It goes Tuesday Thursday and then Sunday but were gonna go ahead and just go all out so were gonna go Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday and I think that might be enough I think Wednesday will be the day that were either Gonna Make It or Break It um so yeah its gonna be a tough tough thing to do but I know we can do it like I said um its just gonna take a long long time um so hopefully you guys have some patience with me because Im gonna be sat here grinding for you guys so I hope you guys do appreciate it um but yeah welcome out everybody good to see you guys out here it has been a pleasure to do these streams the past couple months and I hope you guys are enjoying them I really honestly have been enjoying them um its not gonna be a speed round donation pump starting this off thanks for streaming appreciated Windsor please with heart thank you so much for the 10. Im glad youre enjoying the streams thank you so so much for the support that goes for everybody out here just joining the streams donating leaving a like watching whatever it may be I appreciate you guys being out here seriously thank you guys so so much for all this um but yeah thank you again for the 10 winter I really do appreciate it let the positivity keep flowing boys Let the Good Vibes keep flowing and uh I guess lets just get straight into it because this is probably going to be about a two and a half hours maybe three and a half hour stream I dont really know um but yeah we are going to take our time were not gonna go down Im gonna try to go Flawless all the way and probably I want to go Flawless for at least 175. if we can go Flawless for one to 75 Ill be pretty pretty happy but I would honestly the best case scenario would be to go Flawless all the way one to 100 but I know its gonna be an absolute nightmare to do this its not gonna be tough but Im expecting to go down Im just hoping were gonna have some quick arrives left for this one one five because I know I can do this this will be honestly my greatest achievement on Black Ops 1 Kino and I really do hope that we can get this because this is my favorite map on Black Ops one and uh it really would be something special winter foreign Music terrain I will gift a member at the end I appreciate that winter um seriously thank you for all the support this stream and last stream youve honestly killed it I cant thank you enough um but yeah Im excited for this one guys I really am um like I said its gonna be probably about two and a half hours maybe three I dont really know how long itll take honestly how long one the fifth youll take Im not gonna speedrun it Im not gonna do any stupid strategies on truns like make it go faster Im just gonna take my time do as we do and just get as far as we possibly can so I just appreciate you guys being out here but yeah yeah 50 is pretty quick Stephen 50 is pretty quick its probably going to be about two and a half hours to three maybe Im just not gonna do like the uh its gonna be Im not gonna do like that fast room where the uh speed coal is Im just gonna just kind of take my time with it yo Charlie whats going on man whats up flaming whats up my boy Steven though how you doing we have lost out here whats up everybody its not going to be that slow of a run its gonna be like an average run honestly Im just not gonna like chance every like anything of really like going down you know I dont want to waste any of my quicker Vibes because Ill be pretty annoyed especially if Im not like on round 45 and I go down because I wouldnt really want to restart so yeah Im just gonna play smart the flannel hey man I thought the flannel was good luck but I got my lucky blue sweater on today so Im just gonna do that let me turn down the sound loud all right were good so this is gonna be a magic box camping stream in Soul thunder gun now now I dont know I dont know yeah like I said Sundays are always my uh favorite days out of the week to stream so hopefully you guys are ready for this one I feel like this is gonna be a good one because I think the last time I tried the 115 challenge was maybe two years ago I think it was two years ago it was two years ago and you guys seem to absolutely love it and uh yeah I just figured we might as well try something crazy um because I I just I just I was planning on doing this last week to be completely honest but I just had a couple other things planned but were getting to it were gonna see how far we can go obviously one one five is the goal and Im gonna do everything in my power to get there so all right I dont know why its so loud all right that should be all right I know not um whats up Michael whats up alpi is the other part coming out tomorrow yeah the other part is gonna be tomorrow Tuesday and Wednesday so were gonna stream four days in a row um were just gonna absolutely go for it because Im not gonna chance uh you know having my computer shut off or anything like that so yeah Im gonna have my game pause for four days straight to get this done so yeah its gonna be quite the challenge but its uh something weve done before so Im excited for it whats up Alan whats up Master bong and Steve and I brought back the um I brought back the panels that youre asking for I finally found the panels my desktop is a mess so I was searching through my panels and like all my Graphics that I bought over the years over the years and uh I found the panels in the top left corner so kind of like Nostalgia for the stream again kind of nice whats up Barto but yeah if I do complete this challenge Im gonna go for another map on Black Ops one five round 100. I think I could get round 100 on derise I really do I think round 100 on duress is possible um just after that I have no clue what map to go to honestly so thats going to be kind of the issue because I dont think Im gonna be able to reach round 100 and call the dead unless like theres some crazy strategy that Im gonna be able to do but well see Nationwide is on yours hopefully nationwides on my side flaming hope you had a good weekend man would I do camping Stratford Rhys I dont think Ill do the camping Strat I think I would just do the training strategy because I got around 50 on derise that was a tough one but I think we could do it honestly dogs Stephen did you turn on subscriber only mode all right if you uh turn it on you can turn it on Steve and I have no problem uh you doing that could you just turn it on turn towards like the end of the stream like say were on around like 45 just do 45 to 50. just so just so I kind of like I kind of want to like test something out Im trying to test out the other algorithm really fast but youre good dude all right hit the Box give me something thank you Stephen I appreciate you man oh my god well these box hits arent anything great so I hope we can uh kind of turn that around here all right eat OG baby OG a-u-g so revlock whats up Spring family all right thats 12.50 Stephen have you heard anything from Mason and I also another thing I saw Stephen was I saw a real drip God became a member I dont know if he was in here and I missed it or if he got gifted and he didnt say anything I dont know but real drip was in here which I thought was pretty cool yo wander thank you for the sub man Big Love from mama I dont know Mr sad whats going on dude hey much love Mother Dragon Music Music Id absolutely love to see around 100 run on dear Ariza also where would you rank Kino on Nostalgia aside on a scale of one to ten good question good question thank you for the five shadow um on a scale of one to ten out honestly Id probably put it at like a eight or probably even a nine its probably like a high high nine I really would put out a high nine just because this is the first game Black Ops one was the first game that kind of got me in this YouTube and like when I kind of like met all like my online friends and stuff that did YouTube too so it was a really good time and whenever I play this game or just this map and any map from Black Ops one it kind of like brings me back to that time so it was always a fun time it really was always a fun time I enjoyed it so much all right Im gonna go ahead and grab jug all right its gonna take my time spring family with the one thank you for the one spring all right go for a like Spike go for it guys if you guys want to hit the like button feel free Im not gonna beg for like so you know whatever likes you guys want to leave on the stream well do it but if you guys want to put a light goal on it we can aim for like 500. which is definitely possible foreign what is that fun times never ended I agree I just wish Treyarch would oh my God cant even see Im almost down I need that I just wish Treyarch would remaster um I just wish they would remaster Black Ops one or Black Ops 2. yo Charlie McCoy thank you for the one appreciate that man hope you had a good weekend yeah Im gonna grab jug I was gonna grab it but I just kind of didnt want to get trapped but let me grab that well be good yeah BO2 bo1 whatever got remastered Id be Id be happy with honestly but yeah this is what kind of like brought me into zombies drag me into zombies and made me love it just because I feel like there has never been a game like Black Ops one and I feel like there probably will never ever be one so ever again which is unfortunate unless we get lucky all right were good yo Nick the cringe whats up man long time no see yeah I think everybody back in the day was a little scared to play this map because theres so many YouTube videos I remember like YouTube videos are going viral all around saying like that that door out in the uh in the training yard was like haunted and you would hear like knocking sounds on and stuff I think you still do but like people would be so scared to play it good old times man honestly good old times oh yeah Halo was great Charlie I love Halo I was actually a really big halo fan back in the day yeah Im just gonna get as many points as possible right now kind of just take my time like I said I dont want to risk going down so um the box is over here Im gonna get rid of this on 1911. all right its a dog ground its fine I have played Halo Wars oh nice Ill take it no no Mustang and Silas no Mustang and Silas not on this map monkey balls would be nice though what is that a moss all right yeah I do know ammo is gonna be an issue towards the later round so Im gonna have to kind of like try to space it out and remember which round I got on max ammo and which round was a dog round because that was my biggest issue back when I was trying this challenge a couple years ago was I would always run out of ammo on my thunder gun um so itll have to be extremely extremely cautious when I do that so Im gonna try to keep that into consideration hey good to have you out here Leo all right thats good Ill take it okay Music were good I remember spring Bonnie wig I do was that you spring family I think that was you wasnt it all right were good my highest run on any map I believe its like 320. something like that was on World of War I used to go for around 500 on the uh on Verruckt on World of War but I would always fall a little short just because Juggernog doesnt do anything still too hit down on there whats up q-dog all right I should probably should we grab the M16 what do you guys think Chad who grabbed the M16 or should we what do we do what do we do I will just Ill just keep rocking this right now yeah you might as well not even have Juggernog in World of War because it doesnt do anything its crazy its still two hit down with jug and without it all right thats good all right all right lets hit the Box I wouldnt mind getting monkey bombs right now monkey bombs would be pretty sweet funky bombs would be awesome all right come on come on come on I feel like it might be teddy bear though Music oh G11 Ill take it Ill take it Im gonna go and grab double tap though Applause all right that should be around 12. all right I cannot open up those doors to the outside bit so I have to go through here 12. I dont know if Ill have enough I think Im not going I might be a little short but yeah 90 points off um custom how do I bring up the chat on YouTube stream because I want to be a streamer um what are you talking about I dont know what you mean bringing up the chat the chats automatically there Music yo DG with the 199 is classic 199 coming in saying Hi how are you and how was your day I am doing good DG had a great weekend how are you and how was your weekend all right were good were good all right you know what hold on let one second let me close my sliding glass door I feel like theyre yeah I feel like if I didnt close the door my neighbors might be able to hear me screaming for yelling on their balconies the strategy is to stand in the the fire trap room the fire trap room is the best way to go about this theres no other strategy that I know of on this map um I have done like a little research so I dont know of any other strategy to get to a high round always always good DG thank you for checking in what kind of graphics card do I have I have a 30 90. whats up Sub-Zero all right thank you what is that double Ill take it its going good SpongeBob going really good Im excited for the stream tonight Im just excited for these Pat or these next three streams I know its gonna be an absolute grind to do this but Im honestly in a weird way Im kind of looking forward to it well see lost well see well see maybe for uh for a little discount I got you I dont know when Ill be getting a new pc though all right were right were all right the Nova crawlers are the absolute worst man that is the one thing I hate the most about this map but other than that I cannot complain I dont think theyre anybodys favorite though all right G11 we should probably hit the Box yeah these streams are gonna be a grind but Im looking forward to it like I said I dont know its like like in a weird way I did a challenge using round one guns it was hard I did a challenge using round one guns that was hard yeah that is definitely a tough challenge to do um muscling and Sallys I think stop being weaker on like probably 30 or something 30 or 40. appreciate that spring whats up Jawa long time no see Music all right thats a teddy bear how long do I think this will take probably three or four days like I said Im gonna stop around 50 tonight keep my game paused and come home from work tomorrow and then Im going to start up the stream go probably 50 to 75 maybe 80 and then stop at 80 pause it um come home the next day go 80 to 100 and then maybe 100 to 115 on Wednesday so about three days four days I guess if youre including this all right were gonna get a Max so Ive been here uh sorry I havent been here life is tough I got you job well youre all good man its good to see familiar faces out here though hope youre all right man not bad try to uh go a little higher next time just keep practicing keep practicing youll get better towards your PC funds thanks for making my day better youre awesome thank you so much winter I appreciate it and yeah you know Im just trying to bring Good Vibes to any of these streams or to anybody you know so thats the thats honestly my goal and I enjoy streaming for you guys so kind of like a win-win so I appreciate it why exactly 115 just because 115 is like a zombie round and its always been a challenge on this map run 115. hey Shane got a whopping five rounds on five the other day told you dude that map is no joke my map is no joke man that is a tough one I dont even know if Ill ever get 5 or 50 on that is seriously no joke yes yeah yeah all right lets go ahead and test it out all right were good yo low cred thank you for the sub what do I think its harder to get 50 on Brooker five oh I think probably rocked yeah probably rocks honestly just because Rock doesnt have pack a punch Music Brock has always been one of those Maps where if I get around 50 thatll be like a big thing you know yeah this is gonna be the strategy Im gonna stand right here when I get all set up and stuff so Im just going to these rounds trying to get monkeys uh thunder gun um and then Im most likely gonna grab that MPL so Im not gonna keep um this rpk or anything yeah the fire traps try is the best Im so glad they didnt patch it back in the day whats going on lamb King good to see out here man all right were good all right yeah Music should definitely not be in here this is a really bad spot I actually dont know why Im even in here right now this is a bad idea this is a really bad idea just get out of there especially with no thunder gun or raygun oh thats a fire sale I dont think Im gonna be able to grab it though Music all right all right Im gonna hit the Box I need to getting to the point now where its getting a little sketchy if I need to hit the Box all right hold on to that hit the Box swish me thunder gun luck guys I really do need the thunder gun so badly not the G11 Ive had this like three times now okay come on OG guys do you see a pattern here its literally going OG G11 OG G11 if I get the G11 right now Im Im gonna go crazy oh my God okay crossbow I was gonna say that would have been a little weird what the heck is going on just give me the thunder gun or the ray gun Ill take either or right now I just kind of want a gun thats Gonna Save Me There It Is there she is beautiful thunder gun lets go all right let me grab let me grab let me grab let me grab mpo that is a strat MPL and then monkeys is kind of all we need right now it was the Clover the lucky four-leaf clover thank you whoever did that yo Bree with the five its been a while since I caught a live stream good luck on the thunder guy thank you Bree that was honestly perfect timing so thank you for the five we got the Thundering gun all we need now is the monkeys and were good to go appreciate it whats up Gabriel were you a mod before lamb King because I dont think I unmodded anybody did you change your YouTube name or something because I havent unwanted made anybody uh not a member or anything yeah I havent I havent removed anybody hey why why thank you for the five man I appreciate it like I said I am going to do everything in my power to get this 115. Im gonna stop at Round 50 tonight pause it come home from work tomorrow go 50 to 75 or 80 depending on how I feel then pause it come home the next day 80 to 100 then the next day 100 to 115 so thats the goal oh youre good then lamb youre good if you were a mod before then you got it back I dont know how the heck you lost the mod because I dont I didnt remove anybody but youre good dude lets go lets go lets go all right I am just really hoping I do not lag out or like my game crashes my computer turns off or my power shuts off because I will be very very annoyed especially if Im like thats what I was always worried about like my power going out or something like oh my God no worries lamb no worries dude whats up Zai Music all right will there be summer streams there will yes there will be some extremes Im planning on streaming for as long as I possibly can like I said the reason why I took a break was I just needed a break I just honestly simply needed a break I was so burnt out from doing streams every single day for almost two years straight um and playing games for you know playing this same exact game for almost two years straight so I think thats kind of normal for anybody to do but I feel good all right monkey bombs would be nice or teddy bear whats up Mika yo spring family becoming a tier one member that pushes our closer and closer to that big 150 uh member goal thank you for that man we are now officially 10 members away I think its honestly its I think its honestly like a normal thing to do I really do because I feel like everybody just takes breaks and then they come back and theyre like yeah this is not too bad but when youre so caught up in it its like kind of hard to understand that and see that all right Im gonna hit the Box give me monkeys monkeys monkey bombs would be great but I remember being uh mine because every time I would come up in here oh I do remember that now lamb I do remember that I thought you were always worth mud I didnt know but yeah sorry about that man if you got unmodded somehow youre all good dude thank you for everything in the past slam I really do appreciate it much much love to you man whats up Leo Khan Music its gonna go for monkey bombs right now uh hows your day it has been really good spring family I just came back from uh a little mountain trip this weekend so it was really nice um super relaxing and uh yeah I was looking forward to the stream tonight so hopefully you guys are the same uh Fey long with the 199. fave with the 199 he says whats up with custom how are you my friend Im doing great doing great man thank you for the 199. monkey bombs there we go there we go that is what Im talking about round 50 will be easy um but Im just really hoping like 50 to 100 I dont go down because I would really be good um I just would really be happy if we can be Flawless all the way until around 100. hey youre good lamb youre good youve done enough from the past dont feel like you have to or apologize youve done so much should we grab Bowie knife what do you guys think I think we should grab Bowie knife might as well right grab Bowie knife my knife is always uh its a fun thing to have yeah the nukes will be handy everything will be really really useful I just have to conserve my ammo um so Im gonna try to remember how I did that I will grab the boy knife here in a second what is that oh thats the carpenter I dont want it I dont want it were okay yo John whats up man so many of familiar faces in the Stream I love it what is that what is that a moss Ill take it its a good point gun okay Nova crawlers kill everything with their gas Music rpk I feel like if I stack up on points right now chat thatll be better for the later rounds right I feel like thats smart I dont think weve ever done that before so if I can get around like 150 000 maybe 200 000 points thatll be really really ideal so thats my kind of goal right now is just to get as many points as possible going on Chase Music okay going on Carter welcome welcome welcome on everybody if you guys are new hopefully you guys are enjoying subscribe hit the like button yo oh my God Jerry oh my God yo neat with the 4.99 neat thank you for that I appreciate it whats going on Jerry I do remember you you were funny all right lets grab this Max the boy knife is outside right chat boy knife is outside Yoho Brendan hey man Ive been subbed to you for a while and never got a chance to watch a live stream from the start till today oh its in your jug my bad yo Brandon thank you so much for that man Im glad you can catch your first streams today and uh hopefully it doesnt disappoint you thank you so much oh man we had inside the pits Ive been there before Ive been there before thank you for the tier one member we are now officially nine members away from 150 members which is amazing so thank you guys for that awesome awesome awesome all right lets go ahead and grab boy knife I dont know why I thought the uh the boy knife was outside grab boy knife Im gonna take away a lot of points though okay all right lets do it round 21. almost halfway there perfect hey I appreciate that pits thank you man um okay well maybe we should grab the M16 and just kind of rock with it right now the M16 is always a good option yeah whatever you think lamb as long as you know if theyre if theyre talking any weird stuff you can just do it time them out Ill come back and theyll uh rethink their decision I guess Applause you dont think hes gonna rethink it I dont even see what he said maybe you will maybe somebody needs to smack them Applause here we go Music are you good Jerry youre good man good to have you out here okay all right Applause doing good almost halfway there taking our time Flawless like I said I want to go Flawless until around 100. whats up one Music guys are the uh are the member count is the member count updating I just wanna I just wanna know hopefully it is is that 140 now okay maybe we lost the member I dont know Applause hey wow nothing bad Adam nothing bad I think yeah hes doing all good hes doing all good got Remy all right grab that yeah Remy actually is named after the uh the Remy Martin drink yeah finally somebody caught on I wasnt gonna say anything until somebody said something but I will show you my strategy uh Mike here in a little bit probably like 40 to 50. youre good pits youre good man all right round 23. yeah Im gonna do the forest Strat yeah the fire trap Strat I dont know if you guys know that but I will show you guys that here in a second that is the goal yeah that is where he got his name little Remy Martin wow not a great gun is it Jesus Christ okay keep going hey were chilling right now okay okay okay I feel like we should maybe pack up on cm16 but its gonna take so much ammo and so many points I just really want to build up my points Music yo Wyatt thank you for the five I appreciate that man no message foreign you know what no yeah Ill grab it Ill grab it Ill grab it lets do it do it Music all right teddy bear yo uh we have a Josh try with the 199. gosh right with the 199 says custom Sundays are the best days man love Sundays thank you for the 199 and inside the pits just gifted one membership to Justin depaolo thank you for the gifted membership hits Applause all right right now Im just building up points so I need to get as many points as possible Applause points are going to be crucial especially for that trap Music okay were good get as many points keep going all right were good yo lost with the five gifted members thank you so much loss and uh yeah blue got a membership what the heck I cant even see all the names thank you so much loss for the five gifted can we get some hearts in the chat everybody I think were like three away from 150 member goal which is awesome oh there it is there it is now I can see all the members Jerry got a membership Jasmine McKinley blue and Nikki m M thank you so much loss appreciate that lets go the whole chat is almost green I love it well Shadows uh I gotta go to bed now no worries spring have a good night man the life has been drained from that one okay going on Nolan I will points thats actually huge I need that I really do need that right now winter what in the world are you guys doing with these gifting the members I definitely think we hit the member goal thank you so much to Winter can we get some more hearts in the chat out here uh congrats to see boss Mika paper nice Gregory and Jarvis James congratulations membership guys uh thanks to Winter oh my goodness thank you so so much get some hearts out here for winter guys seriously all right were good zombie just shoot me okay now everybody can enjoy the Emojis the custom emojis and everything all right we are 41 000 points not bad if we can get 50k points by the end of round 26 that would be ideal all right lets grab the MP40 I feel like that might be a little bit better yeah the round 50 will be great like I said but Im pausing it at 50 then coming back tomorrow and Im gonna continue off from 50 to 75 or 80. I dont know yet I know those are gonna be long rounds I kind of want to get those ones done thank you Applause hey were good 45 almost oh I heard me uh Wyatt now becoming a tier one member Wyatt thank you so much are we at 150 members yet I cant even see on my screen oh my God thank you so much you guys for all the members appreciate that on King whats up Leah all right 151 oh gotta update the member goal go ahead and just put it to put it to 170 I suppose as the 170 all right good to go Music yeah ever thats uh probably the coolest feature YouTube has added to this YouTube live streaming and I know theyre like adding more and more stuff to it which is awesome so all right we gotta 48 000. grab that Applause okay oh God perfect Im probably gonna do this trap strategy uh 40 to 50. be okay though all right 50 000 points if we could have a hundred thousand maybe 150 000 by uh 50 thatd be great hey I appreciate Ian thank you man same goes to you ammo all right 52k hey not all of you guys can be green but maybe one day you guys will but uh like I said I have other zombie challenge ideas as well so like if I cant complete a certain challenge Ill gift the chat like 50 gifted members or something like that so yeah I I have a couple cool ideas in mind but I just really wanted to do this challenge because I Ive been wanting to do this for a while now I was gonna do it last week but figured Id save it for Sunday all right were good 55k where is the mystery box where the heck is the Box whats up Elite um mystery box we got a little forefer for this one no no no not this one not this one this is the brutal challenge not these brutal challenges Music uh uh is it its in that room isnt it lets go over here it is ray gun crossbow really Music fast all right thats gonna be around 27. Applause my own blood hear me okay were good um Im just trying to build up points right now guys I dont really want to use the thunder gun just because the thunder gun isnt really the best in points all right its gonna be a dog round so its gonna be 28 not bad all right were good lets see if this glitch still works does the glitch even workers still see I wonder if it does wondering wonder and wonder and wondering oh my god oh wait its not working oh it does still work oh my god wow this is such an OG OG spot right here it only works in dog grounds though unfortunately thats pretty sweet that is pretty cool I completely forgot about that glitch all right lets do it you never knew that there you go you can learn a little something even in 2023 in Black Ops one sharing the knowledge Music um I dont know if it works on bo3 Kino I used to abuse that little trick I did too I used to hate the dogs foreign glitch to work um I dont think so Adam I dont think so and let I havent tried it because I dont know how to use a lag Spike any or a lag glitch anymore like the lag Spike thingy so I dont know its a good question yo sup bro glad youve been back thank you someone earlier asks why 115 115 is the Easter Egg song by Elena ziegman that plays on Kino in Nuketown I thought thats why you chose that number yes yes yourself thank you so much colic thank you I knew it was for something I just couldnt figure it out but thank you for telling me that um I guess everybody has a little knowledge for everybody but thank you Kalik I appreciate it man and hopefully you enjoy this challenge its gonna be crazy it is gonna be a crazy challenge so Im ready for this its gonna be a long one about four days long and after that I am not going to stream on Sunday probably for the rest of the week Ill probably come back Tuesday oh my God winter with the five more gifted Subs are you kidding me right now are you serious right now what in the world guys lets get some hearts to the chat for winter gifting five more gifted members um congrats to Ian Loretto stormbringer Danny and Christopher congrats on the gifted member guys and uh thank you again winter awesome awesome stuff Applause all right were at 60k yeah get that name out of here Jesus Christ hear me now there is possible yo lost with the five Element 115 is also what causes zombies to exist in the first place oh my God everybodys teaching me stuff out here I didnt even know thank you so much loss for spreading more knowledge man I appreciate you guys you guys always got the back lets go all right to repack upon CMP or the uh M16 I dont know I feel like were just getting a lot of points were probably gonna pass a hundred thousand all right you know were gonna pack a punch it lets pack I think camels like 4500 all right were good I appreciate that in furnace its salute foreign you have monkey bombs I do have monkeys Applause lets see if the grenade launcher is any good without it but not bad I think cant really tell all right what the hell stuck in the wall you guys saw that Giovanni thank you for the sub from 28. 28-28 is over 29. lets go all right 21 more rounds and then were gonna go ahead and pause it at 50. and then tomorrow well pick off that 50 go to 75 and then go from there yeah were gonna need lots of points a lot thank you Applause all right I dont think Im really gaining any points with this Pack-a-Punch if I could get the ray gun thatd be great trying Josh Im trying man Im trying out here for you guys you know Im trying to do some crazy challenges that I think you guys enjoy so yeah this would be the first time I ever get 115 complete on Kino so would be pretty crazy Im not gonna lie all right all right wheres AAA been I dont know he wasnt here like a couple weeks ago I know that but how am I out of grenades that Easter egg is the best loss that Easter egg really is so much fun I used to love that if I go down its gonna suck because Im gonna have less book rides for the higher rounds that really matter yeah boy with the threes did kissing make up a spot hey you know Im waiting Im waiting no hard feelings all that stuff is stupid so thank you for the three yall boy and yeah you know it well make up man well make up weve been friends for a long time so but thank you for the three yeah boy yeah no cheating like Syndicate kit sending it did I remember that went around for such a long time use the mod mini or something didnt he no mod menu here oh man menu here fellas lean as a whistle all right thank you Applause stock stealer Music duck what in the world the 50. just now getting yo duck man thank you so so much I appreciate that and youre good youre good you know make sure youre good first and then if you have time coming to the streams but thank you so much for the 50. can we get some fifth or can we get some hype in the chat for duck dealer get some harsh then shaft reduction everybody I want you guys to blow the chat up that is the crazy crazy donut right there the dollar stop at 60 tonight I donate 30. I dont know man I really dont know I I was kind of hoping I would stop at 50. yo whats up Chez now Im gonna stick with the plan Im gonna stop at 50. I think yeah maybe 55 I dont know I mean if I could do go further itll help me further for the other days too so I dont know well see it depends guys still have to eat dinner tonight and Im gonna make sure I eat dinner before those streams tomorrow so uh we have yeah boy love Remy Martin love Spud and think youre okay too seriousness kiss and makeup yeah they thank you for the three man thank you thank you thank you yeah appreciate that dude all right we are good were good were good lets go ahead and pack a punch this mp uh or this ray gun literally just called the MP5 hey no worries why Id have a good one man go for a like Spike go for it guys if you want to hit the like button be my guest were almost at 400 people in here so if you guys want to go for 300 likes we could probably hit that right now all right were good Helen were chilling were Finland foreign all right round 30 20 more rounds to go I think were good chain you said 200 and you slap is 65 right 65 tonight holy  __  I mean I dont even know I dont even know I dont really want to do that to any of you guys so I I really dont know I was really hoping Id stop at 50. but if you guys want me to keep going well see well see well see what well see what everybodys saying at 50 all right I do have to be up early tomorrow for work so not really trying to get off around like 11 or 12. and I still have to eat dinner too Ill be live tomorrow if I dont know Music yeah I need some scram fellas let me stop by 50. you guys love a good old challenge dont you love put me through the ringer China had a long weekend oh double points lets go oh  __  did you send me two yeah here I have 1am 20 oh my God yeah I say I say Ill go to bed early but I normally end up going to bed around like 11 or 12 anyways Im Im most likely like every night I probably fall fall asleep around like 10 30 p.m 11 pm Applause not too late but I kind of want to finish watching Breaking Bad too thank you Applause all right were getting a boatload of points right now yeah I dont know if I started too early for the British people but you know Im trying Im trying to keep that in mind I would have started at five tonight but I was still like setting up and not ready yet so Applause thank you bow before the almighty doctor all right Max lets go baby Applause Applause no it was too early Shane gotta start later next time start later all right got you you just rubbish all right thats gonna be close to 32 right there Applause fear me oh my God Nova Crawlers theyre still spawning in oh wow okay 32. keep going for the sake of the stream cheers Leo cheers yeah I dont really want to walk into work tomorrow looking like a zombie Music stay away Applause all right all right were good grab it dogs are easy easy easy easy easy time easy time easy time pretty ones all right good to go oh this is gonna be a grind and a half boys this is gonna be a grind and a half Ill tell you that grinding in half indeed yeah after this I wont play Kino for a little bit gonna need a good month or two off in this map Applause are you gonna do the fire strategy I am Jared yeah ever heard a Killing Floor one of my favorite games I can tell you to be pretty good at it its a zombies game yeah Ive had her Ive played it before Ive actually played it before its not bad its not too bad of a game kylake Music voice over mod coming in 2023 all right lets do this the strategy is this right here this is the strategy whats up Carson yeah it does scare me but he gotta trust the process trust the process guys Applause the traps cooldown is about like a minute a minute 30 or something like that its not too bad so I normally run around this this train or the uh the stage about two times and then its good so Ill run around one more time and I think it should be all right currently eating animal crackers with milk in a cup lets go man lets go enjoy it laughs I kind of want to grab the MPL directions my favorite food probably any kind of Italian food I love Italian food big Italian guy right here so I actually missed out on chicken parm for this tonight guys so hopefully one of you guys can cook me some chicken parm and send it to my send it to my apartment because I would love some chicken parm right now I lost I lost out on chicken parm because of this challenge so hopefully you fellas better appreciate it the chicken farm for dinner oh man thats so good whats up Ripper of course coming to the UK Ill cook it up sounds good man sounds good to me Im nicer than marsala lets go dude cant go wrong with Italian food man so good Italian fresh noodles the fresh the homemade sauce oh my God everything yeah my mom makes the homemade sauce and everything its so so so good if I was shitty on I do jidions funny W Riz right w rizz o what is that oh my God Im risking it all right trying to blast at those points but whatever chicken marsala with linguine noodles sounds great you guys want to be my chef personal chef for the day we can make a swim out of it guys I have a question I have a question is everybody listening type a one in the chat if everybodys listening I need to make sure everybodys listening right now I need to make sure everybodys listening type in one in the chat if everybodys listening I need I need to know oh all right everybodys listening all right chat so I had an idea I had an idea I always said if I got my own place and stuff if I got my own place which I do now I would do like some kind of IRL stream so what if I did some sort of hot tub stream I brought I brought a lady friend with me would you guys enjoy that and we had a couple of little little wine skis or some seltzers would you guys watch a hot tub stream I think thatll be pretty entertaining good idea all right yeah yeah thats good hot tub stream I can put it right in my balcony I could I could probably get like a little hot tub on my balcony or something Id watch it too kind of the honestly Id watch it too itd be some good content sounds like something that belongs in Orange YouTube what is Orange YouTube it does like XX YouTube or something with a female yeah with a female friend or more than a friend I dont know Ill let you guys decide Music XX YouTube foreign are you playing zombies too well you think Im gonna play Zombies in a hot tub well Im gonna put on pull up the laptop and everything yeah Ill pull up the laptop have Remy Martin in the hot tub oh my God obviously some A1 content right there might just drop the laptop in the hot tub Saw Martinez I thought your name was Saul Goodman I was gonna call you for a second youre good man Saul all right well I send you a kiss why not see boss why not I was just making sure you know your listening ears is on chat you know Better Call Saul Saul Goodman one and only best lawyer in the game oh my God Im running low on ammo guys I need him I need a dog around I need a dog around ASAP oh dog ground call one for me soft please things are getting a little sketchy over here rather call Walter after after watching Breaking Bad Man Walters a bad guy what hes what hes oh my  __  gosh its all good Fellas its all good in the hood its all good one down I gotta really focus up now no more joking about this all  __   __   __  and distracted boys getting distracted this is what happens when I get distracted  __  all right talkings not happy with that Im not happy either thats not good  __  iest no ammo is no fun damn it all right thats not good dude I really wanted to be flawless back no no no no no no no no no no no Mule Kick Mule Kick is useless useless not Im not gonna grab anything right now we got it we got it we got it its fine Im just gonna have to be extra careful in the later rounds this is why I did not want to go down on a crappy round like 35 so bad as terrible we would man we would absolutely tear it up I know we would we would destroy it spuds probably Spuds probably a little bit more funny with me because he just comes up with running like random funny weird  __  but yeah we just get along Music it was the hot tub talk it was very smart it was a hot tub talk I shouldnt have brought it up I should have just kept on talking about chicken parm I was okay I was okay I was getting more hungry by the second you know its fine all right I really hope its a damn dog round guys I really do thank you for the uh three Yeah Boy And thank you for the fire winter all right I gotta Focus fellas I gotta Focus oh no get on my way add zombies how do you escape through there Jammy little zombie Applause EPP Ed a few rounds left all right you know what I dont know what to do all right come on come on please thatll be a dog ground I beg you I beg you right now please thatll be a dog ground oh my God no Pack-a-Punch yeah I dont want to pack a bunch of thunder gun the thunder gun I want to pack a punch by at least 60 at least all right thank God thank you I dont want to hit the Box these are the only guns I need trust me once I get going you guys will see Im still in the baby rounds let me progress through the baby rounds and Ill be all right I just gotta Focus up no more hot tub talk all right no more hot tub talk I have no idea uh all right got more ammo I dont wanna all right were good all right its fine its fine its fine its fine yeah outside what are you talking about all right its fine we only lost a couple thousand points we got kind of our points back so all right 37 37 37 13 more rounds should I go for the ray gun again I feel like I should maybe but the Reagan goes by so fast its kind of no point you just you have to use that trap strategy youre gonna run out of ammo no matter what because you dont get any Mac Samos by shooting the zombies with the thunder gun which is unfortunate you dont get any drops or anything which really sucks but Im gonna try to get my points back like this I do have monkeys though so much all right almost back at 100K I want to stay at 100k now I want to keep my monkeys thunder gun say one shot forever yes yes yes yes yes nothing is stronger than another gun all right were good thats why Im not really too worried about Packer punching it because thunderguns gonna do the same amount of damage it just gives you more ammo so Im fine for right now I think double tap is the way not to grab double tap because you just run out of ammo way faster there is no stamina on this map theres only Mule Kick theres only five perks on this map youll kicks to fifth probably would have recommend packing punching it in this 70 80 range all right Im just really annoyed that I went down to 35 because thats such a crappy round to go down lets lets seal the baby rounds like you just basically gave up a free quicker Vibe for no reason and those cooker that could be the whole the whole and end game right there Applause whats up Jared the only reason why I Im not gonna grab Mule Kick is because I dont want to risk having three guns and like changing through all three in just in case I need to switch to my thunder gun fast and I changed the other gun by accident and go down you know so I dont want to do that all right this is gonna be 38 though its probably gonna turn off isnt it yep sorry okay 38. were good hit the like straight or hit oh my God I cant even cant even speak hit the like uh hit the like button if you havent done so already guys lets go for 300 likes we nearly have 400 people out here watching we might as well hit 300 likes on the Stream I legit just had to hit the like stream Applause youre thrown into a real zombie apocalypse from any blackout snap you think you could really survive no no Ive been watching The Last of Us too and I do not think I can survive that not at all I think I would probably be one of the first to die unless I get locked unless I lock myself in somewhere which I hope I would be able to Ill lock myself into like a vault or something I dont think that would ever be able to get me yeah I like the MPL because you can move fast with it you buy Emma right off the wall its good I do not play Left 4 Dead uh we have Yeah Boy imagine the caption two zombie streamers hate each other do you think would make the bigger fool of themselves on the atmosphere I dont know man I dont know I dont know thats a good question probably just as equal Ill definitely have to have a couple drinks for that one though no this is not plutonium couple thinnies throw throw a couple tinnies in my backpack you know be good yeah guys we are five likes away from 300 likes so somebody can be the 300 like on the Stream whats this fire trap always on the snap this was yeah hey you two Hunter Applause foreign Applause I am back for good Ive been streaming for almost two months straight so yeah I am back for good I took a break from streaming because I was burnt out I was burnt out I was really burnt out I needed a break and then I wanted to come back because I enjoyed swimming a lot but I just I needed a break I had I needed to break so bad all right 39 looking good looking good looking good looking good mental reset definitely definitely needed one for sure West you must have known Applause foreign I speak for the rest of the chat when I say I want you and spell to have another first to round 50 challenge stream so seriously kissing me up yeah yeah I think he said he was down for that so ask him ask him if he wants to do it because Ill do it those are always fun to do lick him like a stamp Jesus Christ Music he is manifesting it he really is yeah boy wants it all right were good Rob ammo all right no Im not packing punching the MPL Applause one of those my last dog ground I think I was 36 right I think 36 of my last dog round so Im going to think it might be next around my dog ground I dont know hey pretty good Sabrina I dont want to pack up on cmpl its gonna its not gonna be good trust me just gonna cost me more Im gonna buy it its gonna cost me 4 500 points Im trying to stay above 100 000 points oh its a dog ground lets go Im the best character too rich dolphin here we go more of a neglect kind of guy talking right here boy yeah I havent played with somebody in this map in a long time foreign have a good one no were not pack a punching any of the guns right now guys Jacob Parsons the Beast Applause foreign you 20 times in a row at FIFA yeah it is but then I beat him on the 21st time because hes he sweats so hard hes been playing that game since FIFA 13 and Ive only been playing it since FIFA 18. but I could beat him now Resort too I love a good bargain Music thank you how many kills 1200 about to be 1300 now 1300 now there we go theres the kills points everything headshots everything there you go Music all right lets go back I know Ali-A no Applause it might be your 42. 42. not bad not bad not bad my highest round on keynote is 104. I need to get this 115 completed and done now Im not getting 150 Im getting one one five oh please turn on traps please turn on I beg you please turn on oh my God Auto would have been recharged by now oh yeah boy we want to know custom versus spotted FIFA live stream make it happen I dont know man I have no clue see what I can make happen foreign Applause Applause Applause whats going on gamer boy Applause is no Music Mr Beast oh my God Mr Beast is in here thats the real Mr Beast underground Mr Beast hundred grand right here 43. Im bad not bad not bad not too shabby thats the real one ask the real Mr Beast non-verified in everything yeah cause the stunner Applause Applause never responded uh thats a shame Ill be too busy doing something he probably doesnt even have access to that account his teams probably ruining it the recharging not good Applause chat its not the real Mr Beast come on boys cant be serious right now yes it is oh my God its a real one  __  me  __  Mr Beast Man foreign Applause oh I need to find more of my little friend hes running now heres the power of the gadgets grounding to me foreign Music thats the real Mr Beast there he is Mr Beast is in the Stream J2 cool dropping 50. hi whats going on Jay how you doing on this fine Sunday afternoon for this fine Sunday night thank you so much for the 50 man gotta really focus now man I cannot take any more Downs I really cant its gonna be a dog round its gonna put us right to 45 which would be nice this crawlers still struggling all right its gonna be a dog run have a good one Leo Music all right next one will be a dog run then Im gonna press straight to 46. Im gonna get through this round guys we are five likes away from 400 likes on the stream if you guys want to go for a like Spike be my guest we are at 400 viewers so we could probably hit 400 likes if you guys won five more likes we could definitely hit it right now to get out of here all right next round is gonna be dogs thats gonna put us straight to 46 well be four rounds out Music I could actually use some of my thundergun ammo because Im gonna get dogs next round Applause thank you and we keep going and more bullets we can do it and gentlemen Floyd Money Mayweather yeah yeah Applause Jay too cool yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah  __  yeah Music Mr Beast who Mr Beast too hes calling you out Mr Beast dont play with them dont play with Jay dont play with them do not recommend thank you so much Shay for the 20 I appreciate that my man we have Austin with the 199 now as well he says love the streams keep it up thank you Austin I will do I didnt really go as planned tonight but is okay happens things go not always planned 45 is gonna be dogs no grounds no wounds no joy all right dogs give me some doggy dogs all right lets do it not to hurt animals anymore thank you there it is theres the max the Holy Grail max ammo all right lets do it four more rounds ladies and gentlemen were good we got it Music well be all right well be all right well be all right well be all right even though we went down the two times its fine it happens its just what I need a a I need is what I need eight shoot you oh my god Jay dropping the one hundo can we get some hype in the chat right now for Jay ladies and Gentlemen please just dropped 160 170 dollars that is insane thank you so so much Jay get some hearts out here get the Emoji spams lets go guys come on lets hype this shot up wow thank you so much Jay I appreciate a lot man I really do said choo choo I think hes still calling out Mr Beast but hes probably long gone dont know if anybodys gonna challenge you Jay I wouldnt I think 50 will be a dog run Applause well be out 51 well pause it foreign hes scared of Jay hold you not too many people face Jay youre good lamb youre good man dont worry about it Applause keep going keep going right now where the OG donors at I dont know if theyre in the Stream I dont know if theyre in the Stream tonight if they have been out here they have been out here Jay Applause flaming is the one that would call a challenge lame is wild holy God foreign Applause thank you so so much man I really do appreciate that incredible Applause all right gotta Focus gotta Focus gotta Focus come on come on now get this 50. lets get this 50 and come back tomorrow freshen up and well get the 80 and well be all right well be all right no more Downs no more Downs come on gotta snap into it Lord Neptune was here I do remember him yeah hes still in the Discord but I havent seen him in the Stream thats the only other guy I havent seen him and Mason foreign Applause guys we are one like away from 400 likes on the stream if you guys want to go ahead and hit the like button lets hit 400 likes and then by the time we get to 50 we should be able to hit 500. all right theyre coming theyre coming theyre coming theyre coming one more all right might be around that is round 47. all right three more rounds chat three more rounds were not doing too bad Ill play different map once Im done with this challenge all right Applause all right Alexis with the 10. thank you so much Alexis I appreciate it I unfortunately went down twice I was just I dont even know one of the times was actually unlucky but the other time I was just a little distracted by talking this chat but its all good Im gonna really focus up and well be fine well be all right well be right well be right well be fine well be fine almost there guys almost there I would say about 20 more minutes okay dont turn off kill him kill him kill him kill him kill him kill him hes gonna turn off before this guy gets here oh all right were good okay gonna be very close the thugs shaking I dont know what the hell that is Music tomorrow tomorrows the next stream Tuesday is the next stream and Wednesday the next stream as long as I dont die Im trying to get the 115 so this is probably gonna take about three or four days I dont know how long exactly just depends how far I go in each stream no thank you Jay I appreciate it seriously all right for sure Jay Im in Colorado I think youre in Texas right appreciate it Ian dont turn off dont turn off yet dont turn off yet dont turn off yet not too far then Jay not too far I am a Cowboys fan yes all right thatll be close thatll be close I think maybe this horde of zombies might be it all right yeah its getting a little low reminds me of Tipsy stream soon we could do a drinking stream we could do like some sort of like zombie zombie challenge with it to include it Applause always craving Chick-fil-A on a Sunday thats always how it goes unfortunately sucks for every download map take a shot well you can only go down three times so I would be pretty I dont know not easy but okay shot every five rounds I think he wants to kill me Charlie foreign yes please do a drinking stream well drink with you well drink with you all right I dont know when were gonna do it but we will uh in the near future in the near future Ill set something up like I said I really want to do a hot tub stream Ive been a big fan of hot tubs lately shot every time you used on a gun and wants to kill me all right its gonna be 48. uh yes lets go boys two more rounds to go not too bad not too bad yeah I do want to do it I do want to do it I just dont know how I would be able to get a little hot tub on my um what you call it on my balcony I wouldnt be able to do it because I have a hot tub in my apartment complex but its like a community hot tub so I cant just have random people coming in the Stream would be some good content though Applause Applause this video sponsored by the word of the day hot tub yeah were good Music oh that was close not like that all right 125 000. attention right do one more loop around Ill be all right Ill be right I think it might be dogs on 50 but Im not sure it might be every four or five rounds I think it might be every five Bigfoot is still around Jay Bigfoot surprisingly is still around he came in the Stream about a week ago right Stephen if he saw you that would be crazy I dont think both of you guys have been in the same stream together for a while now yeah yeah about a week about a week ago awesome nature at my fingertips I love jumping over the zombies was good memories Jay it was I should do a sleep stream on the weekends please I dont like I said I dont know if sleep streams are really back in style I havent seen anybody do a sleep stream in a long time and yeah I dont know I really dont know all right lets go police Blooms all over Tick Tock AEI he has not been back but Mason has been but I feel like they might come back I dont know theyre always super busy so I feel like they might come back I just dont know when Music you have to wait for the trap to respawn hey Al has been here when I first came back about a month and a half ago he was going crazy in the Stream all right I think this this is gonna be 49 one round to go one round to go guys weve made it all right Im gonna start playing some customs Bonnie also dog ground straight to 50. beautiful and we got a full thing of Maximo lets go all right guys round 50. about to be done there it is round 50 guys we have made it first part of the stream of the 115 challenge is now completed pretty brutal first start Im not gonna lie we lost both of our quicker Vibes but theres nothing really we can do about that now um yeah fritzy brutal Im gonna go ahead and just pause it right here on the stage right there pause in it there we go 50 is completed like I said tomorrow I will complete part two and that will be 50 to 75 or 80 depends how far I want to go and then Tuesday will be 75 or 80 to 100 and then Wednesday will be 100 to 115 hopefully just depending how long those rounds take I forget how long those rounds take um yeah I think I might start a little bit earlier tomorrow hodgepodge just because those later rounds are going to take some time um but yeah really really good stream tonight um I think Im gonna probably most likely wrap it up here very shortly um but yeah guys great great stream obviously thank you so much to all the gifted members Jay thank you so much um I appreciate you guys all the time seriously super super grateful to have you guys part of the stream supporting me um yeah I dont really know what else to say tomorrow is part two um but yeah I just hope Im praying man Im praying my game does not disconnect because if it disconnects Im gonna be so upset because all that wasted for nothing um but yeah yeah it was really really good were at 157 members its amazing stuff um yeah I guess I will see you guys tomorrow hit the like button if you guys did enjoy thank you guys so so much and uh yeah have a good Monday ladies and gentlemen thank you guys so much have a good night good Monday and Ill see you guys tomorrow good night aaa games for steam deck 💲 Donate & Appear On Stream: ✅ BECOME A MEMBER: SPECIAL DONATIONS: $4.20 Snoop Dog & Wiz Khalifa $5.00 Customs Zombie DANCE $6.66 Illuminati Confirmed $7.77 hey hey hey $11.00 Customs AC-130 $10.00 Custom Dance $12.00 All Bark no bite $15.00 Joy Ride $16.00 Floyd - Hard Work $20.00 Floyd - YEEAAH! $20.20 Super Custom $25.00 NUKE $30.00 Rocket Man $40.00 Kings Chase Kings $50.00 HEAVEN $100.00 JACKPOT $200.00 Super Saiyan $500.00 Once a King always a King $1,000.00 CUSTOMS JACKPOT ------------- Today, I will be playing Black Ops 1 and attempting to get my highest round ever on kino der toten . 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