HOW to PLAY BLACK OPS 2 ZOMBIES for FREE on PC (Step-by-step Download Guide)

How to not update a game on steamshooting games steam free CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS steam so black ops 2 multiplayer and zombies is  completely free to play the only requirements   for this is that one you have a pc and two  you have about 20 gigabytes of open space   on your hard drive what youre going to want  to do is youre going to click the link in the   description were going to be installing something  called plutonium now if youre concerned about the   safety of plutonium theres about 60 000 people  that have all downloaded black ops 2 and have all   successfully ran it on their pc using plutonium  so it is extremely safe and nothings going to   happen i promise youre going to want to do is  youre going to want to click the download link   right at the top of the page and its going to  bring you to an instruction page now you can   read through everything so you can understand what  youre doing but i might just explain it here in   this video so before you actually can download  a game like this to your pc you have to have a   touring software if you dont already have this  q bittorrent is the one that they recommend and   ive had absolutely no problems using it the  link is right here itll bring you to this   page where you can simply just press this first  link at the top and it will download to your pc   just as easy as that once you have that installed  you can open it up until we install our games so   go back to this page on the plutonium website and  the next thing were going to want to download   is the plutonium launcher you know how when you  play like the newer call of dutys you obviously   have to have the battlenet launcher installed well  to play black ops 2 you have to have the plutonium   launcher youre just going to want to click this  link and its going to instantly download and then   you can open it and youll have it downloaded what  you can do to make this a little bit easier is   go to the folder that you downloaded it to right  click on plutonium and you can actually pin that   to your taskbar and this will basically make it  so you have an icon at the bottom of your screen   showing plutonium and you can launch the games  that you want to play a little bit easier next   thing that youre going to want to do is scroll  down a little bit and then youll see t6 t6 just   so you know is black ops 2. i think they have  to call it like t6 for copyright reasons or   something im not entirely sure but its called t6  so just know whenever you see t6 that means black   ops 2. first thing you want to do is download  the base game which is right under the link   to the touring thing that we downloaded earlier  and youre just going to click on this and itll   download and open up straight in your torrenting  file as you can see here in qbit torrent at the   bottom is the full game which is 13.68 gigabytes  and all the dlcs are about 6.3 gigabytes now to   get to the dlcs again just keep scrolling down on  this page it explains everything super easily for   installing t6 dlc youre just going to want to  click this link and basically the same process   its as easy as that all you need to do next is at  the bottom click on your launcher and itll launch   up and here are all the games apparently  you can get modern warfare 3 multiplayer   heres uh black ops 2 multiplayer black ops 2  zombies again you get every single zombies map   with this and you could also get wood of war  multiplayer and zombies just press play and   the game star is just as easy as that it loads  really quickly too which is kind of surprising   now when you first load up the game you will see  this menu dont get alarmed this is basically how   servers work within this mod obviously like  call of duty doesnt support the servers for   this so people have made their own basically and  in order to close this menu youre just going to   want to press f10 if you want to if you want to do  a public match lets say i wanted to play transit   with someone else i could join one of these and  if youre playing multiplayer this is obviously   how you have to find matches but for zombies were  just going to obviously close that with f10 also   when you first launch the game youre probably  going to not be in 1080p make sure on the menu   your game might look a little funky when you first  log in youre just going to want to press options   and then go to settings and then basically you  just left click on screen resolution until you   get to 1920 by 1080 and then press f to apply and  its really as easy as that you can play every   single zombies map on black ops 2 for free you can  play multiplayer theres constantly games going   pretty much 24 7. if you guys found this video  useful please give this video a like thank you low end games on steam Black ops 2 FREE DOWNLOAD on PC with PLUTONIUM. All Black ops 2 zombies maps and multiplayer. This is my first time playing bo2 zombies in years. First time playing black ops zombies in so long.Link to DOWNLOAD: Hey im just an aspiring twitch streamer and content creator. Subscribe to come along for the journey Follow me on Twitch- its the best way to get to know me TWITCH: SUBSCRIBE: PATREON I enjoy content creation and producing content to put a smile on peoples faces. Any and all money from patreon will go directly to making videos/livestreams. i.e hardware, subscriptions, and maybe in the future editors/artists. THANK YOU. patreon: Black ops 2 is completely free on pc and you can download it quickly. Bo2 is the best call of duty in my opinion. Zombies maps that are included are tranzit, die rise, mob of the dead, buried, and origins. All bo2 zombies easter eggs are in t6. Plutonium is classic old call of duty games that black ops are in the servers sbmm. I got mauer der toten round 100 first without an error. 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