NEW BLACK OPS 3 UPDATE! Is it safe to play now? | BO3 PC in 2023

Kaiju games on steamtwitter steam CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS steam all right yo guys whats going on its rage and welcome back to some more Black Ops 3. recently on Friday Treyarch finally sent out a patch for Black Ops 3 on Steam the update here for bo3 was supposed to fix the security exploits with this game and we got some good news and unfortunately some bad news the first thing that I want to mention the good news is that all four of the known rce exploits have been patched meaning that you can now play Black Ops 3 safely on Steam without having to worry about someone hacking into your PC installing malware getting access to your personal data all sorts of stuff like that however the bad news is that it doesnt fix all of the crashing issues with this game people can still crash you off the game people can still crash lobbies and also here up at the top Ive got my FPS counter on because Unfortunately they also did not fix the FPS problem with this game so right here for the start of the video I wanted to show this off in different modes because to my knowledge I think the FPS problem does not affect Zombies free run in the campaign its a funny duck yeah this aint funny Treyarch Black Ops 3 on PC desperately needs to be fixed yeah no it looks like the FPS is perfectly fine here and zombies you know Ive never really played zombies Chronicles they dont have the radio here from World at War to do the little Easter egg do they as far as free run goes I dont know if its just because I chose blackout but Im getting 120 frames which is still more than what Im getting on multiplayer again though as far as the whole FPS problem goes I dont know if Treyarch was going to be able to fix that in this specific update because thats actually a steam side issue Ive talked a lot about this in the past but just as a quick refresher the reason why Black Ops 3 is having so many problems with the FPS is because of that steam update that came through last May what ended up happening in the steam update was that uh it caused a DLC timetable to start pinging too much when youre searching for games Im gonna be completely honest I dont understand all of the technical aspects and how that ruins performance but apparently searching for DLC too much is what kills the performance on this game so I really dont know if its even possible for Treyarch to fix that kind of thing just because again it is a steam side update its not a game client issue I mean I guess its both but yeah as you guys can see though Im only getting like 90 frames right now which I mean its its not bad its gonna sound so PC elitist to even say this kind of thing but Im so used to playing this game on like 200 frames oh the struggle right imagine not being able to play on such a high frame rate what are you doing ah okay yes very good thats exactly another thing that I wanted to talk about I just got right back into the exact same Lobby like theres no way youre having fun doing this I I almost refuse to believe it Ill never understand the appeal of this but amen do you I I guess I also did want to mention this I just finished watching Sirius video serious or Shivers Anthony whatever you want to call him is one of the guys who creates all of these Community patches here for Black Ops 3. as far as I know hes one of the guys whos working with Momo on the Black Ops 3 client and he recently put out a video that uh describes the entire Black Ops 3 update Im gonna go ahead and leave that video down in the description below if you guys want to get more information on it all right now this Lobbys looking nice and clean hopefully it is so in that video Sirius was talking about how Treyarch really only needed to patch the four main rce exploits and again unfortunately even though they patch the rces theres not much that theyre going to be able to do with patching all of the possible exploits with this game I think he said something that there was like over 100 different ways over a hundred different exploits and ways to break the game crash the game all sorts of stuff like that and the way about Momo is going to be able to fix that for the Black Ops 3 client is were basically taking out the entire Lobby system as is and theyre going to be using a server browser on the client going to be a server browser you have to be a trusted user all sorts of stuff like that I think now this is kind of like the unfortunate really shitty reality of it all is that Treyarch is not going to be able to allocate that many resources and keep spending the time money resources again to consistently be updating Black Ops 3 because no matter how many times they updated the people who make all of the cheats in the game are still going to be able to find ways to just update it and make sure that their cheats work for whatever current version the game is on its the exact same thing with Anthony working on his community patches which is still going to take a little bit of time for a new community patch to come out for protections and FPS unlocking and everything like that and the exact same thing with the Black Ops 3 client I havent seen any recent updates from Momo but uh one of the last things I saw him tweet was that the Black Ops 3 client was going to be on a little bit of a delay while theyre still trying to figure everything out and I think also as well Andy gonna truth the guy whos working on the paintball odd for this game said the exact same thing new current version of Black Ops 3 is going to take a little bit of time to sort everything out on the custom modding end of everything again Anthony said theres still no set release date on when hes gonna have his community patch and everything ready to go theres still no set release date on when Momos clients Gonna Be Ready he did say in his video though that uh Momos actually been able to make some really good progress on everything so far so hopefully well be seeing the client soon Im really looking forward to that being able to play Black Ops 3 on a server browser and not having to worry about people constantly crashing everything fire I dont want to talk about it I mean really all of these clients that are coming out soon the boy client Black Ops 3 client sm2 Im just Im so excited for all these things to come out man killed him yeah I killed that camper all right why is it that every single time I run up there theres just no one there just let me hit the clip I promise Im not asking for much man just let me hit a locust reg 6 multi in TDM come on now six on six multi just simply let me hit the closer come on so again the main takeaway from all this is the fact that the game is a lot safer to play now all of the four RC exploits have been patched thankfully so you can safely play the game the problem is again though there are just far too many exploits that Treyarch are going to be able to fix unless theyre consistently updating this game and spending the time money allocating all of those resources into constantly keeping the game updated from people that are able to cheat Aimbot crash lobbies all sorts of stuff like that so thats the unfortunate side of the problem and again the FPS still hasnt been fixed if I havent said this already I would highly recommend giving Momo Anthony and Andy gonna truth all the followers on Twitter to stay up to date with everything going on with Black Ops 3 PC Im still really happy with the fact that Treyarch did fix the RC exploits with this game I think that was again the biggest and safest thing biggest safest best thing that they could have done to fix Black Ops 3 on PC just make it so its actually safe to play as far as Call of Duties go again theres only so much that you can do to consistently be updating the game so cheaters arent taking it over given the current year of 2023 I dont know if its like super realistic to expect Treyarch to be uh consistently updating this game thats seven and a half years old might sound kind of weird to say but it just doesnt feel realistic and feasible that Treyarch would uh be spending daily resources allocations and everything like that dedicated to uh keeping Black Ops 3 PC up to date Treyarch are probably so far into development with their next Call of Duty game theyve maybe got a small team dedicated there to keeping an eye on the old games making sure that they work because also they did recently fix bo4 to my knowledge Im gonna go ahead and check that out at some point in time as well I did hear that they uh fixed whatever problem was going on with Black Ops 4 PC I dont know if they did any sort of like security updates or anything to that but I do know that they fixed the black market so you can access the black market on bo4 without the game crashing but Im also not exactly sure what they did with the entiretybo4 PC Ill probably check that out here soon regardless though again Treyarchs got a lot on their plate right now developing the next Call of Duty its just not realistic for them to be keeping a seven and a half year old game consistently up to date itd be a completely different story if Black Ops 3 was like their last Call of Duty game that they released and they were dedicated to keeping this game updated but thats just not the case thats just not how the Call of Duty Cycle Works new game every single year you release a game you keep it updated obviously for its main year life cycle and then maybe a year or two after that because Black Ops 3 to my knowledge was still getting updates well into uh 2018 before Black Ops 4 even came out so theyll usually keep things under wraps for like uh maybe two years at the absolute most but after that theyre moving on to their next game and it is what it is also sausages jumped into my lap you guys want to say hi I havent even seen what the uh current player count is right now yeah we got almost 5 000 people playing 37 minutes ago here on early Saturday afternoon these numbers for a Call of Duty game on PC without crossplay are actually pretty psychotic a huge majority of the player base though is again dedicated to uh custom zombies on PC I cant stress that enough if youre someone whos really into zombies Im sure you already know this about Black Ops 3 its so worth getting into it really really is just crazy to see though in comparison to like every other Call of Duty game on PC without crossplay Black Ops 3s numbers are massive Im sorry this video is kind of like going all over the place but I just remembered this as well from Anthonys video in the future when he releases the next Community patch it is still recommended that you run that not only just to fix the FPS but also just to keep yourself safe its still a really good idea to run this game with the VPN and again once the community patch comes out taking that friends only box especially in Zombies its just that like little extra layer of protection in the future though whenever the new community patch comes out Ill go ahead and let you guys know that actually now that Im thinking about it I still dont know exactly how the Black Ops 3 client is going to work out I would imagine that youre still gonna need the steam version of the game good news is if you dont own Black Ops 3 on PC what you can do is spend like 15 for the multiplayer starter pack just to get access to only the multiplayer Im not entirely sure if the steam files are the only way to play the game or if theres other wink wink nudge nudge ways of getting the files but whenever the time comes though Ill figure it out and Ill let you all know enemys body oh my God that man Cota is having the time of his life right now triple RPG what up Beast foreign I just got to the spot a little too late I think they actually were spawning there was ready to look into the spawn get the triple maybe oh I got a hater me waking up every single day I wake up extra early to be a hater I wake up early every day to get my haters on Black Ops 3. dropping the vsats wasted no was that on screen did I manage to get a quad feed out of that I dont think I did honestly I was just about to say this man is still going psychotic with the RPG isnt it called like the xm-53 or something like that am I remembering that right if Im right on that Im gonna be so proud of myself I looked away no I looked away from the guy that was shooting him I mean I guess thats kind of the smart thing to do I got a quad feed but the thing is I could easily five on that if I actually killed the guy that was shooting at me first or if I just actually hit my shots in the first place it wasnt trash at this game but you know its its fine its crazy how much fun Call of Duty can actually be when theres not cheaters in the game I know a crazy novelty Applause Target down that would have been such a nice Locus multi oh and thats far too that would have gone crazy I knew there was a dude sitting up in that Tower oh he ran behind me down he just hit no the game was over anyway oh my God just as I finally get to the spot the game ends and I needed everyone to be back there anyway but anyway so on that note thats gonna go ahead and wrap up this video I really hope you guys enjoyed I know I said this earlier but again the big takeaways are again this game is safe to play on PC for the time being the four RC exploits have been patched the game is safe to play in that aspect but again there are still cheaters on this game there are still people that can boot you offline cheat like again we saw the spin botter at the start of the video unfortunately theres no way to patch absolutely every sort of cheating exploit in this game and also on top of that again these things can be remade certain tools and things like that arent working right now like the community patch isnt working another stutter fix that I had isnt working I dont think MXT is working at the moment even though these kind of things arent working they can still be recreated so while yes it is safe to play youre still playing on a lower FPS and of course there still cant be cheaters in the game but besides that I know it all sounds kind of bad but again thats just the reality of old Call of Duties once I just get super outdated to a point its just what you run in do when you are running into cheater Zone you can actually sit down and play this game for a good while it really is a lot of fun bo3 is a solid game its so much fun to play so if you were someone who is worried about Black Ops 3 and the whole rcd exploits you dont have to worry about that anymore going into the future Ill do my best to keep you guys updated on whatever happens on that front Im still looking forward to the Black Ops 3 clients looking forward to the new community patch and again Ill do my best to keep you guys updated with everything as far as Black Ops 3 goes so again on that note thank you guys so much for watching this video I really hope you guys enjoyed leave a like if you guys did subscribe if youre new its been rage and I will talk to you guys later take care everybody geforce now play any steam game On Friday 3 March, 2023 - Treyarch and Activision sent out an update for BO3 and it came with some good and bad news. 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