Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 PC Multiplayer Gameplay LIVE!! (Call of Duty BO4 Multiplayer)

Steam what does hiding a game doyale steam laundry condominium CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS steam what so everybody typicalgamer with your daily YouTube livestream Zimmern today for you I got the call of duty black ops for a multiplayer beta on PC Im gonna be trying it out Ive actually never played call of duty on PC before so this is gonna be my first intro to it Ive only ever played it on like console and so is Niko Niko how you doing well subdued youve never played with your level 3 oh well no I played one game here but Ive never played before ok I need to know what Crouch was and stuff so we did that Nicos level 5 so hes also played a little bit and were gonna roll some what should we roll we should play heist eventually I feel but lets do like yeah we need to like practice you want to capture all control TDM what you do whatever whatever floats your boat whats whats uh whats control thats controls Dom right no control is the one that like dirt I think its like that like each team is 25 lives ok capture mosh pit yeah it says right there its like domination hardpoint on it oh its a couple oh ok lets do chaos TDM instead theres more people more more chance to frag out you know what Im saying anyway if you guys watch it enjoy this you want some more hit that like button you rather hit that subscribe button and if you want to cop some fire merch typical dots towards this place to go finally a game where it says typical gamer when Im in the game alright were playing a contraband I actually know the maps really well uh yeah were playing tedium theres more people in TDM like if theres usually more people what do you mean always is there Dom double idiom used to be the same one it Ill crap I pick the wrong one I drop a nuke youre sending me a typical gamer store comm or whatever care path typical dot store yeah that right youre sending me a full care sure if you drop a nuke sure otherwise you gotta go ask mommy for your credit card ask her for my credit card get the game out all right oh this game looks beautiful on here Im not gonna lie where are you gonna go do you have a strategy here Im just following you I know you didnt you turn off in the other point oh maybe I should turn down my graphics a little bit all right I got one kill why are you on Im playing at 240 bro I mean Im in the future look at that kill feed bro to kill its two kills thats pretty nutty i just got absolutely sniped in the head by mr. moon and then he said infantry kill after he killed me was a little depressing no they werent backwards either i this is the the only reason that i tried to do it on pc now is because i couldnt hear properly ah duh on ps4 cuz it was backwards I still know why oh I got that kill on mr. moon I got my revenge on mr. moon theres two of them yeah laying them up over there you dont get your nades anymore huh its so different are you do you get choppiness sometimes or now I wasnt but also whats a full screen cuz I think theres a whole team Im just Im just trying to drive by them yeah oh no this isnt gonna work drop I need help Im coming dude Im coming I promise you kill - oh no Timmy just die dude Timmy just died Im here Im here Im here dude Timmy just died oh I killed another one oh I think Im gonna drop a new clip for you drop one bro oh theres so many people there dude Im so scared do mr. moon we just ran into it were in this montage now RunAs montage straight to the taj how much Linkin Park is gonna be played over it is the question oh my welcome to call of duty how are you my dude went sh wacked does he kill them Im here with you okay Im a monster so theyre gonna have to lock me in a cage from telling you this guys oh he just kicked our rabbit man oh I got that girl did you get it I got it I think it turned out my graphics a little bit I dont know this game looks beautiful on be real I just got no scoped Im pretty sure I just watch this oh no I didnt all right you can snipe just so much better on PC shoot dog oh look its peeler I feel like PC you look got some crazy aim yes that barbed wire oh shoot mm-hmm come on come through bro yep thats me Im the MVP rare on the man of the year of the year huh Yorks why do I drop shot no better place the program bro your program I am so ripped right now I just want to throw that in out there drop it in a better missile where do they call now oh wow yeah litter eight at his life youre gonna see I think Im carrying our team right now Im gorilla baby why why am I ever play that inky why have I ever played this on colorful oh theres the other all coming did you just launch in why did you we did that on the table no I just got blasted all right you and me got to focus up because I feel like were gonna be the ones that have to carry our team here this right side is having a lot of action views diet nice nice time coming here body by you I got him I got him keep going good all right let him up hes not dead though are you with the Donkey Kong slam dude I love the hook the hook is the most I think its the best one apparently the dogs are fairly good right I just dropped out of the dog guy hey do ya let the dogs out what is this I lowered my sensitive we never begin way better oh dude theres a mob of people here oh yeah theres a mob of people back here bro Im so dead I turned the corner just wasnt all that it wasnt good it wasnt good all right you and me got to work the other here where we going youre going that way right hell dude theres a shield er okay lets go the other way oh oh yeah no here shell be sweet oh Im weak I can Ill need to get whatever that  __  oh good yeah well I dont even have custom kit yet so I think next game a lot of it were down by five so we got to focus up here dude everyone I go up against I got the guy I got the guy who we gotta go up this left side we gotta go up this left side come on got this man we go we cant let these kids run us theyre not running me but Music dude I got radioactive it did it did how does it even work how does that work hes playing with Jordan fishing no no this is Nico I hit this dudes head like eight times were out I just turn up no yeah all right that happens rebuttal is real AB team deathmatch what are you kill me with I think I died grenade launcher all Im gonna say is I have a 2.8 KD ratio Im pretty happy about yeah you didnt do that good oh this is me thats pretty sick yeah do you have one were killing you oh I helped you out there I helped you out there dude all in the days work baby all in a days work alright lets back out and I level up a bunch I love the low up to level six nice yessuh Beca bring party Oh what yeah I hit bring party and theres like eight other people in here did you see that scary all right my first class yeah which one are you gonna do assault rifles are apparently really good I dont know I dont know I really I mean like no youre gonna be pretty basic since we cant really Im gonna rock up a body armor that I think thats what Im gonna do oh how do you do that which ones buddy Im here is it that up here is body Im going to be that guy I feel like everyones gonna use it so why not yeah I like stim though but I dont know how fast you heal otherwise so Im going cold blooded scavenger ghost yeah is that what youre doing Im going I am cold-blooded scavenger ghost yes my music yeah thats the I think thats the best all right lets roll you want a roll dumb yeah yeah so that would be a capture moshpit yeah and then we gotta try the heist mode we got to try the heist mode after do you know what its about aside not a clue I think gta5 money and then you buy weapons of stuff theres something like that I dont know I havent tried me I think you just made that completely up cuz Ive heard nothing about that well guess were gonna find out dude I also I say if anyone wants to join become a member in chat theres a link in the description below I think me and Nico work together to fix it so that title members would see this number goes to 815 so one person just has to join imagine somebody like their thing expires its at 8:14 a 40 I just put it up cuz I was Im not confident its gonna work but like a number KKK yeah so Im gonna leave it up Im gonna see what happens maybe nobody will join itll just be a fourteen the whole time but if you do join chat I dare you to do it he dares you double dog dare Z alright Gordy lets capture see are we gonna hold C and B what do we doing I think we should win once rush hey I say we go psych alright lets push it dont ever expect this hit him with the flag dont be hes like one shot oh I thought we were going eh I said go eh uh well I just got worldstar though but you lied to me I was going you have to activate your X thing yeah how do you how do you activate okay do you hold it what you have to be down health you get the body armor no matter what oh really wait did you get a stem no matter what yes so this stim instead of it getting you to a 150 right away its like a slow well I mean you know it was in their spawn so I hope so I got dropped broke he shot me instead of you how I think his aim was that sloppy that he killed me instead of you Im BIA Ill be on your presented real with you real are we over losing be lights for me okay hey lets go over there I mean you can go that way let me take the ladder over here theres a guy sniping over there I dont think we should uh all right you know Keith you deal with him thats cool oh theres a guy in the window okay Id like to go home now oh he sent me home with that one he sent me packing let me tell you that oh no dont do what I did Im glad you didnt see that I saw you fly in and get destroyed okay lets go around lets go around back right right right no no wrong way Nico wrong way house shoot him through riot shield Yeah right you are you sure I have the body armor like I have the body oh wait maybe I didnt shes my class oh no I dont want down the right class noob its so weird on PC I think yep the like specifically choose it alright Oh what bro what is this barbed wire yeah I dont really get the barbed wire barbed wire zopi what that he just blocked me in wheres this for night you put up a trap bro all right were getting owned so are we yeah there we go we got rid of the trap dont worry Im trying to Im so Im taking beer out gonna stop me whos gonna stop me son you how do you mail a I just I need to figure this out I ve v V o V Im never gonna hit that how am I ever gonna hit that one-point game well Im getting body during over Im just saying okay this got the barbed wire up I really got punched by face Philly the real face Philly did the real one the real one its pretty cool John me to go flank um I guess were face Philly gets in the idea weve lost the lead we had the lead yeah were winning oh look at me I know whats good baby oh shoot theres one more guy hes on the point this guy just walks on my forehead dont like it Ill watch this dominate be aggressive I feel like sound doesnt help in this game did do you like I cant hear anything I cant hear anything hey were down by 10 backs against the wall this is our game that was talented he was just shooting at the same spot look at this what is happening moving yeah hes not moving and hes doing so well we gotta do something Ill go BB reveals rush beat now you do have body on right here enemy took see Bravo some if theyre here all secure I just I just body slam somebody nice dude those thick I killed another one Im on bro Im a real one Im on beholding it we both know Im from behind reminds I got I got a secret for them I got a cigarette I got a hell of 400 do you see the kill feed yeah dude meet hippy now Oh sick that was sick Oh with that all they spawn here thats not good I swear to you this person just wall run I swear to hear like I know its not even possible I saw the wall run I saw them how we lose Charlie I dont know bro the one thing I dont miss about college is people just quickscoping you alright come around this right side you know 135 to 130 we brought the lead back we brought the lead back tonight flop flip flop theres buns I I feel like I had the cliff I had the clip I just had to line up the ducks you know that was going straight to the Taj it was but then I just didnt do it right okay I get it you vape Im gonna dive drowning him because this guy shot me a million times that just one shot on basement yep we good we good she hold them hold them we just got to hold them here me go get him Nikolas coming to you Nikolas there was very four people I came into the room when I killed two it Music I absolutely directly go I feel like this game on PC Oh what the heck happened I didnt kill him whats that how did I kill him with that no how does that kill him that thats supposed to kill the man that move kills the man all right theres a million people all right we got it how close are we to I dont my god all right the rise feels just insane what how do you kill it because he knows how to play this again apples gone dude the shooters have meat up on beat you help me meet with listen Charlie need help on baseball you know boom beat oh no were gonna get triple cap totally we are at your cap oh man we at one point we knew one point Im grabbing see Im grabbing a only one away from winning the offensive I got it I got it thud I got killed right after I got it - Oh work it work to the counter work chef Antonio Ruvalcaba enjoy those emotes welcome to the elite my friend do your character looks like you look at the bottom left youre going up I blacked out he was too many I was I didnt expect them to change I cant believe work I believed youd see well a couple attachments on now rapid-fire ap rounds optics hey Ill put quicker on this reflex what are you gonna name your class BTW what can i rename bro you cant rename all on pc poly code I just dont know Im using the SMG are using the ICR what am i using I am using the MX 9 and the ICR the icer is really good oh my gosh like why is it BDE what do you mean why why isnt it bde thats what I said they said BD okay whatever Im choosing custom - this time wheres my AR were using yours and AR the ICR yeah I think that was legit yeah well theres like um I know theres like operator mods and stuff like you can have like five hundred bullets non-stop or without reloading on some guns something like that something crazy see you sliding bro give me in there coach our point is really good for like oh that dudes flanked them points that we have to be oh that dude a beer were getting flame to think he didnt kill anybody I like oh great Im getting body from all bro these guys train every day and night for our point guaranteed theyre like in Windows behind us and stuff this guy in the okay that hardpoints lost wheres the next one I knew that I knew that rose ow ow ow he hit me the kidney how do you do 120 run snipers in this game are just insane teammate I think Id like college anymore if they just pick up drivers me Im just wish my SMG I dont know if Im cut for the a our lifestyle god youre right theyre just so good at sniping I dont know oh this guys body this guy using the mug my point now son oh I just flanked them my art point now son oh I can strike every day I guess tonight every day all righty yep getting shot by through walls and stuffs out what is this guy doing okay I cant heal either oh oh I died but it is really bad its not very good game Im doing great pieces Im doing oh my god okay we need to leave this lobby this lobbies uh I can feel the sweat like you can smell all right I can smell it people are leaving on a team and stuff oh goodness I got a I know they bully you Nicholas okay I got you Oh yep I just got one shot snipers insane dude how did you just get dropped by the sniper yeah there was you guys theres just like one would peep and the other would be from the other word people they got you unlock your home lock all right I think were good here hes got like a team of six like Oh cuz like theyre not doing that well over there do this thing oh that thats the next hard point look at that try art they know they know oh you guys gonna Rob you got bodied I feel like the game feels really bad for us and thats why its spawning the hard way oh I got him buddy the other guy he was jumping and I swear midair here me with the size were behind one game come down by enemy in the middle now how are you with that little point oh I got one damn I think we can censor this one right off at this point I mean its a cool game it is but like like I guarantee thats like theyre partied up and so they probably have the same clan tag or something when dudes level 40 over there like we get it you play the beta you know how do you you babe all right we get it he pistol do awesome thats the point right there yeah thats I think thats a wrap for us right there thats a yikes for me dog itll do for fun like I get it GoPro world spy their tryout video man I dont know that this guy just got a three-piece on it so you almost got a kill feed over my only job is to lay systolic off your face oh I got bodied or I got a comeback medal that means I think its good for you theyre not bad theyre pretty good snipe I think sniping is probably a lot easier on the console but sorry only people theres like no flinch in this game either hey if youre shooting a sniper its like the perfect shot on you every no I want this game to be over so that can I dance in this game why can I did they know the trend of dancing like Id buy dance not a dance at the end screen like World War 2 order all right good Im glad we lost we did well until the 110 points yeah then we never got a point again like we stood in the row the montage he didnt even quickscope dude Im not putting him in my montage no hes not hes going in the mint Im not recruiting him to my team Oh monster kill it up again oh Anthony drags in Antonio Ravel Kaba thank you both for sponsoring welcome to the elite appreciate the sport enjoy those emotes and if you want join us well link down the description below I dad bro thats the wrong gear wrong here man okay Im telling you Dom has the most try ours do you want to heist sure lets try ice all right lets see it so me and Nico dont know what ice is a little bit not even like a little tiny bit maybe a little teensy bit not even a tiny little bit not even the littlest tiny bit maybe a miniscule bit ok so theres 10 people in here can I make a care I know it explained nothing it explains nothing I have no idea what to do selected class how do I change it you I think I can make me frozen how do I change it oh no were good how do I change my Clarkson no yes see you start with like nothing and you know kill and get like or any money thank you Oh what the heck bro what the heck it just popped up I just spend money on lightweight shoot Oh bye menu okay counter-strike well this is legit counter-strike oh were duo follow me stay with me all right why do I do why we buy hope first I thought I bought like we have more people than all right kill one I dont have enough ammo I Drive ammo I only have fist you can get Reebok I punched when I finish them up Oh me go you go get him you shoot him oh no I dont have a gun finish him up finish oh Im getting shot Im good third party thats the objective okay healed up I think theres ammo back here I found em Oh goddammit well this is actually pretty cool oh crap no I found their whole team their whole team is Im grabbing health but its literally where theyre at the extraction boys to be to me they got their eyes closed oh I just I think Im just thinking both out did I win I dont know so you cant respond in this game mode yeah so why do you always the business dude learn something all right its by Nara find errors primary yeah Im buying a K in 5700 Im balling out too I got so much ammo where wheres max ammo oh there we go okay perfect all my guns ducked out this is this exactly a counter-strike except to revive yes lets go lets go left flank or to the right time sure to grab a below okay so you stick together where are you going okay to kill him this should be an easy round yeah we are were off Oh Bobby died play they showed up they showed up they got their on the columns dude they showed up thats insane little Bobby our team just got absolutely we got bodied thats insane thats insane I thought that was gonna be an easy around apparently they get as much money as us though because they all had guns whats up with that yeah believe this should get a little less money went in yeah I I lit him up to oh I still keep the gun oh crap I dont know what I just bought but I think I just bought an attachment and I bought more armor to make sure to buy armor how do you mean ways that oh by armored lets go its hiding the tower can put barbed wire here nobodys gonna flank I reckon I reckon director dont download no I cant I just decked out like four of them I just all I saw was numbers the whole hallway is just getting dropped our team is just cowards full of powers oh I got played again look at this oh oh I literally fully do my thang switching rally point nothing saying alright make sure to buy it just heavy armor and then Ill have money for anything else Im poor now what actually I can afford max ammo okay oh she get one clip oh fudge I didnt even think of that here we go wait Hawk or boy dude white Hawk and a lot Jessies okay lets do this Merc yeah youd me gotta work as a team hes smarter where do you want to go lets talk youre not talking to me right side right side that right sides were dead last time theres some were gonna watch this blinking are we didnt run up the middle oh yeah I decked him a lot oh theres two guys here yes two guys in the middle hide out from down I dont understand this most like so hard whats five e3d ya know its five before no cuz itv didnt spawn in here now what a scrub the objective yeah but I mean we do have less I like how you go in like it so was it duo sir you can go in solo I think you have to go in duos right I dont know how you got that much damage off what the heck oh its not the last one I wanted it to be over armor alright okay we got to win this guy focus make sure to grab grab ammo and grab health both because you can use the step lets go to the same spot that I went to that I got those the players again lets do it lets do it its right over here to the left you go ok now go to the tower sometime careful with that right side I saw someone throw a flower there grab the ammo No oh theyre all there in the middle theyre all in the middle how how this dude so weak hi Declan out thats what you get son I killed two Oh No is it 1v3 1v3 dude yeah they just revived a guy Im gonna finish them up oh dude oh I dont have a lot of time oh I thought dude I just I killed everyone on their team I think I killed everybody on their team yes go baby lets go I absolutely wrecked it were gonna play the game oh there we go look at this uh wait thats not me no the heck dude that guy looks legit that was me hes got Auto wait how do you kill these you really did it alright Im keeping her Im teaching our team in this game you gotta help me out here alright Nicholas have your arm again heavy armor make sure you got getting a light machine gun lets go problems and stuff here dude I am ripped you should see this gun that I have I said we go follow me I know a good spot all right lets go did you think I was gonna clutch that one be honest grab health in our rain follow me yeah theyre in the middle oh Im getting lasered Music someone need help all through fall through good boy nice nice nice nice wheres the last guy to the cash give the cash cash we played that nicely alright we just played that nicely it also helped that they all rushed those like blindly thats what we were doing every round oh oh yeah its hard not to keep shooting at somebody you know you just want to you revive them that quick I just came in through the side Im like I already have good armor I like I like I like this like this moats pretty sick I think its pretty safe I bought out dude bought out completely did you really you have everything like support upgrades and everything I dont know because its like tiered and you can like get them permanently if you dont die I think yeah Im saying like I always say like your inventory all right lets take tower lets take tower make sure to grab equipment and stuff meds meds is so important goodness thats good double laser three two one you ready window window window Oh White House - the guy uses you to revive stare kiss you good good now yeah kill the guy okay Im gonna keep checking out this topper or front our teammates once again lasers honest I mean come down and dump that right you use your help where is that where is it our dues down our Dom dad come on I think there was three left man our team was getting bodied out there is this you that came for the visit oh man he just shot your life huh he got you though you guys you shouted new members savage gangster welcome elite premium squirt and joins us emotes like will be in description below if you want to join as well we we we got a comeback though I gotta say I dont mind facing the same guys they dont seem that like they seem okay I dont think I think you have to go in duos dont you know yes no I mean its not possible since theres 10 no it doesnt make any sense alright so it doesnt really matter what like nothing matters in terms of like your equipment going in you lost badly what do you mean we did so well I think we did super well so bad I was top scorer and get out of here dark shadow showed you for the five super EXTREME time glad glad to hope youve been enjoying it Braden McHugh shoutout to you crackhead Joshi what a name to gladion choices three men you guys have Alex Farias love your videos keep the grade good work thank you man will do yeah we shadow to you man appreciate that shield sniper glad you enjoy the streams ptg and love that five bucks you dont see this way so your 10 bucks in the hole now bro I dont really I think I think scavenger may be the best thing no yes mo no I think scavenger yeah because you have two full finish them mm-hmm youre not wrong Im buying ammo all right Im gonna buy scavenger just cuz like I dont know okay lets stick together though - stronger than one you know towards right okay here get the same here follow me tell me your dolphin let me I me me i me another one in here you go yeah you all right Ill go left oh never mind absolute monster v15 u15 you one cuz were absolute beasts all right you and me killed it there I gotta say is it iki i8 k IA enemies killed in action no that cant be right whats I have for yup - what is this oh I know look at me look at my weight the counter works NECO Im losing my mind by the way youre welcome yeah thanks proud hold up Im gonna buy a gun Im gonna buy what kinda gonna buy I bought the chordae I saw people use no look oh yeah but I think this one that you have to upgrade it for itll be like Jack I bought oh I didnt buy armor fudge oh my gosh I need you to protect me bro Ill be the strategy yeah you just follow me I didnt get heal so messed up oh yeah yeah yeah so we can wait for them to grab you good yeah hit him got it knock on doc one just do this too a knock one theyre both for a week were not all Im grabbing the cash from grab the cash check together it doesnt say am I crazy is it just the same spot on the map every time oh right here here oh yeah what me I think you got to listen for the helicopter thats what it is Donna me on me dude on the other gear no audio Im so scared because I had all my loot on it like I didnt buy armor so like if I went down I lose my gun right so I actually like this motor what do you think give him the cash someone said the s Aug a some G is probably the most ugly gun in the game right now si you understand whats happening I think is that interesting choice of weapon here oh my gosh dead silence yes Im making a ghost Im decking myself out all right I got armor now all right follow me I got I got a plan dude I got a new a new plan they all love the game I think we just I think we just went pro Im extracting rage quit full rage credit thats how you know we did thats called The Full Monty the Royal Flush thank you game game tune again a little counter working deep  __  man csgo the objectives poor man I just saw your character bolting it on my scream you go right I guess if I knew I guess I mean it doesnt really matter theres only two of them lets go straight down the middle deal your characters so far ahead than everyone what the heck dude look behind you look how far we are Street sprinting and I cant catch up go grab it grab a night watchman Oh sneaky oh look behind you Oh someones shooting at you dude thats crazy oh we absolutely thought I think that we did so well that they quit I think I honestly think I leveled up a bunch or one-and-a-half to be actually this level yeah what were you 12 do you wanna keep doing this much hey hey Linda vote on high C and the high C end quick only one person vote ago but I see and oh dude youre so lucky I went youre so lucky you win enemies killed in action eki a I believe so but like I had four Oh mates when you knock somebody counts as one when you down them accounts as one yeah I think so dude why your linear people said that they donate $1,000 if you win that last round and we want it do you get it yeah as long as he donated did i dont think hes gonna do it though you think I hear someone say I will donate $50,000 if you win schema for tonight means marijuana for Darrell yeah its at least $2 each game all right this is a full Lobby ice what is her plan do we buy it try the objective okay lets uh what do they say oh the SOG is most um Im gonna buy Im gonna buy scavenger I think or I might save my ammo Im gonna buy scavenger like scavenger scavenger might be a way so honestly we got to find out where the ammo is I think its right on this lines it I dont know this map as well I just want to say that Ive never played it okay lets go upstairs like fine high ground hi gram hi gram wheat you clean bowls grabbers like I grab and its gone careful give me a lot of people there your left I lit him up I got him we got him going around efficient I lit up the sky booty clutch Im coming home oh no hes one shot did you get down here other guys okay hes connection interrupted full hes full sending it like his heads yeah what is he doing little scroll button well DC I kill he got body I dont think Ive ever seen someone extractable anybody else was alive box is my name now me that let him up Id literally I was like getting one yeah you got we got street down but you got to team youre gonna roll what I ran forward so I can keep get the SOG put the saw by the yeah I didnt buy armor but people are saying the sagas okay I believe those late nights change so thats cool everybodys cool in Chad I love you guys lets go get high ground in the middle area good theres two on that side toward my side this gun did no damage Oh push him punch Oh bro I hate him for so much and he didnt die Im not are you yeah can you come up just calling you know I heard you fumble your key a little bit gates 3 verse 2 lets stick together should we get on the event pistol Bonnies - yeah Oh bro get at it hey lets go lets give us a scavenger youre back me up yeah come here come here I gotta show you something did you wheres the helicopter oh its over here somewhere whatd you get a picture of you I dont know I paid him up my dog it shes probably like straight connection interrupted oh look at this dude look at this good look at this good Laughter Music I started shooting them from the other side to distract them look at that cuz I saw you dude they thought they thought they knew dad game 1 but we how do you do that you run ahead yeah but max armor the sog isnt bad huh it sprays it it goes it goes the lot of you carrying the cash the amount goes okay so what youre dropping it oh that makes sense you like dropping like little bills as you as you run away lets go up right side but I think if we just rush shoot oh absolutely foggy to all of them absolutely I think half our team died there by the I got one I got one this week I go quick other way other way other way youre dropping money too you drop dude with Lisa were loose were losing money objective okay cover my left side cover the left side Ill cover right were trying to extract money get away yeah Im leaking just keep spray spray everything you got now yeah you should get more money for doing that maybe you have more money for doing that oh look at me look at me Oh Mike what what do you want more I should just be em them all for maximum maximum damage how do you run forward stop it I decked out my saag by the way its got all attachments I just bought everything right where do you want to go lets go up right right side now you know we were doing that a little fancy thing the same thing that you did to date games again all right face or heel yeah one day when I get more subs pie bro wrong way you come up here oh how did you get up here oh no down them down down Im down Im down Oh a home hes picking me up bro a home hes picking me up you can pick each other up so fast how did he spray past you and hit me theres a guy down there bodies one body buddy buddy we lost the objective oh were gonna detractions all the guys going for it dude oh hes over here trying to cash cash me were just passionate your little ears play is literally just killing everybody that was already knocked high red Ford did you see me I bolted anything my child I bolted it Im buying heavy armor yeah what another upgrade you know Im gonna get a score streak by counter UAV can you just call it in or you have to earn it I bought a cluster grenade by the okay running forward is the most Oakley thing he could what I called me counter so you buy it like you broadly straight up having Im open oh I destroyed a mess mine oh here here mommy oh my game just legs as that happy run away run away Ill finish him hes a bad guy its three versus four just be careful theres another one back back there geez you dont even go full healthy okay seventy-five did they get it oh shoot we gotta go to the back corner they have to catch they have the cash lets go left side left side has or less than you know but left side hasnt lets go what do you mean no why did I revive you thats what I said okay lets be honest the jumping know that thats the play of the game wow look at me come on Emil ah to him I bodied him right out there alright its three two man the objectives oh I didnt run for that much Ill be honest with you have your armor all I could afford was heavy armor and max ammo guy said we go straight down the lane I could see this being competitive mode what do you think yeah I think thats the plan he doesnt need to definitely need some tweak like being able to jump over that ledge but I like it dont worry about it wait lets go through here through down down lets push through that way okay wheres the objective that one dude wait you see its on the matter yes it oh that guys Oh bro its the one to be won Im just gonna camp objective ya gotta help get maybe make it alright have them idiots you love you get the freak out of your baby look at this look hey I was trying to slow motion TV Oh Gigi honey badger five with a cliff look you killed poop savage and that was it Oh No thats you you got the business too baby you got the business too yeah she melted that was looking a little scary when he sprayed me and I didnt see him right away oh I leveled up so much well lovely what where do you wanna go Steve payload heist lets just keep doing ones that like we dont know yeah I dont know if Im going protocol of Duty but lucky boy 21 thank you for joining welcome to the elite appreciate the sport everybody give Bucky a warm welcome and chat for him he was in The Avengers movie you know what happened to him Im not spoiling it Im just saying if you knew you would know what happened to Bucky you know you know if you know then you know wait is that you pop up for new members yeah its literally the streamlines default I know I know what it is Im getting one made so theres that yeah yeah what do you guys think is this is the most entertaining mode to you its definitely more strategic secure the objective I bolted bro I bolted yeah Im getting scavenger I feel like scavengers one of the best ones ambu like Shamu we go for a full ammo you know what Im trying something else I went higher ammo capacity for my pistol instead and then Im gonna go ahead and get the ammo here ambu like Shamu like whoa this likes yes come to the right side here come through it full right they got to be going for the cash in cash two three Oh our dudes getting body down here our dude you got body room yeah let me Im here oh I just body two of them but I saved my teammate theyre both on me yeah Im coming Im coming here did you die mati they report we want to hold that all dead all dead are they all dead oh they are I just killed it till the game see my counters not up to them theres a third person view one person well I mean somebody just sponsors as well so shadow two we have Quinton standard that I know you then welcome to the elite truly appreciated sport enjoy those emotes if you want to join us well link will be in the description below Quentin Tarantino look at my play right here that I his body the body after body budget and run forward what are you gonna use the same gun I saw I bought the SOG and heavy armor and max ammo oh oh oh wait up the counter work look I told you dude I mean hasnt gone up yet but Im looking dude yeah that goes up eventually like every minute or too fast I mean I cant you just touch a button and itll go oh he co did you lower that oh I think it did I think it did like Oh Ultron Octobers theyre all knocked over here our boys three versus four month - left left left left left knock knock knock oh I just Id its rampage oh Im a monster I think Im a monster oh my goodness dude mega-mighty bag the mighty bagel nice nice keep it up you should have seen what I just did it was the same why do we have to grab the cash after that doesnt make sense to me because I get I dont you secure the bag I can see yeah like if you plant the thing you get more money I guess like feels the useless like youre on the longest way Danny look at all the money flying out of them look at this play the game you ready I go ah what not even you it wasnt even me thats what Im saying kill somebody 200 IQ dude this guy got to clip how did this guy get the clip even kill the last guy I stacked out my SMG Id like completely did it I dont have a lot of ammo I dont have 36 where do you see your pink or like the same thing I would get it you think you vaporized I think right sides the best just activated that thing again it really messes up random actually this is bad by the way theyre all gonna come through I lit him up hes so late hes so late Im pushing Oh Toby give me the cash okay I finished the guy off that you hes gotta listen to the copter mister problem profession got clapped you got clapped son got frickin Wow why are we such monsters why are we such monsters why are we such monsters oh look at you oh honey badger just watch that happen I know you didnt dude this guy help me out what did you do I came okay but honey badger conquered what are you getting now what howd you deck out your thing Im gonna score streak it Oh RC Im gonna get an RC car thats like a free kill isnt it can you cover me while I RC no you think theyre gonna make it here by the time your art is done yeah no no like Im going further up in the North Sea Oh got me a deploy when Im in this room so so you owe me just to sit here and look at you yeah yeah pretty much oh dude this cars so hard to drive oh I dont - I do - I tell - go go go go go yeah down - go go go go go no mine yeah three verse three lets do it Oh Nico why Eclair dude oh he wasnt having a good time oh hes super weak super weak Im talking like super like super dude oh I absolutely own them I cant your hairs going through your helmet by the way please tell me mines to play a game what no you really wanted to finish how was it I got a double kill thats it you beat me with that I feel like the actual kill like the actual knock out should count for more as than I mean it probably will but its just werent Abita dude yeah but like whos working on this dish see ya see frequency whos working on this you can just be like yeah I think that makes sense lets make that switch the most fun Ive had with this beta is this game up thats what Ill say falling back to your my Co days see us go crazy Braille mobile Snipes us why arent streams in 1440p love you bro shot you man I play on a 2d 240 Hertz monitor thats only goes in 1920 so and most people what do you mean by that is 1080p yeah today big 20 most people dont watch past 1080p Im pretty sure even low see Ive really jacked Internet Ashton helm shout a few and think for the five whats up dude Baconator shadow to you do fortnight later I think thats probably my last dream in however long this is gonna be George George finger shadows ok a roblox is good make sure to run as fast as you can right away obviously / oh dude Brin I didnt spread can you slide yeah like were you able to get get Im telling you get extending eggs and then Mac Tambo it my own person and then you just have insane a motor pissing it down a person wow do you where you gonna back against the wall you follow me far right flank Papa dude Lloyds bro dude domination for old times sake oh this is I didnt mean to go to this I know what Im doing this guys gonna get dropped I lit him up how I got shot in the face okay apparently I cant shoot Im really hurt I got to go back and yell I gotta find heels I dont have feelings I was caught I was punching up I was clutching up I apparently Ive knocked like three people but I didnt get any go look at me look at me look when I saw that hallway thats terrifying thats absolutely terrified leave that music that guitar just riffing you know Im buying the vapor I bought a different weapon I didnt even buy armor that sucks lets uh camp the objective yeah how did you get that Im so I guess for like good yeah oh I got one knock 100 on me on me Oh Nico you saved my butt I think oh I just down Im down Im down help somebody boss hes upstairs my big smoke oh he knocked out of this I push them from the side you good mine you get 500 points for reviving somebody yeah okay so if you look at the guys circle you see it go slowly down as he loses money it takes yeah what is he doing it can you talk in the game hes missed it alright this gun sucks that I got by the way I dont like it talking game howd you talk to you oh that was nice that was nice Klinger Adam oh I see sprintin going for it man Oh a sprint alright lets go yeah Im so I got a cluster grenade Im ready for it it better do mass damage Im just gonna throw it at him not Im gonna shoot him down lets go through middle and Im gonna cluster the the crab egg go Oh up here theyre up here Im knocks Im knocking knock Ts one shot one shot Nico up the ladder ladder oh no Im fine ministers fences process for whatever reason play the game this little guy up there oh that was clutch those clutch here the bag look at Benjamin shadow too flashy scope mods for the membership welcome my friend enjoy those emotes if you guys want to join us well link will be in the description below he says you want to see more state of K or GTA stuff cool do you man Chad do you flashy right 820 sponsors now yeah yeah you I love your chat youre so pretty today oh ok people might call you a hacker for that one embryo and then what was that guy doing okay that SMG might be open like its so much better than the air Ive been using its not what its talked to I dont know its just more mobility you like that little trick that youve been doing howre you hop down in the middle yeah I just get there as fast as I can half-breed over here is um hes way ahead of us huh how do you get that far I wasnt on it this time you sliding doesnt make you go faster does it oh yeah even close oh hes gonna revive his teammate oh I just took out two of them oh I just took out two of them I came here dude I was here for you little boy I came I saw I conquered I bought you something thank you with all the money youre rich boy living good dude eating good living good wheres the drops no wrong right gonna say now I think I just saw one of her teammates fall yeah oh youre not gonna make it Ill jump it off the edge push me to the edge all my friends are dude look at this play you ready Ill let him up on that side of the next game with the double whammy oh I didnt buy any armor rip me my gun is fully decked out though Ima be real with you weve tried different guns we should try that revolver or whatever that guy was using on us well I have no one watching me so I can just keep using the same gun and no oh no I just want to keep choosing what people wanna see you great I should probably change because Im always getting play the games oh I cant bro doctor luck yeah Im throwing around you should come to me theres got your left hes gonna finish me oh theyre all here Nico one more here hes trying to finish this you gotta dude yo bro he was so dedicated to taking us out nice I just ran dude there behind look at this oh oh no way you got everybody Oh play the whole clip Jumanji top police Soviet plays the whole clip what I should have just let it keep going I crushed I killed for them not 5 I guess oh well you know you did pretty good there I guess yeah thanks do we play although we havent played gridlock try the Spitfire its a really good weapon assault pack is good because its infinite max ammo really Music Oh make your next mo whats your next email your next email can I make it what is it that part doesnt matter no it does matter what are you thinking I dont know man its just Im thinking you know Mendoza alright um so it doesnt really matter who you pick here does it did I chose look at me Im cheddar cheese thats funny yeah cheddar cheese oh there you go okay the guy had the mozo mozu you can get a shot Im buying a shotgun you can have a shotgun right off the bat yeah look look at me I just have a shotgun are you choosing it were shots yeah we have four shots dont miss shoot your shots we gotta flank him and just Barrel stuff them all yeah whats the play to through the middle no no no lets see you through the right side lets do through the right side thats left you went left wow thats really not the way I said extraction oh dude I hit him so he got a shotgun - the first time Ive ever seen anybody use a shotgun I dont know why I didnt shoot the shotguns awful thats not the way the shotgun is not the way this guy tried barrel stuff and it didnt work from thinking got downed like seven yeah well now were gonna be poor for the next round yeah actually no she should be home okay god he gets all the ladies without much look at me Im God in the film the objectives oh no I have the shotgun forever dude and me I bought it about it the soggy waffle I mean I dont even have enough to fill Im on do you see me they call me Cheetos do you like me you like my name yes oh your talk about in-game oh yeah yeah yeah theres a fire truck its constantly spraying water so yeah thats not economically sound now we are go thats a good play right there theres a lot of them bro you dont think the flank Cavan flanking me im frank with you Im down to what the heck wheres our teammate hes playing a different game than we were all right we gotta win this next one what are we doing theyre not bad though were you trying to do before it was plan a we were trying to use a shot yeah the shotgun really has messed up the flow can when you get a heavy armor on I dont think we might good they left oh theres really buggy this little like thing keepin saga like watch almost a ton did secure the objective light armor okay whats up with the time here how much time you need to buy all right boys is where you can is slurp you yeah we need some pep talk and chat did you walk your dolphin buddy no yeah dont read duardo lets go right theyre here blow it up once lit heavy I finish them up run run run run I did our guy just got any review how do you find their good man like I took out one boxes my names I kept getting bodied okay are you ready to come back in the Hills yes thats true look at me look at my player thats nice all right we got to do this I can buy the medium armor medium armor max ammo all right need to find wheres their ammo all right right away follow me its right by that heel thats right by that heel lets go ahead and then far left and then flank around well it depends where the sack you know we go to the left how do you know how do you know its in the middle its right as well they took the objective Im down Im down gosh make the run no our team is no bueno is really playing like a little forty cheese lets throw it to some dumb I like this mode but we switch you guys switch it up we need more action yeah this chick is laggy oh my gosh boys are back in town thank you to all the new members by the way I appreciate you guys Nicos not a member unfortunately for him well you know I guess just she goes what AR are you gonna be using I wont try that something to your knees its love a lock now with the GK yeah the eyes hair is pretty lit I am hit what do you want to do do you want to team deathmatch or domination Id rather do Dom but like the Dom theres trihard judge hyena weve lost everything except for this high school I feel like Nicos gonna get this game and go like prestige ten right away is that your Nico dude I did well though no really maybe play what was wrong with the game big whats wrong with it why dont you enjoy Emmas for tonight damn clapped literally got clapped all right were in a fresh Lobby breath look at me beautiful oh yeah yeah why did they all got that one little droid cant even pick your picture your leaders not followers actually youre following I like ruin the most or serif I although Ive never got to try her gun Im gonna be honest I mean my question I dont know what Ive seen like a bunch of people to say whats right is that Nico from Sunday look at that I guess not youre known as Nico from Sunday the middle section man you contributed 84% oh hes a sniper they didnt cap As I they just refused the cafe they know about a spawn something we dont know apparently they just dip day they still bring me up for B and C alrighty so I got I got straight foggy day Im gonna be honest is there a UH whats the best sniper glass oh I got a hitmarker so thats where rats I got a hitmarker so thats where were at why is this gonna have like Ive gone headshot its so much I dont like oh what a shot Im mulling people right out my radars going crazy whats going on oh my god so Im a sniper God fairly oh all right Im gonna ski Im gonna just keep the good times rolling I thought I forgot for a second that was a window that you could go through oh great I cant see yep I actually like sniping in this oh I missed them if they have body armor can you just not one shot him I think oh I just bodied him aint body for mulling over yeah just say nice alright dude Im coming to help is that better yes take people watching snow oh youre welcome I just got three piece I just got three piece straight up serious no snipers are definitely not the way you know theyre never the wave oh dude sometimes my leak Im face shots those bad what a shot oh goodness where are you going oh I almost shot him straight in the nads what do you guys prefer to watch a our gameplay or sniper gameplay press 4 for a r34 sniper i just bodied them oh yeah thats the kill right there oh theres a million of them coming Im just trying to spray oh no kill me when Im up here but you didnt kill him when what oh no no good oh no I didnt like that Thanks for meeting us great every single time I run into someone I just hear I dont even know youre talking about I mean this dude literally has one held I dont understand how I feel no because I just no scoped again if like 80 feet to his love oh gosh you ready for the Tosh clip oh my goodness my chat is B row they still havent fixed that rear you go what were like sponsors can still spam what see yeah if your sponsor you could like you get over the slow chat luckily my sponsor though become a member you can spam oh my goodness good night you cant shoot your eye shield what is there no way to shoot through the riot shield hey hey Icemans kill it oh thats my best knife today like I was calm and collected the whole time and I got it oh that was dirty thank you listen thank you Ill cover this side brother tell em to go tell them just one honest lady zombie oh gosh were getting a little jam-packed over here called my dog Sheila if you let the dogs out we figured the hell Oh - - where did this guy just come from come on doggie will cool down this little know I was gonna get I was gonna get play the game again my dogs going off to you I hurt her hard keep it up tiger Napoleon I cant kill this guy I cant I cant kill him oh theres guys on B I got them up Bravo call me King on me King drink we lost see its okay oh wow theres theyre all how many head of one broken oh no and then I missed the other one hard I hit one I walked into that one I should I should switch to an SMG to win the  __  what the hell oh my gosh what I just did to this poor fellow right Im switching class counseling not like that like that dude I typed it its only bad dude all right I got an SMG lets win this securing see now now you cant snipe me anymore can you beginning I spawn camp them oh good I am absolutely frying them oh my gosh dude dude were spawn camping the right Oh oh my gosh okay I finally I got a printer missiles up do what all that and with us ah okay were gonna lose if they got that were gonna lose weight oh yeah you gotta go be hard hell be hard to beat why dont be around a bit oh I got the right shield guy Brian shield guy right shell die hes shooting through it how do you kill the right shoe guy Nico I dont know dude he makes no sense what I kill are you okay get on B we need bees Im trying to hold these guys off oh my god we got it okay I got I got him this is a tie game yes lets freakin go 2:01 you know when it said up to 200 they lied oh my God look at this God God that was a fun guy I enjoyed sniping there I gotta say its fun on PC but like when I went to SMG I did so much better of course right dude mm-hmm what sniper was that that I was user needs more GGs in the job we need some more GGs in chat one shot killed in the head chest and shoulders Im put on this weapon I just absolutely deck down my sniper whats the bet do you think body armor would be best on sniper Im using body armor I think body armors is the best overall right yeah how do I change how do I change my operator I didnt mean to close yeah you can change it ah someones got Sarah Freddy I want to go Sarah from on to rock it Music sounds more ferocious you were me go get a tea are you getting I just want to get my triple want you to clap may secure were winning this enemy has charlie oh youre welcome oh youre welcome well youre right there hes right Lizzie I dont I honestly dont see em breath please dead now I still dont believe you but hes there all right theyre all there right so I can only swipe so much you know yeah RCX p.m. come on circling I just had job to do that alpha smoking i I just I held them off at a for so long so act stop hardscoping bro Im not trying to be an MLG trihard quickscoping montage charlie almost night power want bro you get it bro they were in there literally on our side in our hallways just saying hi where are they my game just froze up as I was trying to kill again theres a nice beach look like a sea turtle Oh yep good night see the shotgun the way it reloads and you cant shoot is the most frustrating thing Ive ever seen also cant just get sniper blinds on anybody walk down the hallway come on oh dang it man theres just so many places to go to from to get to be as body them Oh I just ran into my own teammate lets cant be thats a yikes for me Doug i straight-up shotgun somebody closer ancient than nothing rule requesting you a maintainer ruin the game for me no you didnt Bobby the shotgun is gonna give me an aneurysm Im not even joking we have to take this do we theres round two right yeah all right so were not losing real nice is somebody knowing it cant be using this part dude I know Im not a pirate dude I know that this dude wanted to use it before the round is over and just clobbered me oh look at me Im back oh nice that it oh no I got that deal Oh drop there twice really wish you could dance that would add a lot of gameplay Oh Napoleon get in there buddy Im contesting be they found me I get it what is going on I lit him up hes like a one-inch Beyonce oh where did you come from you cant be the same person as old bean oh gosh they I dont like this map for this game but dang all right good job no I think itd be a lot more fun just spray oh no you killed me in my animation for doing my attack the ride shield is stupid okay I found their spawn no I didnt what the heck I swear show the thing that it was done off be down would be would be balconies glovebox its such an open area its annoying you dont have to be you wouldnt be a bad start I feel like they have like five more people going else dont you theyre everywhere cap these cap for the triple cap and a weenie if you get me back we should be good i I think the armor shot is what you would think a head shot sounds like yeah and that makes me mad they gotta change that sound effect that does not work like whats the head shot sound like I split by the guy that was on  __  no we got it we got B we got B we need around the cap we need a cap I got him up here I got him up beat you need hold beat I dont think I dont think unless we cafe were not getting it yeah Im going for it you wanna come with it come on I couldnt take out this one yet its not happening happen in jeeps this map sucks for this like if your team isnt going for it like our team wasnt really yeah we have 13 and 15 objectives they have three you got to give it a flat back on their team he has 13 objectives is the lowest score each of us definitely have more than their whole team combined lets do this same thing okay make your SMG class I havent had some G classes have fun walking for Ill just do it I did it I did okay all right man vehicle what is your lets go no dude I think youd shoot better while youre sprinting or I think Im gonna go perk 2 greed and grab a lightweight lightweight seems pretty decent what do you mean you know you dont like it or you literally dont know I just dont lightweight seems decent doesnt it yeah I feel Im a snap on this map you ready for my all right this is my face its gonna be my face I try out so if you guys could send this over to face I let him know that Ive been trying out this is gonna be my tryout video guys all right he said youll have a hf shed say oh I didnt even remember its that time Nico he called Nico in the middle of a match yeah thats when I was the good old days and youre like top two and fortnight technically sushi yeah I called you yeah I dont remember that secure the objective no I dont locate my trying to take him a spot understand thought were your friends oh yeah not dead oh my gosh dude theres no way no he said glhf and then he bodys me he knew what he was doing I can make spawn points the hard point oh I got bodied by Cory row you embody in Cory like on the wrong side of the map by the way you are yeah Im just oh hey there shucks theyre not coming oh the sack the millisecond I turn around I get shot I cant believe that on me Im putting a spawn point on our heart point I cannot deploy here and I cant deploy on the hardpoint well thats no fun also my supposed to cheese the game Brian James hes my heart boy spawn all right go to set Oh No let me shoot Cory come on dude that guy I swear that guys looks like Marshawn Lynch then they use them in a previous Call of Duty I feel like they just like we use the assets then we got Marshawn Lynch Junior I know my quickscopes need some work I literally literally cannot find it Im trying to spam the V button but I keep crouching dude I tried to spam it but it wasnt going yeah theyre kind of getting that crushed I dont know how else to tell this might have been some of their first games here new virus has a laser on them the real know what it is hes got a laser Nubia warrior just like stepped up his game apparently as well no he definitely knows where I am all I know is that its nice satisfying but also the most frustrating Oh at least put down a tax boy Im not gonna spawn Oh multiple themself up dude everywhere your gawe was coming oh absolutely just cheese them Cory or something possesses Corys a time I promise I didnt mean to I hit my heel button in that Crouch like oh there you got they got a point dont worry I got a UAV dude Im gonna switch to a real big plans for us here boys pick up big plans for you cant say things like that dude are you gonna toss him no he just bear what I cant wait to watch this dude I I definitely found made this gym ninja cat also has a laser on here Ive never gotten my the revolver Ive never gotten to use it every time this is check Ive never hit it oh I just did I think thats pretty much a wrap there Nika thats a win for me dont win for me boys thats a win for me I think I missed a bunch of so much it is my job to but well you did I was using a sniper everyone Matthew Resendez shout out to you tgd whats up Texas born to raise ye daddy Matthew seems a cool spot Opie big gamer Shaggys been subscribed for seven years thats true thats insane Opie big shout-out to you we also got I locked a rampart is that one good is that one - everyones easy like whats the best AR thats what I wonder I leveled up this things strong damage with slow fire rate would that be good what do you think imma try though well you grab some chips what you doing TV shut up - DJ guy yet - G shout-out to you for the five it just says Nick thinking about Niko Carlos Mendes with the five I love you did you remember me from two days ago and youre a beast up for tonight I do you remember those shout out to you and thank you I know I try my best for me dude Jorge figures out to you Ashton Helms whats up dude mobile Snipes shoutout to you Dakota Woods with the four we have Aaron Guzman water squad with the ten love your streams can do more GTA 5 months I plan on doing some very very soon man she had to you for the ten and five mr. ray shadow to you dr. Manhattan mod Ill have to look into it see if theres anything that resembles his abilities appreciate the five we also have Roberts to serve our ski shoutout to you whats good my friend Michael Jackson with the five I did you give the good word peers love review scheme cover well do Michael appreciate you pickups too much James Roger with the five and remember Bianca M thank you for joining and welcome to the elite appreciate the sport enjoy those emotes everybody give Bianca warm welcome and if you want to join this ball link below alright ninja cat just mangled me I just spawned here alright newbie warrior get them Oh bro thats hilarious he shut Cordy notes go be jammed the barrel and me and fell off the mouth thats such a Cory thing isnt it dude Corys always doing things like that yeah its Iike did somebody spot a secret near me oh yes oh oh my gosh oh no way you lived what the heck howd you live I dont know I ran into there with no bullets I was reloading half that time tactical reinforcements available I just drop chop and half a mile get over there Nicholas no Im liking this yeah its a requirement to heal after every shot oh I thought it was an AR and I take a one shot and realizes the sniper newbie warrior just like spraying down the hallway right now oh my gosh theres hard points in that deadly location Im very loving its like not in a good spot what are your thoughts on that hard what am I doing here I didnt know Im gonna click this button its not me to click this button youre welcome keeping us in the game boys I dont understand I like the accurate snot like a our shot of all time well now Im going off now Im angry now Im angry bro now Im angry Im just trying to earn my free TV Im so told ah yeah but oh no Cory Corys like Ima be honest Cory seems like a bot half the time and the other half the time he seems like a god you getting those vibes from Tori begin those vibes from Cory beginning those vibes from Cory you put in the montage I almost got a full feed whats a full feed four or five five on screen oh I shot him in the new nads oh there we go thank you for that shield give me enough time comm need UAV I suppose I Im doing pretty well for just an eye for at the moment its top of the scoreboard when do I get out of it its literally four minutes long dude thats wild oh I think it oh my goodness oh my goodness put me in the montage put me in phase thats it Im in Im in Im in phase thats my edition okay this gun we can I can just like hipfire what I see real potential what this golden guns insane its still up yeah you can see so many shots on it if I got that one I would have lost it I just got attack helicopters give it oh there you go thats my attack helicopters before Oh - man on screen - man on screen Im making up terms now there you have - man on screen bro I drop I drop my spawn for drink okay come on Oh Nobby warrior he bodied me I really cannot kill are you gonna catch it my score Ill be honest I hit my other mouse which cost me two boys I dont even keep it on my I dont need to keep my other mouse on my desk when Im playing yeah I got to not do that oh no snipe scare me when I miss this night but like Im gonna minute that second that youre staring at them alright yep I just spawned there thats cool did the boys are back in town you see oh no they decide quarry destroyed me core is insane Corey might not be human might be like a faulty robot got our accrued in storage space oh oh how did that kill theyre making a comeback right now of course you up hes got bodied over that Im out here just bodying people love for incident oh you cant go through your own barbed wire and why did it stop me when theyre mixed in with our good one I think were about a win bro two points yeah time to get paid Ill get paid in XP its a toll for my life oh this is this is the time at the start of the game where Im like how are you not dead didnt even show all of it didnt show the struggle to show the full struggle James Rodgers thanks for the five minutes big ups to you dad think that I thought what do you think this sniper kills feel most of the time if you hit him or it kills him 100 percent time you get him in the chest or head or the other sniper kills them 100% in time if you hit them in the shoulders chest or head which one would you go with the first one you what change yeah yeah what gamma team definite control yeah whats control yeah alright I see Cory Walton in chat says Cory wasnt safe yeah yes so they confessed Cory spit it out Im so happy the sub counter works by the way Im like actually so happy Ill send you my paypal so you know I have a service for you yeah whats your service a 399 breathe - pity - what happens in stream lives if you click like it says this blanket sponsored I click it and I like fades out you know like the notifications like on the stream labels what what did we just spawned into Ill still down Oh No why am I on the opposite team of you Im so confused control no Im on the same team now those weird we have to capture all soon you know whats going on RC car anyway so thats nice parachute that dude came around the corner hit every one of his SMG shots at range while overtaking baby here you can capture them in here thats kind of cheap all right dude wont die - all right the job team 80s go to AI like to see floppity dignity donkey Oh Oh guys tonight me from where youre at bt-dubs I know I found him okay no point in going there tbh I am just captured Hey okay well I have like three guys chasing me on the other side of I dont know what theyre thinking yeah well were capturing a pretty easy yeah youre welcome likely youre the only one on our team there now wait lets hit yeah its around wait what - one dude were bringing it back oh thats me Oh this person would not die I just want to throw it out there sack confidence that was straight companies defend all zone son some dude commented in the chat easy-peasy wait what it was more than one round you thought we just wanted AI thought I just wanted to works are taking out for dropping a spawn point of a right beside baby by some 180 there Ill be oh theyre definitely on beat yeah you can spawn on B if you click on my thing oh its not yeah lets just defend it is Bs gone find such a hard time finding the X button - I like spam it and like hit Crouch 95% on this side this side you get over there you guys are getting a road bodied what is this thing in the sky oh my kids here oh my gosh Im contesting I need help I killed I killed one but hold that Nico dont die cleared oh I think were wait were almost out of lives what yeah we you can run a lot of wait dang dude that sucks I was holding it for like 45 minutes rude I dont get it I really dont get clearance Ive got electrocuted somehow alright well our team was trash good is this oh thats the op1 isnt it you see that guy said in the chat he said we only lost because you want to rounds against only me poor guy thats probably true did you unlock the saga at level what doesnt even tell you how do you get operator mods do you know talk to me bro sorry Im eating chips or else Im gonna die Im actually you tell anything wait you werent joking about the chips yeah oh youre joking no dude yeah Im gonna bring it bring you in lets go do you wanna do search and destroy bro you wont do a heist again huh thats your house heist is getting wild this is dead by daylight thats where hes getting electric if yeah I kind of thought so are DRC with the 10 the most skewed stats and streaming 7.4 million follows a tournament miss those with a 700 entries youre hosting a small country daily typical shad to you are d RDR see its confusing world appreciate the 10 its a lot of my subs I got from making videos too so okay no fool K appreciate that are DRC I did I got like 1 2 mil from making videos yeah you start streaming before 1 mil today no but that was like light streaming I feel like it was light shoot me dude Ive been here since 20 K I know what Ive been the Ive been years in zero nose work I was here since 0 I was born as a man I dont know I got a bunch room it is I dont know me ready streaming around I bought light armor by the way shout out to our DRC who just became a member dude welcome to the elite truly appreciated sport enjoy those emotes if you want to join us well link will be in description no spam those emails BAM those emotes positive our DRC welcome dude welcome dude all right we got to play with strategy remember look at the left side left side again why is everybody here taking the cash bro you took the cat I knocked out like three vvill secure the cash dude yes that was it go back take it the noise he made Segawa game using your fingers to turn that trigger fingers plus 15 minutes norm I killed dude secure the objectives all right what are you picking me too something I dont know if its just cuz the guy said it and Chad that one time or if its legit the best weapon but like I feel like you know everything your chats up so theres no oh yeah behind you in that way no behind you in the window we go lives are you in the window I work for the bag oh hes in the window Im at the window right oh yeah hes at that window got him have ammo expire oh its only you and me Tommy oh I killed him oh my gosh he had the cash - wheres the bag No yeah lets drop it off I mean off thank you I think I killed like everybody except for one damn right like Dania right oh how did I get it isnt me shooting at him by the way smoke checked give that armor up oh I bought all attachments for my song they better be careful or else its getting soggy out here I wonder how decked out you can get I wonder why you havent done the likes but yeah well I dont do like spikes anymore man turn the corner although enough today I guess we tried to swerve on them oh my gosh I did not see that guy I dont trust anything he says yeah I want you to Monty you dont want to die thats his thing whats the play I gotta mate I just run past Amit youll see in the next you would have saw him the next second armor what what I dont know what what the nations that game you how does that even make sense well you knocked people out and then you ate youre pretty good at this game huh Music here a flank hard left with me like as fast as I can lets just get into it Im running as fast as I can do oh lets go right there click it just click it Im holding it dude I should just yield yo I got tonight they played that one so passive it just didnt work for us everyones dead on this part is so like I dont get it even counter-strike it ends unless they plan at the bottom you know what I mean yeah I dont know its definitely little too long they dont seem like you get a lot of benefit for theyre going through with it you know he doesnt know how to zoom its a lost art you see that Savage oh I have no armor great we just got to play pool use the salt packets 500 max ammo for everyone see I only care about myself and Nico here so you know all right how we doing I say left side left side safer here on this side of the map I never been through there I pick up many meds did you kill him kill the guy who came in shot me on the doorway yes are you good good I think shes made me oh my gosh he went for it full sense dude its very its very hard to see when youre actually reviving someone they need to fix that I didnt know youre down oh we won yeah well I think they got to fix something youre like Im out here like creeping for doing yeah I dont know till you big either theres definitely got to pay something I mean I like this game-mode a lot you all that theres just  __  anymore Im gone but I guess they dont want a copy of you keep your gun oh no you shouldnt should I dont think you should hurt the objectives you shouldnt be able to run for you shouldnt be able to run forward with your gun now its a little whack lightweights real good you can get stim sha bro you can get stim shot did you know what thats equipment yeah since not as equipment not equipment no its under like um one of the perks top left Im gonna go up into the window tell you thats the play here especially so many Russians nobodys here theyre on the bone theres one of them running on the objective here left side what oh wait around 16 EK i eggs baby looking in your dirties - okay yeah else you gotta fix these like these kill cams yeah they dont they dont make any sense either take them out or calculate the points differently I leveled up a ton from that Im level 25 ROM Im pulling away from me what happened you can see that these guys in our party - we slap them around so much they quit living in the party yeah you can tell cuz like so like wale and moist turn to party yeah yeah thats thats how it goes together is this like rugby I I guess maybe again if you guys want to become a member of the member counter at work sale then could be in description below I think somebody unspun surd during this time as well wow dude no I think Im like no no nevermind thats right thats right I cant leave oh no no no somebody did I think its just because like when I hit certain times like peoples sponsors go away you know what I mean what you have to like cancel it oh do you have to cancel maybe some people odd temp cards or something Im sure Id have 800 people secure the objective are you gonna buy light armor Im gonna buy extended really in a barber are you tired no Im my games like broken what do your eyes closed lets grab some ammo some more ammo oh my game just chug everyone just died at the exact same time that I was this is try to punch in be more secure the objective all right we might be facing the wall we never oh my god I have my fist now last guys like super weak hes hiding Ive gone to punch him hes not dying oh they pick me up for the XP value really fifty customer I get Niko valve thats the play of the game Wow play the game capture the objective I ran a good amount forward there dont forget Im gonna buy the Spitfire I wont try to spit fire and light armor would you buy the normal s in view yet oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah Bobby oh yeah Emmys good time this is good time zero how do you feel about having Big Mike yeah how do you think about grabbing it so weird what for the hardest flank of all time Im up here bro you good I cant revive thats how we do it this part is so stupid I just want to reiterate how dumb this is right now I mean it needs to be a goal I think this is the way okay maybe maybe like they observed in like pro matches that its different but like as a pub note I mean yeah like as a pro match I can see people like chillin but one hows the vertical cylinders Roy dam rate here - oh this is you somebody asked how the vertical ascent is I literally cannot show over anyones coming from at any point in the game so I uh know this SMG is garbage by the way its straight garbage I feel like the time should get less and less as the rounds go on like for this starting thing oh its a lot of time just chilling you and me are like fully behind this team oh theyre in spawn one mob in the melody we can remove I think one damage ow Music I our teams cant let that Im picking up our teammate oh thats playing the game easy dude as the jacked up he did you got smoked like Gouda but this guy knows that its pointless to look at her cant make an avro yo that you think they cook beets thats definitely played again what I did oh yeah 110 percent look at this ready oh hello one I see how it is I cant let him live was that you that just bolted it thats so stupid then thats a big dumb like how did they even put that in there oh my goodness yeah so that means I think like the time time it its like down Oh your boy just got playing the game Music JJs how did you have more cash than me its gonna be picked out the bag that one time look at this you ready look at this I just qualitied their team look at this I couldnt let these other guys get the cash you know I was like a collateral that was a triple Im level 26 the DKE oh its pretty cool oh that you use the guns in this game mode you unlock the attachments for it when you have the gun did you not see I told you spawning with nothing much somebody Oh bro we got crazy works all and little lamb on a party they got a level 40 with them what do you think they have four people on their team do you think we got what it takes dude Ive been training my whole life for this to drop this dub this w like I wasnt even doing are you faced because Im in faced after that sniping clip its been leaning optic joining 100 cant believe youre joining oh baby thats why its crazy that youre joining TK Im joining sword you believe it is this you that just ran beside me I think armor is the play here what do you think all right were facing were facing the team thats uh ganging up now do you have zero pain he works for Treyarch track make this game yep good for them yeah good for them I couldnt make a game like this can be called puppy odyssey land oh my gosh I turn the corner love-40 Fillmore I knew it theyre gone you know its so cheap like I can look around corners for you as Im dead yeah thirds oh theyre all dead tantum didnt II beg there everyones watching right now Eddie your legs dont look so weird go prone to it Oh oh my goodness youre athletic listen your body okay why would you do that to me were securing the objective dishes in slow-mo isnt there a good job black ops do it again and we get to go home I just realized I cant eat yeah 1l send you a picture thatd be cool Oh thatd be Rudy do it do it hey no no get the one that I like that ones good why did you try it out of curiosity out of curiosity yeah thats why I tried it oh you did out of curiosity like you went into NW like whats a better I mean if I had just like the fake burger by itself I wouldnt know but like every shot when theyre down you get money oh I hit him hard this week and shes gone thats it also white Wow we thought they were gonna be decent thats a rescue donation come here dude I cant prove it one day Ill have to teach you how to disrespect you soupy they say the AMW domi burgers gonna hit some and I love it like I mean it a few times Wako really likes me are you gonna buy a trophy system people are only gonna throw up imagine razor wire in this theres no way anyones getting through that you know what um attend some last time but then everyone died before huh I think youre bad I the plant-based burger is only in Canada I know we know that plant plant-based burgers also at a White Castle what on you I backed you up hard dude me up dude stop yeah oh I got a thousand bucks yo talk talk trash to the moon okay go you gotta go youre not as good as us yeah Brown you you brown nosers thats good Oh easy peasy lemon squeezy thats rough I dont know if theyll be able to walk after that one what do you think oh it is Canadian Terry oh theres that I learned dear I talk some smack did you see it yeah did they talk back Oh Oh bro Oh your face Oh he said sure nerds you see that theyre really upset wow youre very aggressive youre very aggressive and mean to come back theres got bodied they were hiding in their spawn for sure oh no its in your body dro yeah thats gonna be a wrap for you guys no Scotty Nico I thought it for the slo-mo from behind look at me look at this epic kill cam bro literally if you want kill kill yourself game fo you guys are thats good right say arent you frustrated you joined it on the roads to do joining it on the wrist he said not really hahaha Nico is actually nadeshot XD even with Ord they wont expect it hitting with the wrong hello yeah I think thats why were gonna wrap up the street yeah so have to do a little magic trick but Im back for a temporary I think its still down probably my stream went down too so stream Im back knows keep I love you all sure Thank You Nico for keeping me you guys entertained thank you everybody stayed up let me know if you want to see more black ops for action Nico thanks for playing with me go check out slash Nico vald yeah everyone check me out I need ya help alright yeah thats gonna be it for this one guys if you watched enjoyed it hit that like button for me around here hit that subscribe button and Ill see you guys later I gotta go sleep now cuz Im tired and Ill see you guys some more for some more epic live streams I thanks for watching hope you know something and peace at dude its night time ah nice a hope you have an awesome name hope you have an awesome a pizza jackbox games steam code New Call of Duty Black Ops 4 multiplayer gameplay live with Typical Gamer! 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