Is Black Ops 1 in 2023 PLAYABLE?!

Racing games on steam deckpampered chef steamer broccoli CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS steam foreign so yeah were on the original Black Ops for todays video here this main menu is Iconic dude Im seeing all these TV screens and of course the main one with all the different types of uh game modes the multiplayer zombies campaign and also the fact that you could break out of the chair and walk around here this has to be the coolest Call of Duty menu ever like no other menu and cod will for sure beat this and then you can go on this computer and type up some things and its such a cool Easter egg man I really rock with this whole thing and then of course we can go sit back down and the best part is when you do this Applause Music when you press zombies everything turns red you see all the zombies on the screen right there and then I think hes just being eaten by a zombie I dont know whats going on over there but its creepy you get to play all these Maps its such a great nostalgic experience as soon as you just load up Black Ops one if you guys do want to see me play some zombies and show off some of the maps then for sure comment down below what map I should play and definitely make sure you are subscribed just so you dont miss out on that future video and more Call of Duty content now that iconic background music for the multiplayer dude but yeah were gonna be using some of my favorite guns here in Black Ops one which are from Moss the OG as well with the Galil and also try to go for the attack dogs Chopper Gunner and the Blackbird these are some of very very solid kill streaks we got 1 500 players online so lets just go ahead and find a match let me know in the comment section of what your guyss favorite gun here in Black Ops one is this is the Famas its insanely good yeah lets go and shoots insanely fast and melts very quickly dude what how are you not dead what the hell die thank you teammate oh theres another person right there oh my gosh I guess were gonna have to be going up against some uh campers here the original Black Ops this was the very first Call of Duty where I actually played online so it definitely has a lot of memories for me a lot of nostalgia 100 nice Claymore especially zombies that was so fun back then and all the DLC zombies map like called the dead Ascension and of course starting the game up with Aquino der Towing as well it was a great time to be alive during Black Ops one also there is a PC mod of Black Ops one kind of like how theres Black Ops 2 plutonium and MW2 iw4x so if you guys want to see me actually play that and show it off for a video for sure let me know in the comment section and drop a like on the video oh yeah the rocket launches over here and this map I remember too this happens in an Ascension and you can actually shoot down the uh the rocket with a ray gun what yeah nope Im not doing that what my shots literally are not hitting what ah this game feels like garbage I know what Im too boring no wonder it feels like trash yeah Im backing out oh this Lobby Im three boring but its still not good connection were also gonna be using the Galil right here this also is one of my favorite guns in Black Ops and definitely one of my favorite guns of all time in Call of Duty is a very very campy Call of Duty people will be camping in the corner with a ghost and their silenced weapons but it really isnt fun to play against man whilst throughout the kibble in 1911s out of secondary just listen to this reload such a beautiful sound all right time to go for this Blackbird man Im slacking right now enemies fighting I dont even know where I got killed from like what I think someones on top of there so Im gonna throw that I actually stuck him theres no way and he just cant be in the back youre so garbage oh Im out Im out nope why is half of the team over here nice I cant even see you I was behind the wall this game is so laggy dude its not even funny my gosh I cant believe I survived that Im on a streak right now guys knife to him what got him there we go oh I think Im one kill away from my Blackbird right now I swear if I die somehow itll definitely be by a camper 100 I dont think anyones on top let me install these oh oh is there a clip no dude its always my luck dude why do I keep getting killed by campers nah Im putting on a claymore right now Im doing the same thing that theyre doing Im not sure how to really camp on Summit but I guess Im gonna put a claymore right there and then Im gonna Camp inside of this building right here foreign dude how long was I flushed right there on your equipment they just destroyed my Claymore but whenever the enemies use their Claymore as they always give me what did nice man Im still camping come on anyone anybody anybody okay I think Im two kills away from my Blackbird right now make that one kill away you see no thats grenade wow that just goes to show you can literally just camp for your streaks just like that I got my Chopper Gunner by camping nice come on man turn around turn around hello hello there we go I think Im one kill away now from the dogs I swear if I die somehow look at the dogs will I get it all teammate died and this is the last kill no breathing on your goal we got the attack its always my canopy I guess switching up your playstyle to do the same thing the enemies do does work out nice dogs nice lets go come on fetch them fetch them whatd you go we throw one over there okay good good oh my gosh hes actually camping on top of there so the dogs dont get to get him nice what well I finally died lets stop I guess its Colin our Chopper oh never mind lets go oh someone got the Grim Reaper from the care package no I wanted to grab it that is a kill streak that you can only get from the care package oh Im Reviving my teammate youre welcome oh my God he went down again theres no way I literally cant call my traffic on her because they havent attacked helicopter up in the air what hes shooting My Dead Body Im getting my body shot in 2023 on the original Black Ops are you serious go away attack helicopter I cant even call my Chopper Gunner and theres four kills left of this match are you serious dude oh my gosh now its going away finally but the games gonna end before I could even get a kill are you serious come on come on its its a wait bro finally but guess what foreign Music james cameron avatar game steam In this video I show off how the original Black Ops is holding up here in 2023! 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