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Conaire steamerkindergarten steam game age rating CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS steam Previously I want to thank all of you who have requested the topic this time Call of Duty Black Ops 1 was released on November 9 2010 by Treyarch and is a direct sequel to Call of Duty World at War which we have discussed before. So, exactly a few days ago, COD BO 1 just turned 10 years old. Well, This game is also one of my favorite COD series, because if you look at it from a story perspective, you could say COD BO 1 has the best story and at least is forgotten among other series. And as usual, behind an interesting story, there must be quite a complicated presentation. Its the same with COD BO 1 which tends to use the flow going back and forth rather than just going forward. So that you dont get confused about following the flow, here I will immediately discuss it according to the timeline. But dont worry, because its a surprise I wont lose the elements of this game. The whole story of Call of Duty Black Ops takes place during the cold war 1947 – 1991. But this game will focus on circa 1961 and above, 16 years after the events in Call of Duty World at War. As for the main character, a member of the CIA or American intelligence, as well as a member of the SOG military named Alex Mason. Well, the story begins on February 25 1968, when Mason was tied to a chair in a room full of monitors with two interrogators who kept asking him for broadcast numbers. There, Mason also often feels pain in his head and keeps hearing the voice of a woman who cant stop reading random numbers. Apart from that, he was also installed with a kind of shock device to remember all past events which he had forgotten, with the aim that Mason can give an answer in the form of a series of numbers that were questioned from the start. To find out what really happened to Mason, we need to go back to October 29, 1945, which is more focused on the characters of Reznov and Dimitri who just won the second world war, only after that, will enter Masons story. At that time, there was a genius doctor from Germany named Dr. Steiner who is negotiating with the Soviet side, where he will give important information, and in return, his life will be spared. The important information that it offers is information related to its invention called NOVA 6, where anyone who inhales NOVA 6s toxic gas will immediately die in just seconds in a very sad way. The Soviet side agreed to the negotiations and sent a commander named Dragovich to conduct the meeting. Commander Dragovich then deployed his troops consisting of his right hand, Kravchenko, and his men, namely captain Reznov and Dimitri Petrenkos troops who at that time had become friends, to go together to Dr. Steiner. In short, Reznov finally met Dr. Steiner who looks like he just killed his own army. Dr. Steiner casually asked Reznov to meet Dragovich with him. Because Reznov is just a soldier, he has no other choice but to give it to the commander, not knowing that he just made a fatal mistake. Apparently, from the start, Dragovich and Kravchenko had planned to betray the Soviets by joining Dr. Steiner in spreading NOVA 6 poison. All Soviet troops were trapped in 2 different rooms to serve as NOVA 6 experiment subjects as well as a spectacle for Dragovich, Kravchenko, and Dr. Steiner. Reznov and Dimitri are separated in different rooms, and From behind the glass, Reznov can only see Dimitri who is slowly dying in a very sad way. Right when it was the rooms turn to put NOVA 6 poison in, there was an attack on a large scale from the British who were also sent to take NOVA 6 from Dr. Steiner. This caused damage to the door Reznovs room, as well as giving him the opportunity to quickly run away with the other troops. In the middle of the run, Reznov also took the time to blow up NOVA 6 before finally making it out. It was at this point, Reznov began to be filled with feelings of revenge and vowed to kill Dragovich, Karvchenko and Dr. Steiner on behalf of his friends who have died, especially Dimitri Petrenko. Unfortunately, the escape didnt last long before he was caught and thrown into Vorkuta, a Russian forced labor camp. Well, 16 years later, on April 17 1961, Alex Mason along with other SOG members , Frank Woods and Joseph Bowman, were sent to go to Cuba with a mission to execute the Cuban president, Fidel Castro, as well as accompany Cuban exiles who wanted to overthrow the communist regime owned by Castro under the leadership of the CIA. However, when they were having a short briefing together with their informants, suddenly Cuban troops came and attacked all of them, forcing Mason, Woods, and Bowman to strike back and start carrying out the mission to kill Castro. In the end, Mason managed to kill Castro in his room and quickly ran away from there… Unfortunately, at the same time, the Cuban citizens who helped them were slaughtered finished off by soldiers, causing Mason, Woods, and Bowmans exit now blocked by soldiers who were preparing attack in front. For that reason, Mason also acted heroic by getting off the plane to use an anti aircraft gun and destroying all troops that were blocking the army, leaving him alone in the area. In the middle of the action, he was knocked down, and woke up with Castro who was surprisingly still alive. It turns out, Castro who was killed by Mason was his double body, aka fake Castro. Mason was then made as a gift from Castro to Dragovich who at that time had become a general. At Dragovichs order, Mason ended up being thrown into Vorkuta, where he met and became good friends with Reznov. There, Reznov also talked about his dark past with Dimitri after being betrayed by Dragovich, Kravchenko, and Dr. Steiner, at the same time how he wants all three of them to die. Starting from here, Mason has a deep grudge against these three people. The first year in Vorkuta was spent by mason in despair, before then Reznov started to devise a big plan to escape from that place together. They also spend their daily life to finalize the escape plan . Until one year later, on October 6, 1963, Reznov, Mason, and other prisoners decided to start executing the plan that had already been prepared. Sure enough, all their efforts paid off in full. Even though they sacrificed a lot of other prisoners, in the end Mason and Reznov managed to escape using a car. Now, only the final step remains, namely freedom. From the car that he was riding in, Mason then jumped onto a train and waited for Reznov to also jump. But unfortunately, Reznov who knew that he no longer had time to jump on the train decided to stay in the car, giving Mason alone a freedom…. One month after his escape, Mason was escorted to the pentagon, an American department of defense . There, he met Jason Hudson who was in charge of handling him and got permission from president John F Keneddy to kill Dragovich. In carrying out this task, Mason again met his SOG colleagues, Woods and Bowman. They then rescued a CIA member named Gregory Weaver who was being held captive by Kravchenko and destroyed a rocket that was about to launch. After that, Due to Masons strong desire to kill Dragovich, they all searched deeper into the area. In that search, Dragovichs car was found which was trying to escape. Before it could run away, Mason, Woods, Bowman and Weaver managed to destroy it. However, once again, Mason who has a feeling that Dragovich is still alive, doesnt believe that Dragovich is dead before he really sees his body. Mason also spent 5 years searching for Dragovichs whereabouts In 1968, SOG troops, including Mason were deployed to Vietnam to investigate the presence of the Soviets. After Mason helped maintain the military camp in Khe Sanh, he got information that there was a defector from Russia who had files regarding Dragovich and was currently in a Vietnamese city called Hue City. However, At that time, it was also very clear that the defector had died as a result of the massive attack that occurred. Even so, Mason who is really obsessed with Dragovich doesnt want to accept that fact and still goes to Hue City to get the file regarding Dragovich. When attacked by a soldier, Mason was surprisingly saved by Reznov who apparently managed to escape safely from Vorkuta, and is also a wanted defector from Russia. Reznov then gave Dragovichs file and together with Mason, Bowman, and Woods, they left there. On 9 February 1968, Jason Hudson who was a member of the CIA and the person who handled Mason before was sent to go to Kowloon, Hong Kong with Weaver to arrest and interrogate Dr. Clarke, a doctor who had worked under Dragovich in the development of NOVA 6. However, because Dr. Clarke knew that Dragovich would kill him as soon as he finished his job, he decided to run away. So, it was during this escape that he was later caught by Hudson and Weaver. In the end, they all agreed to cooperate with several provisions. Dr. Clarke will provide any information about NOVA 6, including the broadcast number that the Americans are looking for. And in exchange, the CIA must promise to protect him from the Russian troops envoy Dragovich. In the middle of running away from the Russian troops that attacked the three of them, Dr. Clarke also told the location of a secret facility, where Steiner is, namely in the Ural Mountains. In the end, Hudson and Weaver managed to escape, but unfortunately, when Dr. Clarke was about to explain about the broadcast number, he was shot in the head by a sniper. Armed with information from Dr. Clarke, Hudson then continued his mission to the Ural mountains to find Dr. Steiner. Again, they didnt find Steiner there. However, Steiner suddenly contacted Hudson and his team to carry out a negotiation. Same with what happened to Dr. Clarke, Steiner knows that one day, Dragovich will definitely kill him. Therefore, now he announced his whereabouts on Rebirth Island and promised to exchange information about NOVA 6 on condition that CIA members must protect him from Dragovich On the other hand, Mason together with Woods, Bowman, and Reznov invaded Viet Cong troops to find Kravchenkos whereabouts, Dragovichs right hand who trusted was around that area. Through the underground passage, Mason and Reznov finally reached Kravchenkos base . However, there was no one there, indicating that Kravchenko already knew they would be coming from the start. Moreover, at the same time, the underground passage collapsed due to the trap he had set. Fortunately, Mason and Reznov managed to get out safely carrying an important document containing the location of Kravchenko in Laos. Hearing that Kravchenko had spread NOVA 6 poison throughout Vietnam and causing countless deaths , Mason immediately rushed to Laos with Woods and Bowman to search for its whereabouts. They headed to the Russian plane which is believed to be storing NOVA 6 and just crashed in the Laos area. However, instead of finding NOVA 6, they were completely attacked by Russian troops and ended up being arrested by Dragovich and Kravchenko After some time, Mason who just woke up from fainting found himself being held prisoner in a cave with viet cong troops everywhere. As a form of execution, they asked Mason, Bowman, and Woods to play a deadly game of Russian Roulette, where the victim had to rotate the cylinder of a revolver loaded with only one bullet, before aiming and shooting it at his own head in the hope that the single bullet was not in place supposed to shoot. Bowman didnt want to play this game and continued to insult the Viet Cong troops, causing him to end up being killed by being hit several times on the back of his head. Bowmans position was then replaced by Woods and it was there that he secretly plotted a rebellion with Mason. By using his instincts, Woods played a game of Russian Roulette. And when it was Masons turn, he asked Mason to shoot the revolver at one of the guards. Sure enough, bullets came out of the revolver, making the two of them simultaneously attack all Viet Cong troops and managed to find Kravchenkos whereabouts. However, when he entered Kravchenkos room, Mason was immediately attacked from the side, making him fall helpless. Its the same with Woods who tried to attack Kravchenko. At the moment when Kravchenko was about to kill Mason, Woods rushed over and stabbed him in the back, didnt give Kravchenko any other choice but to pull the grenade trigger. Seeing this, Woods immediately threw himself out with Kravchenko and the grenade exploded. Semi-conscious, Mason then once again met Reznov who looked satisfied to see Kravchenkos death. The two of them found a document containing information about Steiners whereabouts on Rebirth Island. It was at this point that Masons position started to be questioned. Without getting any orders, he immediately rushed to Rebirth Island with Reznov by sneaking into a container, even though he knew that at the same time, Hudson was also on Rebirth Island to negotiate with Steiner. Secretly, the two of them finished off the Russian troops one by one and entered where Steiner was. Without even listening to what Steiner said, Mason immediately hit him and witnessed Reznovs action in killing Steiner… At least thats what Mason saw On the other hand, Hudson and Weaver who were also searching for Steiner finally arrived behind the glass of Steiners room. This is where everything is revealed. From behind the glass, Mason can be seen continuing to beat Steiner and claiming that he is Victor Reznov before finally shooting Steiner dead. Shortly after that, Hudson and Weaver finally managed to break the glass, but with reflex, Mason immediately shot Weaver, making Hudson immediately move to protect him. In that room, there was no one besides Mason and Steiner, showing that all this time, Reznov was just a figment of Masons imagination. With Steiners death, now the only person who can help them stop NOVA 6 using a broadcast number is Mason. For that, mason was brought and began to be interrogated for hours in a room full of monitors on February 25, 1968 Having no other choice, one of the interrogators who turned out to be Hudson decided to free Mason and tried to convince him that Reznov was dead. Mason, take advantage of this opportunity by knocking Hudson down and going as far as possible looking for Reznovs whereabouts. Right at this moment, Mason finally remembered what happened to himself, why he kept feeling pain in his head and heard a random number sound. Apparently before Mason was thrown into Vorkuta, he underwent mental reconditioning by Dr. Steiner at Dragovichs orders, with the hope Mason can become a Soviet spy working in America and kill President John F Keneddy. Besides that, thanks to the brainwashing that he did, now Mason has the ability to read the NOVA 6 broadcast number. However, unexpectedly, Masons brain is said to be able to reject everything that was implanted in his head, so Dragovich decided to throw it away to Vorkuta Inside Vorkuta, Reznov indirectly also played a role in Masons mental change. Resentment towards Dragovich, Kravchenko, and Dr. The Steiner he revealed has entered into Masons brain, making him a person who is very obsessed with killing those three people. When Mason reaches a room, Hudson manages to stop him and again confirms that Reznov has actually been dead since his attempted escape from Vorkuta. As a result of the brainwashing that was done to him, mason couldnt stop imagining Reznov who was always with him in looking for the whereabouts of Dragovich, Kravchenko, and Dr. Steiner. The defector from Russia in Hue City actually died before Mason met him and there, Mason actually didnt meet Reznov at all. By knowing that fact, everything makes sense. Every time Mason spoke with Reznov, his colleagues who were listening it always seemed confused. Now, the brainwashing has stopped after Mason accepted the reality he was experiencing. He once again listened to the voices that were in his brain and finally remembered about a ship named Rusalka which was on the coast of Cuba. Thats where NOVA 6 is located. Didnt have much time, the next day, on February 26, 1968, the CIA immediately rushed to the Rusalka ship, massacred the Russian troops, and went inside. Sure enough, Inside the ship, there was a sound signal confirming that NOVA 6 was really there and had just been turned on by Dragovich. To fix it, Hudson summoned the airstrike troops so they can destroy the whole ship as soon as they get out of there. But Mason doesnt want to just leave Dragovich. He wants to make sure that Dragovich is really dead this time. Thats why Hudson finally decided to go to the bottom of the ship with Mason to look for Dragovich. In the end, Dragovich was killed by Mason by drowning in a pool of water... They both then managed to get out and simultaneously celebrated the victory. At the end it shows a clip on February 22, 1963, a few hours before John F Keneddy was killed. Here, you can see one of the group who is welcoming the president is Mason, indicating that at that time, Masons brain was programmed to kill President John F Keneddy. Which means, Mason never remembers that he killed the president, seen from his angry expression at Dragovich, and how Dragovich teased him. In the main menu of this game, if we untied Masons hands, Go to a computer and write a secret code, a letter will appear stating that Frank is still alive and currently at the Hanoi Hilton. So, after his heroic act in throwing Kravchenko with him, it turns out that Frank managed to escape from the grenade explosion steam rocket game can you play steam games on psvr fallout 3 game of the year edition steam sale eb games steam credit games for mac steam steam banners for non steam games