Egg steamer instructionsdandelion game steam CALL OF DUTY®: VANGUARD game what is up you sexy youtube mother lovers and welcome back to another episode of cursed gun images not just any curse gun images but specifically talking about the cursed crap thats coming out of the new call of duty vanguard as you can probably tell by my voice im just now getting over a little bit of sickness calm down its not what you think unless what you think is chlamydia and in that case still probably no yeah i was down for a couple days that kind of like winter cold thing going on you know the seasons changing thankfully i was able to beat it pretty quickly before it affect our upload schedule too much and what is my reward for for beating that sickness super fast i get to do cursed gun images so uh awesome ive also been cutting down on my drinking significantly but this is an episode that i dont think i can quite get through without uh a little bit of liquid help so without further ado call of duty vanguard call of duty vanguard is the latest re-skinning call of duty vanguard is the latest original entry in the call of duty franchise once again going back to world war ii vanguard takes a unique take on the gunsmithing and weapons customization element of the game and if theres one thing that we learned from the early footage of vanguard it was that the gun play was obviously very well researched by that i mean it was a  __  show in their very first teaser release they proved they didnt know how stens work you know stan the the open bolt submachine gun thats completely captured within that little metal tube very simple very common gun yeah they had the bolt phasing out the back of the  __  tube like its going to hit the dude in the face or something but as weve actually mentioned on cursed gun images before some of their early footage of customized firearms included an mp40 and nine millimeter makarov a thompson in 5.7 a c96 broom handle mauser with a red dot in 50 caliber and a 9 line or mosin nagant in 12 7 by 108 millimeter aka russian 50 cal it was at this moment i realized they  __  up and i would have to pay the price by doing this video and to no ones surprise its worse than we thought so lets break down what i think are some of the worst offenders and probably just most heinous disrespects of some of my favorite firearms in the game lets start with the german weapons first because i have a real soft spot for a lot of the world war ii german machine guns and uh theyll theyll hurt the worst and i kind of want to rip that band-aid off now this as all of you should recognize is the mg-42 bad mustache mans buzz saw and probably just one of the most iconic weapons of world war ii in general i am trying my  __  hardest to get my hands on one of these right now this is how it looks in its original configuration obviously its a belt fed eight millimeter mouser light machine gun with a super high cyclic rate and its just all around sexy but uh lets see what vanguard has to say about that meet the vanguard mg42 as you can see for higher ergonomics they have completely removed the stock shortened the barrel uh to something that is just completely unusable it appears theyve also deleted the removable barrel feature nice added a thompson grip of course because youve got to have some way of pretending to control this thing and of course a red dot sight now i will be talking about the red dot sights probably here in a second because my god do i have a rant to go on about that because call of duty vanguard  __  loves red dots call of duty vanguard is teaching an entire generation of teenagers that your great-grandfather stormed the beaches of normandy with a  __  eo attack but no im not gonna do that now i i could wait its not a big deal but yeah look at how they massacred my boy i was gonna point out how hard it is to uh fire an mg42 while youre standing when it has the stock its a big gun big caliber high cyclic rate all of those things scream impossible to control now we can just cut the  __  stock off and manhandle this thing like its a  __  submachine gun thats thats okay god i should have been better prepared for the horrors that would be the cursed cons of call of duty vanguard i knew i was doing this i think i mentioned it in the last curse gun images that we were going to be doing this video i also did mention on that video that if we got 200 000 likes that we would be building a looty that weird improvised stamp sheet metal nine mil submachine gun we didnt hit our goal on that video but i tell you what if we get 150 000 likes on this video i just really want to build a looty guys i think itd be cool we have the licenses to do it and its full auto glory just like god intended so go ahead hit that like button and if you havent already subscribed you dont want to miss a looty oddly enough theres really not a lot of videos on them on youtube probably because most people who build them dont really want to talk about it i think its cool its a neat part of firearm history and speaking of history lets go back to the ways call of duty has  __  up my favorite firearms of history next up the sturm gevare the mp44 or the stg44 one of the worlds first assault rifles and just all around one of the sexiest firearms ever produced im in the process of acquiring one of these for the channel as well because i am convinced my firearm collection will never be complete until i own one chambered in the intermediate 8 millimeter kurtz this was one of the worlds first assault rifle or storm rifle or sturm gever if you will a unicorn for any gun collection so of course lets  __  ruin it yeah thats better the big thing with vanguard is deleting the stock entirely they seem to be operating under the assumption that getting rid of the stock uh makes it easier to manage or uh or faster move faster with it and not make it completely  __  unusable unless youre hip firing it one port muzzle break and uh stamped sheet metal four grip thats a nice feature that looks like an mg34 drum uh that they just shoved in there because i swear to god this is probably what happened the developers just googled eight millimeter drum because this is an eight millimeter kurtz they saw the eight millimeter mauser drum for the mg 34s and the mg-42 and they said oh cool they did make that and then they just slapped it on yeah stretch it fit it whatever so for those of you who dont know eight millimeter curves eight millimeter mauser theyre not the same thing and of course it has a red dot sight okay ive held it in for like that many minutes and i i just cant im gonna  __  rant about this now call of duty vanguard loves red dot sights in fact call of duty loved him back in call of duty world war ii but vanguard has a real hard on for him red dot sights did not  __  exist and i can already hear you couple dissenters out there will run and technically the red dot sight was invented in the early 1900s so its been around for a while and they used them in world war two no it is true the concept for the red dot sight or the reflex site or the reflexer site was invented in the very early 1900s it was a way of projecting a laser diode onto a piece of glass to use as an optic uh that would avoid a parallax shift which is what basically if youre moving your head left to right the laser is not going to move with you the laser is going to stay roughly in the same spot relative to you to where youre still making the same accurate hit so you dont have to be perfectly lined up on it every single time whereas if you just drew a little red dot on a piece of plastic that really wouldnt work the same so that did exist the problem is nobody knew how to shrink the goddamn things especially not the level being able to be used on a  __  sidearm these did see use in world war ii but they were on things like aircraft anti-aircraft guns tanks something you could make it function by a big-ass magic laser box inside your anti-aircraft gun powered by a car battery versus carried around on your bolt action rifle whats worse is that call of duty vanguard knows this because the first dot that they include on their list of red dots to choose from is none other than the nidar model 47. this was the first real commercially available reflex site for a firearm and the dates almost line up because it was patented in 1945. in september months after world war ii was over the reflex site as we know it really didnt become a commercial thing until around the mid-70s and even still the us army never really adopted it until the early 2000s so by that timeline call of duty vanguard is jumping ahead by like 60  __  years its like making a civil war game where instead of giving general grant a civil war black powder pistol you give him a 1911. i know this games not supposed to be super realistic and i ill talk about that a little later but come on man this ones just rough and there are actually people defending it so point is this was not a thing that was used during world war two on small arms and call of duty vanguard can get mick mcfucked on this choose your reticle  __  okay okay im done im done happy place happy place but speaking of happy places and red dots im actually really excited to say that our new sponsor is europtic perfect sponsor for the channel and a great place to pick up red dot reflex holo sights scopes whatever you want im gonna use them to pick up an acog for the scar back there because scar 17s and acogs go together like pigs and cow ruts plus they have the red shipping program which is guaranteed one to two days shipping on stuff its basically like prime but for gun  __  super excited to have euro optic as a sponsor so go ahead and check them out back to back to vanguard  __  so to round out the german weapons weve got a two for one two of my favorite firearms weve got the mp40 and the luger which is inexplicably referred to as the clausa clausa santa claus is coming to town first lets look over the mp40 the open bolt nine millimeter submachine gun used by the germans during world war ii just a really damn good looking gun probably one of the most iconic firearms in history the original ghetto blaster if you will so lets  __  it up yeah thats pretty not great so you take that nice top folding stock and turn it into something that absolutely doesnt  __  fold even though its still called a folding stock got a nice little drum mag here a barrel now cut so short that an artillery luger is definitely longer red dot sight we talked about that and on a gun known for one of the best  __  magwell holds ever we have a stamped sheet metal forward grip and probably one of the most awkward locations you could ever put it thank you vanguard very cool now moving on to the luger the po8 luger is a german handgun that is again very iconic it co-evolved with the 1911 and in fact competed with the 1911 on several pre-war contracts and like the 1911 saw use in both world war one and world war ii predominantly chambered in nine millimeter luger obviously it is one of the most aesthetic handguns i own and a must have for any serious historic collector which is why this is really gonna hurt tada the enhanced clausa so on our luger we have a snail drum magazine which believe it or not that was a thing that that did exist weve got a gnarly fluted barrel with a a competition ported break there at the end grip tape to be extra tactical you might just have a red dot when you can have two i know the luger is kind of synonymous with war crimes but this is a war crime its funny people see lugard and they think war crime but they dont really think that when they see a mosin nagant although im pretty sure way more people got you know what never mind lets move on but next up were gonna go over to the russian weapons and then well round things out with the american weapons of course you know me im an ak guy i got a soft spot for the russian stuff so lets start out with a submachine gun that is basically synonymous with russian submachine gun in world war ii the ppsh or the papa shaw seriously russians are always up in the comments whenever i talk about the ppsh-41 look its not that its the pipisha which to my understanding is just the phonetic pronunciation in russia of ppsh which is just an acronym for like submachine gun of schwagen just like the pps43 is the same thing but for sudayev or sadayev but i dont live in russia i dont really speak russian so we pronounce things like acronyms as in the letters in the acronym so pps43 and ppsh41 is it incorrect in russia probably in fact they even let you add the iconic 71 round drum magazine you think this is a good looking gun youre correct thats a really good looking gun but you could do a weird thing to this gun in this game something that i wasnt expecting out of a cursed gun image but i i dont know how to respond to this so this is your gunsmith editor in uh in call of duty vanguard lets see what are we going to do here lets lets go ahead and add a break its all these ridiculous like thompson break oil can silencer whatever man basic break here barrel okay so we got this long boy got a real short boy got whatever this suppressor looking thing is that the zack 280 millimeter light well thats weird thats just a pps43 shroud thats weird we could just cut off the front end and make it pps43 front end but thats just a barrel shroud okay that makes sense okay lets go over here to the stock let me see we got some options here got skeletal stock got this just custom you know wood stuff wait a minute hold up you remove the stock or you can put a folding stock on it and then youve just created a pps43 especially if you put the stick bag back in it that is literally that that is that is a pps43 its literally the same picture its worthy of knowing that the pbs 43 the pbs h41 are pretty closely related being open bolt sub machine guns and 762 by 25 well very simple tube guns theyve got a similar looking shroud but theyre not the same gun and they dont take interchangeable parts and you sure as  __  just cant stick a pps43 lower on a ppsh-41 which is exactly what they  __  did here so yeah thats whats cursed about the ppsh-41 is that you can literally just make it a different  __  firearm cursed i guess just weird why your ppsh-41 went to the gunsmith shop had a reassignment surgery and came out of pbs43 which by the way its 2021 you bigots submachine gun identity is a spectrum and its up to the firearm to make that choice yeah this is  __  ridiculous so moving on so while were talking about the pps43 and sudav theres a gun that they added in call of duty vanguard that i would give them a lot of credit for im really glad they added it because it is a little-known firearm and it is a really cool one still never saw use in world war ii so you still  __  that up but i give you kudos for even knowing what the  __  this thing is one of the guns included was the as44 also known as the automatic sadaya model of 1944. this was an experimental rifle and by all means a precursor to the ak-47 in a lot of ways a lot of small things like the swiveling selector also acting as a dust cover to keep dirt out of the action that was also adapted on the ak of course it was in 762 by 39 with a long stroke gas piston this thing resembled the ak in a lot of ways of course it was still i think it was tilting bolt operated more like the sks so it really was kind of bridging the gap between the sks and what would become the ak-47 sedai was a brilliant firearms designer and there is a possibility that if he did not died suddenly in 1946 as a relatively young guy he just he just uh he died early and uh theres a possible you know alternate reality where he went on to perfect these designs and actually beats kalashnikov at the trials that birthed the ak-47 little things like that in firearm history really cool to think about knowing where things came from uh knowing where theyre going little what-ifs and could bes i just i think thats super neat so lets  __  that up yeah thats more like it its world war ii so everything needs a thompson foregrip a little mp5 style collapsible stock nice touch grip tape because everybodys got to be a  __  goon these days uber tactical reflex sight on top of your little scope there nice little tactical short barrel to make sure you dont get full powder burn out of your cartridge and a nice 762 by 39 drum there with a non-tapered body like a 308 because  __  it not gonna lie this almost looks kind of hot except you know its a priceless  __  prototype im pretty sure the only versions of the as44 that exist are in museums uh so im pretty sure some museum caretakers like rolling over in their sleep about this i was gonna say grape that doesnt make any  __  sense but im done creaming over the oh no im not im not actually we still have one more russian gun to talk about how could i forget the iconic mosin nagat the beautiful mosin the infantry rifle bolt action rifle used by russia during world war one world war ii and im pretty sure in some degree pretty much ever since then you know for sure they still have these and something like the equivalent of the national guard of russia somewhere they just have piles of these  __  things i actually own one of these this is the uh the sniper variant the uh the pu mosin uh we did a video on that relatively recently that nobody watched so cool so lets see what the meta is for this mosin and vanguard oh yes such tactical much wow okay this may not be completely the meta like i added that thats scope with the dot on top because frankly its just  __  ridiculous and its its just its its a running joke with myself at this point conical muzzle device whatever the  __  this is as a stock this its like steampunk  __  thompson grip because it world war 2 everything need thompson grip and a 20 round magazine like i cant see it because the shading and i think that might be intentional but is that mag release coming out of the magazine itself not how mag releases work guys dont worry if this isnt bad enough for you uh this is 762 by 54r rounds here but our 20 round magazine is in fact 30.6 doesnt have to make sense but now were done with the russian guns time to move on to the good old american hardware of course we cant do that without talking about the 1911. the gun that won the two were wars john moses brownings gift to the world chambered in 45 acp because at the time they did not make 46. beloved by collectors and fuds everywhere this was the american sidearm of world war ii but its call of duty and everybody could be a gunsmith so what can we do with it voila we have a three-gunner sidearm i suppose got our heavy-duty long slide with our compensator up front got our telescope looking optic up here that is mounted directly to the slides so watch out for that grip tape because a grip tape and an 18 round magazine that is so gaudy and long they gave you extra finger grooves honestly this isnt really that much curse than anything you see it like a three gun competition this just looks like a modded out 2011. lets move on now to the standard infantry rifle of the american soldier during world war ii and the grandfather to the ak-47 itself the m1 garand also a little butt hurt that they call this a marksman rifle in the game this is this is what was just standard issue like i know why they dont include it in like the assault rifle category but thats thats what this was they didnt marksman the beaches at normandy my boy they assaulted them but yeah i love myself some grant so uh lets see what we can do this is probably one of the worst ones in the game cut off our stock here gave us a paratrooper folder here got our holographic sight m1 carbine style i guess vented upper hand guard conical muzzle break a wooden fence post for a forward grip cut down barrel of course and a 16 round drum magazine that looks exactly like the drum magazine they put on the as44 they just copy paste that  __  john garand i know youre canadian so you probably heard this a lot during your life but im sorry we couldnt talk about american machine guns in world war ii if we didnt talk about the bar the bar being the browning automatic rifle which i am also butt hurt is included in the assault rifle section and not light machine guns which is exactly what this was back in the day this was the squad automatic weapon super neat piece this was also the bonnie and clyde gun so uh yeah lets see what vanguard has to say yeah this ones probably the worst in my opinion delete the stock because that helps reduce the barrel who needs velocity anyway cut down your gas system here put a forward grip but make sure you wrap it in cheap leather first reflex sight and weird this looks like an ar-15 mag almost its uh just like like a little thicker i wonder what caliber that is oh its 50 bmg that is a 50 bmg 30 round magazine the bar is originally chambered in 30 odd 6. 50 bmg is basically just a really scaled up 30 odd 6. its a cartridge that was actually developed by browning himself the fact that the team that did this thinks that you could just re-chamber a 30 odd 6 in 50 bmg is just laughable in that case why not just re-chamber an ak at 50 bmg just be over with just swap the barrel in the magazine man its not that big a deal and i know for a fact there are those of you out there that unironically believe thats true you know  __  like this that just drives me  __  crazy between the red dots the the crazy  __  you could do to these guns nobody ever did chambering guns just randomly in calibers that are completely unfeasible like 50 bmg not even getting into the diversity elements of this game where they would have you believe that butch elsa here would be defending the beaches of normandy its a world war ii game that just goes out of its way to be utterly ridiculous and just disregard history entirely and i know i know its not supposed to be realistic necessarily there are plenty of games that sacrifice realism in order to be fun just to make it a good game im totally cool with that i play a lot of games all the time that i can just suspend my disbelief and totally accept some  __  thats not technically correct or whatever just to have fun playing the game the problem is call of duty vanguard isnt fun its a reskin of the other call of duty games and somehow theyve managed to make it worse so if youre gonna sacrifice realism to make the game fun at least have a fun game i played this for the first time the other day at the zydax trip which is a fantastic trip i love zydax but holy  __  this game is just its its not good and that sucks man because i grew up loving call of duty i started on modern warfare the original call of duty 4. i went to world of war i played black ops one campaign was  __  great i think of call of duty and i think old times i think positive thoughts again positive thoughts are not the reason why im sick by the way but it sucks that the game is just degraded so much you know i want to get back to the days of fun call of duty good campaigns good multiplayer having fun with my friends saying  __  on xbox live i probably would never repeat in public and definitely not on twitter so if anybody at call of duty is still actually listening to me and not planning to sabotage my car me and im sure anybody in my position that youd want to choose from in the firearms industry would be more than happy to help you out these games i know like with modern warfare you guys consulted with lucas and a couple of the other people that have actual firearms training and that was some of the best you know transition mag reload animations like you guys actually put in the work and it looked good if you guys want to try to get the guns right next time i will literally do this for free if not i understand youre trying to make a fun game please just maybe do that anyhow im just ranting now guys i hope you enjoyed this video i know weve been saving it for a while for my hashtag akg notification squad guys make sure youre still subscribed youtubes been doing that weird up unsub thing again lately so make sure to check on that thats all ive got for you guys today i appreciate you watching to the end and as always i will see you sexy youtube mother lovers in the next video thanks so without further ado  __  steam family view games not showing On this installment of Cursed Gun Images, we look at the new Call of Duty Vangurd. 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