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Link steam to epic games fall guyssteam dcs CALL OF DUTY®: VANGUARD game Music nazi germany the final push into the heart of darkness the soe had recruited the six of us under my command for one reason to retrieve files on the top secret project phoenix the last gasp of the third reich a coalition of allied commandos thrown together and aimed at where our enemy was most vulnerable this was meant to be our first and only mission would you look at that hello lets go mother the sirens are stopped that cant be good we gotta move now go back help me come back Music australia you think youre british a cambridge man through and through its option you know better than to ruin a mans evil beethovens fault sonata has exquisite but demanding passages that in english too and do you Laughter please your rhineland accent you must be from oyster during the occupation you saw french soldiers who look like me carry guns in your streets marry your women thats what i hear when you speak german jeremy we thrashed you once hear those bombs thats us thrashing you again threshing thrashing what an interesting choice it was i told you already get on with it yeah thats what you are to sacrifice yourself to be a leader i am not here to give you what you want quite a continent Music Music disposal put the rest in the truck mcdonalds novak jesus christ people die people die when command  __  up how exactly is this arthurs fault this is on him and on wade and bastard abandoning his team well youre right about wait if he shows his face again im bloody killing myself oh yes lets keep blaming each other instead of the germans is that supposed to impress me relax it does not matter verizinger is going to kill us all surprisingly the nazi the one who kills novak old friend of yours is he we have history oh yeah what kind of against fryzinger arthur will get us out of this what because hes your mate he wasnt always but ive seen him in action you lose men thats war sometimes the only way to honor a fallen soldier is to finish the mission but try remembering that while their blood stains your boots if youre meant to lead you have to learn what its like to lose men to have them die trusting you and theres only one way to learn that lesson first time i did was on d-day weve got until dawn to achieve our objective and it seems like the crowds already know were coming now weve got one chance to demolish the coastal artillery but if we dont the invasion tomorrow will fail now i trade you all for this lets not let the navy show us up so take the case mates blast the artillery and fire your flare so let them make you know the jobs done all right this is it you know the drill stand up okay stand by uh Music nice to see you gents where do we stand captain didnt make it so were on our own now lets say we dig in and wait for the rest of the sick airborne to assemble henry said we have till dawn to destroy the artillery if we dont the invasion fails so you fancy yourself the captain now set ups an hour away at best theres no time for a sit down theres also no muscle no cavalry coming to save the bloody day the only thing we could do here is to die or try not to you two strapping over whos got the bigger bollocks aint gonna solve nothing those german casemates arent that far away i think we can get to them in time so i say we take them out the companys scattered were pissing in the wind at this point i know whats at stake you all do this is madness hey were beyond madness look im with arthur we finished the mission all right kingsley looks like youre in charge now casemates and valhalla are that way Music well that was a  __  kerfuffle hey sarge got it done still here arent we i suppose eight men standing against the nazi gunfort richard said i got mad sometimes a little madness is called for i think deep down he understood that and realized we were cut from the same cloth i think theyre waiting on you sarge the hell have you been funny time to take a kip i was just waiting for something outlasted to come and save the day well unless you and i signal our boy shall we Applause we lost our captain but wed won the day and wed honored the memory of all those we lost the only way we could by completing the mission you look at the soldiers under your command and hope that they can do the difficult thing the impossible thing that flare told me id been right this is what it means to be a leader Music from all the flags waving on the streets wed never have known the nazis were about to lose the war but bullies are always loudest when theyre scared and when theyre desperate they get stupid commander herman freisinger had killed novak they need giving us a free ride right into the lions den Music report twice this ally team is fascinating they have been captured but it was too close i want you to find out everything you can about this unit it will be my pleasure sir you will speak of this to no one else and report directly to me hallelujah this prison is now our battlefield christ what is that smell chlorine dioxide they think it hides the smell of death well this is the nicest  __  ive ever been in is anyone else hungry so i am happy term fiora richter and piss off crowd unless you got room service for us and i have questions for you now were gonna wait bloody questions im the commanding officer youll speak with me even then richter was easy to read uniforms at high rank no compact medals office rat the perfect mark surrounded by three guards all armed and all wankers in all my years studying the allies i have never come across such an unusual unit kingsley arthur lieutenant service number 25232642 ill tell you a story i have spoken with zafura on exactly one occasion he recommended a book to me the passing of the great race by an american a man named madison grant shifura had nothing but praise for him  __  madison grant and everyone like him the book reveals that under extreme duress or unfavorable conditions your people do not deteriorate so easily in that moment i knew what i had to do right to the suprasternal notch below the clavicle once we had what we needed from this racist bastard thats where i would put my knife my plan began to take shape we were being held in the basement of gestapo headquarters around and above us was a treasure trove of classified nazi intelligence project phoenix had to be there somewhere and richter was our ticket he thought he was the interrogator if he was to be of any use to us hed have to keep thinking that that arrogant nazi in his clean pressed uniform loved the sound of his own voice the hard part wouldnt be fooling richter into spilling what he knew of project phoenix the hard part would be convincing the others not to kill him first the allies somehow knew about project phoenix you must have a traitor amongst the officers i pulled their files take care of them with the other non-essentials lieutenant kings they mentioned a project phoenix likely allied propaganda thought he was protecting his team no doubt to prove himself to make him their leader the allies must have been desperate he said it was their first mission that his sixth man is dead hes probably lying i will uncover the truth are the other teams like this one how did they learn of hamburg is temple half at risk of being compromised these are the things i need to know theres more stake here than im at liberty to discuss just know that im counting on you hey i understand thank you so much well i see 10 fingers thats a good sign at least theyll make a fuss im fine listen they know about wade but they havent caught him yet i told him he was killed didnt you on the train to hamburg i dont think theyll fall for it but the hope is itll buy him some time to get us out he isnt coming back for us hes right kingsley we cant count on that  __  drongo bring out the girl she aint going nowhere mate ill just get out of my way Music every person on this team was a hero in their own right long before their files ever reached my desk but to say they were strong personalities would be a vast understatement particularly when it came to petrova julia have you seen my again its bad enough i have to wear this thing at all no its flammable last years teaching how to shoot wasted stuck in a med tent dont be in a rush to fight dodging glory is worth nothing when youre dead but this fight it matters you matter you and me sir are all i have left Music hey be nice im always nice Music surviving stalingrad was no small feat escaping even greater but no one really escaped something like that the nazi war machine had touched all our lives burned away something important i think thats what made us attracted to the soe in the first place but for polina the wound was narrow deep she was destined to return the favor and that had made her the deadliest member of my team Music such a touching story you couldnt even save the life of your own father so tell me why isnt ivan with an old rifle part of a top-secret allied operation you do not scare me little mouse you misunderstand me for a line i do not need you to fear me i need only your screams that will convince your friends to talk why because i am a woman tell me what other missions the allies have in germany nothing more talking about so what is worth talking about prolonged rising go fetch him ill confirm my story together take her back send me all the records on a commander steiner and any photographs of the russian sniper lady nightingale yes is that one and wait hey freisenga i was just coming to see you we have confirmation from the woman the sixth ally is dead is that so an american arrested a temple of trying to steal a plane this makes no sense the prisoners made a fool of you richter and now you have made a fool of me the american is being brought here now if i must interrogate him myself then i have no use for you you hurt are you blind just trying to be nice what did you tell them we traded torture tips relax i told the same lies as you did he believe you i stopped asking when i brought up frieza when we get out of here the first thing im going to do is head to the pictures see lets go let it break my heart all over again then you lucas whats the first thing youll do when were out of here hey when i get home im eating lamingtons for a week all cakes all the time i know what you miss yeah id like to have that sweet bird barbara pull me pints of my local until i forget the symphony war ever happened i dont even know if shes still alive everyone i love is dead the only time i feel anything is when i watch a german beg for his life so i am exactly where i need to be wade showed up just as id hoped he played his part well without even knowing my plan the team had written him off but i was counting on him being his usual charming self try that again crowd and were gonna have a real  __  problem your team lied about you lieutenant lieutenant now is that so hard finally some respect i know youre a sixth man what did you want with that plank you nazis you make me miss fighting in the stinking pacific i want to know what else theyve lied about wade had talked himself out of worse situations if you heard him talk about midway you could tell he was no stranger to hyperbole every time wade told the story it was a little different he added a wing of zeros or another aircraft carrier to his tally but i read the reports about what happened that day if wade was exaggerating it was only by a little wow Music wade would rather have been called a hot shot than a hero that was his contradiction he is one of the wars greatest pilots but he needed a team the problem was getting him to admit it Music hey guys dont everybody rush over at once im fine isnt this a nice little reunion you lied to me for all we knew he was dead so you can  __  off really do not lie to me again take your hands off what is going on hitler is dead what how was his allies reports indicate he took his own life but without the fuhrer we are lost hardly i trust you have new information as you suspected the american was the sixth man but i believe i have finally broken him it saddens me to see the fatherland define i feel the irrations theres nothing left for us here if the reich is to live on i must know their safe passage to temple love i was counting on you richter but weve proven non-essential no no no sir no i will get you what you require i sweat your time is short i understand my fear im gonna kill him richter is on to us were out of time i uh i tried to navigate away playing but that didnt work and by the time i got here you guys were already locked up so i uh i borrowed a bomb from the rooskies and turned myself in we got about uh about an hour before that wall blows wide open and we waltz right out of here if we live that long we cant trust him hes just a  __  pilot a  __  ace pilot is what you mean im with the lady what the hell do you know about explosives yeah well  __  you too then ill tell you why we can trust him here we go wades more than capable of getting us out files in hand weve got Music jam hang on back there Applause oh Music Music  __  were hit when wade was airborne he was the most dangerous thing in the skies but if you fly too close to the sun eventually your wings will get burnt stay behind the tank Music Music come on lets go the men of the 93rd changed wade they showed the flying daredevil from the clouds what war looked like in the dirt down there he learned the only way to win was to have each others backs if you get past this talk and you see his actions you know who way jackson really is i dont care what he did before wade abandoned us in hamburg i still dont trust him i get it but were not in this  __  because of him were in this  __  because some sodding krauts think they can crack the best team ive ever worked with now we need a plan to get us out of here were surrounded by nazis even if we escape were gonna be dead before we reach the door maybe not what an idea we were gonna put on a show for richter it was a gamble but wed come too far to give up on getting those files paulina being next gave us time to get ready we knew shed held her own nice to see you again fallen please please this is exactly what i imagined your weird little office would look like Music tell me what your team is planning lady nightingale Music Music stalingrad the city that arrested the nazis eastern expansion had the city fallen russia would have crumbled the germans underestimated russias will to survive they underestimated the city and her defenders the people looked to polina as a symbol of hope but she didnt want to be a hero she wanted only vengeance Music the arrogance of the third reich was to think they could achieve what the great napoleon could not perhaps if they werent facing someone as fierce as lady nightingale Applause the infamous lady nightingale brought stalingrad back from the brink her actions inspired the russians to take back their city and go on the offensive Applause polina changed the course of the war for the allies and her people with that reputation it was only a matter of time before we found her what would frysinger want with a lowly officer on the eastern front what does it matter it matters a great deal to me fraulein Music nice lighter Applause Music from what i could gather freisinger was recruiting steiner for some special projects project phoenix could be all i know is i was sent to kale rising frisinger theres got to be a better way out of here there is no way out of here unless of course you have decided to do the intelligent thing open that door back up and ill show you the intelligence thing you can get me out of life what i can you two-face bastard all right ill tell you what you want to know typical aussie no honor no loyalty i aint gonna be the next sacrifice in your crusade tommy i hope your plan was worth it i thought youd be the one to put an end to your teams foolish agenda you killing each other now are ya look i know why you chose to cooperate i would not take orders from it you got it all wrong mate they dont follow i dont care what color his skin is havent you heard about the aussies and the brits we were the pieces of  __  flushed down the crowns dunny yes yes of course but your nations are allies hey it was more like master servant i did what i did because to every brit folks like me are expendable insubordinate churlish no stranger to a prison cell thats lucas you had to credit the soe they were very good at spotting talent in the unlikeliest of places and lucas had talent he was a skilled demolitionist with an explosive temperament and a sharp tongue out there in the desert the rats of to brook were like a family unfortunately they never did figure out how to get along with the brass Applause on the coast of italian libya an australian private and a group of rats had given rommel a huge black eye their actions should have earned them medals and maybe even a shred of respect pams didnt see it that way their reward was some time in the brig however all richter seemed to care about was rommel and his connection to fraizinger that fool would listen to lucas as long as we needed him too what was the rest we have very little time tell me what did frysinger want with rommel i thought you wanted to know about our team answer me now or our deal is off okay okay dont get your undies in a twist lucas piled it on like a chap he didnt have to tell richter anything more than the lies that nazi already told himself that was the third reich for you their reality was delusion Music youd think wed need a miracle for lucas to pull this off the thing is he was like a magnet for that kind of luck theres that saying about lightning striking twice yet lucas had managed to find himself first and to brooke and then at el alamein the world knew of an allied victory in north africa but it wasnt because of british commanders or mighty tanks lucas had the untold story and richter was eating it up sometimes the only way to honor a fallen soldier is to finish the mission but try remembering that while their blood stains your boots Music thats what i told lucas when we first met war had taught us both that lesson the rigid hierarchy of allied command would look at lucas and see only character flaws insubordinate childish no stranger to a prison cell Music he was perfect for my team even if he does have a mean right hook Music lucas played his role perfectly he had richter distracted and doubting everything he thought he knew are you all right mate you youre looking a little bit pastier than usual please sis swiss this was never about winning the war this was never about winnings at all this was a cool this was a cool temple off thats how its getting somehow taking sarai underground and wait a minute youre not part of the plan are you well it looks like were both gonna end up on that meat pile back there one thing i learned studying allied strategy redundancy always have a plan b with the soviets invading the city lady nightingale will be my leverage i will exchange her for my own safe passage well thats one hell of a plan fritz it probably would have worked  __  no please i wont let you go you made one mistake but it was a bloody ripper you thought you practiced redundancy mate always have a plan b Music ive just received word we have safe passage from berlin three years we have waited for this moment but i promised you project phoenix would succeed hitler has paid for his weakness and now history will remember him as we do a failure and a coward the red army is nearly upon us and berlin is burning but from the ashes shall rise our vision for something greater to the forthright Applause hey boss your plan worked hey there buddy remember me Music looks like you got a fan what do we do with them i can think of a few things figured youd want the honest boss no no this is your chance project phoenix i can get you the evidence shh youve already done your part thats where richard goodbye little mouse Music richter thanks for watching a cute hitler yeah hes taking the right underground hows he getting out temple off here come on kid shits on fire out here look we can get out right now get ourselves on the first transport be home in time for supper or we can end this hunt down verizinger bury the reich for good we might not make it out of berlin but neither will the nazis whatever we do though we do it together rising or is not leaving surprise me lamingtons can white wait hey its not every day you get a chance to kill a fur cant turn that  __  down right after you lady nightingale just so you know i still havent ruled out killing you all Music Music its over you cannot kill me and yet here we are and even the allies would leave their decision to inferior such as yourself we need him a lot but the intel east gods what were going for hey shoot him i bring him im starting this plane hell never talk get up donations will make sure im well taken care of its payment for my cooperation peaceful new beginning life of american luxury might suit me perhaps i might even start a new family not for you there is no starting over Applause do you even know who i am the value that i can provide youre not worth it Music Music supposed to see that lets out of here how we looking out there gonna be dicey just so i like it Music hi were back in business thats it lets take a look the cape verde islands the bahamas argentina even antarctica christ these bastards have been plotting covert operations all over the world right under our noses are you like give this a gander here we go Music we hit the bloody jackpot Music come on dig in Music how about this project nova i can beat it project ether reviving the dead does anyone want some nazi gold looks like were going to be busy keep going open them here all are i was about to try this autopilot and come back whats project aggregate secret v2 rocket facility you think you could buy one of those i could fly anything hang on back there  __  wait our mission was complete would there be more forged in the fires we were the tip of the spear we were the vanguard what linux is steam deck All Cutscenes in Call of Duty Vanguard to make a full movie evolution games on steam can't watch game awards on steam steam roller glass steam mop amazon how to steam hot dog buns