Stalingrad 1943 (The Hunt For Steiner) Call of Duty Vanguard - Part 6 - 4K

Anchor steam christmas alesteam error code 105 CALL OF DUTY®: VANGUARD game Music stalingrad the city that arrested the nazis eastern expansion had the city fallen russia would have crumbled the germans underestimated russias will to survive they underestimated the city and her defenders Music the people looked to polina as a symbol of hope but she didnt want to be a hero she wanted only vengeance Music the arrogance of the third mic was to think they could achieve with great napoleon yeah heard stan has been creeping around the commercial district makes sense its never far from the slaughter Music lets go wait we should see who the earth with another family is now Music short thats a sniper shot precise you think they might be okay theres more cover this way come on Music so how will you kill steiner lady nightingale i told you to stop calling me that the name gives the survivors hope paulina hope would win this war in bastards to followers of lady nightingale anyone who gives asylum to this terrorist will face the most severe penalties lets go up this way you think the sniper could be one of steiners jaeger motors we should be more careful do you hear that take a look hes driving towards the commercial district you may be right about those jaeger murders misha lets move before we lose sight of it misha be careful get down what do we do Music try drawing fire with my knife do what just trust me drink fires Applause ready to shoot Applause ready Applause now misha move it divine Applause Music now goodbye took them out lets go Music Music yes Applause yes hello Music Music come on Music snipers down okay only room for one sniper ah Music so Music okay Music is he finally  __  dead i think so im much daughter than i thought well you didnt have to fight it i helped lets get out of this field Music well we should be safe for now two jaeger motors you must have been worried it means were getting close lets keep moving then look stein is vehicle i cant shoot him while hes in there lets try to get closer i cant wait to put a bullet through steiners head wait this is bad for nina we cant strike from here theres too many of them take a look  __  steiner there on the right bastard get down you hear me i need to get you somewhere safe to get you up youre not going to die here up lets move im getting you to the post office well be safe there steady your breathing Music i have you clean on me ive got you keep pressure on the wound  __  grenade hold on to stay with me we wont make it watch out Applause there is no attack i will slow them down uh uh foreign i know you are here somewhere you will not get away this time foreign Music ah kids bye ah so uh foreign uh Music oh Music these men have eliminated far deadlier threats than you girl you are all alone in here is this the best your nazi fox have to offer are uh we are going to stop you uh um yes Music 1919 Music foreign bring this easy in youre alone old man all your fancy troops gone and youre next uh Music you are nothing without your rifle lady nightingale you are exactly Music you will not escape stalingrad alive do you wish to kill me paulina you are welcome to try hey i know foreign do Music day Music this will be the last time you have nowhere left to run steiner you  __  nazis well all die here in stalingrad you took everything from me now its my turn you wont find satisfaction in this it wont end with me well destroy you all you wont be doing anything not me yeah hes single its just the  __  all youve left me is this night i could help you incredible youre all the same theyve killed more of you than i can count and you all spout this same pathetic  __  risinger is he supposed to scare me another piece of fascist filth dont worry ill hunt him down next god you thought youd take my city and crush my people you tried to break me but you failed you created lady nightingale and now shes destroyed you see the infamous lady nightingale brought stalingrad back from the brink her actions inspired the russians to take back their city and go on the offensive polina changed the course of the war for the allies and her people with that reputation it was only a matter of time before we found her what would frysinger want with a lowly officer on the eastern front what does it matter it matters a great deal to me fraulein Music nice lighter Applause from what i could gather freisinger was recruiting steiner for some special projects project phoenix could be all i know is i was sent to kale rising her theres got to be a better way out of here there is no way out of here unless of course you have decided to do the intelligent thing open that door back up and ill show you the intelligent thing you can get me out of life what i can you two-face bastard all right ill tell you what you want to know typical aussie no honor no loyalty i aint gonna be the next sacrifice in your crusade tommy i hope your plan was worth it i thought youd be the one to put an end to your teams foolish jack you killing each other now area i know why you chose to cooperate i would not take orders from any growers you got it all wrong mate they dont follow i dont care what color his skin is havent you heard about the aussies and the brutes we were the pieces of  __  flushed down the crowns dunny yes yes of course but your nations are allies it was more like master servant i did what i did because to every brit folks like me are expendable steam chats #stalingrad #dday #callofdutyvanguard hidden gem steam games how to add steam games from another drive steam how to backup games back to the future: the game steam invalid app configuration steam