CALL OF DUTY VANGUARD Zombies Gameplay Walkthrough No Commentary (4K 60FPS)

Steam all games uninstalledsteam fire game CALL OF DUTY®: VANGUARD game Music the nazis dream of a thousand year reich but in truth they are already dead theyve all machine shattered at stalingrad but the evil regime staggers on desperate to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat a special battalion of ss troops scoured the globe for a supernatural means to win the war they were led by the most dangerous man i ever met oberfore wolfram von list it was he who destroyed my life wouldnt cost me my soul von lisges experts from across iraq archaeologists explorers historians and authorities on the account like myself we were forced to help them loot sacred antiquities but none of the relics we found gave one list the power he craved then something happened in poland and changed everything another nazi attempt to alter the course of the war somehow weakens a barrier between this world and the next unleashing the forces of darkness many miles away five of our artifacts suddenly awakened Music ancient spirits demons issued beckoned from these other early relics Applause and of course for least acceptance Music they now has the power to raise the and they plan to take back everything the nuts is lost all the troops he will ever require life frozen in the nest graves of the eastern front to stop his unholy army they must find their nice thousand-year life professor kraft here several barriers stand between you and our mission for enlist used court effectss power to create them work with your dark ether partners to take them all down you must take it craft to special forces we have a chance to go on the offensive vacancy over fioras army kill every revenant you see ill keep you there until my strength gives out destroy the intruders my plans will not be thwarted you think you are bleeding me because i will feast on your blood Applause you got lucky today but you will fall and soon my spirit youre alive thats a win splendid my allies we are one step closer to being free that barriers now do it again Applause Music mindless max Applause just see what you can get time for a surprise attack so youve come here to die my legions will devour you i shall enjoy watching you died Applause is Applause Applause Applause im too good at this i think youve won something only my undying hatred you have much to learn will not forgive this then again to help foreign rise revenants destroy these intruders Applause ill take it interesting Music the light in their eyes bonus points i can find a use for this headshots feel merciful Music i hope you barrier smell continues to drain your demons power prepare to kill and containment spell slowly drains your demonic partners energy find the obvious created room stuff so we can take that what quarterback steals Applause down shrines Music right between your is good Applause uh feel that power coursing through our limbs worth every bullet Music feeling like myself again shall we go raise some hell keep your ghostly partners strong they are certainly in this together Music explore the areas you open up by yourself Music mortal weaklings fear Music something Applause bonus points Music oh uh Music but once you are dead you will answer my commands new allies from the dark ether facts once ruled the dark either many there still hold a grudge finds a floating orb headshots field nice oh if we do that often enough a friend will come to our aid one day soon court effects sins will all come home to roost you can now exfiltrate from this place should you need to Applause mindless that one summons a rift portal once inside it you can restart like absinthe mixed with vomit help us send a message to the dark ether you are trying to contact my ancient enemies uh Music do Music their light in their eyes oh know how to shoot you are alone let us hope whoever answers is court effect steals our power take it back youre coming with me Music professor it is time to bid your toy soldiers outfitted so oh yes Applause uh what have we here oh im too good at this here we come some revenants drop rune stones then they die they arrive with cortifexs the power feeds on runestones and it shares its bounty with mindless look at me Applause Applause this Music so hey Applause will you oh i could curl up and sleep excellent we need our symbiotic spirits at four strengths my allies i see an opportunity to hit one list there it comes i can send you them Applause our storm is Music foreign Music down  __  hard to pass up Music not bad says will serve you well in battle said table can transform trash into treasure get busy my friend strike down all ravens court effects puts his power into every revelation kills him and he weakens is Applause thank you oh Applause you know uh Applause oh Applause you got lucky today but you will fall and soon my spirit you have much to learn but you heard court effects and that is enough you struck a blow and i know von list felt it it is what he deserves draft speaking we need more allies i have a plan for that Music so you can send our cry for help still not as bad as american beer so yes shut you up fighting a damn tiger their way to bottle this stuff oh oh yeah this feels good what to find been fond of these since i held my first mp40 go ahead Applause is Music mustard Applause come at me you lose send a distress call im a bit surprised it works blowing up um easy Music Applause strength kill you long before help comes if we do that often enough a friend will come to our aid let us hope whoever answers is not worse than court effects craft here lets go give court effects the this is a war of attrition my allies takes a fight to the enemy oh Applause it to the head Applause uh Applause a chance foreign Applause oh Applause uh mindless yes Applause only my undying hatred that was satisfactory perhaps list will not forgive this say it again time to feed your demons magic steals your demons power my soul just will drag you down ive been threatened by the them in their eyes Applause guys go ahead Applause why cant that thing stay put ill destroy you for that cannot be allowed oh i could curl up and sleep right now so satisfying excellent we need our symbiotic spirits at full strength draft speaking we need more allies i have a plan for that i can take us to the placer Applause me straight to my bowels right between your glowing eyes they have a message to say thanks to belly we can get um brain for something hands off uh work this time help will come i know it its the enemy of my enemy i just hope the saying is true march attack whatever constituted wow Applause uh Applause this one brighter than it looks Applause strength Applause payback you have made a blood enemy of over your evil from for good luck i am next time you struck a blow and i know von liest felt it it is what he deserves its alexis its time to feed Music Music with every panic well every ventricle Music professor it is time to beat your toy soldiers our videos Music look at the iphone Applause nice my we friends require sustenance me with you Music Music uh uh the city for flames foreign foreign uh Applause Applause you just signed your own Applause oh yes power delectable feeling like myself again shall we go raise some health even dark ether entities have their needs i can take us to the place where our emissary awaits professor it is time to beat your and i have a plan Applause his servants its you really should cut your nails will answer my orders now Music you steam room vs sauna CALL OF DUTY VANGUARD Zombies Gameplay Walkthrough No Commentary (4K 60FPS)If you liked the video please remember to leave a Like & Comment, I appreciate it a lot! 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